eight's console

I flew the TARDIS with Grace Holloway!!!

Yesterday I went to the 2nd Art of the TARDIS Craft Faire, held at Clockwork Couture. I helped out by manning a booth taking donations for the shop’s foster kitties. The Eighth Doctor’s console arrived early on (yes, the real one from the movie!), and folks spent more than an hour setting up the space for it.

Shortly after Daphne Ashbrook arrived, the organizer of the faire urged me to go get in line before things got crowded. I was 3rd in line for the console, but 1st to have a photo with Daphne! She was still putting on her makeup and commenting about how hot it was, and said, “I dunno if this is gonna work.” Without even thinking, I just blurted out, “Aww, but you’re so beautiful without makeup already!” She was clearly caught off guard, and replied, “Oh my gosh–see now, I like you!”

Her crew was still getting things set up a few minutes later, and while we were waiting, I offered Daphne a Jelly Baby. She acted like she could barely believe it, and specifically requested a strawberry one. They’re her favorite, she said, and the first kind she’d gotten to try, when working on the movie. I gave some to her crew, too. We were finally directed to the console, I was posed, and we got the amazing result you see above. I gave her a hug and told her that McGann was my favorite Doctor, and that she was an amazing companion. She thanked me and said, “Yeah, I got lucky working with him!” Then she signed my scooter’s logbook (where I note anything I do to my bike other than fueling up), and I went back to my booth.

[Side note, that console is really incredible. Almost every button or switch actually makes noise, and it lights up all over the place. Not to mention it’s simply a gorgeous piece of work!]

Other highlights of the day included meeting huzzahitsthedoctor and snoopdoghasjeansanddresses, seeing all the great Whovian crafts and goodies everyone had to offer, and picking up another sampler of my favorite Pink Dalek tea. I also offered Wil Wheaton a Jelly Baby, but he wasn’t interested (more for me, then).

I think everybody had a fantastic time!! Right as she was leaving, I managed to catch Daphne one last time and asked if she would pose with my scooter. She said she loved my scooter, and was very nice about letting me photograph her with it. Seriously, she’s just a very lovely person in every sense of the word.


Ten encounters Eight and Rose having a tender moment and gets extremely jealous. Then Rose finds a chibi Nine and Eight tries to console Ten. Finally, Rose notices how jealous Ten got and assures him that she still likes him. Also Dalek Alpha is just kinda chillin.