eight outfits


The Vermilion Bird… I won’t let anyone lay a finger on it.


Some guys go to the factory. Elvis showed up at the studio. Making movies was his job, and as with any job, some days were better than others. I could always predict the two days that were the worst; the day he got the script and realized it was absolutely formulaic, a carbon copy of the last absurdity, and the day they shot the publicity stills. Elvis was always in a terrible mood on stills day. He had trouble standing in one place for very long anyway, and for stills, he had to sit on a bare stage for six to eight hours straight, changing outfits over and over, and smiling through it all as if he were having the time of his life. Aside from those two days, Elvis was usually in a good mood. And although he joked around between shots and complained about his scripts before the shoot, he took the business seriously. He was always on time and respectful and helpful to to the director. 

Excerpt from Good Rockin’ Tonight by Joe Esposito.

The mailman brought today’s mail up to the house. That’s always good news because it means something didn’t fit in to the mailbox out by the street.

Some berries!!! I wondered what kind. Blue? Straw? Rasp? Nope.

The best kind of berries: Big bottles of beer from Los Angeles!

These came to me from lagirlontherun and her husband Paul. I gotta say folks, Shannon has raised the Tumblr friendship bar quite high. So high in fact, that if I run with her in another Ragnar race and one of Shannon’s eight to ten outfits consists of a running skirt and enormous sunglasses I will totally keep my comments to myself.

I’m saving these for this weekend. A Beer of the Night post will have to wait a few days.