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St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Missouri, November 12, 1911 

Billie Burke was the wife of Florenz Ziegfeld (Ziegfeld follies). She acted on broadway, film (like Dinner at Eight) and on radio (the Billie Burke Show), maybe best known as Glinda the Good Witch of the North in the Wizard of Oz. Here she explains what she says “Titian blondes” should and shouldn’t wear.

no but now that we’re talking about ace/aro interpretations of the Doctor and the possibility that romantic affections are an attempt to “mimic” eir human friends I feel a strong desire to talk about my favorite evidence for this

everybody makes a big deal of the tv movie kiss and how it was the first act of the sort that the Doctor did and this is just so darn notable wow

do you know what happened right after that first kiss

do you

do you remember what some of the first words out of Grace Holloway’s mouth were, to an anesthetic-addled, newly-regenerated (a state which has historically proved to be a time of imprinting and being easily influenced for the rest of a regeneration), confused Doctor who had quite literally latched onto her and followed her home like a little lost puppy dog because ey remembered her from the night before and assumed she could be a friend?

“Do that again!”

Grace I think I can understand your reaction but you realize this is all your fault like I’m pretty sure that line right there is exactly why Eight runs around kissing people for the rest of that incarnation 

the exact thought process was probably along the lines of

“Grace is helping me! Grace is a friend! I like friends! Friends are good, I’m going to assume friends know what to do b/c I’m really confused right now!

…Grace likes kisses?

Friends like kisses! Kisses must be good! Better note that one for future reference!”

“It was on the planet Skaro that my old enemy, the Master, was finally put on trial. They say he listened calmly as his list of evil crimes was read and sentence passed. Then he made his last, and I thought somewhat curious, request. He demanded that I, the Doctor, a rival Time Lord, should take his remains back to our home planet — Gallifrey. It was a request they should never have granted.”

Doctor Who: The Movie.


“Of Conduct and Procedure: Multi-Faceted”

Fourth Installment, dedicated to @katiethemstie

Originally, the Eighth Doctor was all over this, but the fic evolved so that he doesn’t actually make himself physically known. He’s just talked about a lot. He’ll be present in a future installment, I’m sure, so for those of you who were looking forward to seeing him, don’t be disappointed. And for my Classic Who fans, look! It’s Seven!

The TARDIS was in between stages. She had changed a lot, under Seven’s watch, and at this point in her timeline, she was still a mix between the more sterile aura that Six had left behind and the dim-lit, paper-and-tea-scented, homey place she would be by time Seven would start losing his hair (which was a terrible shame, considering the Doctor’s tradition of keeping a fabulous head of hair through all his regenerations, but then again, who was Nine to judge?).

At the moment, though, Seven was still in his younger years and still the keeper of a full head of hair. And he was calmly preparing mint tea like it was nobody’s business, which was mostly true, seeing as the only other person in the TARDIS with him was… himself.

“So, what is the matter?” Seven asked. Nine immediately wanted to call Seven out on his placating tone, because I was you and I remember and I practically invented that tone of voice so don’t you dare use that on me, but he found himself… placated. Well, as much as he remembered being Seven, he had forgotten how good Seven was at this. This, being… well, whatever it was. “It must be something important if you crossed timelines to talk to yourself about it.”

“We met a girl,” said Nine.

“Oh, dear, that’s awfully specific,” Seven snarked casually, shifting the kettle. “Please, be more vague so that we can include basically every day of our lives and ninety-five percent of our companions.”

“Shut it. I’m the one who’s supposed to be a snark, not you,” Nine said. He would have been amused if he wasn’t in such a foul temper.

“Hmph. I can be whatever I want to be.” Seven shifted the kettle again, more out of habit than necessity, since moving the tea kettle did absolutely nothing. “So, tell me. What’s so important about the girl.”

“We love her.” Sometimes blunt really was the way to go, especially with one’s own self.

“We do?” Seven looked as startled as he had ever been, which was saying something, considering how many times he had gotten a gun pointed in his face. Really should be a bit more wary of guns, Nine thought, remembering Seven’s unfortunate and honestly stupid end, but it wasn’t as if he could warn his younger self, so he stayed silent on that matter. Seven stared Nine down, looking for some hint as to his future self’s meaning, and he must have found it genuine, because he suddenly went slack in his seat and said, “Oh, my. We do.”


Seven’s eyes darted aimlessly before settling on Nine’ shoe. “So. Love. I never thought….”

“Neither did I,” Nine agreed, bobbing his head in a nod. “But she’s fantastic.”

A small smile lit Seven’s face. “So, did you come just to tell me the big news, or did you need something? Not that news like that isn’t enough. I won’t be able to remember it, but I’ll still have that sensation of looking forward to something. Thank you.”

“S’pose I should tell the others,” Nine pondered, before shaking himself. “But I’m here because… well, I did something stupid.”

“Oh, of course,” Seven groaned. “I may not be particularly knowledgeable of your regeneration, seeing as you do come sometime after me, but I think I can guess that it was something you said. Our talent with words doesn’t seem to last past myself.”

“It does, though,” corrected the Ninth with a sneer. “It lasts through Eight, that’s for certain.”

For a moment or two, Seven was pleased, before he noticed Nine’s sneer of disdain. “Oh, dear. What does this have to do with Eight?”

“Well, y’see, it started…” Nine leaned forward, and so did Seven, both looking as though they were about to divulge the secrets of the universe. “Um… Oh, this is weird. Thing is, she’s human.”

“Human?” echoed Seven, his eyebrows shooting up to his hairline. “Well, I suppose that’s… very much like us, to give our affections to a human. I never really considered it, I don’t think.”

“You will.”

“Hm. So, what’s it like? Loving a… a human.”

“Fantastic.” Nine smiled. “Not like those Gallifreyan ladies. She’s not full of it, actin’ better’n I am ’cause-a station. She’s jus’… her. Wants to see the whole universe. I get to show her everythin’. And she tries so hard, jus’t’be alive. Harder’n any Gallifreyan in history ever bothered to.”

A warm, toasty feeling started to crackle to life between Seven’s hearts. “That sounds… wonderful.”

“Is. Problem, though,” admitted Nine.

Seven turned to gather two teacups from the cabinet. Nine looked at the delicate cups with some level of amusement. They didn’t really suit him or Seven, but they had been around for so long, he couldn’t imagine getting rid of them. He hadn’t dared to take them out around you, but now that he thought about it, maybe you would find them as funny as he did.

“Of course there is,” said Seven, snatching the kettle off the burner (and, really, was that a Bunsen burner? Why did he even own one of those, much less make tea on it?). “Go on.”

“Well, being human, she doesn’t really know about the courtin’ procedures,” Nine admitted. Seven saw where the conversation was going and immediately groaned and allowed his head to bump against the cabinet door with a dull thud. “My thoughts exactly. And the worst part is’at I’m not all that good at courtin’ in the first place. I tried a few little things, messed the last one up horribly.”

“Double down,” Seven mused. “So you want me to help–” and then Seven paused, because the whole conversation clicked in his mind like the final piece of a jigsaw puzzle. “Eight is good with words, you said. You went to him for help.”

“Yeah,” said Nine. “Eight is… well, you’ll understand when you’re him, but it seemed like the perfect plan. He’s good with that sort of… thing. Women, I guess. He practically memorized the courting procedures, and he’s very… charming, y’could say, so I thought it would work.”

“What would work? You didn’t… oh. You did.”

“I took ’er t’see’im,” Nine admitted, scrubbing a palm down his face and covering his eyes. Seven scooted a cup of freshly-brewed tea under the other Doctor’s rather prominent nose. The steam rose up and wetted Nine’s skin. “It seemed like a good idea. He was so lonely, y’know. That body wanted love more’n any o’ the others did, so I thought he would be the most willing to help. Was a bit too willing.”

“Ah.” Seven sipped his tea and instantly regretted it. The liquid was scalding. “So.”

“He was all over her!” Nine exclaimed, suddenly throwing both hands into the air. If he hadn’t been feeling so tired, he might have jumped out of his chair to pace, as well. “I swear, second I told him who she was to us, he practically ran over and snogged her right then and there.”

“Well, you did say he wanted love more than the rest of us, and that’s saying something, considering how much we’ve wanted a… a bond-mate, over the centuries.”

Nine scoffed. “Either way, he was ridiculous. Eight’s very tactile, no sense of personal space, so I was expecting him to get a bit touchy with her, but he had her sitting on his lap. On his lap, hear me? I’ve known her for years, few weeks ago I finally get her to lie down on the couch with me, and in less than five minutes he’s got her on his lap, holding his hand. Oh, n’his hands were everywhere. On her face, in her hair, on her thigh, blast it. And she didn’t stop ’im, either.”

“Why would you want her to?” Seven asked, confused. “He’s us, he was forward enough to initiate courting touches, and she accepted. That’s perfect. What’s the problem?”

“She’s human, Doctor,” said Nine, frowning. “From a Gallifreyan woman, that might have been perfect, but she’s human. To her, it wasn’t me. It was a man who was more handsome and better spoken than me, touching her, and she was fine with it.”

“So you didn’t tell her that you and Eight are the same person? That we’re all the Doctor, despite our differences?” asked Seven, who was beginning to wonder if his counterpart had lost some brain cells through regeneration.

“Of course I did, but–”

“But nothing!” Seven cut his future self off abruptly. “You explained to her that Eight is you, she met Eight, and she accepted his courting offers. Maybe she doesn’t know the first thing about courting procedures, but it sounds to me as if he was making himself rather obvious. If she accepted it from him, then she accepted it from you, just as much as from me and all of us who come before and after.”

Nine was silent.

“I don’t know how your regeneration thinks,” Seven continued, voice much softer, “but I don’t think we would fall in love with a girl who wouldn’t love all of us. If she is who I hope she is, then she knows that we’re all… us. If she accepted Eight, she accepted us all, and that includes you, in case you didn’t notice. Now, stop being a jealous sod and go to her.”

Slowly, Nine eased his way out of his chair. His eyes wandered over the TARDIS’s mixed interior, obviously recalling when it had been his, what had come before and what would come after. Then he looked down at Seven, and Seven saw a light in his eyes that hadn’t been there before.

“I’d better get back to her, then,” Nine said, a smile playing at his lips but not coming all the way through. “Y’know… seems t’me like ya understand it all better than I do, and you haven’t even met her yet.”

“Maybe so,” Seven admitted, shrugging. He dipped his head down to take a sip of tea, but, remembering the perfectly unacceptable temperature, he refrained. “Still, would you give her my love?”

The smile turned into a full grin. “Aye. I’ll do that.”

And just like that, Nine swiftly escaped from Seven’s TARDIS and into the rough terrain of whatever planet they had agreed to meet each other on. Seven knew that Nine’s TARDIS couldn’t be far away, which meant that you were probably close by. He stamped down the temptation to follow Nine, to catch a glimpse of you, or maybe just to hear your voice. He wanted to know. As confident as he had acted for his counterpart’s sake, he didn’t know anything about you, and he wished… he just wanted to know something about you. Anything.

Someday, he thought, sipping the tea that had finally cooled, someday.

He would have to forget all of this. If he didn’t, it would cause a paradox. But there was nothing saying that he had to forget immediately. He could keep the memory for a day, or two. Maybe… maybe, if he kept the memory overnight, he would dream of you. Yes. Just overnight, and then he would make himself forget. Until then, though… he could imagine.

A Doctor Who Christmas Idea

i’m still so furious about them recasting bill hartnell. his era came with a certain magic that you just can’t recreate and dragging him straight out of his last story when he’s been dead for years is just so disrespectful. here’s an idea for a multi story christmas episode: paul mcgann !!!

ik the point of bringing one back is the message of change but how about we uncover a story from eights era with the same message. it would be perfect ! we would get to see more of eight, who is amazing and with so little screen time, we’d would be disrespecting or mucking with the first doctor’s era, AND JUST FREAKING IMAGINE HOW AMAZING MCGANN AND CAPALDI WOULD WORK TOGETHER. two of the most extraordinary, explosive actors who’ve ever played the doctor. honestly i think it would be a match made in heaven and i really wish it was what we were getting as opposed to this rubbish.

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So have you read any of the Eighth Doctor's comic adventures from the DWM archives? They're said to be the cream of the crop of DWM's comic strips, and they're pretty fun adventures with a fun set of companions. Also Eight pretty much never gets amnesia or suffers from depressing horrific crap all the time like every other medium, so it could either be a breath of fresh air or significantly lacking int he drama department, depending on your overall outlook on the charm of Eight's era.

“Also Eight pretty much never gets amnesia or suffers from depressing horrific crap all the time“ BETRAYAL! DISGRAAAAAAACE The truth is, I’ve wanted to read them for quite a long time, but I can’t find them anywhere. :(

You know what I’d like to see? Canon era trans boy Enjolras.

Canon era trans boy Enjolras who is ‘as cold as ice’ because getting close to too many people would put him in danger.

Canon era trans boy Enjolras who has only ever gone by his surname; the Amis don’t question it, and before long everyone is only going by their surnames. Nobody ever asks.

Canon era trans boy Enjolras who falls in love with the infuriatingly intelligent cynic of the group but treats him harshly because god, to love Grantaire could cost him everything.

Canon era trans boy Enjolras who has only ever confided in Combeferre and Courfeyrac, who keep him close and guard his secret with their lives.

Canon era trans boy Enjolras who doesn’t fear death, and doesn’t fear the horrors of revolution, but fears being seen as a woman by society and having his voice stripped from him because this is the 1800’s, and he’s seen how women are treated by society.

Canon era trans boy Enjolras who is so uncomfortable and cold around women because he is trying desperately to distance himself from womanhood.

Canon era trans boy Enjolras who’s parents have no idea he’s involved in the revolution until their 'sweet daughter’ turns up amid the bodies, dressed in a waistcoat and eight bullet wounds.

Canon era trans boy Enjolras.

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Am I allowed to ask you your favorite hella dirty smut fics for Stucky? Like is this request happening? I dunno, I think it is.


Okay so first there’s this fic rec list which has a few of my old favorites. And then we’ve got the NEW STUFF: 

Pliable by Zetsubonna - is probably my favorite smut of all time. Also, if you haven’t already read literally everything by Zetsubonna, I highly recommend that. (post-WS)

She Houses Tornadoes by Triedunture - This one is Steve/BuckyPeggy and it is outrageously hot. There’s spanking, ya feel? (WW2 Era)

Eight Pager by Triedunture - Steve sketches dirty pictures, Bucky wears lingerie. Really, what more could you want? 

There’s My Territory by Dira Sudis - Steve/Bucky/Sam AND Buck in lingerie. There is literally no losing with this one. (post-WS)

Embers Not Ashes by BewareTheIdes15 - Just. Bucky taking it up the ass and loving it. That. I need so much of that, and let me tel you - this fic delivers. (prewar)

The Pugilists by ipoiledi - What can I even say about this? Rough sex, guys. Who wouldn’t want that? (post-WS)

Make up words to songs you used to know by This Girl Is (non_sequential) - SEX POLLEN. WITH FEELINGS. This is the sex-pollen fic you’ve always wanted to read. (post-WS)

Accidentally on Purpose by Nekare & Notallbees - Do you want REALLY HOT PORN that will also MAKE YOU SMILE AND FEEL LIKE SUNSHINE AND DAISIES INSIDE? Yes you do. Read this. (prewar)

No Sun Up In the Sky by Notallbees - You know everything you’ve ever wanted out of a prewar Stucky first time fic? Bedsharing? Unexpected handjobs? Steve paying rent in ways Bucky doesn’t approve of? Hot weather?? Boom. This. All of this. (prewar; series)

italics and small spaces by notquiteaghost - Steve and Bucky screwing around in an airport bathroom, okay?? Also! This one is awesome because of trans!Steve. Yeah. Hell yeah. (post-WS)

Two Boys At Play by Reserve and Robokittens - Okay, so, first of all: porn, obviously. Secondly - this is an awesome dark character study of Steve and Bucky’s relationship with dom/sub dynamics. I’m completely addicted. (prewar; series)

Ouroboros by bob-genghis-khan - Okay. You asked for hella dirty, so I’d like to offer you skinny Steve autofellatio. I didn’t know I wanted this, and then I read it, and everything was wonderful. (prewar; series)

Air Raid by bob-genghis-khan - Another Steve/Bucky/Peggy! And everyone is mean to Bucky and it’s the best kind of mean. (ww2 era)

A Piece of Silly Affection by Reccea - Steve Rogers. With a beard. Hell yeah. (post-WS)

the eighth dr?? nah what the fuck eight’s run is like all eu, eight’s for fucking losers— [trips] [hundreds of thousands of pictures of paul mcgann spill out of jacket] f-for fucking gay loser nerds ahhaha [gathering them up frantically sweating] listen i just listen fuck [thousands of copies of the edas scatter across the floor] shit fcuk im holding them for a friend just listen

  • DOCTOR: Don't worry, it's bigger on the inside.
  • CASS: What did you say? Bigger on the inside, is that what you said?
  • DOCTOR: Yes. Come on, you'll love it.
  • CASS: Is this a Tardis?
  • DOCTOR: Yes, but you'll be perfectly safe, I promise you.
  • CASS: Don't touch me!
  • DOCTOR: I'm not part of the war. I swear to you, I never was.
  • CASS: You're a Time Lord.
  • DOCTOR: Yes, I'm a Time Lord, but I'm one of the nice ones.
  • CASS: Get away from me!
  • DOCTOR: I came out to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now