eight ways to wear a bow

The Agent » Matt Murdock

Pairing: Matt Murdock x Reader

Fandom: Daredevil + Marvel

Words: 1081

Summary: You’re an S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and you’re sent to Hell’s Kitchen to help out. 

A/N: I plan on releasing a lot of new reader inserts soon! c: 

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Short Request: Bidders’ daughters forcing them to dress up and have tea

“No, daddy! Like this!”
Your daughter was scolding her father, demonstrating with her pudgy little fingers how to hold a teacup and saucer properly. Your husband sat on the ground, his long legs folded awkwardly under him as he sat at the side of the tiny pink table, his large and powerful hands trying not to crush the white plastic teacup as he lifted it to his mouth and took a sip of the juice inside. He smiled gently at her as he set the cup back down on the little saucer and stifled a sigh as he adjusted the blue and purple rose crown that fussed up his slicked hair.
“Better!” She laughed happily and picked up the teapot. “Do you want more, daddy?”
Soryu glanced at you out the corner of his eye, sitting on the couch and reading a newspaper.
“You have to say ‘Yes, please!’” She whined. “You have to be polite at tea.”
‘Yes, please.” He mumbled, and she smiled brightly, pouring him more juice from the pot.
“You are very welcome, daddy!”

“Thank you, Princess!”
He dipped his head to his daughter politely and took a dainty sip from his teacup. She watched him with bright happiness glowing in her eyes. Baba lifted his pinky finger up and lightly replace the cup on his saucer with picturesque perfection. A silvery plastic tiara was in his hair, a little braid done along the side of his long hair, him wearing your pink apron because he couldn’t fit into your dress.
She cut him a slice of cake with a stubby knife and gave it to him on a plate.
“Please enjoy!” She chimed in her sweet little voice, and Baba thanked her, a stunning smile on his face, a dear fondness in his heart. He carefully cut a fork into the slice and ate it.
“It is so delicious!”
She nodded eagerly and cut herself a slice, digging into it so quickly that she smeared some icing on her lip.
“Princess, I see that you have a touch of icing on you. May I offer you a ‘kerchief?”
Baba smiled and smoothly pulled a pink frilly handkerchief from the apron pocket. She takes it with an awkward giggle and quickly wipes her mouth.


“Daddy!” She pouted. “Are you tired? It’s okay… you can go sleep…”
Luke quickly stifled a yawn and rubbed the black bags under his eyes. He wasn’t about to admit to his daughter that he was exhausted from black market operations and cannot attend to her tea party.
“I’m fine.” He smiled ambiguously and took a long swig of the tea she poured him. However much you disapproved of letting a child drink strong tea, Luke had insisted that she get a taste if it was diluted. Your daughter adored tea. “Can you fix this up for me? I think it’s falling.”
She leaned over the table and rearranged the fancy hat on his head - some sort of 1900 London ladies’ wear with ribbons and feathers. Luke blinked hard and forced back another yawn, smiling adoringly at his daughter as she sat back down, pleased with the way the hat looked on his head.

Before the party even started, your daughter took forever dressing - decorating - her father. Ota let her climb all over him, dying his hair with multicoloured elastics, letting her pick out the crazy colours of clothes he wore, icing and designing the cake you baked for the occasion, allowing her to make the tea with warm water.
“There we go!”
He was holding her hands on the hot kettle.
“Careful not to burn your little paws!”
Ota helped her pour the hot water into the teapot, the scent of warm tea flushing up into the air as the steam rose. He helped her set the kettle back down and she clicked the lid onto the teapot, letting him move it onto the tray.
“How about you carry the sugar over, and I’ll take the tea?” Ota offered, picking up the tray as his daughter scooped up the bowl of sugar cubes. She popped one into her mouth and he laughed. “Hey, that’s not fair!”
“Do you want one too, daddy?”
Ota squat down to her level and opened his mouth wide. She grinned and threw one in.

“Would you like some sugar and milk, daddy?”
“Kiddo, this is orange juice.”
Mamoru sighed as his daughter looked up at him with pleading eyes, hoping for him to play along.
“Yes, please.” He grumbled and held out his teacup.
She smiled brightly and added two sugar cubes into his orange juice, tipping a bit of milk and cream into it, gazing at him expectantly, waiting for him to drink it.
Mamoru sighed again and took a sip.
“Gak!” He pulled out the white napkin from the table and coughed into it, muttering something quietly that sounded like ‘This is nasty’.
“Are you okay, daddy?” She hurried around the table to his side and put her small hands on his arm. “Did it taste bad?”
“No.” Mamoru said quickly with a smile. His eyes narrowed fondly at his daughter and he patted her hand. “It was delicious.”

It was the strangest tea party ever.
Your husband sat across from your daughter, neither of them really talking aside from the occasional “Tea?” “Sugar?” “More tea?” “Cream?” “Cake?” that escaped the area.
She was grinning so brightly through, absolutely having fun with her father. Shuichi was a little less entertained.
He was wearing a big pink bow in his hair and a handful of necklaces around his neck, his pinky finger frozen up in a precise angle as he drank from his cup. He smiled gently at his daughter and held out the cup for more tea. She filled it up with a grin.
“Sugar?” She held out the tongs with a cube.
“Of course.” He nodded pleasantly.

Your daughter was wearing the huge Auctioneer’s hat on her head, tipping it this way and that as she tried to keep it off her eyes. Your husband was dressed in a pale blue dress and white apron, a black bow on his head.
She giggled and poured tea into seven or eight teacups on the table. She tossed sugar cubes into half of them and added milk to another random four.
“Welcome to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party!” She exclaimed happily, waving her hands in a grand gesture at the tea set out of the table. Your husband chuckled and watched her. “Take your pick!”
“Which one will I like?” He asked gently.
“Liking is just in your head!” She replied with a smirk under the big top hat.
“What do you think?” He chuckled again.
“Thinking, Alice, is also in your head.”

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I haven’t played Luke or Shuichi so those are probably way off :/ sorry

RWBY Rock AU - A Brief History; Interview Part I

So I hit up xerkstrin if I can write about RWBY Rock AU, and she said I could. It’s like a brief history of the band and right after Pyrrha interviews Weiss and Ruby.

Note that the band member’s attitude is different than what xerkstrin conjured up, so this is a bit different (it could be more than that). In essence, it’s more serious. 

Nevertheless, enjoy the read. It’s part one and it’s a bit long, by the way…Just an FYI.

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