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A/N: Sick and tired of cliche girls screaming over bugs so here is one I wrote with Thomas, Minho, Newt and Gally being scared of a spider. Enjoy!

The screaming makes you flinch as you are surprised by it.






You put down what you were doing and sigh. The four idiots were up to no good again. You stood up from your comfortable position and followed the sound of the screaming boys. You slammed the door open and saw four boys shivering in fear.

You sighed again. When they saw you they all pointed at the tiny black, eight legged creature.


They all nodded together.

“Honestly, I can’t keep coming to you sissies’ rescue” you say as you proceed to find something to squash the little bugger with.

“I told you Tommy!” Newt cried.

“Why don’t you try doing it yourself?” Thomas cried back at Newt.

The spider moved towards the cowering boys and they all moved backwards and climbed on a chair each.

“Please Y/N hurry!” Minho said from top of his chair.

“Oh the great mighty Minho is begging to be saved” you said with a laugh.

Gally and Newt laughed and they both earned a glare each.

“Please just help” this time it was Gally.

“You guys are unbelievable…I should be the one scared” you say as you roll up the newspaper.

“But that is just too cliché and typical” Newt said.

You smiled and nodded.

“Maybe for Christmas, I should get you guys some dresses to match your girly screams”

“And I will shave your head, what is your point?” Minho said with his usual un-amused/sarcastic tone.

You glared at him.

“Just kill that thing!”

“You know what? I could just leave you guys here like this” you say.

“What? No!” they all said at the same time.

Thomas who was closest to Minho nudged him.


“Apologize to her!” the three desperate guys said.

“Ok! Ok! I’m sorry, Y/N. Please help us” he said and gave you puppy dog eyes.

You rolled your eyes and then carried on with the squashing of the bug.

“Oh thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Thomas said and gave you a hug.

“What would we do without you?” Newt says and ruffles your hair.

“Cry and scream?” you reply.


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“What are you two doing” Hermione asked easing an eyebrow at you and Ron who had your backs against the wall. Both your faces were ghostly white in fear.

Ron pointed a shaky finger toward the floor.
“It’s a… its a”.

“Spider!” You finished shakily.

Hermione looked down and spotted the eight legged creature.
“Honestly you two” Hermione rolled her eyes then picked up the arachnid.
You gasped horrified and Ron’s jaw fell completely open.
“I’ll get rid of it” Hermione sighed “now stop your shaking and get out of the corner. Both of you!”.

Scientists revive microscopic water bears after 30 years of deep freeze    

These eight-legged, microscopic creatures are probably the hardiest animals in existence, able to live through extreme heat, cold, pressure, radiation, and even the vacuum of space. Now, these water-dwelling critters have set a new personal best, with cryobiologists from Japan successfully reviving a tardigrade after it had been frozen for more than 30 years. What’s more, the defrosted creatures even managed to reproduce; with one laying 19 eggs of which 14 successfully hatched.

An Unlikely Matchmaker-Phan

Genre: Fluff, pure fluff

Words:  1527

Warnings:  Will make you puke glitter its so cute 

Summary: Pastel!Dan never knew that a little eight legged creature could bring him together with the cutie next door, Punk!Phil. 

A/N Ugh , this sucks ass but whatever i’m posting it anyways

It was a beautiful London afternoon in the middle of April. The birds were chirping, children were laughing , and Dan Howell was screaming.

“NOPENOPENOPENOPENOPENOPENOPENOPE” The young boy yelled as he backed up to the tiled wall. No there wasn’t an axe murderer in the bathtub. No there wasn’t a wild bear ready to attack. It was something much smaller. The size of an american penny in fact. It was a completely harmless house spider.

Dan, in fact,  had arachnophobia. This meant pretty much that spiders scared the living shit out of him. Only living on his own for about three months now, he had never encountered a spider in till now.

Shrieking , Dan runs out of his bathroom into the living room. He grabs his keys and exits his apartment, walking to the apartment next door. Dan reluctantly knocks, fixing his flower crown that lies on top of his head. After a minute, a ebony haired man answers the door. The man was wearing a muse t-shirt , had tattoo sleeves, a blue streak in his fringe, and piercings: canine bites and a nose ring. Dan was intrigued by the older man, wanting to get to know him better.

“Hey… aren’t you new to the complex?” The man asked, arms crossed. His blue eyes sparkled in the fluorescent lights of the hallway. Dan becomes lost in the tattooed mans eyes, almost hypnotized by the sight. After realizing he was staring, he answers the man’s question.

“Yeah… I moved here about 3 months ago. My name is Dan.  Dan Howell.” The younger boy bites his lip and looks down at his own pastel doc martens.

“Cool. My name is Phil. Phil Lester” Dan looks up at Phil, their eyes meeting for a couple seconds. Phil soon breaks the silence.

“Well…what brings you to my doorstep Dan?” The brunette takes a deep breath.  

Fuck, I am going to make myself look like a total loser in front of a potential boyfriend.

“Well… thereisabigassspiderinmybathtubandIhaveabadcaseofararacnophobiaandIwaswonderingifyoucouldkillitforme?”

Phil lets out a little chuckle, blushing a little bit.

“Slow down cutie, all I could understand from that was ‘ kill it for me’ so… “

Dans eyes open wide

Did he just call me cutie?

“Pretty much I am scared of spiders and I want you to kill the little shit”

Phil bites his lip and raises an eyebrow.

“Sure, cutie. Lead me their.”

Phil puts his hand out for Dan to hold. Dan hesitates but he soon grasps the man’s hand and leads him to his apartment. As they enter, Phil gasps in awe.

“Your apartment is beautiful, Dan! I love it”

Dan smiles a hundred miles wide

Dan drags the older man to the bathroom, letting go of his hand and hiding behind the door.

“Its in the bathtub. Just… PLEASE KILL THE FUCKING THING!”

“Okay cutie, whatever you say”

Phil takes off his black combat boot and inches toward the bathtub. When he gets to the porcelynn tub, he sees the eight legged creature crawling all around.

“Die yah lil fuck”

With that, he slams the shoe on the spider, causing Dan to jump. Phil lifts up the boot and throws the dead arachnid into the trash.

“Is it dead?”

“Yes , my love.”

Dan slowly creeps out from behind the door, seeing Phil as he puts his shoe back on. The boy walks over to the man, who is now  standing up, and looks up at him.

“Thank you.”

“No problem.”

Phil clears his throat.

“So… I was thinking… would you like to go to starbucks with me?”

Dan blushes


“So… lets go!”


They walk into the crowded coffee shop and walk up to counter, hand in hand.

“Hi! What would you boys like today?”

Dan smiles and looks at Phil.

“Well we would like two venti caramel macchiatos, extra sugar in his.”

“What are your names?

“My names Phil and his is Dan”

“Will that be all for you today?”


“Your total will be €5.95”

Phil goes to take his wallet out of his pocket, but Dan stops his hand.

“I got it.”

He takes out his pink leather wallet and takes out 6 pounds, handing the money to the cashier.

“Keep the change”

Phil wraps his arm around Dan’s slim waist and leads them to a table.

“So… what type of things do you like ,Dan?”

“Lets see…I like tumblr, My Chemical Romance,Muse, Attack On Titan…you know, normal things.”

Phil grins.

“You like muse too? Whats your favourite album? Mines ‘Origin Of Symmetry’.”

“Same, oh my fucking god!”

“What’s your tumblr, Dan?”


“Cool, i’ll follow you. Mines amazingphil”

The two boys talk for a couple more minutes until they are interrupted by the lady at the counter.

“Two caramel macchiatos for Dan and Phil!”

They both grab their drinks and walk out of the glass doors of Starbucks.

“So… where do you want to go?”

“Well there is this water fountain two blocks away we can go to if you want?”

“That sounds like fun! So lets go!”

They both walk to the fountain , still holding hands, talking about the random shit they were talking about before.

“So that was the time when Chris accidentally asked out a girl when he was drunk, even though he is gay as fuck” As Phil finishes his story, the couple gets to the white fountain.

“Hey, maybe we should get my friend PJ with him? They would be perfect together to be honest”

“That would be fun”

The two sit down on the edge of the fountain, Dan cuddling into Phils shoulder.

“Hey, do you want to take a selfie?”

“Sure babe.”

Phil pecks Dan on the lips and puts his arm around his shoulder,

Dan grabs his iphone from his pocket and goes to his camera.

“Say cheese!”

They both smile and the camera shutter goes off.
“Ugh, we are too perfect for eachother”

“I know right?”

They just sit there for hours, talking about their lives. Before they knew it, their drinks were gone and it was pitch black outside.

“Phil, I had a really fun time. This is actually the first time I have been out in months.”  

“Me too.”

Phil then does the unthinkable. He connects their lips together. Dan is filled with shock for a second, but soon complies and places his arms around Phil’s neck. They disconnect after a moment and just stare at eachother.

“How bout you stay the night at my place? It will be really fun.”

Dan smiles


Phil then calls a cab.  As they were waiting, they just stared into eachothers eyes. Sooner or later, it gets their.

“Get in the cab , you lovebirds” the cabbie playfully yells out the window. The voice was very familiar to Phil. It almost sounded like his friend Chris.

Phil pushes that thought aside and gets in the cab with Dan.

“Hey Phil.” the cabbie says . Phil looks at him and what does he know. It was the one and only Chris Kendall

“I see that Phil ‘ im too cool for love’ Lester has found a cute little boy toy”

“Shut the fuck up Chris”


“Okay, so Dan this is Chris, Chris this is Dan.”

Dan smirks

“So I heard about your accidental girlfriend from last year”

“Fucking hell Phil” Chris mumbles under his breath.

“ What? Am I not allowed to embarrass my best friend for the entertainment for my boyfriend” Phil makes sure to emphasize on ‘boyfriend’

“Whatever, so do you want me to drive you guys to your apartment?”

“That would be great”

The whole ride , Dan , Phil , and Chris just talked about everything from embarrassing experiences to hot guys.

Sadly, their chat came to an end when they pulled up to Dan and Phil’s apartment building.

“Oh no. We are here” Chris says “I guess I will just message you Phil in the morning”

“Okay , Chris”

Phil pops the door open and steps out, holding it open for Dan.

“My majesty.”

Dan giggles and steps out of the cab, immediately being picked up by Phil bridal style.

“Use protection!” Chris screams out the window. Phil just rolls his eyes and continues to carry Dan to his flat. When they get inside , Phil brings Dan to his bed room, setting him down on the bed.

“ Do you want a shirt you can sleep in?”


Phil grabs a MCR shirt and throws it to Dan. Dan immediately takes off his clothes, except his boxers, and pulls on the shirt Phil gave him.

“You look hella cute in my clothes omg”

“Thank you Phil.”

The older boy does the same as Dan, except putting on a shirt with cats, and lays down in his bed.

“Come over and cuddle with me, don’t be shy.”

Dan crawls over and buries his head into Phils chest, feeling him breathe in and out.

“You know I love you , right?”

“Yep. I do too Phil”

“I know.”

And right then,  Dan drifts off into sleep, with all of he wonderful memories of that day.

Who knew that a pesky little house spider could bring two people together?


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Amusement is everything that can be seen written on his face, for he has a sight he won’t forget in his life time: when would he ever see one of the oldest and bravest people on earth with this reaction again ?  Sissel, his dearest friend shaking like a leaf and cursing like a sailor over a diminute, harmless insect. A tragedy, really, to see that his wonderful lioness act like a cub over an eight legged creature. Still, he’s not one to judge over phobias — instead, decides to swiftly approach her from behind, arms loosely folded over his chest, mouth tentatively next to her ear.

             — it is most likely more afraid of you than you are of it, love.  


An Unlikely Matchmaker

Genre: Fluff

Words:  1527

Warnings:  Will make you puke glitter its so cute ( also it references the vday video so… )

Summary: Pastel!Dan never knew that a little eight legged creature could bring him together with the cutie next door, Punk!Phil. 

A/n: So this was meant to be for the Phandom Big Bang, but it was too short so I submitted it here instead. Hope you like it ^_^

extra tags: Pastel, pastel!dan, punk!phil

“this is totally awkward considering before this the only interactions we’ve ever had have been casual nods to each other in the hallway but there’s a huge fucking spider in my bath tub and you seem like the friendly neighbor type please help me” au

Feat. Pinescone, Teacher!Wirt, Older!Dipper, Teen!Greg

(A/N: THIS IS NOT BETA READ. I REPEAT, THIS IS NOT BETA READ. There may be some spelling mistakes or something along those lines.)

Wirt was freaking out—no, he was beyond that. He was flipping his shit.

There, sitting in his usual pristine clean tub, sat a wicked eight legged creature. Wirt had no idea what to do. The spider was humongous and it looked at Wirt with biddy eyes, that seemed to follow him everywhere. The English teacher flailed his arms around in panic and carded a hand through his disheveled hair.

“Oh goodness, what do I do?” he said, looking back at the spider that seemed frozen in its place. Wirt shivered in disgust as he noticed the creature’s yellowish body.

“It’s so disgusting…” He murmured fearfully.  

Wirt walked out the bathroom, and closed the door, hoping that the spider wouldn’t get out now that he closed the door. He quickly went to his living room and picked up his satchel, he grabbed his phone out of it. He unlocked the phone and called the one person who he knew he could count on.

“Hi Wirt!” The voice called through the cellar device.

Wirt smiled. “Hi Greg, listen. I need your advice on how to get rid of a spider.”

“A spider? Why don’t you squish it with a shoe?” Greg questioned. Wirt held back a groan at the through of killing the spider with his shoes. The spider with ridiculously huge and there was no way he was killing the thing. He shivered at the thought of killing the monstrous insect.

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Pavor Nocturnus

I think I have discovered a new emotion. I’ve called it fear for so long, it comes to haunt me each night like ceiling stains that turn to monsters if you stare at them long enough. As a kid, I had a hard time sympathizing with other kids my age because their monsters lie waiting underneath their bed. Mine stared right back at me.

Everyone else learned to feel safe hiding under a blanket while I had to learn to stop trembling in night air and thunder. Dull footsteps outside the bedroom door was apparently something to be afraid of, I learned much later. Because as a kid, I had a habit of opening doors to soft knocks on mahogany. When branches scratched on window panes, everyone else saw the claws while I flung them wide open. Because I was always the kid who crushed eight-legged creatures in the schoolyard as all the other girls ran screaming back inside. And when I am left alone, I’d take the mangled, sticky thing in my hands to place carefully on a leaf. I presided over more funerals than the local priests ever did in an entire lifetime.

I imagine the grown-ups’ faces twisted with confusion because I was never afraid of the dark. My favorite color has always been black after all. They thought I was fearless. But they didn’t know my heart like I did. And it fluttered faster than hummingbird wings. Because I never knew how to hide. I have always been the seeker. As a kid, I was afraid that I wasn’t afraid of what others feared. That there was never anyone behind closed doors after the knock.