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In case you missed the original post, here’s what’s going on.  

I was originally going to do a different ship for this day, but then I re-watched Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation.  This is the 5th film in the franchise, and I love all the others too, especially 3 and 4 largely due to Simon Pegg being adorable.  

But Rouge Nation?  

They really should have titled it “Ethan and Benji love each other SO much so you better not fuck with them because they will DESTROY you and the whole bloody world if you touch their precious cinnamon roll.” 

Their relationship is unbelievably awesome and has given me yet another OTP to fling myself into the trash over.  If you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend it :-D 

3K words, no smut, pretty much just fluff.  Small spoilers for Rogue Nation, but not really.  Picture set by me, though I don’t own the images. (Oh, and small note, I couldn’t find where the IMF HQ is based, so I just made it Washington DC.  If that’s wrong I’m sorry :-P)

Tagging @ourloveislegendrarry, as well as @benji-is-so-dunn and @therareshipcollectors, as they ship these two dorks even more than I do :-D 


Eight Maids a-Milking

  Benji Dunn stared bleakly at his computer monitors, hoping one of them would start telling him something new.  But no matter how many times he refreshed the pages, or opened new windows, or hacked into the government’s meteorology department, the facts remained the same: the weather was verging on apocalyptic, and there was no way he was getting on a plane.

  “Bugger,” he said emphatically to himself.  

  For the past few days he had ensconced himself on one of IMF’s administration floors in order to wrap up some paperwork and hold out as long as possible, hoping the snow would ease and he could get his flight back to London.  In fact, by that afternoon he would have taken anything: Manchester, Southampton, bloody Glasgow, but he’d finally had to admit defeat now that not a single aircraft was flying out of Washington.

  He was stuck.  On Christmas Eve.  By himself.

  He sighed and text his mum the bad news, knowing she’d be gutted that he wouldn’t be making it home.  Again. Guilty and miserable at the prospect of going back to his sparse and lonely flat (which he hardly lived in most of the year, let alone bothered to put up any kind of Christmas decorations in) he pulled out his handset and loaded up an old game he’d not had a chance to play since being properly reinstated into the IMF.

  Being the only one left in the office, he turned up the volume and let the hail of gunfire and explosions drown out his thoughts.  It wasn’t just his mum who was disappointed he wouldn’t be able to make it home for Christmas day; it wasn’t often that things were this completely out of his hands.

  It seemed like this year had been nothing but out of his hands though, and a little normalcy of home had been what had been keeping him going the last couple of months.  Between the IMF’s dissolving and that business with Lane (in London, ironically), Benji had been left reeling with a sense of being completely out of control of his own destiny.  Maybe that’s why he’d been so determined to catch the flight he’d booked, daring the weather to thwart him.

  If he’d thought about it, he could maybe have driven out of state, maybe down south where the weather was better so he could have got a flight, but it was too late for that now.  He’d half thought about trying to make it back to England for New Year’s Eve, but he couldn’t afford to be away from the office that long, he was lucky not to be out on a mission as it was.

  No, he had truly sabotaged his holiday by stupidly assuming that his flight would somehow miraculously still be allowed to fly, despite no others making it off the runway.  Yet again, events had totally screwed him, and he’d been left sitting on his hands like an idiot.  

  He grimaced as a lack of concentration caused his avatar to lose yet another life, and took the opportunity to turn the game’s sound down as it reloaded so he could blast out a bit of Beethoven over the top.  A good solid sonata generally helped lift him out of most sulks, but he figured this was probably a bit more serious than that.  

  He sighed loudly to the empty room, Ludwig throbbing against his ears.  He’d just have to embrace Christmas alone this year. He could swing by the supermarket on his way home and pick up some food (and beers, more importantly) and spend the day watching DVDs.  It wouldn’t be so bad.  Maybe.


  He jumped out of his skin, sending his controller clattering across his desk as he clutched at his chest and spun his chair around to see who had snuck up on him.

 “Ethan?” he gasped, mildly relieved but mostly just mortified that he had been so easily scared.  Ethan was chuckling at him as he came over and leaned on his partition wall, which just made things infinitely worse.  “Bloody hell, I didn’t think anyone else was still here,” he breathed as he hastily turned down his music .  He hoped he wasn’t too red-faced; Ethan had a way of unsettling him more than anyone else. “How’d you find me?”

  Ethan grinned and leaned over, his hair falling into his face as he looked down at Benji from his perch.  “I’m a spy,” he said in a mock whisper. “But shh, don’t tell anyone.”

  Benji looked sadly around the deserted office and exited from the game, leaving them in quietness.  “There’s no one left to tell,” he said morosely.  

  “Which begs the question,” Ethan said, coming around to rest his hip against the lip of Benji’s desk.  “What are you still doing here Agent Dunn?  Shouldn’t you be back in merry London by now?”

  He was awfully close, and Benji did his best not to look like he was edging his chair away by fractions.  His palms were already damp though, and an uncomfortable lump was threatening to rise in his throat.  

  It was okay, he’d always justified to himself, to have a silly crush on your friend. He’d always argued it was more a case of admiration anyway; he’d admired how awesome and cool Ethan was.  But then he’d gone and gotten himself kidnapped and almost blown up, and Ethan had torn the world apart to get him back.

  Now, it was not just a silly crush.  Now, when things were still and quiet, mostly when he was lying in the dark, trying his best to sleep, Benji had to admit to himself the truth.  That he was pathetically, tragically in love with one of his best friends.

  “I should have been,” he said, affecting a smile as he replied to Ethan’s question. “But apparently there’s a spot of snow.”

  Ethan laughed and nodded.  “I can’t lie,” he said sympathetically.  “It felt like trekking through Hoth on the streets earlier.”

  Benji blinked.  Had he just made a Star Wars joke?  “Yeah, well,” he said, brushing over it, refusing to believe Ethan was quoting one of his favourite films on purpose.  “Nothing’s flying out, so here I am.  Hang on, what are you doing here?” he added as an afterthought.  

  Ethan shrugged.  “Normally I’m dangling upside down over a WMD any given day of the week – I don’t tend to make plans for the holidays.”

  “Oh,” said Benji.  “Um, sorry.” He suddenly felt quite awkward; he would have been lying if he said he’d never let his mind wander on occasion, imagining scenarios where he and his partner were forced together on a mission, just the two of them.  But this was frighteningly domestic and intimate, them both admitting they were alone on Christmas.  Bollocks, he panicked internally.  What if Ethan did something stupid, like suggesting-

  “Don’t be sorry,” Ethan said with a shrug, his demeanour light and at ease.  “That’s why I came to find you.  Thought maybe you’d like saving from whatever RPG was kicking your ass.”

  “It wasn’t kicking my arse,” Benji cried, sitting up defensively and glancing at his game console, but Ethan just smirked at him, and Benji couldn’t help but laugh back. “Okay, maybe it was, a little. But,” he floundered.  “I’m fine, I don’t need looking after, honestly.”

  Ethan looked at his fingers in his lap, before smiling at him again.  This time it didn’t entirely reach his eyes. “Well,” he said cheerfully.  “Maybe I need a bit of looking after.  Keep an old spy company on Christmas Eve?”

  He was joking, obviously, but Benji had to bite his cheek when he wanted to retort that Ethan was most definitely not old. He was probably still fitter than Benji would ever be, and-

  Shit, he realised he’d left him hanging.  “Well, I mean,” he spluttered, trying his best not to make an utter pillock of himself.  “If that’s what you want, I guess that’s okay?”

  Ethan grinned, genuinely this time, and punched his arm.  “Come on.  There’s a bar near my place that’s good at propping losers like us up on nights like this.”

  Benji was almost certain he was going to regret this immensely.  


   “These are not chips,” argued Benji, waving one in front of Ethan’s face.

  “They are perfectly good French fries,” Ethan argued back, sipping on his beer and laughing.  

  Benji waved it again.  “French fries aren’t chips though, chips should be fat, and covered in vinegar.”  

  Ethan arched an eyebrow and leaned in closer, making heat rush over Benji’s skin. “You’re lucky I didn’t order you actual chips,” he said softly over the music from the bar.  They were surrounded by an impressive collection of shot glasses and beer bottles which the waitress seemed a bit reluctant to come over and collect, probably because the two agents were making the most out of a rare opportunity to actually let loose and not be on duty.  

  Well, Ethan was never not on duty.  Even through his drunken haze Benji could see how aware he was of the exits, and the movements of every person in the surprisingly rowdy sports bar.  It made him feel safe, which was probably why he was out-drinking Ethan a little too eagerly.  He hadn’t felt safe and at ease in a long time.  

  “Crisps are not chips, chips are chips,” he insisted, grinning and pleased with himself for being brave enough to rib Ethan.  He felt they were slipping over a professional line after the amount of tequila they’d had, but now because of that tequila he was studiously not caring.  He’d stopped worrying about three drinks in how inappropriate his feelings for Ethan were, and just started enjoying himself.  

  Ethan looked at him slyly before knocking back another shot.  Just because he was letting Benji out-drink him (and was definitely letting him Benji had realised, amused) didn’t mean he wasn’t putting in a good effort.  “Is that so?”

  “You Americans give weird names to everything,” he said, and poked out his tongue.

  Ethan pushed another shot his way.  “Well, if we’re so awful, maybe you should head back off to the motherland?”

  Benji blew a raspberry.  “Tried that,” he said, only slightly melancholy now.  “But you guys wouldn’t let me leave.”

  “You’re too good to let leave,” Ethan said wickedly, chinking his bottle against Benji’s. “Sorry,” he added, not sounding sorry at all.

  Benji blinked and cleared his throat.  It had almost sounded like Ethan was flirting with him, but that couldn’t be right?  He decided to ignore it.  “Ahh,” he said, sitting back and looking around at the throng of people making merry in the bar with them.  Gaggles of friends and couples holding hands; there were a lot of people apparently who wanted to be out on Christmas Eve rather than cosy and at home with their loved ones.  Or maybe their loved ones were here with them?  He glanced at Ethan.  “It’s not so bad,” he said, eating another chip, despite them being too crunchy for his liking.  

  Ethan pretended to be affronted.  “Gee, thanks,” he said with a wink, and Ethan knocked their knees together.  

  “Oh shut up, you know what I mean,” he said, rolling his eyes.  “I was miserable earlier, but now I’m having a good time, thanks to you Ethan – is that what you wanted to hear?”

  “Much better,” Ethan said approvingly, a glint in his eye that made Benji swallow his beer down a little too quickly.  He thought maybe he imagined it though as they ordered more drinks and started reminiscing about when they were younger – all in general terms of course. They never specifically said the name of their schools, and any teachers or students mentioned were almost certainly given pseudonyms.  But still, it was the closest Benji had ever come to knowing anything about Ethan’s childhood.  

  “Of course you were a track star,” he said, shaking his head good naturedly as he fished out the last few chips from the bowl in front of them.  One of the waitresses finally came over and cleared up their glasses, but Ethan was quick to catch her to order another couple rounds of drinks for them.

  “And the swim team,” he said cockily.  “Anything where I could go fast.”  Benji shook his head again affectionately, imagining a mini Ethan, tearing ahead of the other poor students who didn’t stand a chance against the boy destined to become an international agent.  “What about you Dunn?” he asked, breaking Benji from his reverie.  “I suppose you were hidden away in the IT lab where the sun never shone.”

  “Actually,” Benji said, pointing the neck of his beer bottle in Ethan’s direction.  “We only had about three computers in the whole school, so I was actually quite fond of the drama department.”

  He was pretty proud at how much Ethan laughed at the idea of him in tights reciting Shakespeare.

  They were there until closing, and had to be turfed out with the other stragglers as the staff attempted to get home before the clock struck midnight and it actually became Christmas Day.  The blizzard was a nasty shock after several hours in cosy comfort, and even with numerous layers on and a substantial beer jacket, Benji felt the cold cut through him almost immediately.  

  “Bloody hell,” he shouted through the snow flinging itself through the air.  “I think it’s got worse!”

  “This way,” Ethan told him, jerking his thumb down the street.  “My place is only a few minutes away.”

  The wind seemed to die down just a fraction in sync with Benji’s stomach plummeting. Ethan was inviting him back to his home?   “Oh, no, no,” Benji stammered, realising how monumentally foolish that would be, even in his blurry state.  “That’s okay, I’ll get a taxi, it won’t take long to drive-”

  Ethan blinked at him from under the hood of his jacket, his cheeks pink from the wind. “It’s nine blocks over,” he said raising his eyebrows as he looked across the slushy road, still sporting a fair amount of snow despite the grit, but no cars that Benji could see.  “And I don’t see any cabs.”

  But Benji knew this was too much, he couldn’t go to Ethan’s home.  They were friends, they were partners, they’d had a good drink, they’d even gone so far as confessing a few school secrets, including competing for who had the hottest prom date (Benji neglecting to mention he’d secretly wanted to go with the captain of the football team).  But to go home together…there was no way he wouldn’t do something completely humiliating.

  “I can’t,” he stammered, stepping out into the street.  “I’ll just-”

  But of course he found the only patch of ice the gritters had missed, and flailed his arms at the sudden loss of balance, slipping spectacularly and almost crashing to the ground.  Except he didn’t.  Because Ethan was there, and the damn heroic bastard would never let him fall.  “You okay?” he asked, gripping tightly onto his arms, as Benji let himself be held up like a girl dipped mid-dance for a kiss. He blinked, staring into green eyes, scrambling around for anything to say.

  “Yeah,” he breathed lamely.  “Thanks, sorry I, uh…”

  He expected Ethan to let him go, but he seemed to be waiting for something.  But then something apparently short-circuited in Benji’s brain, because the next thing he knew he had leaned forward…and kissed Ethan right on the mouth.

  It only lasted a second or two before his eyes flew back open as he realised with horror what he was doing, and he snatched his head back, absolutely aghast. “Fuck!” he hissed.  “Fuck, I’m so sorry, I’m drunk I’m sorry it was an – I – I don’t know what it was, just forget it!”

  But Ethan was still holding him firm, a small grin tugging at the corner of his mouth as the snow and wind whipped through his hair.  He sighed.  “Agent Dunn,” he said patiently.  “I was beginning to think you didn’t want me after all.”

  Shock doused over Benji like a bucket of water.  “What?” he stammered, standing up straight finally on the pavement, but still in Ethan’s grasp.  “What did you – what?”

  Ethan chuckled, his eyes on Benji’s lips as he pulled them together in an embrace that did little to keep out the cold, but did everything to set Benji’s insides ablaze. “For a secret agent,” he teased gently. “You have a pretty bad poker face.”

  Benji swallowed.  “You know…you knew…” he said, fear and shame creeping up his throat and making it hard to talk.  But then he realised, Ethan was still holding him.  Looking directly at him, an amused eyebrow raised.

  “You’re pretty bad at seduction too.  However did you pass the field exam?”

  Despite the freezing winds cutting through them, Benji found himself relaxing just a fraction on the darkened street.  “You wanted me to kiss you?” he finally blurted out.

  Ethan nodded, and Benji was pretty certain the world fell completely away from him in that moment.  “And I want you to come home with me.  If you’re done making excuses?”

  Benji couldn’t believe this was really happening.  “If that’s what you want,” he said, trying to keep his breathing even and his tongue from getting tied.  “I guess that’s okay?”

  He got his answer in the form of Ethan leaning tentatively forward, and kissing him again.  This time Benji didn’t flinch; in fact, after a couple of heart-stopping seconds, he leaned in too, carefully resting his hands on Ethan’s chest as their lips moved cautiously together.  

  This was a disaster of an idea, he knew that.  Relationships were severely frowned upon at the agency, it was too much of a risk to everyone involved.  But he could have cared less as he melted into the embrace under the snowy deluge.  Of everything that had gone wrong that year, this was finally something that just felt right.

  “Come on,” Ethan murmured.  “It’s freezing.  Let’s go home.”

  Benji gave in and nodded.  “It’s pretty cold,” he said stupidly, but Ethan smiled fondly at him.

  “I can think of lots of ways to keep warm though,” he assured him.


12 days of Kissmas #8

Originally posted by littlechristmasblog

Plot Summary: Bucky’s promised for the next 12 days until Christmas to surprise you with a different kiss each day.
Day 1|Day 2| Day 3|Day 4|Day 5|Day 6 |Day 7 |Day 8|Day 9|Day 10|Day 11|Day 12

On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me eight maids a milking.

‘Remind me why we’re doing this again?’ You asked, standing in the middle of the training room.

‘Because Steve said so, for this stupid party and because your feet don’t cooperate with your brain’ Bucky answered

‘One, when do you ever listen to Steve and two, dancing lessons? Really? I’m not that bad’

Bucky rolled his eyes at your endless complaining.
‘Sure, we’ll just gloss over the fact you broke your wrist at last year’s party then?’

‘That was an accident’ You muttered.

Ignoring the opportunity to argue with you, Bucky let the dispute go.

‘Let’s get started Doll’ He said.
He extended his arm out for you to hold, he then pressed his lips against your wrist and carefully placed kisses up your arm until he got to your shoulder.
You could feel the heat rushing to your cheeks.

‘Since when did you become Gomez Addams?’ You asked
Bucky chuckled ‘Ever since Morticia needed me to keep her two left feet in check’ 
‘Oh darling, don’t torture yourself – that’s my job’ you teased, mimicking Morticia.
Bucky pulled you in closer ‘Cara Mia’
‘Mon cher’ You whispered, beaming at him.

‘On the eighth day of Kissmas…’ Bucky sang, as he twirled you ‘my true love gave to me an arm to brush against, a shoulder to caress, a kiss blown that’s soaring, a soft haaaaaand embrace, several eskimo kisses, a flutter of butterfly wishes, a good luck forehead peck and a smacker right on the cheek!’

You pulled away slightly, so you could look at Bucky.
‘Thank you’
‘For what?’ Bucky queried.
‘For this, for the dancing’ You confessed.
‘It’s not a problem Doll – so does that mean you admit you’re a hazard?’He grinned.
‘Keep talking about my bitchin’ dance skills like that Barnes and I’m going to find a new place for these heels to go’ You counteracted.

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The signs as things my true love gave to me

Aries: six geese a-laying

Taurus: ten lords a-leaping

Gemini: nine ladies dancing

Cancer: a partridge in a pear tree

Leo: two turtle doves


Libra: seven swans a-swimming

Scorpio: three French hens

Sagittarius: eleven pipers piping

Capricorn: twelve drummers drumming

Aquarius: four calling birds

Pisces: eight maids a-milking

Gilmore Girls Sentence Pack! S3-S4
  • “Will you two stop talking about my butt?" 
  • "Do not eat chips out of a communal bowl. You might as well stick your hand in a toilet.”
  • “Keep in mind that getting up on a table and performing a song of any kind will haunt you for the rest of your life.”
  • “Do you want an aspirin? I probably have a—tic…tac. Sorry, I shouldn’t have teased you with that aspirin thing.”
  • “Glad to make your dining dreams come true.”
  • “We’ll put it in the apartment we’re sharing in hell.”
  • “I found that if I focus too much on one subject, I start to get a little punchy.”
  • “Never underestimate the power of a good shirt.”
  • “You need to relax. You need to stop worrying. You need to stop obsessing. You need to stop looking at my boobs.”
  • “Be a little less lovable, would you? Cause it’s costing me a fortune.”
  • “All you need is 6 dancing penguins and Mary Poppins floating in the corner to bring back two of the worst hours of my childhood.”
  • “I don’t think you had a childhood. I think you came out a bitter, surly killjoy.”
  • “By gum, if it was good enough for Rick and Dick, it’s good enough for me.”
  • “Every sad story needs nuns.”
  • “Maybe he just needs to get out of the house, and since I’m currently one of the women sitting home thinking ‘if I could only find a man like Aragorn’, he picked me.”
  • “It smells like guilt and Chanel No. 5." 
  • "I can’t go back, I’ve got hummus in there! God knows what I’ll do with it.”
  • “I am going to have color coming out of my yin-yang.”
  • “You can show me your sweet tuchus, as long as I can keep jiggling.”
  • “Ah! I’m being attacked by green things!" 
  • "It’s Avril Lavigne’s world and we’re just livin’ in it.”
  • “You are certainly not going to Google me!”
  • “We are the Witches of Eastwick.”
  • “You drink time-released coffee?" 
  • "I’m not gonna help you Barbie-Band-Aid our window.”
  • “Don’t wear those pantyhose with the seams up the back, you look like 10 cents a dance.”
  • “Have you ever noticed my girlfriend’s lobes?" 
  • "If I was a girl, I wouldn’t kick him out of bed.”
  • “He’s a grown man with an Etch-a-Sketch!”
  • “Yes, here I am, at my job. Will wonders never cease?”
  • “I’m going to make out in the coat room. Don’t eat my chicken.”
  • “Are you remotely aware that you’re not 12?”
  • “She bought me four cocktail dresses, two evening gowns, and if I’m not mistaken, eight maids a-milking.”
  • “Do not disturb, I’m eating.”
  • “Food should not have pronouns!”

12 Drummers Drumming

Eleven Pipers Piping

Ten Lords a Leaping

Nine Ladies Dancing

Eight Maids a Milking

Seven Swans a Swimming

Six Geese a Laying

Fiiiiiive Golden Riiiiiings

Four Calling Birds

Three French Hens

Two Turtle Doves

and a Partridge in a Pear Treeeee

The 12 days of christmas, animated for SketchDaily :)

Also happy holidays all! :D


it is our pleasure to bring to you our 12 Days of Christmas Awards!!

Me (simplyjoli)  and my homie Ansana (glammist) have been talking about hosting an awards together for months now and since CHRISTMAS(!!!) is around the corner, what better time than now?! 

Each day from December 25th to January 4th, TWO blogs will be chosen (one by me, one by Ansana) to be represented for a particular day!


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  • Two Turtle Doves: Best Icon (x2)
  • Three French Hens: Best Theme (x2)
  • Four Calling Birds: Best Posts (x2)
  • Five Golden Rings: Nicest Blogger (x2)
  • Six Geese a Laying: Best New Discovery (x2)
  • Seven Swans a Swimming: Best Color Scheme (x2)
  • Eight Maids a Milking: Best Blog Detail (x2)
  • Nine Ladies Dancing: Best Playlist (x2)
  • Ten Lords a Leaping: Best Overall (x2) 
  • Eleven Pipers Piping: Ansana’s Personal Favorite
  • Twelve Drummers Drumming: Joli’s Personal Favorite

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The Twelve Days of Christmas displays placed throughout
the Butchart Gardens
(I guess I was impressed the most by Eight Maids-a-Milking :))

Spokane Seattle Canada trip 16

On the 9th Day of Paynismas, my true love gave to meeeee...

ladies Leemos dancin’…y'all know this is about to be a WEALTH of ass-shaking sadness and pain



External image


This curly-haired Beezlebub testing my LAST nerve on this fucking pole

External image

You’ve gotta be kid⎯

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻         (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻           (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I’m in love with this boy


External image

ima pass out

Let’s not.

Ay papi work dem hips

Same Harry

up and down that pole. just ..

this is it this is the end, bring me smelling salts a prayer book and three large brandies 


Eight Maids A-Milking

Seven Swans A-Swimming

Six Geese A-Laying


Four Calling Birds

Liam OT3’s

Two Turtle Doves


the Paynis in/near/on/around a small tree!

Watch on parchedforpaynis.tumblr.com

On the 12th day of Paynismas, our true love gave to us…

Liam Payne, the not so little, really really hot, drummer boy. Thanks for joining us! Happy Paynisholiday, Merry Paynismas.

11 Pipers Piping

10 Lords A-Leaping

Nine Ladies Dancing

Eight Maids A-Milking

Seven Swans A-Swimming

Six Geese A-Laying


Four Calling Birds

Liam OT3’s

Two Turtle Doves


the Paynis in/near/on/around a small tree!

Damaged Goods: Titanium

I wasn’t planning on turning this into some huge fic but if I continue to get the amazing feedback and the notes, I’ll do my best to continue with these little parts.

Most of this is like one giant flashback. That’s why it’s italicized. Heavy themes here. You’ve been warned.

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Anon Ask

Pairing: Natsu/Lucy

Prompt:  Oh my god can I request a story in this au “you crouched down to coo at my baby but i forgot to tell you their favorite thing to do is to play with people’s hair and now they won’t let go of you” in nalu?

you crouched down to coo at my baby but i forgot to tell you their favorite thing to do is to play with people’s hair and now they won’t let go of you au in nalu?¿?

Here’s to the two who asked for this AU, one was super late and I just got another recently, so I hope you guys like this :)

I didn’t like being one of those parents who brought their one year old infant literally everywhere they went, having them crying and making noise and just annoying everyone, but being a single mother didn’t really leave me with many choices. It was hard, yeah I’ll admit it, but it still didn’t mean I couldn’t handle it. Would it be nice to have an extra hand around? Yeah sure, it’s not like it’ll hurt, but did I need it? No.

Take it from someone who was practically raised by ten maids and eight butlers, if they could do it, so could I.

…But that still didn’t help with the fact that not everyone liked babies as much as they said they did. I was standing in line now, having to buy some more diapers for the little guy and I just got him to stop crying in the basket, and the snobby glares of the couple in front of me had me just wanting to sink into oblivion. He was still sniffling, his cheeks still pinched red and frown present, although not screaming anymore, so that was a plus.

The next person before me came up to check out and I sighed, wondering again why more cash registers weren’t open. A man came up behind me then, looking down to him, and smiled. Jude just stared at him with his big brown eyes, swaying in his seat.

I turned away, picking up a pack of gum and glanced back, seeing Jude tugging on the mans shirt. He faced him now in the basket, looking at the baby with a careful eye.

“Oh I’m sorry, was he pulling on you?” I walked over, taking his hand off his shirt.

He looked up to me, smiling a bit, “Yeah, it’s fine.”

I picked Jude up and held him in my arms as he started whining again, tears threatening his eyes again. I shushed him quietly, patting his back and he buried his whimpers into my hair, grasping the strands.

“He looks a lot like you,” the man commented, pointing towards his head.

I smiled, gently pulling his tiny fingers from my hair and nodded, “Yeah, thanks. I get that a lot.”

We both had blonde hair and brown eyes, I suppose I had some dominant genes inside, people always told me how he would probably grow up looking like my brother or something.

Jude quieted down then, turning his head back towards the guy behind us and stared at him again. He smiled in return to him, his grin big and wide, and just utterly goofy. I couldn’t help but smile along with him, it was a really cute smile.

He looked back up to me then from Jude and closed his smile. “Sorry, I uh, I like kids.”

He shook his head and laughed a bit, nervously, “I mean you know, they’re fun to be around.”

I nodded at him reassuringly, “Yeah, Jude seems to like you too.”

He brightened up a bit at the sound of his name, and right at that moment Jude reached out, giggling for his attention.

I swayed him back in forth, slowly moving up in the long line. Jude made a loud laugh now, leaning out of my arms and towards the man, waving his hands back and forth. We both laughed a little, and I guess I complied.

“What’s your name?” I asked, stepping up to him.

He glanced up from Jude tugging on his shirt again, his eyes light, “Natsu.”

I nodded, trying to keep Jude in my arms, “I’m Lucy.”

He nodded back to me and looked back down to Jude slowly raising his chubby arms up his chest. Soon enough Natsu was laughing as he had both his hands in his hair, brushing his fingers through the locks.

“I think he likes your hair,” I commented, biting my lip.

“Ah of course he would,” he sighed back, grinning at me.

Okay, this was really cute. I mean yeah, I could tell why kids probably loved him now, his hair was pink. I couldn’t imagine a child in sight who wouldn’t be absolutely fascinated with him. Jude giggled and played with his strands, laughing louder.

“Everyone laughs at my hair, why wouldn’t you?” He sighed to Jude, gently holding his hands over his hair.

“Oh, is he pulling?” I blurted, dropping my smile.

“Yeah, just a little,” he chuckled a bit, crouching over as Jude tugged again.

“I’m so sorry, he does that sometimes,” I said, trying to pry his hands from his hair.

We stood there for a while, stuck in the middle of the line as Jude kept his iron lock on Natsu’s hair, just laughing louder as I pulled his hands away.

“I guess I should’ve mentioned he has a thing for latching onto hair, you should see him when I try to put him to sleep,” I joked weakly, finally taking his hands back, and hearing a cry of dismay in return.

“It’s alright,” Natsu shook his head, scratching at his hair with a grin. “Not the first time that’s happened.”

I giggled, a little more shrill than I liked and shushed Jude’s whimpers again. I moved up the line, placing my things down on the conveyor belt after putting Jude back in the basket seat.

“So you don’t have any kids of your own? Since, you know, you’re pretty good with them?” I questioned.

He shook his head, looking a little embarrassed, “Nah, uh, no one to have them with I guess.”

I nodded shortly, paying the cashier, “Yeah. I’m raising Jude by myself, so.”

I stopped writing my name on the keypad then because uh, what did I just say? Did I just imply I wanted him as a father? What the hell Lucy?

“Sorry to hear that.”

I looked to him, giving a quick smile. “It’s fine. We’re both fine, I don’t…know why I said that.”

I gave a weird laugh, cringing as I did so. Shut up already, my lord.

I hurried up putting my card away and packing up my bags, seeing him stand up next to me.

“Well, if you ever need any help, I’m sure I could give a hand,” he shrugged, looking to me casually.

I gazed to him through my eyelashes, clearing my throat from a blush I sure as hell felt coming.

“If you want I mean, I have a friend who works at a daycare, so not just me.” He elaborated.

“That sounds nice, thanks,” I nodded, a little too eagerly. I sighed, pulling out a pen from my bag and grabbed his hand.

I wrote my number down, seeing him grinning up to me softly. “I’ll look forward to it.”

“Alright.” He replied, staring at his hand.

I pushed Jude out back towards the doors, waving a hand. “Sorry about your hair.”

He waved back, “You can repay me later.”

I turned away, smiling a bit and saw Jude reaching for Natsu again, wanting more attention from him. I sighed and shook my head. The amount of things I had in common with this baby was astounding, I almost felt like doing the same.

12 Days of Legends of Superflarrow Rarepair Christmas

Rarepairs are amazing! The lack of fanwork for said rarepairs, not so much. This holiday season, I’m issuing a challenge. To spread the love in this amazing fandom (or giant conglomerate of fandoms really), let’s give the gift of content to our shipper friends stuck in rarepair hell!

How does this challenge work? Simple. Every day in the song Twelve Days of Christmas will act as the prompt for that day’s fic. For those of you unfamiliar with the song, or just unable to keep track of it all like me, the song goes as such: “on the X day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…”

  1. A Partridge in a Pear Tree
  2. Two Turtle Doves
  3. Three French Hens
  4. Four Calling Birds
  5. Five Golden Rings
  6. Six Geese a-Laying
  7. Seven Swans a-Swimming
  8. Eight Maids a-Milking
  9. Nine Ladies Dancing
  10. Ten Lords a-Leaping
  11. Eleven Pipers Piping
  12. Twelve Drummers Drumming

These may seem fuzzy as far as prompts go, but that’s where it’s up to you to get creative. “Five Golden Rings” could be a proposal fic, or a boxing/wrestling/UFC AU. Maybe “Eight Maids a-Milking” is a domestic drabble about who put an empty milk carton back in the fridge. “Nine Ladies Dancing” could be a ballerina AU. And while I’m not saying “Eleven Pipers Piping” has to feature a Hartley ship, why waste a good opportunity?

Any type of fanwork applies, whether that’s fanfiction, fanart, gif/images sets, playlists, headcanons, etc. There are only a handful of rules, and they’re dead simple. First, your ship must have under 50 fics on AO3 to be considered a rarepair. An OT3+ where one or more individual pairings has over 50 fics but the OT3+ itself has less than 50 fics also counts as a rarepair.

Second, no incest. Which can be a muddy line in a fandom with so many adoptive families and alternate Earths, so let’s keep it simple. Blood relative ships are a hard no. Adoptive family ships are a bit more of a grey area, but given the fact that WestAllen is canon, they will be allowed. Also, I know somebody’s gonna wanna write doppelganger smut and honestly, just go for it. Our Earth logic does not apply to multiple Earth logic.

Third, tag your work #12daysoflosfrarepair when you post to share it with the community! Try to fill every prompt if you’re looking for a challenge, or keep it manageable and go for one or two. Hell, combine some prompts if you’d like, or do one giant piece that covers them all. It’s completely up to you.

As far as pairings go, you can use a different pairing for each prompt, or the same pairing all throughout if you’d prefer. Het, slash, femslash, poly – all is fair game! In case you’re stuck for pairing ideas, here’s a list of 12 possibilities that you’re free to either use or not.

  1. Iris West/Cisco Ramon
  2. Laurel Lance/Thea Queen
  3. Barry Allen/Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak
  4. Kara Danvers/Sara Lance
  5. Barry Allen/Leonard Snart/Sara Lance
  6. Cisco Ramon/Ray Palmer
  7. Hartley Rathaway/Wally West
  8. Lisa Snart/Mick Rory
  9. Alex Danvers/Laurel Lance
  10. Floyd Lawton/John Diggle
  11. Joe West/Earth-2 Harrison Wells
  12. James Olsen/Kara Danvers/Winn Schott Jr.

Also, it is optional but highly encouraged to check the tag and reblog other people’s work as the event goes on! Sharing is caring, and caring is what this whole thing is all about! The event will run from Tuesday, December 13th - Saturday, December 24th, just in time for Christmas (and also Hanukkah, if I’m not mistaken) 

If anyone has any additional questions, feel free to send me an ask on or off anon, or send me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can! I think this is gonna be a lot of fun, and hopefully people are just as interested in doing this as I am!


Monet at Vétheuil (98)
The 1901 Vétheuil series
Why did Monet spend a good deal of the summer of 1901 particularly in Lavacourt and paint a series of fifteen views of Vétheuil? 
Nostalgia may explain. Looking across the Seine from Lavacourt, he had a plain sight on Vétheuil. It must have reminded him of twenty years earlier, when the impoverished Monet and Hoschedé families had agreed to live together in one house that was barely capable of housing both couples, their eight children and the maid. They went through the darkest days of their lives there, but in the end saw Monet’s career rebounce.

Claude Monet, Vétheuil, 1901. Oil on canvas, 81 x 92 cm. Private coillection
Claude Monet, Vétheuil, 1901. Oil on canvas, 81 x 92 cm. Von der Heydt-Museum, Wuppertal, Germany
Claude Monet, Vétheuil, après-midi d’automne (Vétheuil, Autumn Afternoon), 1901. Oil on canvas, 89 x 92 cm. Private collection
Claude Monet, Vétheuil, effet rose (Vétheuil, Afternoon Light), 1901. Oil on canvas, 90.2 × 93.4 cm. The Art Institute of Chicago
Claude Monet, Vétheuil, au soleil couchant (Vétheuil, at Sunset), 1901. Oil on canvas, 89 x 92 cm. Musée d’Orsay, Paris

     🎄🎅🏻 Fleuriah’s 12 Days Of Christmas Awards 🎅🏻🎄

Hey Everyone! I’m here with a new award and I would love, love, love if y’all would participate in this because I think this would be fun and it is a bit different from regular awards! 

To Get Started: 

  1. The Twelve Days Of Christmas starts on Dec 25 to Jan 5
  2. Starting From Dec 25, I will choose 1 or 2 winners (depending on amount of notes) for that category/day
  3. A new post will be posted on each day showing the winner, BUT at the end of the day post, there is a question 
  4. That question is for higher chances, you can answer as much times as you want and the winner will be shown the next day
  5. The process then continues ending with the question on the 11th day


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  • Disqualify: Deleting the text, self promoting, or commenting


  • Featured: On a Page  *Under Co.*
  • You Get: Queues, A New Friend … Duh, ETC.

12 Days Of Christmas 

  1. A Partridge In A Pear Tree - Best Urls 
  2. Two Turtle Doves - Best Posts 
  3. Three French Hens - Best Themes 
  4. Four Calling Birds - Best Add Ons 
  5. Five Golden Rings - Best Colour Schemes 
  6. Six Geese A Laying - Blogs Worth Following
  7. Seven Swans A Swimming - Best Blogs Of December 
  8. Eight Maids A Milking - Newest Discoveries
  9. Nine Ladies Dancing - Nicest Bloggers
  10. Ten Lords A Leaping - Best Blogs Of January 
  11. Eleven Pipers Piping - Best Blogs Overall 
  12. Twelve Drummers Drumming  - My Favourites 


  • Banner: @fleuriah​​ , @beesdesigns
  • Choosing: Between Dec 25 and Jan 5
  • Want to get noticed more? 
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    • Reblog posts and posts that I’m hosting
  • Any Questions? Message me
  • Don’t Be A Grinch And Spread Christmas Cheer!

Thats All Loves! Happy Reblogging, Good Luck, Merry Christmas & Have A Happy New Year!

Love, Bee