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Top 20 Favorite Films of 2015

Just as the title says! I saw way more films this year than last year so obviously it was a lot harder picking favorites. I almost decided to increase the list to 25 but eventually opted against it. Also this list is going by 2015 USA release dates or whatever I happened to see at a festival in 2015. Before I start the countdown here are a few films I really loved that didn’t quite make the cut.

Honorable mentions: The Tribe; Phoenix; Tag; Magic Mike XXL; Nasty Baby; Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter; White God; Tangerine; Heaven Knows What; In Jackson Heights

But anyway, here is the list of my favorite films of 2015 with a few, simple words on each.

20. The Diary of a Teenage Girl (dir. Marielle Heller)

As John Waters said in his top of the year list, this is a film that deals with sex between teens and adults that manages not to be creepy or unintelligent. I always hate when I’m watching films about sex and the actual sex is sugar coated or portrayed in a prudish manner. Thankfully, it’s not only incredibly frank about its subject matter, it’s also incredibly heartfelt (in part from the fantastic lead performance of Bel Powley). I went into this expecting another typical American indie comedy and instead got something incredibly funny, sweet and actually kind of edgy. 

19. Goodnight Mommy (dir. Veronika Franz, Severin Fiala)

When both my girlfriend and I were able to figure out the twist of this horror mystery film about halfway through its running time, neither of us expected to enjoy it nearly as much as we did… but by the time it ended we were floored. In a strange way, knowing the twist only added to the last incredibly disturbing, unpredictable and horrifying third of the film. And in many ways it made it only scarier, so much so that I wonder if it was intentional that we were able to figure it out? Regardless, there were gasps and screams in the theater and they definitely weren’t unwarranted. This film about two young boys who question their unrecognizable mother’s true identity gets pretty damn freaky. 

18. Tokyo Tribe (dir. Sion Sono)

Sion Sono is one of our greatest living filmmakers. So when I say a Sono film isn’t among his best work, you can still count on it being a hundred times more interesting than most people’s entire body of work. In this case, Sono crafted an insane, sloppy, brilliant and totally hysterical rap battle musical. The rapping itself isn’t all that great but I could care less. This is a blast from start to finish! Shot in a floating, god-like perspective we move from scene to scene as the film only builds in insanity, vulgarity and implausibility. But perhaps the best aspect of Tokyo Tribe is when the true intentions of its villain are revealed. I won’t spoil it here, but I always love films with high stakes (in this case warring gang tribes) which arise from something totally insignificant, as it only makes it more ridiculous. Far from perfect, but one of the most fun film experiences I had this year.

17. The Mend (dir. John Magary)

Definitely among the more underrated films on the list, this dry, (extremely) dark comedy explores something that I am personally fascinated with and tend to make films about myself: failed men. The Mend centers on two brothers who initially appear like polar opposites but are eventually both uncovered as pathetic, selfish and deeply angry individuals. Neither of them are very likeable but there are aspects of them that are vey relatable (in a scary way). Although I did frequently laugh during this film, most of the humor was so cringe-worthy and uncomfortable I wasn’t able to make a peep. It’s also incredibly well crafted, well paced and consistently manages to be visually interesting. 

16.  Mustang (dir. Deniz Gamze Ergüven)

What an absolutely phenomenal debut feature! Despite some big flaws (all the girls kind of blend together at the beginning of the film) I was so moved by this film I forgave all its problems. Mustang is about a group of sisters in Turkey whose home starts turning into a sort of prison as they are forbidden from interacting with the outside world for fear that they might ruin themselves before marriage. It manages to be inspiring without being sappy, and political without being in-your-face. The emotions of the film totally snuck up on me, and sure enough before the credits started I was tearing up. This is a fantastic feminist work of art that of course reflects the current cultural climate of Turkey but is also very universal. 

15. Anomalisa (dir. Charlie Kaufman, Duke Johnson)

Charlie Kaufman needs to be given every possible resource he needs so that he can make as many films as possible before he dies. The fact that he’s only directed 2 films is an absolute crime. Perhaps this isn’t as moving or as ambitious as Synecdoche, New York but it’s not trying to be. It’s a smaller, more intimate film that revolves around a motivational speaker who meets a woman in a hotel who seems to breath new life into him. Anomalisa is a stop motion film and it actually incorporates the puppetry of the main character into his breakdowns and fantasies. It’s a deeply sad film but one that abstains from being cynical. It also has the best sex scene of the year. Go figure. 

14. Taxi (dir. Jafar Panahi)

Iranian director Jafar Panahi was banned from filmmaking in his home country in 2010. Since then he’s made 3 feature films. Taxi is not only his best film under the ban, it’s also one of Panahi’s best films in general. The entire movie takes place inside a taxi cab as Mr. Panahi himself drives, picks up passengers, meets up with old friends and watches as his niece makes a film herself for a class project. It wasn’t until after the film ended that I realized the entire thing was staged. Taxi serves both as a meta discussion on the kind of society that would lock up and censor one of its best filmmakers (the ending of this film is heartbreaking given Panahi’s situation) as well as an incredibly sweet and intimate portrait of the people of modern Iran, the kind you won’t see in any western media outlets. The fact that this film exists at all is stunning, but the fact that it’s as good and engaging as it is is even more stunning. 

13. The World of Kanako (dir. Tetsuya Nakashima)

Without a doubt the most vile, repulsive, disturbing and transgressive film on this list, The World of Kanako is a mad whirlwind of violence and mayhem that doesn’t slow down once for the length of its two hour running time. We follow an ex-detective as he searches for his daughter and starts slowly falling down the rabbit hole of the pitch black world she inhabits. The editing is slick and quick as we are constantly jumping between 3 different timelines, trying to piece together just what happened to Kanako. What’s revealed is beyond perverse, as even our protagonist is shown to be as disgusting and amoral as any of the villains he’s chasing. Cinematically explosive (every trick in the book is pulled out in this film) and totally degenerate, I couldn’t help but get sucked into one of the most fascinating and exhausting films of the year. 

12. Victoria (dir. Sebastian Schipper)

At 138 minutes, Victoria is the longest single shot narrative film ever made. One might be worried that this gimmick would be distracting to everything else in the movie, but it isn’t.  The characters and their performances make the journey incredibly real and emotional (Laia Costa as Victoria was my favorite performance of 2015) . There were times where I even forgot that I was watching something done in one take. I don’t wanna give away too much about the plot because going in completely ignorant will probably lead to a much better viewing experience. I will say that this is the kind of naturalistic filmmaking I really admire. One where extraordinary events take place, but not a single moment feels untruthful. 

11. The Revenant (dir. Alejandro González Iñárritu)

As much as I really enjoyed Birdman, I didn’t quite think it was on par with some of Iñárritu’s best previous work (Biutiful and Babel are two favs of mine). However, The Revenant is without question one of his strongest and most impactful films. Teaming up a second time with Emmanuel Lubezki (arguably the greatest cinematographer currently working), together they crafted an absolute visual masterwork. The entire film could have have been silent and the story would have been as clear as day. DeCaprio also delivers the best performance of his career, achieving an almost Mifune-level over-the-top-ness that is constantly intense but never becomes cheesy. Out of all the films on this list, this one begs to be seen on a big screen. It’s a true spectacle. 

10. The Look of Silence (dir. Joshua Oppenheimer)

Oppenheimer’s follow-up to his masterful The Act of Killing is just as brilliant and perhaps even more powerful. Once again focusing on the Indonesian genocide of 1965, but instead from the point of view of a victim’s family. The brother of a murdered “communist” confronts all the men directly or indirectly responsible for his brother’s death. A beautiful but haunting film that’s extremely difficult to shake off once you’ve seen it. 

9. The Forbidden Room (dir. Guy Maddin. co-dir. Evan Johnson) 

A solid quarter of the audience I saw this with walked out of it. Maddin is a true cinematic madman, willing to try and do absolutely anything in his films. It would be kind of pointless to try to describe this movie because there are a million stories in it and about a billion things that happen in it. A lumberjack ends up in a submarine, bananas come alive and tell a story, a man becomes so obsessed with butts that he has parts of his brain removed, skeletons force a lover to don a poison suit, a mustache has a dream… etc. etc. etc. All shown through grainy, kaleidoscope-esque images. Equally hilarious, destructive and insane, this is probably one of the strangest films I’ve ever seen. It’s bizarre even by Maddin’s standards. 

8. Mad Max: Fury Road (dir. George Miller)

I mean, what is left to say about this one? This film seems to be on absolutely everyone’s “best of” list this year (and if it’s not I’m assuming that person either hasn’t seen it or is insane). It’s a masterpiece of the action genre. I’m not going to say much else about this one because if you have yet to see it, stop reading and go watch it. 

7. It Follows (dir. David Robert Mitchell)

This film has had me looking over my shoulder when I’m walking alone ever since I saw it. I’m one of those people who gets really scared by good horror. And man, this scared me like no other film I’ve seen recently. I’ve only just started watching more horror films (thanks to my girlfriend, who’s much more of a buff in the genre than I am) and this film definitely stands out as one of the best and most original American horror films in current memory. The concept of people -whom only you can see- following you no matter where you are and who are intent on killing you is terrifying enough, and thankfully this film is so well made that it truly is as scary as it sounds. 

6. World of Tomorrow (dir. Don Hertzfeldt)

The only short film I even considered to be on this list. Hertzfeldt has created yet another hilarious, emotional, and supremely intelligent film. He manages to pack more ideas into a single scene than many films can muster in their entire running times. A little girl is greeted by a 3rd generation clone of herself and is brought to the future, where she is shown and taught many extremely significant things… all at an age too young to fully grasp the information she’s given. By the end of this 17 minute journey, I was weeping. 

5. Wild Tales (dir. Damián Szifrón)

The opening scene of Wild Tales is the closest thing to Buñuel-style absurdity I’ve ever seen in a modern film. And the rest of the film is pretty great too! This dark comedic anthology film from Argentina really took me by surprise. It’s comprised of six unrelated stories that all deal with revenge taken to its most extreme, logical conclusion. I laughed so hard during this movie that the couple sitting in front of me in the theater moved seats. It’s extremely dark, at times absolutely absurd, beautifully shot and has a lot of fantastic social commentary that is very universal. One particular story about a man getting his car consistently towed is almost too relatable. 

4. The Lobster (dir. Yorgos Lanthimos)

I’ve been a committed fan of Yorgos Lanthimos since Dogtooth, so when I heard the basic concept for The Lobster a year or two ago I’ve been eagerly anticipating it. Having finally seen it, I can safely say that it’s definitely Yorgos Lanthimos’s best film yet. The story, revolving around a hotel where single people are forcibly sent in order to find a new mate (and are turned into animals if they don’t), is one of the best films about how completely ridiculous relationships can be. The whole movie is a brilliant breakdown of what makes something normal and how arbitrary the rules in our society often are. It’s a hilarious, beautifully made film and has the best overall acting of 2015. 

3. The Hateful Eight (dir. Quentin Tarantino) 

What’s already turning out to be Tarantino’s most divisive film also turned out to be one of my favorites by him, if not my absolute favorite (a 2nd viewing will tell). Yes, the 70mm roadshow version made the screening really special (complete with an intermission and overture) but aside all hype surrounding the format, this is one of the few times I’ve felt like Tarantino was commenting on something other than filmmaking (or past films) itself. The Hateful Eight deals with issues of misogyny, racism, the death of the American dream and how all of those things fit into the myth of the American west and how that relates to our current culture. Also, the fact that it’s as engaging as it is for a 3 hour movie that takes place mostly in one location and only has despicable characters is a miracle. I personally think this is Tarantino’s smartest, most subversive and most mature film yet. 

2. TIE 

Mommy (dir. Xavier Dolan)

Xavier Dolan knows how to craft classy melodramas. The emotions the characters go through in Mommy are massive and almost become over the top. But instead they are very real and very felt in the audience when watching it… at least for me they were! I cried and cried during this movie. It’s the most emotional experience I had during any film from 2015. However it’s not just beautiful and heartbreaking, it’s also a marvel of filmmaking, using a totally unique 1:1 aspect ratio (one that’s not reflected in the still I chose), featuring incredibly sincere uses of pop songs, and having some of the best cinematography of the year. 


A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence (dir. Roy Andersson)

2015 seemed to be a great year for absurdist comedies! Roy Andersson is one of our best living filmmakers and every film he makes is an absolute treasure. Pigeon is no exception. Meticulously crafted for years on end, Andersson can spend up to 5 weeks just creating a single shot (everything in Pigeon is shot on a soundstage as well, so the shots can look exactly as Andersson likes them to look). Andersson is also a champion against outdated concepts of traditional story structure, with his last 3 films focusing more on moments and situations rather than arcs or characters (although Pigeon is the most character driven of the trilogy, but not by much). This film is also hysterically funny, filled with macabre, absurd and surreal moments. While the other two films in his trilogy may have asked “Where are we now” this one asks “What do we do now?” The answer (if he even has one) isn’t always pretty, but it’s almost always funny. 

1. Entertainment (dir. Rick Alverson)

Entertainment takes Gregg Turkington’s infamous “Neil Hamburger” character (an aggressive, intentionally terrible meta stand up comedian he’s played since the 90s) and poses the question “What if he were a real person?” The result is one of the strangest, most horrifying and most cinematic films of the year. This film entered a very dark part of my consciousness and stayed there. We follow “the comedian” as he travels from shitty gig to shitty gig playing to audiences that couldn’t care less (or sometimes are even violent). He occasionally makes phone calls to a daughter we’re not even sure is real, he visits relatives he has nothing in common with and he takes awful tours of the desert to kill time between shows. It unfolds its themes and story (if you even wanna call it a story) visually, utilizing gorgeous widescreen cinematography that takes advantage of its Mojave desert landscapes. Entertainment is an uncompromising character study of what it means to be “entertainers”, the mask they use versus their inward emotions and the hollowness that can accompany artists (especially unsuccessful ones). The film starts slowly moving into the totally surreal, and by the end we don’t even know what’s reality and what’s not. This is the most unsettling film I’ve seen all year. It truly got under my skin and as painful as it can be, it’s a trip worth taking. Even if the destination of said trip is the center of hell. 

Braveten: A Witty and Spontaneous Writer

AO3 Profile


I bet everybody in the Yuri on Ice fandom already knows braveten. She’s only seventeen, but three of her works are already part of the top twenty Yuri on Ice fanfics that have garnered the most number of kudos in AO3. She is the writer who brought us All the World’s a Stage, Centripetal Force, The Fundamentals of Caring, and eight other entertaining stories. She has made us smile, laugh, cry, and has moved our hearts in a way that one can never forget.

Braveten couldn’t believe how surreal it is that many people enjoy her stories. She has always written for herself and for fun, so seeing that many people love her works is mindblowing. “And crazy exciting!!!” she adds.  “And also a little bit nerve-wracking, if I’m being honest. This show means a lot to me so knowing that I’ve had some sort of an impact on the fandom makes me really happy and I am super grateful!”

(We are grateful to you too, braveten.) However, aside from the stories she had written and her distinctly witty writing style, what else do we know about her? For the fans of braveten (and for those who don’t know her but are now interested), I have interviewed her and written this feature article for you.

Know more about the mastermind behind some of the fandom’s most beloved fics under the cut.

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CJAMM Series: Desire (Part Eight)

WC: 3669


              The turning of a page woke you from your sleep. Your eyes cracked open and you were taken aback to see that you weren’t in your apartment. The memories of last night came back to you and now remembered that you had stayed the night at Sung-Min’s. Making sure the sheet was still covering your nakedness, you sat forward, brushing your hair from your face. Another page turned. You turned your head slightly to see Sung-Min sitting at his cluttered desk, an all too familiar book in his hands.

“Hey!” You raised your voice, “What the hell are you doing?” Sung-Min didn’t spare you a glance and turned another page, “Some of these are pretty good, _____.” Irritated that someone, especially Sung-Min, had gotten into your lyric book without your permission, you dragged yourself off the bed, the sheet trailing behind you.

“This isn’t yours to read.” You seethed, ripping the book from his hands. Sung-Min scoffed and turned toward you, “So I’m good enough for you to screw but I can’t know what you’re thinking?” You stared at him in bewilderment, “Kind of the point of having a bed buddy, Sung-Min.”

           You turned away from him, heading toward your clothes, but the sheet suddenly disappeared from your body. Whipping around, your eyes followed the sheet to Sung-Min’s foot. He had stepped on it, causing it to fall from your body. His eyes were on you, a single brow raised and a smirk playing on his lips. You rolled your eyes, “Very funny.”

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Let’s go ahead and celebrate Sanaa Lathan right quick. I’m sure you know a lot of the things about Sanaa that make her great: Love and Basketball, Brown Sugar, a Tony nominee for Raisin In the Sun, and she’s super fine and looks to stay that way forever and ever amen. But did you know she went to both Yale and Cal Berkely? Did you know that her dad is Stan Lathan? What’s that you say? You don’t know Stan Lathan? You surely will know his work: he directed the pilots of Martin, Moesha, The Parkers, The Steve Harvey Show, Amen, Cedric the Entertainer Presents, Eve, and All of Us–each of which was successful in syndication. (Seriously, off the strength of Amen, Moesha, and Martin alone he deserves props.) Basically, if you watched and loved Black TV in the 90s and early 2000s, you owe a chunk of your nostalgia to Stan Lathan. He’s also directed episodes of Hill Street Blues, Miami Vice, Cagney & Lacey, Eight Is Enough, The Waltons, Falcon Crest, Remington Steele, Frank’s Place, Fame, Sanford and Son, and Roc. Stan and Russell Simmons partnered to create Def Comedy Jam. And he worked behind the scenes at PBS, something that’s near and dear to me.

So back to Sanaa, who “art” in Swahili and “brilliance” in Arabic. This is someone who would’ve been okay in life even if she didn’t become a famous actress. You begin to see the pattern: that success is no accident. Sanaa’s parents (I haven’t even gotten to her mom, Eleanor McCoy, who was an actress and dancer that performed with Eartha Kitt) set her up for greatness. Family matters…remember that, as you start thinking about what you’re setting your kids up for.

Scorpio Male and Pisces Female Parenting

(Have eight children, and are entertaining guests at the time of the chat)

Scorpio: *glances lovingly over at Pisces, then turns back to the guests* “I like to keep her barefoot and pregnant as much as possible. That way, I know I’ll have nothing to worry about when I’m at work. I know that she’ll be at home, my progeny will be taken care of, and dinner will be ready when I get back.”

Pisces: *blushes and laughs lightly, then explains to the neighbors who now believe her husband is a sexist swine* “We both chose this lifestyle. I always wanted a lot of children to share my love with, and we prefer that are children are nurtured and taught at home.”

Scorpio: “Exactly. These little ones are going to be fulfilling my destiny in their own lives, so they need to be raised right. One day, they will build an empire together, perhaps after I am long gone and carry on a feared but loved legacy.”

Pisces: *stifles a laugh*

Scorpio: “What?” (voice like steel)

Pisces: “Nothing, my Lord.” *turns to the neighbors and whispers* “I just don’t want my kids being bullied or doing drugs. But I let him think that this whole empire thing will happen lol.”

*After the guests leave, they both go upstairs to put the children to bed and read them their nightly stories together*


Look Here Prologue

Genre: idol!au, romance, drama

Description: As a fan, dreaming of becoming your idol’s lover was easy. What isn’t is when this all becomes real and you are forced to avoid it

Pairing: Jungkook x OC (Lee Yeseul)

Word Count: 422

“Lee Yeseul has arrived!”

Living my life for twenty two years now, I have never expected it to be like this. At least, this wasn’t a part of the chapters that I have envisioned. That nobody, to be inside this pristine white room, to stand on that little stage in front of at least twenty eight writers for entertainment news and a handful of photographers, some I can recall as fansite masters who might be pretending to be a part of media. Honestly, if I were to be asked, they overdid with making this press conference look like apologetic towards the public. As the main character of this event myself, I am nowhere apologetic, it was what everybody has expected me to be. To feel sorry for something that anyone should be ever be sorry for. However, what else is new in the industry that I am in? Underdogs will be underdogs. If you have the means to control people or anything in your favour, then you are not an underdog at all.

While cameras continued to flash their lights on my direction, I walked towards the seat prepared for me on stage. There was also a table in front, this is pretty much like those press conference that idols do when they have their showcase and statements to say, like what I am asked to do. Oh no, I guess instead of asked, the right word for it was forced. I was forced to give this statement, or whatever was written on the piece of paper that the staff has given me.

Suddenly, I felt anger rush through me. I wasn’t supposed to be here, I could be somewhere else right now. Instead of this piece of paper, I could be holding someone’s hand endearingly.

However, I am here, alone and held captive for the people who wanted some piece of information to earn money. I can’t really blame them. It’s their way of living. But how could one take this shit? How could one just let another human being like them face the world who is against her mostly, and look as if she is going on a death sentence, and is going to say her last words before she ends her life.

Holding the mic from the table firmly, I placed it near my mouth, I looked at everyone with the last confidence that I have gathered in me.

“I am here to give my statement regarding the dating scandal that involved me and BTS’ youngest member, Jeon Jungkook.”

10祭 Report

“Jussai Report”

It’s 1:30 in the morning here in Tokyo, Japan, but I thought I would write up a concert report while everything is still fresh in my mind.  I’ve never written a concert report before so I don’t know if there’s any format I should follow.  I did make a video report on 8sai when I went two years ago, so I’m just going to do what I did then: report everything I remember including highlights, skits, and songs.  Here it goes:

I went to the 10sai performance on August 9, 2014 at Ajinomoto Stadium in Tokyo.  A typhoon was supposed to hit during the concert (and throughout the weekend), so we were all prepared for the worst.  However, it didn’t rain a single drop throughout the whole three-hour show.  That’s probably what I was most thankful for, honestly. 

The concert started at 5:30 PM.  I was in arena seating right in the middle so we could see the stage but couldn’t really see their faces that well, so we relied on those huge screens on the stage.  The concert starts off with a video of a typical Japanese matsuri (festival).  We see each member doing something you would do at a festival.  Off the top of my head, I remember Okura buying Yakisoba, Hina making takoyaki, Yasu playing those fish games where you try to catch them with the net, Maru buying a mask, Subaru sleeping, etc.  Then, all of them see fireworks and start to walk together towards the screen down the matsuri path.  That’s when the intro to “Naniwa Iroha Bushi” starts playing and they all enter the stage on floats with lanterns in their respective colors.

After “Naniwa,” they go into “Zukkoke Otokomichi” and that’s when they all board floats that go around the stadium.  I couldn’t really see them since I was right in the middle, but again, I relied on the screens.  There was also a water mister that was attached to the float so they would shoot water at the crowds.  They moved to the back of the stadium where they had another stage waiting.  Then, they performed “Musekinin Hero.” They got back on the floats while performing “Monjai Beat” and returned to the stage to perform “King of Otoko.”

After “King of Otoko,” they say their greetings.  I remember Hina saying they were thankful that it wasn’t raining and Yasu said that he wanted to meet us, etc. 

Then, they said how they were thankful for Johnny’s jimusho that they would perform a special Johnny’s medley.  This was so much fun to see especially if you’re familiar with other johnny’s artists and songs.  The songs they performed were: Omatsuri Ninja (Subaru, Hina, and Yoko), Sushi Kuinee (Maru, Yasu, Ryo, Okura), SHE! HER! HER! (Maru, Yasu, Ryo, Okura), Kamen Butoukai (Subaru, Hina, and Yoko), Garasu no Shounen (Maru and Yasu. My relative is a big Kinki Kids’ fan so she really enjoyed this performance haha), Real Face (Hina. It was hilarious when he did Koki’s rap and tried to imitate Kame’s wink),  Seishun Amigo (Ryo and Okura…oh, Torn), Original Smile (everyone), weeeek (everyone), Venus (everyone), Ai Kakumei (Maru. I just know this as the song Takki always performs at the Johnny’s countdown only Maru didn’t fly around the stage.  He did pre-record the spoken part and had a wig on like Takki’s hairstyle lol), Andalucia (everyone), A.RA.SHI (everyone wearing those sheer jumpsuits that Arashi wore during their debut.  It was hilarious.  I think I laughed to the point of crying when watching Hina try to do the sakurap LOL), and Ee jyanai ka (everyone).  They, then, went into “Takoyaki in my heart”, which is such a fun song live since you just jump around screaming Osaka and pretty much the whole opening in general was just so exciting XD Then, they did another “SHE! HER! HER!” at the end of Takoyaki. 

After the medley, while they changed, a clip (trailer?) of Eight Ranger 2 started to play on the screens.  I haven’t seen the movie yet, so I’m not sure what it was supposed to be.  However, it was building up to the next event which was obviously the Eight Ranger skit.  They performed the Eight Ranger theme before going into the skit. 

I’ll try my best to describe the skit: Basically, it was about how Black had a confession he wanted to tell everyone but Nasu went to the bathroom while he was talking.  Black told everyone else that he liked someone and that he wanted to use this “cupid’s arrow” to get her to like him back.  He accidentally shot the arrow and, then, it hit Nasu.  Nasu then suddenly falls in love with Black.  The other ask him “what do you like about Black?” and the screen shows a scene with Yoko in drag and another scene showing his “cool side” beating up a bunch of gangsters. 

The next scene, we see Red who notices that the girl who Black likes is being attacked by someone in a bee costume.  Red uses the cupid’s arrow to hurt the attacker.  Then, we find out that the person in the bee costume is Yellow. Yellow is in love with Red now.  Red confronts the group and tells them what happened.  They all ask Yellow, “what do you like about Red?” and the screen shows Red lifting up his arms showing his hairy arm pits and the next screen shows Red cleaning out his ears with two Q-tips and how Yellow says he likes Red’s face when he cleans out his ears.  While all of them are wondering what they should do, Green comes clean and says he accidentally hit Blue with the arrow. 

On the screen, it shows that Green and Blue were going to find a four leaf clover.  Once they found the clover, the arrow was placed right in front of it.  Green threw the arrow behind him not realizing it hit Blue, who is now in love with him.  Then, all of them ask, “what do you like about Green?” The screen shows half-naked Green.  Then, half-naked Green biting onto a bathrobe he starts to put on and Blue says he likes how he uses a bathrobe, not a towel.  Then, we see various pictures of Green (probably just Okura lol) sleeping and Blue says he likes Green’s sleeping face.  Then, the screen shows Blue’s favorite picture of Green which is Green with the vegetable Okra (Okura and Okra picture). Orange, then, complains that he’s the only one that’s not in a couple.  Basically, everyone starts fighting and the members who are in love with other members start defending the members they love and Orange is caught in the middle (and with his free time, he uses it to do impressions). 

Orange remembers that there’s a magical cure (like fairy dust?) and he goes on a journey to find it.  So we see Orange on the screen going to find the cure while everyone else is on stage, circling each other with knives.  Once Orange comes back with the magical cure, he is caught in the middle of the knife fight and everyone accidentally stabs him.  He spreads the magical fairy dust on himself and is cured. Then, they use it on the people who are in love with the other members.  We find that Nasu is repulsed by the fact that they would even ask if he likes Black.  Yellow says he finds Red cool, but as a member of their group, not that he likes him that way.  Then, we find that Blue actually is really in love with Green.  He planted a fake cupid’s arrow near the four-leaf clover just as an excuse to be infatuated with Green.  Blue then hugs Green who immediately pushes him away (this action however got a favorable response from the crowd though lol). Then, they segue into playing “ER 2”.

While Subaru, Hina, and Yoko change, the other four promote their respective projects coming up (Yasu’s play, Okura’s 24 hour drama, Ryo’s new drama, etc.).  Then, they switch, and Subaru, Hina, and Yoko talk.  Subaru promotes that he’s doing well haha. Then, they all go into band mode.  It’s a more relaxed band this time since everyone is still sitting and Ryo and Yasu have acoustic guitars.  They all play the song that Ryo wrote for Maru from their Hohoemi Date batsu game.  Then, they all play the song Yasu wrote for a batsu game last year and everyone wrote one line (I’m not sure, since I didn’t get to see that yet).  After that song, they play “Omoidama.”

Then, they go into the “Hachi Fes” corner, imitating “Arafes.” The characters on the screen look just like the Arafes characters when they did the rankings.  The animation was adorable:) First, they did album song rankings.  The top 8 were: 8. “tte!!!” 7. Rolling Coaster 6. Ichibyou Kiss 5. Doribura 4. Eden 3. Juu nen ato no kyou no hi mo 2. All is well 1. Buryure (ブリュレ) (which they performed live). 

Then, they went into single rankings: 8. Tsubasa ni Koi, 7. Ai Deshita, 6. ER, 5. It’s My Soul, 4. Mugendai, 3. LIFE, 2. Yellow Pansy Street (which they performed), and 1. Osaka Romanesque. 

Next was coupling song rankings: 8. Eightopop!!!, 7. Aoi Shashin, 6. Bansou, 5.Fuseiyou Ribit (浮世踊リビト), 4. I to U (Yoko says he likes this song), 3. BJ, 2. Cool Magic City, 1. Heavenly Psycho (which they perform).

Then, the next part was also one of my favorite parts of the show: the Solo/Unit Shuffle! They dressed up in the same costumes and learned the dances of their fellow members.  Ryo and Subaru sang “Kicyu” (Ryo as the Yoko part and Subaru as the Yasu part), Yoko and Hina sang “Torn” (Yoko as the Ryo part and Hina as the Okura part),  Maru sang “Watashi Kagami,” and Yasu and Okura sang “Pan Panda” (which was so adorable and I was hoping that was one of the unit songs and sure enough it was!!).  Then, Hina came on stage as Babun Man and sang the theme song.  Then, everyone came out wearing the Babun Man costume and it was hilarious.  Usually the crowd yells “Shingo!” during the Babun Man segment, but since everyone was dressed as Babun Man, the crowd yelled “Eito!” instead. 

Then, they had another costume change into yukatas, this time, fitting with the matsuri theme.  They sang “Junjyou Koi Hanabi” and towards the end of the song, fireworks started to go off, which was beautiful.  It really felt like a festival at that point.  They even had the audience do the wave.

After the song, everyone said their thank you’s.  Yoko got really emotional and started to cry.  He couldn’t say anything at first because he was crying so much.  I really liked Okura’s speech when he thanked each member, saying that he wouldn’t be who he is today without their help (he wouldn’t be able to talk on variety shows without Hina and Yoko or he couldn’t sing without the help of Subaru, etc.).  They are all thankful of the staff that’s been with them since the beginning and, of course, all of the Eighters who supported them for ten years. They ended with “Osaka Romanesque.”

They had one encore where they got back on the floats and performed “It’s My Soul” and “Aoppana.”  Then, they returned to the stage, introduced the band and the back-up dancers, and, then, end their concert with what they do every time: hold each others’ hands (while the audience does the same) and bow. 

Overall, it was a great experience.  I’ve been to 8sai and 8EST at Tokyo Dome, but out of the three, this probably has been my favorite.  From the beginning where we were all excited and full of energy to the end where we were emotional, it was a beautiful event that I was thankful to be a part of.  Thank you, Kanjani8 for a wonderful concert.  Forever Eighter❤

If you got to the end, thank you for reading!!(^o^)/

EDIT: There was a camera flying over the arena seating throughout the whole concert so I’m pretty positive they were filming footage for a DVD:)

I Can Teach You

Hoseok x Reader

Word Count: 3k

Summary: You’re a trainee at BigHit and you’re struggling with your new choreography until Hobi comes to the dance studio and tries to help you.

Being a trainee wasn’t as glamorous as I had originally thought it to be. I signed onto BigHit Entertainment eight months ago thinking that I’d get to spend this time growing closer to my other group members and making memories that I’d never forget. But no, instead, my days were filled with grueling exercise, dancing, more exercise, vocal lessons, and then, of course, more dancing.

Hours of dance practice had dragged on until I could feel the nerves on my feet beginning to spasm. Every time the music stopped and I was told to “start from the top”, my body got closer to collapsing from sheer exhaustion.

Finally, the clock struck the hour and, with a heavy sigh, our instructor told us we were dismissed.

“Oh…except for you, Y/N. I want you to stay until you have perfected this choreography,” the instructor barked at me.

My cheeks burned red with shame. We would have been able to leave hours ago if only I had been able to get the footwork for our dance correct. Despite my sour mood from the excessive repetitiveness my dance practice, I couldn’t even bring myself to say something witty in response. I knew that I needed significantly more practice before I’d be able to perfect the choreo.

Everyone gathered their belongings, said their goodbyes, and filed out of the dance studio until the room was empty apart from the pitiful girl who was forced to stay behind.

I looked at my raggedy reflection in the mirror and sighed, “I wish Hobi was here,” I muttered.

One of the perks to being a trainee at BigHit was that I got to interact with the other groups signed onto BigHit Entertainment. And by “other groups” I mean BTS. It didn’t take long for me to develop a strong friendship with every member of the group after I became a trainee. I grew particularly close to Hoseok about five months ago. Here’s the thing– technically, as a trainee, I am not supposed to date anyone and it is pretty frowned upon for any of the idols in the company to date as well. However, when my manager asks me what my relationship is with Hoseok I don’t have to tell them that we’ve been secretly dating for five months.

The biggest downside to this whole dating in secret thing is that it can be very difficult to find time where we can actually be together. With him having a comeback right around the corner, and me having managers constantly breathing down my neck, it is nearly impossible to even get a second alone with him.

So that is why, right now, I wish he was here. In the dance studio with me, long after dark, long after everyone has gone home.

That and he also happens to be one of the choreographers for this dance that I’m supposed to “prefect” before I go home tonight. If he was here, I’d have no problem learning the dance. If he was my teacher, I’d have already perfected this dance by now and right now, I’d be going home with the rest of my members instead of sitting alone in a dance studio thinking about what could have been.

I figured there was no use droning on about it and I walked over to the computer to turn the song on. After I pressed the play button, I started bobbing along to the song until I heard the queue to start dancing. I effortlessly moved through the first verse, like I always do, then at the start of the course, I increased my concentration, determined to make it through without a mistake. My arms moved through the choreography on their own while my brain willed my feet to move correctly. Of course, at the same point in the dance as every other time, I caught one foot on the other ankle, causing myself to fall to the ground.

A surge of anger rushed through me as I gripped my hair and pulled on it in frustration. I took a second to gather myself before standing and stomping over to the computer. I slammed my fingers down on the trackpad and moved the cursor back to the beginning of the track. I heard the opening notes of the song for about the hundredth time today and rolled my eyes as I walked back to the center of the room. I messed up way earlier this time when I stepped off beat and threw the rest of my timing off.

I stopped and went to restart the song again when the door to the dance room opened. I halted, knowing that no one else was supposed to be here.

I saw a muscular figure with a baseball cap and tight skinny jeans walk through the door. As soon as his eyes landed on me, a grin spread across his face, “Oh, it’s you,” he said delightedly.

My heart fluttered and any ounce of anger I felt a second ago instantly disappeared, “Hoseok,” I sighed at his million dollar smile, “hi.”

His smile grew and he dropped his backpack as he fully walked through the door. He made his way over to me and pulled me into a tight embrace. I buried my face in his chest and relished in the feeling of his warmth and the comforting smell that was unique to only him.

“What are you doing here so late?” he asked while still holding me close.

I pulled back and looked up at him, “My instructor told me I couldn’t leave until I perfected our dance,” I whined.

Hoseok furrowed his brow, “Are you the only person who’s struggling with it?”

I frowned and nodded.

Going into dance teacher mode, he said, “why don’t you show me what you’re struggling with. I helped choreograph the dance, so I can teach you.”

I nodded again and pressed play on the computer. I ignored the feeling of my cheeks growing red with embarrassment and began to do the dance just as I had been doing all day long. I could feel Hoseok’s eyes watching me intently just wishing that I could at least get through the first verse without a mistake. Clearly my body and mind weren’t working with each other though because halfway through the first verse, I stumbled over my own feet.

I quickly walked over to the computer and stopped the music, “wait, let me try one more time, I know how to do that part I just messed up,” I said to Hoseok.

He walked over to the couch and slumped down on it. He took off his hat and ruffled his own hair, “yeah go ahead,” he said before I started the music over again.

I began dancing again only to quickly make another mistake. I glanced at Hoseok in the mirror then started the music over again without a word. Again and again I did the dance only to mess up and need to start over just like I had been doing earlier with the instructor.

I restarted the music again and gave it another shot. I was actually making it through the first verse without any mistakes and quickly approached the course. Just before the course started, Hoseok stopped the music.

I looked at him curiously through the mirror and he walked over to me matter-of-factly, “the problem,” he spoke as he placed his fingertips on my hips, “is that you’re not moving your hips enough. You should try to loosen them, you don’t want to carry tension here okay? So do it again, only this time, really try to move your hips, if you think you’re moving them too much, you’re doing it right,” I tried to focus on what he was telling me but struggled because of the feeling on his hands on me.

He walked over to the computer and pressed play. I started dancing at the queue and attempted to move my hips as I was told to. I got all the way through the first verse when he stopped the music again. I turned to face him, “was that good?” I asked him hopefully.

He was looking at me with hooded eyes and a half smirk, “mhm.”

I pondered him, wondering what he was thinking, “why are you looking at me that way?”

He shrugged in response and made his way back over to me. He grabbed my arm and spun me around so that he was standing behind me and I was looking at him in the mirror. He had his chest pressed to my back and his hands were placed firmly on my hips, “rock your waist along with your hips. It’ll make your movements look more smooth and natural,” he ordered me.

My heart sped up at the sound of his deep voice and from the feeling of having him standing so close to me. I wanted nothing more than to spin around and crash my lips to his.

I gently swayed my hips, making sure to move my waist too, the movement caused me to rub against Hoseok’s torso, “Like this?” I asked, watching his expression in the mirror.

His eyes were glue to my hips and his grip tightened, “yeah,” he spoke in a low tone.

Without removing his hands from my hips, Hoseok walked around so that he was standing in front of me. His hands moved to the curve of my back and he gently pulled me closer to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck as I continued to rock my hips back and forth.

“Good,” he cooed, “That’s really good.”

I looked deep into his eyes and could see the passion burning in them. Unable to resist any longer, I pressed my lips to his. He reacted instantly and molded his lips to fit with mine. He back me up to the nearest wall and let his hands wander over my body as his tongue slipped into my mouth. His soft pink lips moved over mine in an urgent matter, as if he was desperate to get as close to me as possible.

He left a trail of kisses across my jaw and his hands found the hem of my shirt. He slipped a single hand up and kneaded my breast through my bra.

Meanwhile, I grabbed his shirt and tugged it over his head. He followed my actions and pulled the loose fabric of my shirt off of my body. The room felt cool in contrast to the heat that was building up between me and Hoseok. He reached behind me and messed with the clasp of my bra until finally, it opened and the bra fell to the ground.

Hoseok’s hand found it’s way into my pants and he made eye contact with me as he began to roughly rub me through my underwear.

My brow furrowed in pleasure as I let out a small moan while keeping eye contact with him. A smirk grew on his face as he saw the pleasure he was giving me and quickly slipped his hand into my underwear. His fingers slipped around my wet folds, occasionally stopping to give my clit some attention.

I felt the eagerness in me building up, “Hobi please,” I pleaded.

He smirked again and pulled his hand out of my pants then grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the couch in the other corner of the room.

He pushed me down on it then, while still standing, he took off each of my shoes and grabbed the hem of my pants. I lifted my hips so he could more easily slide them, as well as my underwear off of my body. Hoseok stopped to admire my completely naked body then he sat on the couch on his knees by my legs. He grabbed my knees and pulled my legs open to reveal my dripping center to himself.

He rolled his bottom lip in between his teeth as he gently rubbed my inner thigh, dangerously close to the place I wanted him the most. I rocked my hips and whimpered, trying to show my desperation without speaking a word.

Hoseok’s eyes flicked up to mine quickly then moved back down to my core. He slowly slipped his finger up my folds then, in response to my slight moans and whimpers, slipped his finger into me. He carefully rubbed my walls and curled his finger up in the way he knew would have me crying out for him.

He brushed against my g spot with every thrust of his finger and my walls involuntarily clenched around him. He slipped in a second finger and started to move faster.

My breath picked up as I felt my body getting hot from his actions. I raised my hips slightly to make him go in even deeper and Hoseok brought his other hand up to spread my legs open even farther. His thumb came up and stroked my clit while his fingers pumped in and out of me.

The pleasure coursed through me and it’s only escape was through moans and cries with bounced off the walls and echoed throughout the room.

I felt myself climbing closer to my peak as my hips rocked against his fingers. Seeing how close to the edge I was, Hoseok pulled his fingers out of me and climbed over me so our faces were in line with one another. His lips brushed against mine softly while he un buttoned his pants and slid them halfway down his thighs. He stood long enough to step out his his pants and pull his boxers down as well. It was only now that I realized how painfully hard he was. He hovered over me again and pressed his forehead to mine as I felt his tip pressing into my entrance. Hoseok watched my face for any signs of discomfort as he slid into me. I pulled his head down to mine so I could easily press my lips to his.

He pushed himself in until his hips were touching mine and, knowing it had been awhile since we’d done this, he asked, “Are you okay?”

I nodded assuredly a placed a single kiss on his slightly swollen lips, “God please move, Hobi. I need you so badly,” I whined.

He grunted and slowly pulled his hips away from mine only to push himself back into me, “Oh fuck, that feels so good,” he let out a low groan as he thrust into me at a painstakingly slow pace.

Gradually, his thrusts got faster until he was pounding into me causing me to release a string of moans, curses, and his name. His mouth was on my neck as his dick pumped in and out of me. He grabbed my hips and drove himself even deeper into me.

His dick was hitting my g spot with every thrust which clouded my mind so that the only thing I could think about was the way he felt inside of me. My walls clenched around him and his fingernails dug into the skin of my hips, leaving behind small, crescent moon shaped marks.

He straightened his back and began to thrust faster. I could tell he was getting close by the way his hair was clinging to his forehead and how his moans went up by an octave. I could also feel myself getting closer as the knot in my stomach and the warmth in my center both got more intense.

A couple more rough thrust sent me over the edge as I stuttered his name and dug my fingernails into his forearm which was the closest part of him that I could reach from the angle I was in. I clenched around him again as I hit my high and in that moment I heard him mutter an “oh fuck” before I felt his warm cum filling me up. He thrust himself through his orgasm as well as my own until he was left panting and shaking. He slumped down on top of me and lazily kissed me.

I brushed the hair off of his face and played with it on the nape of his neck. I could feel his heart pounding his his chest which was firmly pressed against mine. His breathing finally slowed and he buring his face into my neck as he inhaled my scent then sighed in complete contentment.  His fingers ran lightly over the palms of my hands then moved farther up my arms then back down again as he mindlessly caressed me lovingly.

He yawned then looked at me and chuckled, “I think I’m gonna have to help you with the dance tomorrow… I’m a little tired now.”

I smiled and nodded, “Me too. That’s okay, I’ll still be bad at the dance tomorrow after a good night’s sleep.”

He kissed me softly, “Don’t get discouraged okay? That dance is hard; You’ll get it here soon enough.”

“Thank you, Hobi.”

Then, we both sluggishly gathered our clothes which were scattered around the room. After we were dressed, my heart tugged as we said our goodbyes and I wished that our goodbye hug never needed to end. I watch him open the door and slip into the darkness of the hallway and sighed.

The sadness of our departure was heavy on my heart until I remembered that I’d get to see him tomorrow.

I really couldn’t wait for my next dance lesson.

Freaking finally I wrote a Hobi smut!

This boy has got me feeling some type of way lately oh man

I’m taking request for more smut and I’d love to get some feedback for this one

so yeah…

Thanks for Reading! xx