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listen i got a rabbit when i was the ripe age of eight years old. originally named him button bc that was my old rabbits name and i was convinced if i just gave him that name the spirit of button would live on in him (rip in peace tiny friend) but after a while he chewed threw the fuckin lawn mower wire so my eight year old self called that sucker chompy. now i dont kno if you kno but rabbits are supposed to live like six to eight years as a pet, and before that button had kicked the proverbial fuckin bucket after a few months so we weren’t expecting the situation we’re currently in. chompy, as it turns out, gives absolutely 0 fucks what any rabbit website says. i am nearly twenty years old and this little dude just wont quit. you bet ur bottom dollar i go out every single mornin rain or shine to let his sorry ass out of the hutch so he can eat the grass, chase the birds and make my mum gnash her teeth and cry bc we cant plant shit bc he’ll straight up just devour any plant he finds. eleven years. this fucker is eleven years old. im pretty sure he’s just running on straight up spite at this point bc everyone i speak to in my family is like ‘is that rabbit still going?????’ you better FUCKIN believe that rabbit is tearin shit up in my back garden to this day. but now im in this situation where i tell ppl i have a rabbit and theyre like ‘ooo whats his name??’ and i, a nineteen year old, have to look them dead in the eye and say chompy. the ridiculous fuckin name i gave him eleven years ago. what a world 

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pairing → Jimin x Reader

☆ genre  →  smut, slight humor, drama || brother’s best friend!au 

warnings   → public indecency, dirty talk, a lot of teasing, jimin’s porn preferences, and boobs

☆ word count   → 6.3k

The long time running game between you and your brother’s best friend started when you noticed his fascination with boobs—yours specifically. It was never supposed to amount to more than harmless flirting and lingering glances, but now, one year later, Jimin was ready to change that.

alternatively: Jimin and you play a game. the loser is fucked. metaphorically. literally. all the above??

☆ a/n → i had to split this into 2 parts rip (& in this work of fiction, jimin’s penis isn’t a jelly bean) happy 3 months !!

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Beauty and the Beast AU (1)

Summary: Y/N has always been in love with fairy-tales. They give her an escape from the dark and blood world she lives in. With the new Beauty and the Beast movie coming out soon she’s excited as could be. Her boyfriend Dean however has a few issues with it. 

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, OFC, Reader

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Language, heavy making out, fondling, almost smut, angst, a lot of fighting

Word Count: 5,433 (I’m not even sorry)

Part Two Part Three

A/N: This is my fist part to my Beauty and the Beast AU. Hug thank you to @love-kittykat21 for beta reading and helping me with this! Feedback is always welcomed and I hope you enjoy it as much as I am!

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“Hey,” a large hand gripped your shoulder, shaking you gently, “Y/N wake up.” Grimacing, you pulled yourself away from Dean’s body looking up at Sam. He had a big smile on his face,  the alarm clock illuminating his face. Looking at the harsh, glaring, green numbers you groaned. It was barely six in the morning and Sam was ready to get going. “Get up, I wanna tell you something.” His voice was soft and timid, attempting not to wake his brother up.

“Okay, just give me a second.” You whispered back to him, getting up as slowly as you could, Dean simply turned away, pulling the crisp white sheets along with him.

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For @anhartcuteneon…connected to this imagine. Enjoy!

Y/N groaned as she was thrown to the ground. The nasty little speedster had managed to get the drop on her before she could even think of scorching him. The kid was a strong one too, managing to knock the breath out of her.

After a moment, she rolled to her feet. She snarled, having come to face the sister. Without hesitation, Y/N shot fire toward the other girl. When she stopped, however, there was no trace of her. She jumped suddenly, seeing her out of her peripherals. Unfortunately, the girl had been able to manipulate her mind, her eyes turning red.

Y/N watched in horror as she stood where her eight year old self had once stood. It was dark and cold. Snow fell onto her skin, causing her to shiver. A massive giant towered over her.

That’s when she heard it: the scream of her parents. Terrified, Y/N couldn’t help but to relive the horrible scene. Just like the first time, she released a vast amount of fire from her body as she screamed for her mother.

When the flames died down, she saw herself on Jotunheim. Thor, Loki, Lady Sif, and the Warriors Three were surrounding her. In a flash, another Frost Giant was moving in on Lady Sif. With all she could muster, she took the Giant, hands on. The blaze soon surrounded the white landscape.

Y/N turned around to realize she was in the Asgardian Palace. She knit her brows, not remembering the last time she was in the throne room. She glanced up toward the throne, expecting Odin. Her jaw slacked when she saw Loki sitting in his place. But…that couldn’t be. Loki died. Thor said so himself. How was he king?

“Loki,” she muttered.

She jerked her head at the sound of thousands of cries. She glanced out a window to see the paralyzing sight of chaos. Faces flashed before her eyes as the crossed the path of the window. She gasped when she realized all these people were someone that wronged Loki, in a sense. Odin, the Warriors Three, Laufey, and so many others. Her gaze returned to her beloved.

“It all must end,” she warned, not fully understanding her own words.
He smirked. “Oh Y/N, this is only the beginning.”

His smirk melted away into the frightful canvas, eventually taking the screams with it.

Y/N gasped as she sat up. Crazed, she looked around to see she was on the quinjet. Clint was in front of her, trying to calm her down. Looking into his soothing eyes, she eventually began to breathe normal.

“What…What happened?” she mumbled.
“One of them likes to play mind tricks,” he attempted to tease, “You’re alright kid. It wasn’t real.”

She nodded. Seeming to satisfy Clint, the assassin returned to his pilot seat. Y/N curled in slightly, thinking about what she had seen.

“But…it seemed so real.”

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Exasperating also starts with E

(Note: this is an Au where Eurus never killed VT and grew up as normal in the Holmes household as the baby of the family, she’s still a sociopath, so this happened…)

“Are you ever going to tell Molly Hooper that you love her?” Was the first thing Sherlock heard upon entering Baker Street after a long case, admittedly he should be used to his little sister showing up at his flat for no reason other than to annoy him, but honestly he thought it was Mycroft’s turn this month .

“And good evening to you too Eurus” Sherlock sighed turning around to find her sitting in his chair casually eating from a tub of (obviously expensive, imported specifically for high priority clients, delivered just two hours ago by a messenger with sweaty hands) Marchetti Gelato, she was wearing the Pajamas Mycroft had give her last Christmas and apparently seemed to have the ludicrous idea that he was back to his eight year old self who’d indulged her in as many pretend tea parties as she wished “I thought you said sleepovers were for goldfishes and amoeba brained females not worth associating with”

(Adult Eurus had never graduated from her ‘force my brothers to play tea party with me’ phase. And unlike Mycroft, who’d easily used his seniority to escape their little sister’s manipulative feminine machinations as soon as humanly possible, Sherlock never really had it in him to push her away)

“And he avoids my question, big surprise there, do have some Gelato, I even had this Ginger Nut flavor comissioned just for you” Eurus smiled extending the tub in his direction “you know that you are my favorite brother don’t you?”

“Yes I am aware, considering that the other option is Mycroft and I always win by default, although I apreciate the effort to sweeten what will undoubtedly be a conversation fraught with manipulation tactics and no I do not love Molly Hooper” Sherlock replied, putting away his bellstaff loosening his scarf and accepting the gelato “speaking of which how is your dear James?”

“Still hiding behind his lawyer in an effort to avoid me” Eurus sighed dramatically with a wave of her hand

“Well to be fair Moriarty isn’t an idiot, I think most men would prefer his high security prison in the middle east over facing your wrath after his failure to remember your aniversary” Sherlock didn’t have to make his disapproval of his sister’s choice of boyfriend known, after all it was the frequent topic of discussion among family dinners and the only subject Mycroft and he agreed on lately, but when it came to life sentences the Holmes brothers didn’t think that there was anything worse than being subjected to Eurus and the mercurial moods she hid under her sociopathic personality, so they both refrained from outright trying to get themselves rid of him.

“As James should” Eurus huffed “but he won’t be able to plead guilty forever if I make sure evidence of the contrary begins to accumulate around him” And considering the latest petty crime Moriarty had pleaded guilty for involved the assassination of a well known Middle East religious leader, Sherlock didn’t doubt his sister’s threat “are we done with your deflections Sherlock?, answer me already, when is that love confession taking place?”

“Very well Eurus, I’ll humor you” the ‘else you’ll never let the subject drop’ was implied but thankfully not voiced, if one thing was true among the Holmes family was that Sherlock loved his like minded sister and rarely left an opportunity to talk to her go to waste “why do you think that I am as you so eloquently put it 'in love’ with Molly Hooper when you know I firmly believe that sentiment is a waste of time”

“Because you are, do you need me to make a PowerPoint presentation to illustrate it?” Eurus snorted, reminding Sherlock of their teenage years and her old perchance for whining about always being right “Anyone with high IQ can see it”

“So Papa has finally given you the grandchildren ultimatum huh?”

“No more than he gave it to Mycroft but that’s not the point”

“Youre his only daughter of course its the point, Papa wants grandbabies to spoil and you as the daddy’s girl that you are, do not want to dissapoint him, you wouldn’t be here trying to matchmake me otherwise” Sherlock shot back smugly “stop saying I’m in love with Molly”

“may I remind you that of all the people in this sentiment riddled universe Molly Hooper is the only one you’ve voluntarily apologized to?”

“It doesn’t prove anything” Sherlock dodged sitting in his armchair “I respect Molly, she’s my friend”

“You analyze her life choices and clothing preferences more than you do any other female in your acquaintance and that includes mummy, Mrs Hudson, Mary Watson and Me” Eurus listed off ticking her fingers “I don’t have much experience with actual friends but as the social manipulation expert in this family I can tell you that friends do not do that”

“I do NOT analyze Molly’s life choices, I deduce them and offer helpful advice, which according to John IS what friends do”

“Then why do you always hold your deductions whenever the topic of sex comes up around her?” Eurus challenged him with a smug smile as if to say 'go ahead, try to deduce yourself out of that question’ “it wouldn’t happen to be because your mind palace automatically supplies complimentary material would it? You used to say that intercourse was part of human nature”

Sherlock internally blanched, his sister really knew too much “because it has come to my attention that talking about someone else’s sexual habits and preferences in a social setting is potentially embarrassing for them”

“I see I’ll have to help you along, honestly your level of denial is quite impressive” If Eurus had been a little younger she’d have reached for fake glasses and written Sherlock’s name on a clipboard like she used to do when she’d mockingly declared she wanted to be a psychologist after her tenure in Sherrinford “why if its potentially embarrassing do you still do it to virtually anyone…exept Molly?”

“Because Molly is different, she’s not an idiot, she’s useful to me and good at her job”

“So you get no satisfaction out of making her feel like an idiot I understand, yet one could argue that Mycroft and I arent idiots either and you infer about our sexual lives often enough” Eurus pointed out taking a spoonful of gelato “why is molly different?”

“Because she is!” Sherlock grunted instantly regretting it by the knowing look his younger sister was giving him “what I mean to say is that, talking to her about the subject never feels correct to me, Molly isn’t …”

“Able to talk about sex like a normal adult? Why Sherlock she’s a healthy woman in her thirties who disects naked human bodies for a living, I would think she’s probably very open about it” Eurus ventured innocently “her past boyfriends seem like they were enjoying themselves at the very least”

“Would you please stop taking about Molly Hooper and sexual expertise in the same sentence!” The consulting detective finally snapped

“You ruin all her relationships”

“Its not my fault that she seems to attract men with criminal tendencies”

“Oh please, you announce to any who can hear the most inconsequential things, who cares if the paralegal with the bleach teeth was evading his taxes? His only crime was talking to your precious pathologist during her lunch break” why was it that Eurus always managed to sound fifteen whenever she tried to meddle in his life?, she was a genius in all parts of her life, but as a sister Eurus Holmes could really be a pain in Sherlock’s ass when she wanted to be"If you haven’t deduced it, I’ll have you know even James could tell that her relationships are your blind spot”

“Please don’t remind me about the famous 'Jim from IT’ considering that masquerading as Molly’s date isnt an ideal way of meeting my younger sister’s psychopath boyfriend ”

“ Life partner” Eurus corrected without missing a beat “James and I don’t use amaeba terms to classify our conection” then remembering something funny she added with a chuckle “The 'Molly factor’ blindsided your deductions so badly you even thought James was gay, as if someone like him would limit himself by the sexuality and gender of his partners”

“Nowdays I even doubt that he’s limited by their consent, species or lack of pulse” Sherlock rolled his eyes, glaring at his sister “But then again he’s saddled with you, so what should I expect? After all I’ve seen his bruises and heard the tortured screams”

“What can I say I like things rough and James is the only man I know who gives as good as he gets” Eurus shrugged and Sherlock had to remind himself that she wasn’t the type to worry about the gender, sexual orientation, lack of consent or inmorality of her sexual acts either “he has a certain je nes se quais that fits me so well”

“Spare me the details Eurus, there’s a reason I never frequent your Knightsbridge flat”

“Me thinks the gentleman doth protest too much, your Molly hasn’t been raised under a rock you know, why, if my airlines didn’t keep me so busy I’d think I might even grow to like her, I would wager my escapes with James wouldn’t shock her”

“Keep your evil machinations away from Molly Hooper sister mine” Sherlock warned narrowing his eyes “You already played you games with John and it almost cost him his marriage, if you so much as try the same on Molly so help me science I will make you regret it”

“Why would I want to make my future sister in law despise me?” Eurus laughed letting Sherlock see in her eyes a glint of the madness she kept firmly under lock and key in the confines of her own mind palace “you should really hasten that love confession Sherlock, you won’t be virile forever you know, after all we don’t know if all those drugs you’ve taken in the past have affected your fertility” she taunted in a sing song voice

“I’m perfectly fertile and perfectly virile! Molly would have nothing to complain about in that aspect” Sherlock exclaimed outraged realizing belatedly thst he’d falken for Eurus’ bait “I meant it in a purely hypothetical situation”

“ARGH I blame Mycroft for this! If he hadn’t put the 'emotions are evil’ mantra in your head you wouldn’t be acting like a preschooler pulling the pigtails of the girl he fancies” Eurus groaned putting her head in her hands “what have I done to deserve this?” The answer : probably a lot

“Funny, Mycroft blames you for crippling Victor’s legs in that blasted well and coloring my perception of human relationships with trauma”

“He locked me in SHERRINFORD for three years because of it, excuse me if I disregard his opinion on the state of your psyche”

Sherlock sighed, he supposed they all were self fulfilling prophecies, being the middle child in a family of geniuses had never been easy, specially because their whole sibling dynamic hinged on Sherlock’s hability to stay neutral in the feud between Eurus and Mycroft, who by all means hated each other during a good day

But Eurus liked Sherlock and Mycroft liked Sherlock so they made an effort to not attempt mutual murder if it kept them in their middle brother’s good graces.

“Sherlock you leave me no choice! If you don’t get your head out of your rectal cavity where Molly Hooper is concerned and tell her that you love her I’ll have to force the issue with Mycroft” Eurus outlined in no uncertain terms, eyes flashing the way they only did when she played violin “and believe me I won’t be as nice to him as I’m to you”

“It would take a battering ram to knock down Mycroft long enough to give papa grandchildren and we both know it” Sherlock exclaimed, then narrowing his eyes the posibility that Eurus was in fact unhinged enough to put her brain to the task of breaking Mycroft “you wouldn’t, even YOU have to draw a line somewhere”

“Andrea has been working with him for how long? Since high school if I’m not mistaken, I happen to know a philanthropic a armament mogul that is looking for a public relations manager and well…How bored must Andrea be in that silly little desk, chained to our brother, doing paperwork all day, a woman of her capabilities deserves more and Mycroft doesnt let her do an ounce of fieldwork, if I happened to offer the position to her, adding the fact that our mogul has the highest number of assassination attempts in any bounty hunter’s book, she’d accept right away, if only to get to use her fancy guns” Eurus began innocently as tough outlining her lunch break plans

Deducing exactly who she was referring to Sherlock groaned “Nikolai Udinov? You would send Andrea to manage the life of that reprobate? Mycroft would never allow it”

“Well what do you expect? If Andrea leaves her job and him for good I calculate that it will take Mycroft less than two months to crack, she does his laundry, paperwork, calls, orders him his cakes, decorates his bunkers, manages his agents with an iron fist, Andrea practically breathes for him and Mycroft needs the wake up call” Eurus smiled with a hint of malice “so many agents have fallen in Udinov’s maze of secrets…It would be a pity if Mycroft’s greek flower was next”

“That’s because Nikolai Udinov is the type of assignment that goverment agents train for years to take on, the bullseye in his back is larger than Mycroft’s ego ” Sherlock snapped wondering again why he hadnt trottled his sister yet “you’d be manipulating Andrea into strong arming Godfather Death”

“Correction Mycroft will THINK she’s taking on Godfather Death” Eurus snapped rolling her eyes “She’ll be fine, I wasn’t lying when I said Agent Anthea is quite competent and she’s been wanting to do fieldwork since her thirtieth birthday, my people will make sure she doesn’t get killed”

Sherlock didn’t even want to ask about who 'her people’ were, like he did with Mycroft and they did with him, the less the Holmes siblings knew about eachother’s ocassional dabblings in the wrong side of the law the better “You’ll just have Mycroft believe she is, but why?”

Eurus huffed tempted to just repeat Sherlock’s famous 'you see but you don’t observe’ dribble that he always spewed to John Watson “Because it will kill Mycroft to lose Andrea and I’ll enjoy seeing him suffer” Eurus shrugged “think about it Sherlock, Andrea has been a fixture in Mycroft’s life since your uni days, the only time you and I see him without her is on social situations and even then she’s always one text away from him, he trusts her with all of his sensitive information”

“You assume that he cares about her” Sherlock snorted mystified “Mycroft doesnt do sentiment Eurus, not even for Andrea”

“Oh how blind my brothers can be when they wish to” Eurus laughed taking out a bag of chips from her purse and biting a couple “I don’t assume, I KNOW, just as I know that you love Molly, the difference is that Andrea is more likely to wait to have children, but as I said I’ll force the issue if I have to”

“If Agent Anthea dies because you wanted to get out of giving our parents grandchildren then forget about Sherrinford, he’ll hire a submarine and drop you in the Atlantic with a crew of deaf personell”

“You could also tell your morgue mouse that you love her, then I wont have to threaten Mycroft’s potted plant”

Eurus like always, had a better grasp of the ins and outs of sentiment than her two elder brothers, a fact both Sherlock and Mycroft often resented, because while Sherlock fought his battles with logic and Mycroft with dry politics, Eurus manipulated people using their emotions against them. She’d rarely used her 'gift’ on Sherlock preferring to keep herself occupied with her chain of airlines and her side work as a data analyst (when she wasn’t dabbling in her illegal hobbies) apparently tough she was doing it now.

Sherlock didn’t find it amusing.

“I suppose I should be grateful that you have not threatened to kill Molly yet and instead chose to talk to me about it in a rational way, isn’t that what your point is?”

“Yes! And I feel deeply offended that you don’t appreciate the gesture, I could have bulldozed trough your childhood traumas just to make you see sense” Eurus huffed clearly not happy by Sherlock’s lack of gratitude “I don’t see why you wont just admit the truth”

“You’re seeing things where they don’t exist, don’t you think that if zi loved Molly I would know?”

“NO! BECAUSE YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND SENTIMENT” she shot back with an angry glare, then Eurus sighed and did the one thing that always brought Sherlock to his knees, she opened her big dark eyes and gave him a very sincere part of her vulnerability “Sherlock” she began, her tone belying how much she wasn’t trying to manipulate him this time “you’ve been there for me trought all the hard things in my life, you who have supported me even in things we both know you knew better than to support…Is it really such a surprise to know that I want to see you happy?”

“as my little sister, wanting to see me happy comes with the territory” Sherlock replied putting the desert down and returning her sincerety “the truth is that I don’t see a future where I can keep Molly safe, I have too many enemies…she deserves better than me, she always has”

“And yet she loves you, all of you, far strongly than you deserve”

“Foolish woman that she is” Sherlock chuckled “I can’t love her Eurus, I’d be placing a red mark in her forehead if I did”

“Sherlock, there’s always going to be Blackwoods, Magnussens and Black Lotus organisations in this world, in fact there’s drunk drivers and bad weather and unhealthy eating habits all who cause death on daily basis, but for you there’s only one Molly” Eurus tried reasoning softly “ its hard enough for people like us to form lasting human connections, I’ve come to learn it takes years of persistence to completely bond with someone else and the fact that you are capable of it is something I’ve always admired far beyond Mycroft’s Iceman facade”

“Speaking from experience?” He raised an eyebrow taking care not to break the fragile bubble of vulnerability they’d reached

“Its always nice to know that there’s always someone out there who will care about you beyond the trappings of your psyche” Eurus agreed cryptically, giving Sherlock a tiny insight into the twisted reason why his sister hadn’t allowed Moriarty to blow his brains off after Sherlock’s fall “isn’t that how Molly makes you feel? I admit she’s no Nocturne like Irene Adler in looks or sexual appeal but I don’t believe I could be wrong in what I see when you look at her while her back is turned”

“Don’t put Molly in the same category as the woman…Irene is a capriccio, an Intermezzo with too many Staccato harmonies and not enough tenerezza, more Opera than Nocturne she’s filled with high octaves and acciaccaturas, Molly is her own sonata”

“Now that is quite surprising” It had never occurred to Eurus that Sherlock might have a melody for Molly, mainly because if he did he’d want Eurus to hear it at least once, given her brother and her shared a love for violin that often lent itself to describing people in musical terms according to how they saw the world but honestly Eurus expected Sherlock to classify Molly as a chloral “how does Molly sound?”

“Molly is shades of Adagios, Dolce notes and intermitent Allegros, that rise and fall without damaging the integrity of the composition, any more notes and she could have been a ballet or a solft waltz” Sherlock sounded so sure, humming a few bars to let her understand the gist of his thoughts, always far more comfortable expressing sentiment trough music than in words

“I wonder why you have never played her for an audience” Eurus genius that she was didn’t need to see him play to hear the notes in her head, the soft tone of the violin and the spikes of the Sonata’s hidden edges “she sounds like comming home” was all Eurus could say after the song finished playing in her mental fortress “your very own masterpiece”

“Her melody isn’t for public to hear” Sherlock replied ruminanting in his sister’s words, because she had put into words the elusive title that he’d never given to the Sonata that belonged to Molly Hooper 'comming home’ was an apt name for the piece and if he was honest with himself he had to admit it had been that way for a long time, Molly herself was the kind of person who’s existence validated the part of Sherlock who needed a place to run to when things got difficult “she makes me feel accepted, when it comes to Molly I always know that whatever I do, or wherever I go, I will always have a place to call home in her life, the Sonata always changes in degrees of subtleties” hadn’t that been the reason he’d felt so hurt by her (failed) engagement to Meat dagger? Because he’d assumed she would always be there… and on the heels of that thought the realization struck “Because I love her”

Eurus could have clapped her hands in joy at the breaktrough of her brother, and to think it hadn’t taken any death threats, really Sherlock was so much better to reason with than Mycroft “then why do you keep wasting so much time?” She asked still trying to be understanding

“You don’t understand Eurus, I LOVE HER” Sherlock exclaimed in shock and Eurus could see the beginning of what looked like a very Holmes panic attack “And I’ve hurt her in the past so badly…and you KNEW” he was referring of course to the fact that Eurus hadn’t told him what she suspected since day one

“In all honesty I thought that you would have noticed your attraction to your pathologist since the moment you began your game of 'flirting for organs’ I didn’t expect the situation to last this long” Eurus admitted sheepishly reminding Sherlock of the way she used to intentionally assume that he’d clean his bedroom when he had a nasty experiment rotting in his desk, conveniently not reminding him to throw it away “its not my fault, its yours” So maybe his mind palace was undergoing a major rearrangement, Eurus could work with that..hopefully

“What do I do now?” Sherlock groaned putting his head in his hands “I love her”

“You do whatever mummy would do I suppose, she’s the one who is good at handling non-sociopaths” Eurus tried to help along “maybe you should confer with Dr Watson, I fear my continued advice in that subject would nderimental to your latest breaktrough” Aka: Eurus would not give Sherlock romantic life hacks, she simply wasn’t willing to.

“Mummy…would make lunch, maybe a pot of her favourite tea” Sherlock agreed pensively “and ease Molly slowly into the situation”

“Not too slowly, I want my first nephew to be born preferably within the next year or so” Eurus asserted as tough she were giving Sherlock her takeaway order “you will make mostly male children given both of your genetic profiles but I’d still like at least one of them to be named after me if possible”

“Have you ever thought that Molly might not want children? If anything she hasn’t agreed to even date me yet, let alone get engaged or conceive with me…”

“Tiny crime solving pathologists?” Eurus supplied when he couldn’t bring himself to say the word children “Sherlock a basic deduction of Molly’s life would point towards a desire for a nuclear family, more to the point she’d want it and she’d want it with you, the only sibling in our circle liable to be successful in raising another generation of Holmes geniuses” considering Mycroft and Eurus would most likely cause their offspring some degree of psychological issues with their parenting techniques, it didn’t sound so much like a compliment

Aaaand there went their bonding moment, Eurus was back to her manipulative self “Maybe you should leave” Sherlock muttered comming in and out of buffering mode “as much as I enjoy our interludes, I don’t think I’m fit for company or will be for the next few hours”

“Maybe I should, my work here is done” Eurus agreed rising from her seat and dusting her Pajamas “I expect that a sleepover wouldn’t be any fun anyway, not with the way your thoughts are shouting”

Noticing the changes in the tone of her voice Sherlock briefly paused his panic attack to regard his sister with a suspicious stare “Stay away from my pathologist Eurus, I mean it”

“I will, but be a smart boy and keep an eye on her, I heard your old friend Victor is back in town” Eurus attempted to joke “Maybe you should move her here for a few days, you know, for security reasons” And with that parting shot his sister breezed out of Baker Street leaving a very stressed Sherlock no choice but to phone Molly

“Gasp and Bloody Works what can I do for you?” Molly’s cheerful voice answered her mobile, Sherlock could hear the sound of a bone saw in the distance and deduced he’d caught her in the middle of an autopsy

A million thoughts raced trough his head but he settled for a mundane response, no need to alarm her “Bad time for a call?”

“Oh it’s you Sherlock, sorry I didn’t see the caller ID, funny you should phone I just got the most interesting body with a unidentified brain aneurysm, I thought you might find it interesting so no its not a bad time at all” she always sounded in good mood whenever he called, give or take a few exemptions, Molly always tried her best to be positive about everything including his cases.

“Really? A brain you say” Sherlock perked up before remembering the subject at hand “actually I was calling to ask for a favor, but the brain aneurysm sounds quaint, please save it for future study”

'smooth Sherlock real smooth’ mind palace john muttered

'Not now Watson’

Molly who knew him well enough to know that if he wanted to ask for something big he’d do it in person and not by phone had no qualms in replying “what kind of favor? Sherlock is this for a case?, you know that as long as its within my power I will help you”

“No its not for a case, this is more of a personal favor, I need to stay in your flat for an undefined amount of time” there he said it now all he had to do was get Molly to agree, because while this wasn’t the first time he’d used her place as a bolthole it was the one time he’d do it for sentiment’s sake and consent was important.

“Wait, why? Are you okay” the bone saw was turned off and Sherlock could hear the unecessary concern in the voice of the woman he’d just realised he loved.

“yes I’m fine, but I have reasons to believe that my privacy in Baker Street has been compromised” and he needed to make sure Molly’s hadn’t been. Lest Eurus perchance for giving people a push in the right direction landed Molly in the bottom of a well.

“By who?”

Sherlock gave a long suffering sigh and answered “by my sister”

An: I’ve thought up Eurus as a dark version of Georgiana to Sherlock’s Mr Darcy hope she wasn’t to occ, this fic is for all my Sherllolian folks on tumblr, who are just awesome

Creepypasta #1032: Jenny Martin

Length: Long

When I was younger, about eight, I think, Jenny Martin from down the road would come babysit me. 

For the most part, Jenny was a really great babysitter. It was during the summer, when my parents had to work, so she and I would spend the whole day together. From memory, she was really tall, but that could be because everyone is tall when you’re eight. She had brown hair, brown eyes and freckles. I think she was fifteen or sixteen. Jenny always loved doing the things I loved doing. She would play Barbies with me, and finger paint and give me a cookie at lunch. Sometimes we’d walk to the park and have a picnic lunch. She was really great.

I think my parents would come home at 4:30, because she always left, just before dinner. And my mom and dad would ask how my day was, and I would hop around and tell them all the fun I’ve had. Those summer days were great. But then, school started. My parents wanted the occasional date night, sometimes worked longer hours, etc. So Jenny would come over after school, and stay really late.

The first few nights were fine. We had things like chicken nuggets or Mac ’n’ Cheese, or hot dogs for dinner. One night, that I remember really clearly though, we had chicken breast. My mom had left a recipe and all the spices on the counter, but I remember Jenny didn’t touch a single one. And when dinner was served, sitting beside some raw veggies, was an equally raw piece of chicken. I remember being really confused and pointed out to Jenny that I didn’t think it was cooked right. And she said,

“Raw is a delicacy. Eat up.” I didn’t know what delicacy meant, but it sounded fancy, and I trusted her, so I ate the meat. Jenny did too; she tore into it like it a starving dog, and blood dripped off her fingers, and fat smeared her mouth. She licked her lips and sucked her fingers before cleaning up.

Since I was eight years old, I naturally had a bedtime, which my mom tells me was 7:30. So at 7:25, Jenny would help me brush my teeth and get into my PJs and read me a bedtime story, before tucking me in.

I always fell asleep rather quickly; I think most little kids do. And since I didn’t have a clock in my room, I have no idea how long it was before I woke up to strange sounds coming from the downstairs. If I had been any older I would have investigated. But my eight-year-old self would hunker under the blankets and squeeze her eyes shut, trying desperately to ignore the faint gurgling and scratching coming from the living room.

The next morning, I’d tell my parents there were funny sounds from downstairs and they told me Jenny heard them too. Apparently, the water heater needed a new pipe or something. I don’t remember exactly the story Jenny told them, but I bought it.

I’m pretty sure I was an accident. Now that I’m older, I’ve heard stories of how neither of my parents wanted kids, and a drunk Uncle Finn told me that I was conceived in the bushes of a Van Halen concert. My parents were pretty good parents - are pretty good parents, but even as a kid, I could tell they didn’t like having me tag along. So the nights with Jenny slowly became more frequent as they trusted her more and more.

About a month after the water heater story, I decided to see if it really was the water heater. Like usual, I brushed my teeth, changed, read a story and went to bed. And like usual, I woke up who-knows-how-much later to weird noises. I grabbed the flashlight I had previously stashed under my pillow (I would need it for the basement) and slowly crept from my bed. I creaked open my bedroom door, and made my way towards the sounds. I remember being confused, because the gurgling seemed to be coming from the living room – where Jenny was, and not the basement which was in a different direction. I reasoned the sounds must be coming from a vent or something.

I turned off the flashlight because I didn’t want Jenny to catch me snooping around, and besides, the TV light was plenty to see by. The noises were really loud in the living room. I slowly peeked my head around the corner of the door way. Jenny sat on the couch, with her knees pulled up to her chest, her arms wrapped around her knees and her hair falling over her downward-tilted face. She wasn’t even facing the TV. She was facing me.

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Friday Fic Recs: There’s an AU of that? List

Dynasty by Valerie Vancollie and Rebecca Thomson (300k, complete)

Hit in the leg by a stormtrooper’s blaster bolt, Luke falls in the Death Star hanger bay and is unable to escape on the Falcon along with Han and Leia. During the subsequent interrogation, his true heritage is revealed and Vader instantly takes him to Coruscant, determined to reclaim the son the Jedi stole from him. But the glory of the Imperial capital belies its true nature, where politics and power are everything and anything is fair game in the never ending game to reach the top. Not lying, not betrayal, assassination, sabotage, blackmail, nor seduction.

As he commences his Sith training, Luke must also learn the rules and etiquette of the Imperial Court if he is to survive as most of his enemies fight their battles with words and political maneuverings rather than military force. Yet, even as he struggles to gain his place within the Empire, Luke learns that his best friend has joined the Alliance…

Imperial Luke is a rare thing. This is a fic I had never thought of existing before I read this but after I found it there was no going back. This fic is executed so well I have read this fic so many times because it is so interesting. I love political intrigue, personally. It is so fascinating to read for me. If that’s not your thing, this might not be for you. 

Family Principals by @themostawesomeroxburryblack (54k words, complete) 

Luke didn’t want to meet the dark side users who owned the swamp he crashed into. The Addams are happy to host the (unbeknownst to Luke) son of their friend Darth Vader until he arrives to collect his rebellious son.

Luke meets the Addams family and they really like him. Luke is very confused at this situation he finds himself in. It is really great if you like the Addams family or Luke & Vader relationships, this is a fic you will adore. 

Fives Saves the Galaxy by ilyena_sylph, and Merfilly (25k words, complete)

Fives is on mission, right behind his General, when the Force decides he’ll do for it’s little trick. Poor vod finds himself out of time, with a nightmare having happened to everyone he knew.

Fives travel to the future, meets his general’s son and saves everyone. I love time travel fics and Fives is one of my favorites from TCW. This is a really great version of the time travel to save everyone trope. 

Plot Twist by @anakinskydala (ObiAniDala, 10k words, complete)

The supposed love triangle between Mr. Skywalker, Ms. Amidala, and Mr. Kenobi is all their students (and even their fellow teachers) can talk about. The only thing is, no one at Coruscant High School can figure out exactly which of them are together.

All the fluff and giggles found here! Featuring Twitter Wars, Bets, and trolling trio. I cannot stop laughing when I read this fic. It is everything you need in your life when you need nothing to hurt. *SIDE EYES PTCANNON*. 

The Prince and the Farmboy by QuinnthePrincess (LukeHan, 99k words, wip)

When Luke’s widowed mother marries her old friend Rush Clovis and brings him and his children to live at her estate, Luke thinks his wish for a family has finally come true. Unfortunately things don’t turn out quite the way he had expected; now everyday is a struggle just to survive his awful step family. But when a daring mission to rescue his droid leads to a chance encounter with the handsome prince of another planet, Luke’s life takes a turn for the complicated. All he has to do now is keep his newly formed relationship a secret from his step family, while keeping his true identity hidden from a rather unusually roguish prince.

This amazing fic is an Ever After AU, which is an 80s remake of cinderella that is not for kids. It is one of my all-time favorite movies. I did not know I needed this until I found it and now I regularly scream at the author when they update. You don’t really need to know about Ever After in order to enjoy this butttttt it was like amazing knowing what the reference material was. I adore fic to death like I sometime squee when I get an update.

Reliance by @zany-the-nerd  (46k words, complete - sequel wip)

What started out as simply answering a distress signal quickly spirals into something much greater for Luke Skywalker. When hit with a strange energy wave, Luke finds himself in the body of his eight year old self stuck with Darth Vader, who has also had a bit of de-aging himself. Now Luke and Vader must work together to find out who is responsible while trying to remain low key. (Shameless father/son relationship)

I love fics the focus on Luke and Vader’s relationship (Yes that will also be a FFR theme). But this one deserves to be in the That’s an AU theme as well. 8-year-old Luke stuck working together with Darth Dad. Luke is so cute and gets into just as much trouble as his adult self. Darth Dad W O R R I E S and cannot handle the rebellion and trouble of tiny Luke. Totally worth a read.

Tatooinian Sunset by Deja Know I Been Lookin For Vu (64k words, complete-sequel complete)

Faced with an agonizing choice, the Jedi Kenobi decides to protect baby Leia and leave baby Luke to be raised by Tusken Raiders…The lives of the twins are thus forever changed.

Luke is raised by the Tuskans but is found by Vader. This is another one that complete surprised me but I was so glad I had found it. I love the way the Tuskan culture is written and the ensuing culture differences/clashes the occur. It is nothing else I’ve read in the Fandom. 

You Shall Become (Me) by @letslipthehounds  (AniDala, 24k words, complete)

The Guardian of the Sith Temple doesn’t particularly care for the new breed of Sith, for all that they’ve been around for 1,000 years. But they’re the only Sith the Guardian knows about. Until one day…

Alternately, “How to accidentally join the Sith without really trying.”

The alternate summary is very accurate and this fic is amazing. It features an old sith lord that is very much an old many screaming “get off my lawn” to Dooku. It is really hilarious but also really well written. I love the idea of someone accidentally becoming a sith it just so ridiculous but that is something that would totally happen in star wars lets be real.

anonymous asked:

Fic title "a face in the crowd"

First off, anon, I’m terribly sorry for how late this is. I can’t even pinpoint when I got this - this has been sitting in my inbox since before I came up with Silent Measures. Which means months. But I’m trying to clear my inbox so here’s something I came up with on the spot.

A Face in the Crowd

Summary: During the Clone Wars, the Jedi were lauded as heroes, but so out of reach of the masses that they seemed at times to be toy soldiers selling war bonds more than actual walking beings. But there were four Republic Days that fell within the Clone Wars, and in each one of them, if you look carefully enough, there are things to be seen that are special. A child watches, is inspired, and remembers, twenty years after.

Characters: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Aayla Secura, Plo Koon, (and many clones, though only in passing)

(note: this is after Ahsoka leaves, so she isn’t here)

Little Meron Junshi is not sure whether he likes this Republic Day parade.

It technically hasn’t started yet, but the heat is stifling here in the masses milling behind the railings along the Senate boulevard. His father has put him on his shoulders, and the air is a little clearer up here, but Meron would much rather they be back home on Alderaan, where the air is sweeter and the skies much, much bluer.

And less loud. There are many interesting species around him that he has not seen before, but Meron finds the noise rather distracting. And the boulevard before them is still empty, except for the red-and-white armoured clone troopers that stand guard at equal intervals along the railings themselves.

But he will behave, because he his a big boy of eight and his father is here to do important business with Senator Organa, and Meron is only here because he pleaded and pleaded until his parents said yes.

And then suddenly, there is thud of a plasma cannon from high above, so deep and low that Meron feels it shudder through his frame and down to his father’s wide shoulders; and the guarding troopers snap to attention with a muted thud of armoured boots against duracrete.

This first thud echoes across the suddenly silent masses; and in the distance, under the Senate Building itself, comes an answering drumbeat.

Then another. And another.

And then a steady tramp-tramp-tramp comes filtering down the boulevard, and before Meron can do anything but sit up straighter on his father’s shoulders, the first company of clone troopers come into view.

The Coruscant Guard is first, led by a proud-shouldered trooper with a helmet visored in grey and painted in red, the etched plaques on his armour marking him as a commander.

Meron gapes as row after row of red-white troopers follow, posture ramrod-straight, each holding a blaster at parade ready. The cadence of their steps are so well-matched that if Meron were to close his eyes, he could imagine a singe titan was thundering down the boulevard, and not nearly a hundred and fifty men of one company.

The crowd around them is shrieking with excitement.

A company of soldiers, each with stylised wolf-head painted  on their grey-lined white armour, and striding confidently at their head, a Kel Dor Jedi with russet robes flowing jauntily in the wind.

Plo! The crowd is screaming. Plo Koon!

The Wolfpack! Meron stares, wide-eyed, so engrossed in the clean lines of General Plo’s wolves that he nearly misses the ground-shaking thud that follows.

Five paces after the last grey-painted trooper comes twin files of eight AT-TEs, six-limbed bodies creaking with every solid stamp of durasteel legs. And marching between, standing on, and holding to the side of these giant assault walkers are many yellow-striped troopers. Most strikingly, somehow balanced perfectly on a walker placed centrally between the two main lines, is a blue-skinned Twi’lek woman with a smile on her face and a lightsaber at her hip.

SECURA! The masses yell, in a hundred thousand different sentient voices. SECURA!

She stands tall, but her smile widens.

Company after company come, whole battalions and legions painted every colour of the galaxy, each with a Jedi marching before them, or sometimes two, with the younger marching alongside a clone captain.

Meron watches, dumbstruck, as hero after hero steps off the war-reels and into reality, like toy soldiers ripped from the holonet and placed within reach.

But then a roar of pure sound sweeps through the masses like an oncoming wave, and Meron is nearly unseated from his father’s shoulders.

The troopers coming into view now are painted with bold gold stripes.

And at their head, stepping with a calmly fluid gait-

-is a Jedi with red-gold hair and cream robes, and eyes the colour of a silent sea above a beard trimmed to immaculate neatness.

Meron forgets to breathe.

Obi-Wan Kenobi, The Negotiator.

The multitude raves. There is no collective chant, now, not like before; overlapping screams of KENOBI and NEGOTIATOR and OBI-WAN rise in an increasing cacophony of unleashed madness.

Throughout all this, Meron only watches the Negotiator.

General Kenobi steps in time with his men, but something in the smooth effortlessness of his pace and the gravity of the tabards over his shoulders speaks of a noble sadness, mixed with extraordinary determination.

Sadness, in the middle of the greatest parade of the year?

Meron lowers he hand he was using to wave, and frowns. He is struck with the sudden impression that General Kenobi would look much the same leading his men into battle.

But then there is a blare of trumpets, and Meron nearly gives himself whiplash as he jerks his head to look.

These new troopers are painted blue.

The crowd is shouting in synchrony, now.


The Hero With No Fear himself is stood next to Chancellor Palpatine, on a slow-moving barge surrounded on all sides by a sea of blue-and-white armour. His smile is rakish, his waving casual, and the scar that curves around the edge of one eye effortlessly cool.

Meron stares at Anakin Skywalker, and wonders if he imagines that those ice-blue eyes flicker towards him, if just for a moment.

Meron does not waste it. He straightens up so abruptly that his father grunts in surprise, but he does not pause to think about it - instead, he nearly slaps himself in the forehead as he salutes.

He is halfway through the motion already before he realises General Skywalker is looking at him.

Krayt spit! Meron tells himself, knowing his father would give him a good scolding if he heard the words out loud - I probably look stupid!

But what is done is done. The edge of his right hand is pressed to his forehead.

The General watches him for a moment - it cannot be more than half a second, but it seems the longest moment in Meron’s short life - and then suddenly, General Skywalker raises two fingers to his forehead and flicks them to the side in a jaunty salute.

In return to his.

Meron’s brain smashes into a wall of disbelief and disintegrates into awed smithereens.

It is only after the barge has passed by, and the next company is marching past that Meron remembers that he should drop his hand. He lets it fall by his side, numb.

He barely registers the rest of the parade.

He is grinning so widely his cheeks ache.

“Father,” Meron says, later, when a squadron of LAAT/is have flown overhead and the crowd is beginning to disperse, “I’d like to join the Alderaani guard.”

“Oh? And why is that?” his father says distractedly, holding one of Meron’s ankles to stop him from sliding off.

“I want to be a General,” Meron says.

There is a long pause. Meron’s father slows his pace, and stops.

“War isn’t as fun as you think, Meron.” His father’s voice sounds different.


“Talk to me when you’re eighteen. We’ll see then.”

“Okay!” Meron chirps happily, as his father carries him across the sea of Coruscanti crowds, and away from the Senate boulevard, its white duracrete surface stamped grey with the feet of two hundred thousand men.

Twenty years later, clutching a blaster and kneeling in a white-walled corridor swamped with shadow, Meron Junshi thinks of that long-ago Republic Day. Of the sun and the chants and the bright-painted soldiers with their Jedi Generals.

He had gone to his father when he was eighteen, and he had gotten his wish.

The Alderaani guard had led to a permanent place in the Rebellion, and the Rebellion…here.

Behind him is a short passageway, and beyond that, the Tantive IV, with a precious person aboard. In front of him is a darkened corridor, which lies silent and still beyond the echoing howl of the klaxons.

And then Meron becomes aware of another noise.

A sawing, unnatural breathing, like air rasped through a grille of harsh desert sand.

And the passageway is lit with a bar of crimson plasma.

“Open fire!”

Oh, Meron thinks, as his finger tightens on the trigger and plasma spews uselessly out of the barrel of his blaster. You were right, father.

War is not a parade, with sun in your eyes and bright-painted soldiers and their much-loved generals marching before them; war is red-painted white walls, and flashing bolts, and screaming, and the never-quickening and never-slowing breaths of a shadow that reaches for you, and grasps you with invisible hands, and sends a screaming blade of blood-red light slashing towards your chest.

“Take it! Take it!”

And Meron knows that perhaps there is a little truth in what his eight-year-old self thought about war: War is nothing without hope.

Hope, to a boy watching a war parade on his father’s shoulders, is to receive an acknowledgement from the General he loved so much as a hero.

Meron stares into those hard black lenses, and holds this image in his mind as he dies.

He has no time, before the end, to wonder if he imagined Darth Vader flinch.




I hope this makes up for how late this is, anon. I made up Meron on the spot; his name means soldier. Reblog as you like, and thanks for reading, everyone.

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you know, when i think about how much more active of a writer i was when i was a kid, it’s kind of depressing.

i mean, i had the original Big Epic Fantasy Novel in the works (which i still occasionally think about going back to, but probably never will), and that came to around 500 or 600 pages when you include the countless redrafts, 50-page synopsis, character sheets, lore, worldbuilding, sequel ideas, and assorted random scenes/episodes. then there was the 90-page evil granny novel, which we all know and (?) love, the rambling play about the two kids who get trapped in the underworld together and end up organising a rebellion against the Lord of the Dead, and at least five others - all of which were over a hundred pages long. and that’s not even counting the short stories, scripts, and poetry that i churned out on a fairly regular basis.

i think about it, and it’s like: wow, how the hell did i even do that? nowadays, if i can write something that’s over 10k, it feels like a huge achievement - and even when i do manage it, it invariably gets abandoned after i lose the motivation to finish it. i’m not sure if that’s because of lack of time or lack of drive, but either way it makes me a bit sad. i hope that one day i’ll get the chance to be as prolific as my weird, obsessive eight-year-old self was.


Originally posted by yoongles

pairing: yoongi x reader

category: pure fluff

summary: bestfriend!au and highschool!au where yoongi plans to prank you every year on his birthday, and is determined to win your heart in the process

also, i’m like super super new to the bts world (like just discovering them two months ago) so you can call me out for being a fake fan if you want because i’m literally educated on so little

“Min Yoongi!” You screeched at the top of your lungs, reaching to grab ahold of his shirt. The boy simply grinned, dodging your touch and sprinting down the hallway.

Every eye from every student was panned to face you, cheeks flaming with rage.

You can’t believe you had forgotten. It was one thing to forget Yoongi’s birthday, but another to forget the idiotic promise you made him when you were a mere eight years old.

“Birthdays are the worst!” An eight year old Yoongi complained, throwing his hands up in the air in frustration. You watched him pace back and forth as you gathered daisies from the field, sundress blowing in the wind. “I got yelled at just for playing a prank on my birthday!”

“It was pretty bad of you to do, Yoongi,” you spoke shyly.

His eyes narrowed down at you. “Whose side are you on?”

“Don’t be mad at me, Yoongi,” you sighed, hoping the boy wouldn’t take it to heart. By the look upon his face, he definitely had. Your mind searched for a way to apologize but instead, it came up with an ultimatum that you would begin to regret in the coming years. “You can prank me on your birthday if it makes you feel better.”

His eyebrows raised with interest. “Every single birthday?” He questioned, testing if the words you spoke were true.

You shrugged. He would probably forget about it next year anyways.


You wanted to kick your eight year old self. Because of that stupid promise, you were now covered in what you concluded to be maple syrup, drenching your school clothes. You didn’t know how Yoongi managed to get the substance in your locker or even know how to trigger it so that when you opened it to get your books for the next class, you would be greeted by one of his next pranks.

You couldn’t believe that Yoongi remembered. Year after year, when he blew out more candles on his birthday cake, he also came up with more pranks to play on you.

Yoongi’s birthday was absolute torture. You hated every single bit of it.

You stormed out of the hallway and down the steps of the entrance, fists clenched and eyes blackened with rage. There was a chuckle coming from the right side of your peripheral view, a chuckle that was way too bright for you in your current situation.

“He got you again, didn’t he? Class hasn’t even started yet,” Taehyung cackled from beside you, holding onto his stomach.

His hand reached out to grasp your syrup-covered arm and you grabbed ahold of him before he could. “Not in the mood today, Tae. I’m planning on slaughtering Yoongi in front of everyone at lunch.”

There was a melodic calling of your name before Jungkook was making his way over to you, perfect teeth showing and all. His eyebrows furrowed when he took in your current state.

“You alright, Y/N? What happened?”

“Min Yoongi happened, and he’s the worst decision his parents ever made,” you seethed, nails digging into your palms. “I’m planning on murdering him later on. Care to watch?”

Taehyung grinned, giving a proper explanation to a confused Jungkook. “Yoongi always pranks Y/N on his birthday. It’s sort of a tradition, actually.”

Before you knew it, there was an envelope in your hand. A mutual friend between you and Yoongi, Namjoon, was smiling down at you eagerly.

“Yoongi wishes to see you during your first period together. He says to read this letter before you go in.”

You hissed. “If that idiot actually thinks that I’m walking back in-”

“He also says that you will walk back in because you made him a promise and it’s his birthday.”

“I made that promise when I was eight!” You protested, hands flying to cover your face. “It’s the biggest mistake of my life.”

“Come on, buttercup,” Namjoon laughed. “I’m sure Soo Jung can lend you a fresh pair of clothes.”

You glared at him but waved a goodbye to Taehyung and Jungkook, following Namjoon back into the hallways.

You opened Yoongi’s letter before you could find Soo Jung, lips pursing as your eyes scanned the paper.

To my dearest Y/N,

Another birthday, more pranks! In all seriousness, I hope you understand that I only make these up because I deeply care about you and your eight year old self was too ignorant to realize what would happen to you once you solidified your promise.

Have fun today,

Yoongi :)

You rolled your eyes and stuffed the letter into your jacket pocket. Everyone was laughing and talking about Yoongi’s prank on you, but you didn’t care. You just wanted to get this day of embarrassment over with and anxiously wait for next year to come around.

Fortunately, Soo Jung, who always kept a fresh set of clothes in her locker, graciously handed them over to you when she saw your current state. You changed in time to rush to your first period, where the second prank of the day was waiting for you.

You gulped when you saw the large stuffed teddy bear sitting in your seat, along with five bouquets of red roses.

Now, you weren’t opposed to affections of romance. You actually liked getting flowers once in a while from boys who wanted to capture your attention, but that was the only attention you liked.

In class, you wanted to be as invisible as possible. You tried to make sure the teacher never said your name enough times to remember it in fear of being called on in class and not knowing the answer. Yoongi knew this fact about you.

That’s also why he chose to give you the biggest gift in the room, which caused all eyes to turn to you.

“Miss Y/N,” the teacher raised her eyebrow, disappointed look washing over her features. “I’d prefer it if you kept your relationship life out of my classroom.” You gulped, feeling like a ball of nerves. You opened your mouth to apologize, but she had already decided on your punishment. “Since you’re so keen on having all the attention today, why don’t you put last night’s homework up on the board?”

Your fists clenched again as you met Yoongi’s gaze across the room, the biggest smirk planted on his face.

You were going to kill Min Yoongi. That was a fact.


“You’re dead! You’re a dead man, Yoongi!”

Jungkook and Taehyung watched amusedly from their spots at their lunch table as you chased Yoongi around, his head thrown back, laughter filling the air. Namjoon sighed, walking over to the table with his friends, Seokjin and Jimin.

“How long has this been going on?” Namjoon asked, plopping down next to Jungkook.

Taehyung shrugged. “Possibly since the bell rang. Yoongi told one of the guys Y/N used to like that she wanted to go on a date with him as soon as possible.”

“He also glued a piece of paper in her hair during third period,” Jimin added, remembering your loud shriek of terror.

Namjoon hummed. “He’s upped the pranks this year. Getting better at them, actually.”

You had finally gotten within a close proximity to Yoongi and clutched his shirt, lips moving fast to yell at him. He was simply laughing, eyes sparkling as he stared at you in adoration.

“When’s he going to tell her?” Jin asked.

Jungkook shrugged. “Every time you ask him, he denies he even likes her in the first place. They could go on like this until they’re old and gray.”

“Yoongi told me this morning that he was going to ask Y/N on a date. Although, I doubt he’s actually going to go through with it,” Namjoon said.

They observed as Yoongi’s hands settled on your hips, laughs still spewing from his mouth. Your fingers pushed at his shoulder, scolding him for laughing at your predicament and reminding him who put you there in the first place.

Jin shook his head, biting into his sandwich.

“Lovestruck idiots.”


“I swear, Yoongi-ah, if this is a prank, I’ll push you down the hill.”

He chuckled, fingers reaching out to grab your wrist. “I promise you that this is real.”

You glared at his backside. Once you arrived home, safe from Yoongi and his endless pranks, you took a definitely needed shower. You decided to stay at home for the rest of the night, but the birthday boy had different ideas.

He had pounded on your front door until your mother insisted you answer it. He dragged you out and drove the both of you to the top of a hill that overlooked the city. For a split second, you were afraid of the height and how Yoongi could use it to his advantage.

Now, here you were, eyes following his every move to ensure you wouldn’t be embarrassed again.

“Here we are!” He exclaimed, pulling you beside him so you could see what he was talking about.

Your eyes scanned over the city lights, drinking in the sight before you. Yoongi observed your reaction, the corner of his lips pulling upwards at how amazed you were by the scenery.

“It’s beautiful,” you breathed.

Yoongi thought of the most cheesy line that would fit this situation perfectly and before he could stop himself, his mouth was moving before his brain.

“Not as gorgeous as you.”

Your hand flew to smack his shoulder. “No more pranks tonight, Yoongi-ah. You took enough of my dignity at school.”

He wanted to say that it wasn’t a prank. That he was desperately in love with you and today had been one of the best days of his life, birthday or not. His lips moved to ghost over your hair while you marveled in the glimmering lights.

“I bought a small cake for us,” he mentioned, arm tentatively wrapping around your waist.

Your eyes narrowed, pulling back to glare at him. The last time Yoongi bought a cake to share, he made sure to buy the one that you absolutely despised — the one that made you gag with just the thought of eating it.

“Relax.” He rolled his eyes, gripping his keys so he could go and get it. “I told you that I finished all of my pranks back at school.”

You still remained reserved, not knowing what Yoongi could magically conjure up just because you made a promise to him when you were eight and naïve.

He took out a new cake from the backseat of his car and jogged over to you. You stared at the concoction suspiciously, wondering what he might’ve done to it.

Once again, he rolled his eyes at your uneasiness. He uncapped the lid of the box and handed you a fork. He was about ready to dig in until you shouted for him to stop.

With one eyebrow raised, he gazed at you with a questioning expression.

“I have to sing the birthday song!” You protested.

He smiled at how adorable you were before you cleared your throat, purposely singing a horrible rendition of the traditional birthday song. Your belting voice caused him to groan playfully, and you swatted his chest.

Once you were done, he dove into the cake first, and you watched carefully to see if he was correct about not pranking you anymore.

But once you took the first bite of what appeared to be a chocolate cake, a foul taste filled your mouth.

“Yoongi!” You shouted, spitting the remnants on the dirt floor. He was laughing again, chest heaving because of how gullible you could be.

Through his fit of laughter, he was able to manage the words “That was the last one, I swear!”

“Yoongi-ah!” You repeated slowly, trying to calm yourself down. You usually had a good hold on your tolerance of stupidity, especially on Yoongi’s birthday, but you were reaching your boiling point.

When he realized you weren’t going to join in on his joke, he set his cake on the ground and strode over to you. He pulled you into a hug, inhaling the smell of your shampoo and the night air.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. Although, I’ll have you know that today has been amazing for me.”

You grumbled and wrapped your arms around his torso, leaning in to lay your head on his chest. You heard his heartbeat pick up in acceleration as you did so, but made no comment on it.

“How long are these birthday pranks going to continue?”

Yoongi chuckled. His chest rumbled against your cheek. “Way longer than you think.”

Your eyes fluttered closed. You hummed, and Yoongi felt butterflies swarm his stomach. He remembered his brief promise to Namjoon that morning, recalling that he was supposed to finally ask you out on a date.

It sounded so simple, yet Yoongi had never been more nervous in his life.

“Y/N?” He asked carefully. You hummed again in response. “I didn’t make my birthday wish.”

“That’s because you forgot to bring a candle, Yoongi-ah.”

“I suppose I did,” he murmured. “I think I know what I wanted to wish for.”

“Don’t tell me,” you scolded under your breath. “It won’t come true and you’ll have to wait again next year.”

“Fine,” he breathed. You could feel his heart beating faster than ever, and your eyebrows furrowed. What was his wish? “I guess I’ll just have to show you.”

You were about to inquire his actions, but was met with a slight graze of his lips.

The first thing you noted about Min Yoongi’s kiss was that he was warm. Although the wind blew past you and caused your hair to fly, you had never felt so warm by a simple touch. The second thing you observed was that he was nervous. His eyes were shut tight in fear of your rejection.

He can’t describe how shocked he was when your hands grasped the collar of his jacket, pulling him deeper into the kiss.

Yoongi noticed how inviting you were. He could kiss you all night, and damn, he wanted to so badly. He also felt you smiling into the kiss, which he took as a good sign. He stepped closer to you so that you were only separated by a few inches, lips still smushed together in a heated kiss.

When you pulled away, he saw the sparkle in your eyes.


Yoongi smiled.

“Real. Definitely real.”


Request: 13 & 3 & jimin ;)

  • 13) Your bias sneaks into your window
  • 3) “You should learn to lie better.”

Prompt list can be found here

Member: BTS Jimin x Y/N

Type: Fluff

You rolled over, your hair tickling your face as you pulled at the sheet, in the place between asleep and awake. Your blankets provided a barrier against the cold January night seeping through every floorboard and crack of your parent’s old house. You had moved out some time ago, but weekend visits were still very much a thing in your young adult life. There was nothing like being back in your bed, the original mattress you had fallen asleep on after countless nights. Not to mention, your mother cooked for you, and for a broke college student, that was worth it’s weight in gold. 

You tugged the covers to sit comfortably beneath your chin, sighing as you reached an unexplainable comfort you hadn’t known since you were a child. You were warm and protected. You shed the outer, tougher shell that you wore as a facade and imagined your eight year old self, surrounded by her favorite plushes and stuffed toys, getting the best night of sleep you had ever had. 

“Aigoo,” a deep voice growled, followed by a slam and several banging noises. You opened your eyes slowly, unsure if the noises had emerged in a dream or your actual bedroom. As your vision slowly became sharper from it’s initial sleepy fuzziness, you noticed a black figure moving around your room, bumping into your desk, then your dresser. 

You were frozen in your spot, closing your eyes and opening them repeatedly. Eventually, you talked yourself into easing your hand from beneath your quilt and tugged at the chord dangling from your lamp. 

“Ji-JImin?” you stuttered, your eyes having difficulty adjusting to the light as you stared up at the face of your childhood best friend, Park Jimin. 

“Yah, hi Y/N,” he giggled, a sheepish grin on his face. “I was out for a night stroll…and uh…I think I picked the wrong window to climb back into.”

“You should learn to lie better,” you sighed, shaking your head. You raked a hand through your hair and sat up. “You want to try again?” 

“I saw your light on earlier…and knew you were home,” he whispered, looking to the ground. “Yah, I sound like such a creep.”

“Only mildly,” you chuckled. “You became a creep once you actually crawled through the window.” 

“I’ve missed you,” Jimin nodded, but immediately shook his head. “But probably not as much as you’ve missed me, I mean…I am pretty awesome.” 

“Jimin, it is midnight and my parents are light sleepers,” you hummed, growing tired of his charms after so many years. You bit your lip, focusing on the inner child you had connected with only moments before. You smiled briefly, thinking of Jimin as a child as well. 

You two were purveyors of the sleepover, staying up for hours into the night talking about all sorts of things. That was until you both hit puberty and your parents had to have a discussion about how sleepovers were now deemed to be inappropriate. Neither of you cared though, you continued your nights together, completely full of innocence. Jimin climbed through your window and into your bed regularly until you finished high school. 

“Come on,” you said quietly, lifting the quilt on your small twin bed. Jimin looked up at you, his eyes wide. You nodded reassuringly as he stumbled across the floor. The bed seemed to be much smaller in the few years it had been since you had last seen him. Your bodies didn’t fit as well beside each other as you had remembered. You leaned over, tugging on the chord of the lamp and plunging you both into darkness again. 

You shimmied down between the sheets, pushing an arm beneath your pillow as you turned in toward Jimin. He did the same, keeping at least an inch barrier between you two. 

“Hi,” you breathed, your eyes adjusting to the dark slowly. They traced across Jimin’s tan skin, he had grown up well. 

“Hello,” he whispered, a smirk breaking onto his face. 

“How have you been?” you asked, keeping your eyes glued to him. Okay, maybe he had grown up more than well. He was incredibly attractive and you didn’t even realize until he was fumbling around in the dark some years later. 

“Busy,” he sighed. “Just tired.”

“How’s Tae?” you asked, reflecting on Jimin’s best friend. You had never seen someone ship two people as hard as Taehyung had shipped you and Jimin. 

“Impossible,” Jimin grinned. “How are you?” 

“Busy,” you nodded, agreeing with his sentiment. “But happy.”

“Good,” Jimin nodded, nuzzling into his half of the pillow and wiggling on top of the sheets. “Do you mind if I rest my eyes?” 

“Have I ever?” you chuckled, making yourself comfortable on your side of the bed as well. The same comfort and familiarity were there. You shut your eyes, only opening them again upon hearing Jimin clear his throat. “What?”

It was dark, but you could tell he was blushing as he spoke. “Could you…uh…play with my hair?”

You heaved a deep sigh and pursed your lips. “Jimin, I haven’t done that since we were like thirteen.”

“It helps me relax,” he pouted. 

“Aigoo,” you grumbled, moving your hand up awkwardly. You grimaced as you reached up, touching his dyed hair and running your fingers through it. You had assumed that it would be dry and fried from the amount of damage it had taken since he was a teen, but you were surprised as your hands moved effortlessly through his locks. “Christ Jimin, what do you use for shampoo? Virgin’s blood? Unicorn tears?”

“Pantene,” he whispered, not even bothering to open his eyes. 

You rolled your own eyes, but smiled. He hadn’t changed after all this time. A sweet silence settled between you, your breaths matching each others as your fingers continued to comb through his hair. He placed a hand lightly on your hip, shimmying himself a little bit closer. 

“Chim,” you grimaced, not familiar with this level of intimacy. 

“I’m cold,” he said simply, his eyes still locked shut. “And I don’t know if you heard me the first time, but I miss you.” 

You shut your eyes as well, incredibly aware of Jimin’s fingertips rubbing circles onto your thigh. He had always been a bit of a connoisseur of cuddles, but it never felt like this. You thought back to the past few years, about how you and Jimin had never exactly lost touch, but hadn’t exactly played leading roles in each others lives either. While this closeness was uncommon and scary, it was also incredible and new. 

“As in you are actively and currently missing me?” you chuckled, easing across the mattress. You hesitated, biting your lip as you searched his face. 

“Every day,” he smiled, finally opening his eyes. He nodded, tugging you in a bit closer. “When it’s late at night…and I’m visiting my parents, I can’t help but take a walk and find myself under your window. I think about the nights we spent together…more nights than not.” 

“I have to admit, you’re in most of my favorite memories,” You whispered. 

“You are my favorite memories,” Jimin said, his voice barely above a breath. He gave one final push on your lower back so your bodies were flush against each others. He kissed your forehead softly, snuggling into you for more than the warmth he claimed he was searching for. 

“We didn’t realize we were making memories,” You said quietly, allowing him to fill your senses. “We were just having fun.”

“Don’t you think…the best thing about memories,” JImin said slowly, carefully placing kisses around your face. He wrapped his arms completely around you and smiled. “Is making them?”

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Fake Smiles

Characters: Lucas, Mrs. Friar, Maya, Zay, Riley
Pairing(s): Lucaya, Rucas
Genre: Angst/Romance
Warning: Contains explicit language.
Summary: Lucas has been putting on fake smiles all his life. So it’s only fitting that he chooses to fake smile when he’s confessing his love (like?) to his girlfriend. (Right?)

a|n: This is what happens when I think of an explanation for Lucas’ personality and his actions in Girl Meets Ski Lodge. As always, bear with my grammatical and spelling issues and I hope you enjoy this one-shot. :)

P.S.- I don’t know if this is in an AU or not. I think it’s like the GMW verse but mainly takes place in High School with a very different Lucas. Like the regular show but the gang is all older.

P.P.S- I am trying my hand at Angst, tell me if it works.

Since he was little, Lucas knew how to put on a smile. (One that is never real.)

  His father had always been an intimidating man, but he never was scary to Lucas until he started to be an alcoholic. The alcohol consumed his father and turned him into something Lucas does not recognize.

  (Lucas remembered how his eight-year-old-self had run in front of him and begged for him to stop the first time he witnessed his father as a drunk. He remembered how his father didn’t listen.)

  After a hard day of drinking, his father would yell words that were too loud and his momma would stand by stoically, with silent tears streaming down her face.

 (He cried too, just a little.)

  During social gatherings, they made excuses for his father about how he was sick, when, in reality, he was just nursing a hangover.

  (They didn’t see how his momma’s smile was a little strained and how Lucas’ hands were shaking.)

  He followed his mother’s lead and acted nothing ever happened. (And maybe if he pretended hard enough, it would be just a figment of his imagination.) He laughed and joked around with kids his own age and didn’t tell anyone about what happened, even his best friend Zay.

  (He didn’t like the feeling of fake smiling- his cheeks felt like plastic and his lips hurt from stretching so wide.)

His momma later explained to him how his father was a war veteran. How he saw bad, bad things and how it affected him. She told him how he would use alcohol to make the bad things go away and he will get better one day.

  It didn’t.

  In fact, it got worse. The house soon became a constant home for raised voices and his family survived on his mother’s checks because his father got fired for not showing up. His momma now has dark bags under her eyes and lives on caffeine because she’s been working triple shifts at the hospital every day.

  Lucas’ earliest memories of his father were happy ones, lazy afternoons of playing games and eating ice cream on the porch and days of sunshine and laughter. In those memories, he called his father “daddy” because that was what he was, a dad. Secure and strong and safe.

  The ones after that were the farthest things from happiness.

  Lucas’ later memories of his father were ones of drunken shouts and incoherent yelling, ones of his momma crying and him closing his eyes and plugging his ears because he just wants it all to stop. In those memories, Lucas called his father “sir” because that was what he is, a stranger. Distant and scary and angry.

  In the comics that Lucas loved, the hero always had to make a sacrifice in order to save the world. Sometimes, in the depths of his room, he would tell himself how his father gave up his heart in order to be a hero- to save lives and make the world a better place. But no matter how hard he tries to convince himself that his father is the next Superman, the power of his imagination cannot take away the truth of reality- that his father is no hero.

  (Evey time when his father gets drunk, he’ll burrow under his blue bedsheets and tell himself that his father is a hero, a hero, a hero. And when he repeated it a dozen times over, it made the empty words a bit more convincing.)

  The silly musings of his father being a hero soon became nonexistent when he wasn’t a kid anymore. As a teenager, he yelled right back when his father got drunk and coped with his life by communicating with his fists. At school, he was known for his explosive temper and dangerous smirks. 

  (They didn’t know that his trademark smile was bruised and battered under his mask.)

  He loved the fights, the rush made him feel a much-needed liberation and the adrenaline made him feel invincible like nothing can tear him down.

  (But after the fights, when the rush was over and the adrenaline was gone, he was a little boy again, hiding under the covers, waiting for the shouting to be over.)

  Through it all, his momma bandaged his wounds and wiped his tears. And like always, she was silent the whole time- face expressionless with the incredible ability of hers to always be strong throughout everything life has thrown at her. And sometimes, despite him not telling Zay anything about his father’s drunken behavior, the younger boy would offer much-needed jokes to break him out of his temper fits and understanding glances that just seem to know.

  (And it makes him feel a little better because they know and don’t just view him as some hothead ruining his life.)

  But whatever the situation, he’ll offer them a fake smile that is just a little strained because dammit, he had perfected them since he was eight and he is not going to let his hard work go to waste.

  (But he knows that his momma and best friend can always see through it.)

When his mother finally divorced his father and they moved to New York. Lucas’ fake smiles turned from the I’m-gonna-kick-your-ass variety to the hello-I’m-perfect category.

  It wasn’t because of Riley- he already planned to change his image because he and his mother were here to get a new start, not rebuild their old lives. Riley perception of him just gave Lucas a little… hint on what image he should have.

 Besides, it wasn’t hard. He got good looks inherited from his parents, he understood chivalry by the lessons in southern hospitality from his momma and he was getting a better hold on his temper now. His main source of anger- his father’s drunken ways and Zay’s ability to get himself in trouble was, thankfully, half a country away.

  It was easy, slipping on masks and effortlessly weaving lies because, shit, he’s been doing it all his life. Soon, holding the door and carrying books became easier and almost natural. And maybe it wasn’t real because he had a facade on all day and his friends don’t even know his parents are divorced. But it’s better than the life he lived before, with drunken dads and bloody fists.

 His fake smiles become real when his mother finally got a job, reliving them off his grandmother’s retirement fund and she took him out to eat in order to celebrate.

  They got burgers and fries- something they rarely eat because of his mother’s hesitancy towards anything unhealthy and he didn’t hold open the door.

  She didn’t mind. And his smile, real this time, turned into a real laugh because Lucas didn’t have to put on any fake smiles for his momma. Not anymore.

Lucas likes Riley. At least, he thinks he does.

  The whole thing with him and Riley happened so fast that he has to process it. But no matter what people knew him at Texas say, he does have a heart, and when he finally wrapped his head around the fact that he and Riley have… something, he started to have feelings for Maya. Romantic feelings…

  Which is really bad, because Lucas is now stuck in this weird limbo with the girl he thinks he likes and the girl he knows he likes. Instead of trying to untangle his messy feelings, he concentrated on holding on to his facade because it’s starting to crack around the edges. Besides, the last time he felt like this about someone, it didn’t end well- she was just another person that sees his fake smiles.

  So, Lucas ignored how his eyes automatically drift to Maya whenever she’s in the room and how he knows every little detail about her. He pushed his feelings down and pushed down the urge to do something a little… drastic towards Maya’s teasing.

  Instead, he flashes her a gentlemanly smile and tips an imaginary hat right back at her. Lucas’ laugh, a real one, slips out of his mouth when she fumed, hard, and he can practically see smoke coming out of her ears.

When Riley found out about his past, she acted just as Lucas expected.

  Which was not good because Riley is currently exercising a talking boycott on him. But not exactly.

  Like everything in his life that involves Riley, the boycott was confusing and makes his head hurt. She doesn’t talk him between classes, at lunch, or after school, but she does communicate with him in all the classes they have together (two in total) because she can’t compromise her valuable education.

  Lucas seriously just want to have an easy friendship/ romance/ siblinghood/ whatever-they-are-this-time with Riley. And the boycott thing is seriously fucking with his brain.

  In contrast, when Maya found out about his past, she did the thing that Lucas did not expect.

  Well, to be honest, he didn’t expect anything in particular because Maya Hart is the definition of unpredictable to him.

  And she proved her description in his personal dictionary when she started being nice to him.

  It’s not like he hates it, no. Lucas is enjoying the post-reveal spell that seemed to rattle his friends’ worlds and make Maya nice to him. Granted, she still teased him and make fun of his Southern roots. But Maya treated him like nothing’s changed- like she just didn’t find out he got expelled from school and accidently put a kid in the hospital. It just feels strange when Farkle was shooting him weird looks every other second like he might combust and Smackle is constantly asking him questions about his mental health because of a study about violent tendencies and Riley is, as previously mentioned, kind of not talking to him.

  Unlike her friends, Maya did not avoid Lucas and instead offer support. Even though Maya did not lay off the teasing, she did offer a person who would listen.

  (He doesn’t know why he takes her up to it. His momma and Zay had tried to get him to open up for ages.)

  After the reveal of his past, Maya started coming over to his house after school when she’s not at Riley’s. They’ll talk- about asshole fathers, too-strong mothers, and messed-up views of the world. He helped her understand that romantic love is real by telling her stories of people back in Texas who are on their fortieth anniversaries, and she helped him control his anger by buying a punching bag from her allowance from Shawn and commanded him to punch the item every day for at least an hour to relieve his anger. Maya soon became another person he does not have to put on a fake smile for.

  Together, they somehow made each other better- he encouraged her to enter a painting contest (she did) and she helped him with the divorce of his parents, staying by his side through his anger fits. They both made each other see that they are better than their fathers. Their friendship, unlike his and Riley’s whatever, is easy and comfortable, and soon they come to each other’s house so often that his mother always baked extra chocolate chip cookies and Shawn always have a threatening object by his side while the Hart fridge is stocked with healthy snacks.

  (Sometimes, when their hands accidently brushed each other, he’ll felt a jolt of electricity. And sometimes, when they’re in the middle of an all-out tickle war, he’ll pin her to the sofa and their eyes will meet and his body will feel on fire.)

  But he should’ve known that kind of easy friendship won’t last long.

Lucas didn’t know which girl to pick.

  Okay, first, he wanted to pick Maya, it was obvious- she made him better and made him stronger. But right when he was going to, a paint-splattered Maya grabbed his shirt collar and sucker-punched him in a gut because she doesn’t like him?

   That fact was clarified when she stopped coming over in order to “find herself”. Her pretty clothes and good grades are suddenly gone and Lucas is confused because she was making progress but she’s undoing it all. Suddenly, Maya became the girl she was back when he first met her- jaded, cynical, and devoid of hope.

  (Without Maya to calm him down, he had broken the punching bad in his room in anger because Maya’s hope is disappearing and he doesn’t know why.)

  After a brief close call with the law, Maya was, quote, “Maya again” and he had to remind himself to keep his fake smile and easy demeanor because she’s always been Maya and why can’t they fucking see that.

  So apparently, his feeling are unrequited- all the talks they had and things they did for each other was because she was Riley and he is so confused because if she was Riley why didn’t Riley do the things Maya has done for him? 

  Suddenly, he felt angry at life because he really liked Maya (love? he doesn’t know, but it’s something serious) but she just ended up like the last girl.

  (He thinks back to his ex-girlfriend back in Texas and how she couldn’t see through his fake smiles and how Maya never buys his bullshit.)

Being at the ski lodge is stressful because, since Maya is “herself again” he couldn’t be himself around everyone except Zay and keeping his fake smile on twenty-four-seven is taking it’s toll on him- he had irrationally barked at Riley for talking to some random guy and accidently said that he doesn’t like to tangle with Maya (to be honest, he doesn’t like it because he prefers it when Maya is not throwing herself towards death).

  And maybe the recent events are going to his head but he’s going to pick Riley- because life had already taught him a lesson in romance with all the girls he used to/currently have feelings for.

  The relationship he has with Riley is easy- easy because she can’t call him on his bullshit, easy because he can pretend he’s someone he’s not and she wouldn’t notice. 

  (And yes, his relationship with Riley is easy for all the wrong reasons.)

  Besides, Maya barely talks to him anymore. And he doesn’t want to be right about this but he is. Everyone, including Maya, was pointing towards Riley’s direction and throwing hints to pick Riley and he really wants his punching bag.

  (When he hugged Maya, it kind of seems like goodbye because they both know they won’t be coming to each other’s apartments anymore.)

  Later, he got a purple jellybean and put on his fake smile, went to Riley with his cheeks feeling like plastic.

  It’s the right thing to do. He told himself. Everyone would be happy.

  (But you won’t. A voice in the back of his head whispers. He told it to fuck off.)

  “My favorite thing is in the world is when you talk to me.”

  (Maya had always given him good advice and surprising views through the talks they had in their bedrooms.)

  “It is?”

  Her face was shining with hope, and her sparkling eyes should have captivated him but all he could think about was how her hair was brown, not blonde.

  (For a second, he imagined that Riley was Maya and his smile turned real because he is lying because he and Riley had never confided their problems in each other, talking or otherwise.)

  “It’s okay for you to talk to whoever you want, Riley- you know why? Because I am a secure western hero.”

  (He thinks that his momma is going to slap him for the first few words he said because women do not need a man’s permission to talk to other people- in his defense, he is running out of material. His and Riley’s romantic relationship didn’t really contain anything good for him.)

  “Yes, yes you are.”

  (She is so damn happy right now that he wants to scream. He had never been a “secure western hero” until he met Riley and his lie is so obvious the bullshit alarm is ringing in his head.)

  “But… the important talks, the ones that we’re gonna think about and always remember, can those be just between you and me?”

  (He felt bad, he really does. But Riley is easy and comfortable and the only thing he is sure of right now. The brunette’s eyes are shining like diamonds in the sky but all he could think about was Maya, Maya, Maya. The words he said didn’t make sense but it takes all his energy to put on a smile so it’s the best he can do.)

  “Well, I don’t know Lucas. How could that happen?”

  “Well, I was thinking that if we were… together a little more, that you would only talk to other people a little bit and you would talk to me a lot.”

  (He doesn’t understand the nonsense he is spouting but it works. And he reminded himself that picking Riley is the right thing to do.)

  “That’s what you were thinking?”


   He holds her hand, but there are no sparks, no fire, nothing.

   “I think about it all the time.”

   (There, he’s done it, he confessed. But it doesn’t make him happy and it doesn’t make him smile, not really.)

   When Riley (it’s Riley, Riley, Riley) says “I do” to being his girlfriend, he’s very happy. But his throat felt dry from laughing and his cheeks hurt from smiling.

  (He remembers when Maya once told him how romantic love doesn’t mean anything. Back then, he had convinced her so see romantic love as a miracle, a wonderful thing. But now, when he looked at Riley and felt nothing, he thinks Maya is right.)

  His fake smile was permanently in place until he got home. And when his momma came home from her shift at the hospital, she saw his face and was immediately concerned.

  “What’s wrong?” his momma asked, worry etched into her tired face.

  For the first time in a long time, he gave his momma a fake smile. “Nothing, just tired.”

  Since he was little, Lucas knew how to put on a smile. (One that is never real.)

a|n: So? How did you like my take on Lucas? Constructive criticism is welcome and feedback is much appreciated. And does his choice of picking Riley make sense?

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Do you know of any good mikayuu fan fiction?

After Mika had talked to Crowley about his slowly vanishing humanity and a more than shocking truth is revealed to him, he’s not able to find some peace of mind on that night. Fortunately, he doesn’t have to endure that all on his own and a certain someone is more than willing to do everything he can to cheer him up again. Oh, I know plenty!

[Notes: some of these fics are apparently discontinued, but I’m not 100% sure they won’t update again, and also there’re fics like ‘To be A Family’, which hasn’t updated in over a year, but because the fic is rather like a compilation of one-shos it doesn’t really matter.
So please pay attention to the dates and decide for yourself.]

This is, in order of content rating(from general audience to explicit), the list of my favorite Mikayuu/Yuumika fanfics:

After Dawn 

by seijuurou

In which Mika escapes with Yuu to the outside world.

(Kids!MikaYuu surviving. Lots of fluff. Yuu and Mika are so in love.)

It’s you that makes me all human after all… 

by KokoroHana

After Mika had talked to Crowley about his slowly vanishing humanity and a more than shocking truth is revealed to him, he’s not able to find some peace of mind on that night. Fortunately, he doesn’t have to endure that all on his own and a certain someone is more than willing to do everything he can to cheer him up again.

Communication Is Key

by Esatea

As opposed to most stories about childhood friends being separated, they actually did stay in contact. They made sure to call each other at least once every week, and talk for as long as either of them could possibly afford to. And if a night passed without at least a dozen text messages exchanged between the two best friends, that was more of a miracle than Yuu actually cleaning his room.


by BunnyAndRat

During their final struggle against the powerful force behind JIDA, the Shinoa Squad faces their end with a proposition from a peculiar demon: Die where they are under the hands of those who took everything precious from them, or get a second chance.

Little did they know that their “second chance” entailed them getting thrown back in time to a pivotal point of the ageless war - exactly eight years ago, at the vampire capitol: Sanguinem.

Yuu finds himself alone in his old livestock garb, memories intact, and in the body of his eight-year-old self. During his exhaustive efforts to track down the rest of his family, he sees a very familiar face who shouldn’t, to his knowledge, be among the vampire nobles.

(Platonic mikayuu, but it’s 100% worth it)

To Be A Family

by lemishie

Glimpses of the daily lives in the Hyakuya family after the apocalypse and taken captive by the vampires.

(Hyakuya family + kids!MikaYuu fluff)

Little League Fanboy

by XoKris10oX

Mika is just a small little fanboy to one of the greatest baseball players this town has ever seen. Mika had always secretly watched the team play, wishing one day he would actually get to play with them, more importantly, Yuichiro. Luckily for him, he gets a chance to be taught by the famous baseball player himself when the blonde least expects it.

displays of affection 

by braexm

To vampires, a kiss on the neck was a gesture of trust.

Hold on to this lullaby

by strikedawn

“Remember when we were kids?” Yuu’s question interrupts Mika’s own. His voice is soft, but Mika can hear a sad smile on it. Yuu leans further back into Mika’s body. “You always used to cling to my back like a monkey.”

“You hated it.” Mika remembers with a smile of his own. “You always complained and would bemoan about me being too heavy.”

“You were.” Yuu’s sad smile is teasing now, and something warm fills his heart. “Both your head and your ass were so big, I always thought I had an elephant over my back instead of a boy.”

(Based on this beautiful official picture)


by oxeh

Due to a spell mishap, 12 year old Yuu and Mika find themselves ten years into the future.

It’s only natural that their older selves end up taking care of them while they’re there.

7 little confessions

by KokoroHana

Mika wants nothing more than for Yuu to finally go to sleep but that’s easier said than done. Especially if things suddenly get a little bit awkward…and confessions are made…

Les Mots

by KittieAupa

A collection of drabbles

A Latte of Mishaps 

by haisenana

Wherein Yuu is a barista at a cafe and Mika is stressing over his research paper that is due at the end of the week.

The world is cruel 

by sutera

Mika doesn’t escape the inevitability of his immortality, and history decides to repeat itself.

(Reincarnation au. Lots of angst. You’ll probably want to punch Mika at some point)


by OccasionalArtist

Winters can be brutally cold in the vampire city, but they provide certain… opportunities. 

A story of how Mika and Yuu become accustomed to sleeping side by side, and how Mika becomes involved with Ferid.

Every Night 

by Ponchyo

The war is settling down, or so it seems. Now that the chaos has died down Mika and Yuu will have to sort out what exactly it is they mean to each other.

Afire love

by strikedawn

After Nagoya’s failed mission, an unsteady truce is formed between Shinoa’s squad and Mikaela Hyakuya, making Yuu feel conflicted inside. On one hand, he’s got Mika back, his friends are alive, and they seem to be trying to be civil with each other, even if it’s just for his sake. On the other hand, Guren is being held captive by the vampires, Shinya has just given them a mission Yuu doesn’t like, and Mika… Yuu doesn’t really know what Mika is feeling.

Maybe not even Mikaela knows what he’s truly feeling, after all.

(Fucking masterpiece)

Ebony & Ivory

by  Nayru Elric

Music has always been Yuichiro’s escape from the world, but when he hears someone playing the piano in the music room one day, a blond transfer student he hadn’t previously paid any mind to before, why is he suddenly drawn to this person? Maybe music isn’t the only thing Yuu cares about after all.

(Fluffy angst, Yuu has a hard time accepting he’s gay. Important.)

And We Will Run, We Will

by cloudwatch

In exchange for resources that are desperately needed for rebuilding now that the war is over, JIDA agrees to send over teams of two across the seas to help other countries in exterminating any remaining vampire cells. Yuu and Mikaela are teamed up and shipped off to America, and with Yuu’s recent realization that he would very much like to make out with his best friend, being alone in a foreign country is the least of his problems.

‘cause we just wanna be whole

by Crazyloststar

Traveling AU

Mika is hitchhiking across the country, and he finds someone very much like him one night.

(It’s quite short but I love it.)

Dear God 

by Roriette

He begged, “You can take everything – everything, so please. Please don’t take Yuu.”

500 years; 6,000 months; 182,500 days; 4,380,000 hours.
What a terribly quiet world it is.
A world without Yuu. 

(Reincarnation au)

Open Your Eyes 

by Aesyr

Despite being a transfer student from Russia, Mikaela Tepes is insanely popular at JIDA High School within just a week of attending it. And even so, the only things anyone ever sees him doing are either sleeping… or talking to his newly reunited best friend, Yuuichirou Amane.

Sometimes, both.

The Sweetest Dream Will Never Do

by chiharu

Yuu and Mika gravitate back towards each other in different life times, with different stories.

Keep You Warm At Night 

by cloudwatch

“Sometimes I watch you sleep, and in a totally not creepy way!” Yuu blurts out.

Mika and Yuu snuggle on the couch together and talk.

Fast Food of the End: Do You Want Fries With That?

by Emma (KarasunoShugoshin)

Mika is a poor university student working at McKruldo’s in order to make end’s meet. He hates his job, but it was the only place that would hire a kid with a temporary address. Yuu on the other hand, has his own apartment that he lives in while attending university, but as a stipulation of getting his own place, his parents require him to work at the fast-food restaurant where his uncle is the Assistant Manager. Working at Hiiragi Fried Chicken is a drag, but Yuu figures that at least it’s better than McKruldo’s across the street.

One day, Mika’s sweeping the parking lot of McK’s in order to get away from the General Manager’s constant sexual harassment, when he sees a black-haired boy cleaning the windows at HFC, their main competitor. Their eyes meet, and….

(Everyone’s gay and Yuu is oblivious.)

The path that’s just for us 

by Anonymous_Dreamer

In a world where the animal-people were mere pets for rich humans, the lonely Yuuichirou found a friend in the cat-boy Mikaela.

Part 1 of Neko Mika AU

Memento Mori

by  Nayru Elric

What other people don’t know about Mikaela is that behind the façade of tranquility he wears on the outside, there’s a weakness he never lets the others see, not even Yuichiro. Even before vampires took over the world, Mikaela didn’t allow his dark past in his everyday life. When Mika comes back from Ferid’s more exhausted than usual, Yuu demands to know what’s going on.

Hidden Palace

by Nayru Elric

Escaping from the battle and leaving all the others behind was Mikaela’s plan, but now that he finally has Yuichiro all to himself, why is it that something still feels incomplete?


by Miyanoai

Growing up seeing each other each summer, Yuuichirou and Mikaela were told countless times that they would one day marry and secure their kingdoms’ bonds. Things were seemingly going as planned until a years long plan for conquest is unfolded and they are forcibly separated.

To be together again, a curse must be broken. But not all fairy tales play out how they seem.

By Definition 

by JudithC20

“Lets.” Mikaela murmured, walking hand in hand with Yuuichirou. After a few seconds he laughed, “This is the fastest I’ve ever moved with someone.”

“Yeah?” Yuuichirou asked, looking at Mikaela from the corner of his eye.

Mikaela nodded, “Yeah, but I don’t mind.” He smiled and tilted his head, “It’s really weird though, we barely met and I already feel like I can trust you with my life. I trust the feeling isn’t one-sided.”

Yuuichirou shook his head. With a happy and content smile he said, “It isn’t.”

Find You 

by Yamiga

For months following the events of the war, Mika has been living in the human city with Yuu. However, living with Yuu doesn’t mean automatic happiness as both discover this soon enough. Things take a terrible turn one night when Mika voices his negative concerns about Yuu’s “family” . Words are exchanged which later result in Mika feeling as if he has no place in Yuu’s life. In turn, he attempts to make things easier for Yuu by running away.
Yuu and Mika get in a fight that results in Mika leaving. Yuu of course, must fix his stupid mistake and get Mika back. Again. 

Almost Home

by Anonymous_Dreamer

After the war is over, Mika is allowed to live with Yuu. However, can one even call it a living, hiding from everyone? Yuu and his friends get worried about him, and they suggest Yuu convince Mika to go see a psychologist.

(More fluff than you may expect. Mirai is okay and she’s adorable.)


by PeregrineWilliams, sasuke_uch1ha

“Okay,“ Shinoa’s voice cut in behind Mika, “I think you’ve fulfilled the public display of affection quota for the entire campus now.”

Or: In Which There Is A Reunion Of Childhood Friends, And An Attempt To Find A Place Where They Can Both Belong

if home is where the heart is

by atrophy

Like this, Yuu can almost make himself believe that it’s just the two of them – like they’re the only people left in the world. 

One Hundred Nights 

by SimTinaAndr

The existence of their god was completely irrefutable. A powerful and immortal physical being, who went by his former human identity, a young man named Yuuichirou.

Mikaela had always admired and respected him, from afar that is. He never would have imagined his peaceful life would become intertwined with Yuuichirou’s existence.

Until it happened.

Hidden Smiles

by tsundanchou

Mika’s finally found happiness, but the world would never notice. He must hide his true self in order to protect the boy he loves.

Mask AU.

You’re All I Need To Find

by Crazyloststar

Yuu’s fate was set long ago.

On the run from the Hiragi family for reasons he doesn’t fully understand, Yuu doesn’t stay in the same place for long. He is a slave to the wind, and he is forced to leave anyone he holds close behind.

Then Yuu meets a certain boy, who changes everything.


by JudithC20

They had slept holding hands before, on nights where Mikaela woke up screaming and crying. Reliving the downfall of his family estate.

Other times, when Yuuichirou would feel nervous and wary. He had said he wanted to hold hands with Mikaela to ensure he was always there, but that was a lie. One that Mikaela, of course, did not detect. Yuuichirou was overprotective of him, so why look more into it? Yuuichirou wished he would.

By Definition 

by JudithC20

“Lets.” Mikaela murmured, walking hand in hand with Yuuichirou. After a few seconds he laughed, “This is the fastest I’ve ever moved with someone.”

“Yeah?” Yuuichirou asked, looking at Mikaela from the corner of his eye.

Mikaela nodded, “Yeah, but I don’t mind.” He smiled and tilted his head, “It’s really weird though, we barely met and I already feel like I can trust you with my life. I trust the feeling isn’t one-sided.”

Yuuichirou shook his head. With a happy and content smile he said, “It isn’t.”

A tale of ice and fire 

by Anonymous_Dreamer

Yuuichirou had always been known to have a fiery personally. Though his abilities made that quite literal. Adopted into royalty and carrying a dark past, he one day stumbles upon his polar opposite whose burden runs even deeper.

A bond as intense as fire and as beautiful as ice is formed.

A Different Beat 

by theformalweather

“Now, now,” Shinoa hums, reaching up to pat Yuu’s head in a mock-motherly way. “Mika, was it? You’ll have to forgive our Yuu here. He dances to a different beat, you know?”

“He’s an idiot,” Mitsuba adds helpfully.

Or: Mika is pretty dedicated to maintaining his image as “that brooding weird kid,” but finds his grip on it loosening when he falls (literally) for Yuu, the school’s soccer star.

Sunset Love 

by 1AlexLaw7

Mika is a 25 year old divorced dad with a 5 year old son. He struggles to spend time with his son due to his busy work schedule. Yuu is a single policeman with the same age as him!! First encounter, Yuu finds Mika’s son, Yosuke alone at the playground. He decides to stay with him until his guardian shows up. I got a really stupid grin on my face right now, anyways enjoy.

The Melody of Our Dance 

by blushinglily

Based on @tiercel‘s pair figure skating AU, Mika and Yuu are partners on the ice.

In the beginning, there was absolutely no chemistry between them. The blond was a strict perfectionist, whereas the green-eyed boy was too impatient to quickly learn the complicated jumps and spins. Looking back on it now, it was a miracle in and of itself how they became lovers both on and off the rink.

Modern! AU

the easiest game of connect-the-dots

by ryuuzaou

Mikaela doesn’t know what’s worse: being forced to be a chaperone for his sister’s school trip, or the fact that his sister’s school trip is the town of his college’s biggest rival.

you are surrounding all my surroundings

by scarlett_starlett

Yuu doesn’t realize he likes him likes him (in that same way Yoichi liked Mitsuba that one summer) until the light catches blonde locks at a certain angle, catches blue eyes and makes them shine in a way that has Yuu’s heart thudding in his chest. It’s only then that Yuu realizes he has an embarrassing crush on student body president Mikaela Hyakuya.

Kimizuki is never going to let him live this down.

(Best high school au ever. I’m quite sure you’ll love it.)



It’s finals week, and Yuu hates studying. He decides that he should lure Mika into playing hide and seek with him.

The end result is a lesson in Reasons Why You Should Just Be A Diligent Student And Study. And also perhaps why you shouldn’t befriend Shinoa.

I’m Right Here 

by seredemia

Guren struggles to face the future after a recent divorce. Shinya’s desperate to run away from his past. Yuu just wants a family, whereas Mika’s absolutely terrified of his. Nothing’s as easy as it looks on the surface and all four of them have definitely got issues to face before they can even grasp a semblance of happiness in their lives.

Somehow, a chance meeting at the local supermarket puts into motion a set of events that will finally change their lives. Whether it’s for the better or for the worse is another matter entirely.

(Gureshin + smol mikayuu. The angst will kill you, not joking.)

(Please read the tags first.)

and these wings weren’t made to fly through storms 

by Bonnia

Throughout Mika’s life, he’s seen things that other people couldn’t: The future. The dead. The soon-to-be-dead. He just wants it all tostop. Then a man named Yuuichirou with bright green eyes and blinding white grins moves in to the apartment next door and, by some miracle, his touches seem to drive all the Bad Things away. Cue Mika using every excuse in the world to get Yuu’s hands on him.

Yuu just wants to know why the pretty blonde next door keeps touching him and exactly what breed of crazy he’d caught from the guy that he’s actually allowing it.

Or: In which Mika’s a psychic and Yuu’s a supernatural repellent who starts getting the wrong idea.

(This is so good but it hasn’t updated in months)

Give me love 

by Anonymous_Dreamer

Mika is trying to adapt to his new life in a big town, living in a house with his creepy uncle plus six alphas that scare the shit out of him, when he sees a face he never thought he would see again.


by seredemia

When Yuuichirou Amane dropped out of uni, he didn’t expect much out of his life. In fact, he expected everything to be boring and bleak. After all, he’s eighteen, still stuck living with Guren. No job, no degree, no future, and no fucks given about anything to be quite honest.

It’s safe to say that he definitely didn’t expect to be whisked away into some parallel world where not only does magic exist, but there’s also a very attractive blond prince who is convinced Yuu and him are soulmates. Maybe Yuu should have stayed in university after all. Getting that degree might have been easier than dealing with all this insanity.

Cherry Boy 

by EtherealBeing

As if being dragged into a sex shop by Shinoa wasn’t bad enough, now Yuu also has to deal with the store’s uncomfortably attractive attendant.

Carving Happiness 

by KittieAupa

After several years of research, Mika finally has a chance to become human again. Yuuichirou helps him through the process.

Wrong Number 

by Danganphobia

“Are you the repairman or something because I’m too scared to call 911, and I’m calling you because my kitchen is on fire again and I need your help.”

“Again?” The voice says, overly husky and in a weirdly - smooth, guttural tone that made Yuu hold his breath.

Wait. He didn’t call the repairman. This voice sure doesn’t sound like a repairman. Why would he even call a repairman to fix a kitchen in flames? Why didn’t he just call 911?

Because isn’t the repairman.

In which Yuu calls the wrong number, and the person on the other line turns out to be someone even better than just a lousy repairman.

Moving Foward 

by thiefqueenftw

The humans and vampires of Japan have brokered a truce and are working towards coexistence. For Yuu, this means finally having time to work on making Mika human again. For Mika, this means trying to find a sense of purpose in a suddenly quiet world. All they really know is that somehow they will find a way to live on together, one way or another.

My Inner Beast 

by Northernreign

Yuuichirou is a young werewolf who finds himself awake one evening in a human orphanage.

To avoid being executed, he desperately tries to conceal his true identity from the “monstrous” humans who- along with the vampires, have been responsible for his kind’s slow decline into extinction. But over time, he comes to know one particular human boy who will help him learn to embrace his humanity, not resent it. Together they will overcome countless fated tragedies with the sheer power of will and love alone. Each event will bring him closer to the answer he has been seeking for almost a lifetime.

Just who really are the true monsters in this world?

The vampires?

The humans?

The werewolves?

Or himself?

(The fic of my dreams)

Hell bound 

by strikedawn

“And what would be the deal exactly?” Mika asks, exasperated. “Do you want me to kill someone? To pledge my loyalty to you? To suck my soul?”

“Not your soul, exactly.” The demon crouches down, then, curling his arms on the bed and leaning his weight on his elbows. “But I wouldn’t mind sucking your other things, if you catch my drift.”

Mika chokes on nothing. It makes the demon dedicate him a sly smile and his red eyes shine, amused.

(Demon!Yuu, good plot, 10/10 js)


by 1AlexLaw7

Mika has trouble sleeping, regardless his friends drag him to a party. Yuu refuses to go with Shinoa to an upperclassmen’s party. But of course our little lovely devil won’t take no for answer.
“Good night Yuu-san~” And his vision goes dark.

(Mika and Yuu are sleeping buddies)

A Musical Matchmaking

by Sarah737

“Who died and placed Ferid as the moderator for the Theatre Club?”

“The real question is: why you still decided joining it?”

(mikayuu and kimiyuu)

Mikaela and the Duke 

by 1AlexLaw7

Set in England, 1846, Yuuichiro is now the Duke of the town of Sanguiem due to the deaths of his late parents Shoichiro and Yuko. His uncle, Guren assumed head of the house to carry out the work that Yuu is too young to handle. His friends, Marquess Shinoa, Earl Kimizuki, Viscount Yoichi go out into town disguised as commoners as per their favorite shared activity. One day, Yuu gets separated from his group of friends and he ends up entering an alleyway where he meets Mika in a rather surprising way.

(Angst at first, lots of fluff later. Mika barely ever talks.)

It’s A Learning Process

by fencingwithpens

“I saw Shinoa and Mitsuba whispering in the hallway. It looked like they were arguing about something important, and then Shinoa said something about ‘think of it as experimenting'…”

Yuu has questions, Mika attempts to answer them with real life examples

From this point, the fanfics below will be explicit and I recommend you to read the tags before reading the fics.

Entice the Eyes

by blushinglily

Set in the modern world where no apocalypse took place, the Hyakuya orphanage is a normal establishment (albeit struggling financially), and the Hiiragi family are part of the 1% that makes up Japan’s upper-crust society.

In the midst of a weakening economy and skyrocketing costs of living in a high-end city like Tokyo, nobody wanted to adopt children nowadays or donate to a puny orphanage like theirs. Regardless, Mikaela was willing to do anything to help with the mounting pile of bills and keep his family off the streets…Yuuichirou just didn’t know how far he would go, until now.

(The descriptions are perfect. Mika and Yuu working hard to help their family. + Hot stuff. Smut without top/bottom dynamics)

Amidst the Fields of Blood and Sunflowers 

by blushinglily

Throughout his entire life, Hyakuya Yuuichirou’s world has always been filled with magic, mythical beasts and monsters, and the dark arts. A mysterious, dark hero protecting the City from villains and traitors alike, Yuu is a solitary figure who steadily bears the heavy burden of maintaining peace and justice.

Standing faithfully by his side is his one true friend, Mikaela. A treasured companion, Mika is the only one in the entire world who knows of the true nature of his beloved hero’s morbid, disturbing power…and how its very existence subtly threatens to shatter all that they hold dear.

Superhero!AU / Modern AU / One-shot

The City of Nightless Blossoms 

by blushinglily

The year is 1814. Isolated from the rest of the world, and under the strict military rule of the Tokugawa Shogunate, Japan successfully enters a period of social and economic stability, ending the political upheavals from centuries past. Even so, beneath the veneer of peace lies corruption within the ranks of government, excess and decadence, and the threads of the established social order slowly beginning to unravel.

Hyakuya Yuuichirou is a young samurai from the daimyo house of Hiiragi, a powerful vassal to the current shogun. Vowing his allegiance to the master who had taken him in as a child, Yuuichirou soon finds his loyalties torn when the childhood friend he’s been searching for abruptly turns up…as a member of a rebel group looking to dismantle the current regime.


by awaywards

Trapped together in a snowstorm, Yuu and Mika need to find a way to make each other warm.

(Fluffy smut)

Do I Wanna Know

by Crazyloststar

Guren Ichinose runs a boy’s love cafe in Tokyo, to spite his family and because why not. Mika works there with a crew of young men.

One day, a familiar face from Mika’s past shows up for his first day of work, and nothing is the same.

Winter Song


Yuu is six when circumstances pull him out of his broken home and land him in the care of an exasperated college student. It is then that he finally learns how to love.
He is twelve when his best friend leaves him, and the world seemingly falls apart.
He is seventeen when it fits back together.

(It has GureShin smut)

Laws of Attraction 

by Northernreign

After years of intense training, Mikaela Shindo is the first omega to finally be recognized and accepted into a beta-dominated law enforcement. To his surprise, he was placed within the newly established and Alpha Apprehension Bureau (AAB) where his omega abilities would excel exponentially. And that they did, for Mika was successful in capturing some of the most wanted alpha criminals with his irresistible charm for the past twelve months.

Too bad all of the experience he’d gained on the job wasn’t enough to prepare him for the situation he’s gotten himself into with a certain idiotic alpha apprehended for a recent string of violent murders.


by oxeh

Mikaela Shindou is a prince thought by many to be nothing less than a flawless prodigy. Despite the image of stone cold perfection he has up, he struggles with overcoming his own personal curse.

Likewise, Yuuichirou Hyakuya, a hot-headed knight with exceptional battle prowess, is assigned to the palace and while he has a keen interest in getting closer to Mika, he seems to be hiding a secret of his own beneath the jubilant demeanor he carries.


by Anonymous_Dreamer

When Prince Mikaela’s only friend Akane is kidnapped by pirates, he asks for another pirate to help him rescue her. He just never expected this journey would change his whole life.

Corner of a Birdcage

by oxeh

It was then that Yuu took a moment to fully let the situation at hand sink in. There he was, wearing nothing more but an oversized, white T-shirt, his elephant designed boxer briefs that Shinoa had given him as a gag gift for Christmas last year, and a lot of fatigue while he stared down at the unconscious superhero that saved his life only about an hour ago.


Yuu is a university student that tends to live for the moment. Mika is a cynical superhero that’s more super than a hero. Fate is a bit aggressive with intertwining their lives.


by ErinApocalypse

Thanks to Kimizuki’s idea of a joke, Yuu discovers he has a lot in common with an overly cheerful stranger. Except being overly cheerful, apparently.

Mika’s got it bad. Yuu tries to ignore the fact that he’s hella gay. Shit goes down. Awesomeness ensues.

Saving you

by seredemia

The war’s over and the world looks forward to a brighter future ahead of them. Mika and Yuu have survived the worst, but soon find that they still have one more challenge left to overcome.

Living together.

(Domestic Fluff)

Burden of Good Intentions 

by Sugary

After awakening from a horrid nightmare, Yuichiro finds himself in a completely different world. The war against vampires is non-existent, the Hyakuya orphans are still alive, he and Mikaela are lovers, and JIDA is an organization dedicated to the destruction of monsters by the use of colossal mechs, the Evangelions. Uniting with Mikaela, the two dedicate their lives to piloting the Eva and securing the safety of their family.

I Really(x6) Like You 

by mikasa_acker_man

Mikaela has an unexpected encounter with his previously unknown neighbor, sparking a crush that might just change his life.

The Artist and the Poet 

by seredemia

Struggling from the dreaded artist’s block, Yuuichirou Amane tries to find inspiration by drawing in his local café. Nothing seems to be working and it’s only until Yuu’s about to give up does the answer to his prayers literally walks into his life.

Enter Mikaela Shindo, aka the hottest guy Yuu’s ever laid his eyes on. He’s pretty, he’s friendly, and he’s the perfect model for Yuu’s new painting… if the artist can ever bring up the courage to ask him, that is.

You Stole my Heart

by Danganphobia

“Just call me Mika.” Mika mumbled, fidgeting and bouncing his legs a little. Just to get all the attention he received, glaring at Yuu who smirked at the snickering girls. Fucking… Criticizing… playboy. Mika grit his teeth. He hated men like that.

“Alright, Mika, moving on.” The whole around the circle thing continues. The guy next to Mika goes. And Mika was counting down the hour until this session was over. He’s got a bone to pick, and he wants to pick it with a certain raven-haired kleptomaniac right here and right now.

In which Mika and Yuu meet at a support group dealing with two very different problems, that includes each other.


by kanacchi

When his delinquent best friend, Yuuichirou Hyakuya, almost got himself hurt in a fight, the head of the student body, Mikaela Hyakuya, decided to abandon all of his charismatic charm to teach his friend a lesson. 

(Smut and sexually frustrated Yuu.)

For the Sake of Love 

by CrescentHazel

“Instead of finally escaping this place, I was turned into something even more unlovable.”


“My parents didn’t love me and no one loves monsters.”

“I don’t think you’re a monster.”

“What would you know? You have your two happy families back home.”

Yuu hums thoughtfully, “I don’t think you’d be hard to love.”

“You’re just saying that because you want me to help you.”

“No, I’m serious,” he insists. “I think it would be easy.”

“You’re awful.”

Yuu sighs when Mikaela shuts down again and refuses to answer him, as much as Mikaela doubts him, he was serious.

Two souls, both cursed, one afraid to face eternity alone and the other unwilling to try.

Maybe together they’ll find a reason to live.

Mechanical fate 

by SimTinaAndr

His heart is still beating. Blood flows through his veins. His lungs still inhale oxygen. But, where’s the line that marks the end of his humanity?

He can’t answer that question.

While his emotions still control his modified body, he knows he will keep asking himself if he’s still human… Or if he’s simply a weapon.

Beautiful Misfortune 

by KittieAupa

After being separated for twelve years, Mika reappears in Yuu’s life.
Yuu is beta, deeply in love.
Mika is a pregnant omega with a dark past.

Can they find happiness in a world full of suffering?
Can their friends and family find their own solace?


aka pregnant omega!Mika AU.
Past relationships include Ferid/Mika and Guren/Shinya/Mahiru.

Somebody to Lean On 

by TrashPanda

Yuichiro needs a partner to help him with vampire hunting. His only option is to seek out somebody in the slave auctions. He comes upon a discounted slave, as beautiful as he is unwanted, and Yuu claims him for himself. Little did he know, this slave would change everything he ever knew about him himself, and in the process Yuu discovers he cannot live without this man, now that he has him in his life.

Follow Your Instincts 

by ruthlesslistener

Mikaela Hyakuya has never been able to stomach the scents of anyone other than his family. For an unmarked, unmated omega, this is practically unheard of- lack of heat cycles from starvation be damned. Available omegas were supposed to crave the scents of viable mates, not be repulsed by them.
When he was alone and under Krul’s thumb, this wasn’t that much of a problem. But now that he’s back by Yuu’s side, healthy and re-exposed to the alpha’s adult pheromones, his heats have come back with a vengeance. And it’s taking everything he has in him to keep himself from claiming what his body is screaming is rightfully his.
He won’t let his instincts ruin his relationship with Yuu, no matter how agonizing or stressful it gets.
(A.k.a Mika is as angsty and self-sacrificial as always, Yoichi tries his best to help but rarely gets the right results, Yuu can’t take a hint from himself or others, and Shinoa is not to be trusted with a sex shop.)

Forty-Two Days

by seredemia

Yuuichirou Amane is a vampire hunter—one of the best there is. He swears that he will destroy every single bloodsucker out there, showing no remorse, no mercy, and definitely no guilt when it comes to killing those monsters.

That is, until he meets Mikaela Shindou. Vampire. And a very, very beautiful one at that.

(Stockholm Syndrome)

Doll (MikaYuu)

by mikachyuu

And there we were, the two of us, standing at the entrance of his bedroom.

“This is where you and I will get to know a lot about each other… And where I will thank you every single night for what you have done for me.”

“…Every night?”

Mika was called a doll, but he wasn’t to me… He just needed to feel human… Because all he could think of was repaying me with his body. He’d get completely naked for me and just simply let me touch him like it was nothing. I could never do that.
Cameras, clothes, the way he presented himself - he was always under control… Nothing seemed to belong to him. Not even his body. How could a boy like me be the only one to give everything back to him?

Barren Heaven 

by oxeh

And who would have thought that the Lord of the Underworld would have ever fallen in love with the God of Spring?


by Vixenfur

While being forcefully dragged to KFC by Lacus- a man who had a black pit of a stomach- Mika had a once-in-a-lifetime, Snapchat-worthy experience. The guy in the left lane had no shame. He was unintimidated by a stranger with a phone and he continued to sing the song Unwritten confidently. Lacus found the experience hysterical.

… Little did they know they would run into each other again hardly an hour later- Yuu was in desperate need of a haircut, according to Shinoa.

He was dropped off at Sanguinem Salon, and was a little mortified to find out that the hot guy he just sang horribly to was Mika, the one holding hair-trimming scissors behind the chair.

Sex Tape 

by mikachyuu

Mika and Yuu are a little intoxicated which leads to Mika subconsciously springing the idea to have dirty sex on camera.

The Light in the Darkness 

by Channery

He couldn’t deny what this was anymore. He loved Yuu-chan, much more than was appropriate for family. And he felt sick with it. He’d loved Yuu for years, but never knew the weight of what that love meant. Never knew it would claw at his chest and twist in his guts and stir in his loins. He never knew loving his brother would hurt so much.

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dear six year old self:
you are still able to walk up to someone on the playground and simply ask them if they want to be your friend.
use this while you can.

dear seven year old self:
friends you make writing historical fiction at the writing table are the kind of friends that last forever.

dear eight year old self:
don’t invite molly to your birthday party because 1) she will beat up chuck e cheese and it will not be fun for anyone and 2) the next time she acknowledges you will be with a small wave in the seventh grade

dear nine year old self: 
you have a theory that as soon as your friends read twilight, they go join the girls who have already started puberty and stand in circles on the playground during recess and never talk to you again. i’m going to have to agree with you on that one.

dear ten year old self:
remember the razor sharp girl and the golden boy, remember the dances and the songs and the talent show skits.
six years from now they will be the two who embrace you at one am when you’re sobbing over how you can’t go back to a life without them.

dear eleven year old self:
you think that because you wear clothes from justice and have a dog shaped pencil sharpener, you finally have your life under control.
i wish i could have put all of the pieces together that you had no chance of understanding, i wish i could have helped you turn your pencil scribbles in that camouflage notebook into words and lines and art, i wish i could have stopped you from slapping yourself across the face for the first time

dear twelve year old self:
lose the bangs, lose the braces, lose the attitude.

dear thirteen year old self:
be wary of the things you trust and the people you believe, because you’ll learn soon that there’s all sorts of families that can betray you, all sorts of places false ideas can come from, all sorts off attitudes that turn people off
but most importantly don’t fall for the boy with the victim complex and lend a hand to the girls who slept in the corner of the room

dear fourteen year old self:
there is a paper cutter with a blade that can be popped out in the corner of your room and there is a history project that needs to be colored in with sharpies and there is sunlight coming in at five in the morning and there are posts showing you that taking a blade to your arm is the best way to fix your troubles and then there are lines crisscrossing against your thigh and your upper right arm.
this will be a year of crying in doctor’s offices, of calling people at eleven pm, of making bandages out of pads, of slipping under the water in your bathtub. the razor sharp girl will ask you what happened because something changed deep inside you and you’ll start to hyperventilate with fear of never stopping.
and the blood and the scars and the dull winter frost will dampen your heart, but they will never kill you.

dear fifteen year old self:
you will learn the truths of others while driving in circles in a rent-a-car and while lying on the golden boy’s chest and you will start to share your truths with others, and you will wonder why it ever had to be like this, snapping in and out of consciousness in the library and being pulled out of the blaring music of a semi formal in a cafeteria 
you are changing, and sometimes changing means absolutely no change at all, it means sitting in your room and staring at the ceiling, waiting for something more
but just keep trying
because the something more is almost on its way

dear sixteen year old self:
i am scared because i think i have it all under control again.
i am scared that the familiar winter cold will come around and our color-coded schedules and spotify playlists and healthy eating habits will deteriorate back into blades and longing and dry skin and the inescapable sludge of time slowly passing.
but i pray, i plead that we will continue looking up at the stars, that we will find joy in small talk, that we will continue to find the joy in a table for one and a good book.
because we have pulled ourselves off the roof and out of that hammock and we have found people who cared.
and in finding others, i think i’ve found myself.

—  letters to my past selves (and one to my current self); 9.16.15
My First Fanfiction (AKA: Why Did I Think of This When I was Nine Years Old What the Heck)

A bit of background first:

When I was in like 3rd/4th/5th grade, Phineas and Ferb was the greatest thing in the entire world (followed by Smash Bros and pumpkin pie, respectively). I loved that show more than anything ever.

During this point in my life, I also discovered ~*~the internet~*~. Once on ~*~the internet~*~, it was rather inevitable that I would look up Phineas and Ferb on Google Image Search.

One glorious day, I found a picture I really liked. So, wanting to get a better look, I clicked on it. It was at that point that I discovered something that would change my life forever.

KictserAsh on Deviantart. AKA imaginashon on tumblr, but little wee baby Skyler didn’t know what Tumblr was (thank god). AKA: Literally the Biggest Inspiration in my Whole Damn Life. (and now they work on mml ain’t that neat)

I went through their ENTIRE Phineas and Ferb gallery, loving every single piece. I also found some of their written work, and oh boy you bet little Skyler LOVED that.

So I read like everything on their account. And those stories inspired me. They still do, actually (and so does their art everything they make is really good you should go look at their blog/gallery please).

So here’s where we get into the fanfiction

(adding a readmore b/c this is about the get REALLY LONG)

TW: talk of death, and swearing.

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I made an edit about this once, and I don’t know, the idea is still kicking around in my brain. What if AOS Spock became trapped in the TOS universe and the original Kirk and Spock had to help him find his way back? And the entire time young Spock is desperate to get back to his Jim whom he unknowingly (but obviously, in TOS Bones’s opinion) is very much in love with, which causes the older Spock to acknowledge his own secret feelings for his captain. So basically a hurt/comfort story with TOS Spock and Kirk mentoring AOS Spock, who in turn brings the command team much closer…

Drawing this was more of a challenge than I thought it would be, and I know, I know, I really should have filled in the background all the way. But I’m happy with the finished result, especially Kirk. I haven’t drawn TOS Kirk nearly enough and his expression turned out just the way I pictured it – he’s surprised, confused, and concerned, yet he’s still totally in command. He’s looking at his Spock with sidelong scrutiny, which goes along nicely with AOS Spock’s wary, almost fierce look. Obviously, AOS Spock has been through hell, probably has no idea where he is, and he’s exhausted and ragged and a bit like a cornered animal. The fact that an alternate Spock and Kirk have shown up is just another sign of how fucked-up things are for him right now. As for TOS Spock, I imagine he’s striving to figure this all out with as little emotion as possible. It’s not every day you run into your twenty-eight year-old alternate self.  

I’m not going to lie, the hardest part of this drawing was the TOS boots – they’re pretty but damn, they were a struggle to draw.

I have no explanation for this. . .

At the library today I rounded the corner to see a boy no older than 8 kneeling in front of a toddler/preschooler and teaching him how to break away if someone grabs him by the shoulders.

He had this tiny kid practice three times and then showed him how to get an attacker’s arm in a lock and wrench it behind their back .

And he’s having the preschooler practice it on him the whole time, saying things like, “Good! Now if someone grabs you like this, what you do is - no, bring your arm back, you grab their arm like this and- good! See? I can’t move it!”

Eight year olds teaching self-defense in the middle of the kids’ section. Just another Tuesday?