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Enneagram Type 8: The Challenger

The Self-Confident, Decisive, Willful, Confrontational Person

Healthy. Self-assertive, self-confident, and strong, healthy Eights have learned to stand up for themselves for what they need and want. Action-oriented, with a can-do attitude and inner drive They love a challenge and are resourceful self-starters, taking the initiative and making things happen. Tenacious and robust, they value independence and foster it in others. Strong-willed, impassioned people of action, they communicate simply and directly — ”what you see is what you get.” Eights are natural leaders that others respect and turn to for direction: decisive, authoritative, and commanding. Earn respect by being honorable, by using power constructively, by championing and protecting people, by acting as providers, sponsors, mentors, and promoters of worthwhile causes and valuable enterprises. Seek justice and fair play, and have a positive vision for their world. At their best: Become compassionate and magnanimous, merciful and forbearing, mastering themselves, carrying others and fulfilling others’ needs with their strength. Empowering, gentle, and inspiring, have the courage to be openhearted. Truly fearless, they are willing to put themselves in jeopardy to achieve vision: possibly heroic and historically great. 

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SRAVANAMASA VARALAKSHMI VRAT/VRATAM ~ seeking the mother goddess of spiritual health & wealth .

The month of Sravanamasam marks the beginning of festival season in Hinduism. Varalakshmi Vratam is one of the eight most prominent and widely celebrated festivals in hinduism . It is the festival of prosperity and well being. Varlakshmi refers to Goddess Lakshmi who grants boon to all her devotees and vratam meaning prayer offered to God. Thus this festival of Varalakshmi Vratam connotes prayer offered to Goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of wealth and riches, the one who bestows her worshipers.This year it is celebrated on 4th august ,2017.

MAHALAKSHMI - The Shakti of lord Narayana 

Varalakshmi, the household Goddess of most Hindu families is portrayed as women of golden complexion, with four hands, sitting or standing on a full bloomed red lotus. The lotus symbolizes fertility, purity and beauty. Her four hands denote righteousness, desire, wealth and liberation from life. Gold coins are seen pouring from her hand, signifying that her devotees are conferred with wealth and divine blessings, Goddess Lakshmi is seen wearing a gold embroidered red Saree, where red symbolizes luck and gold represents affluence. As a Goddess of wealth, she is always seen decked with opulent gold jewellery. Like Goddess Mahalakshmi, who signifies aiswaryam, South Indian women during all puja and other religious occasions, customarily dress themselves in gold jewellery to impersonate goddess Lakshmi. There is even a trend of purchasing gold jewellery for occasion like Varalakshmi Vratham among certain sections of the society as it is considered appropriate and auspicious.

Varalakshmi Nomu (vrat) is  believed to be the day in which Goddess Lakshmi was born from Sea . Praying to Goddess on this day is said to be equivalent to worshiping Ashtalakshmi (the eight goddess of wealth, earth, learning, love, fame, peace, pleasure, and strength) especially Dhanalakshmi. That is the reason why families also have a habit of buying gold jewellery or gold coins during Varalakshmi Vratam, as a sign of welcoming Dhanalakshmi into their houses. Varalakshmi Vratam is performed by married women for the welfare of their husband, children and household. It is believed that if one worships Goddess Lakshmi on this day, she will present the entire family the gift of health, wealth, peace and happiness.


The name Vishnu really means pervading everywhere, and Lakshmi, his consort, is symbolical of the forces found everywhere. Eight forces or energies are recognized and they are known as Sri (Wealth), Bhu (Earth), Saraswati (Learning), Preeti (Love), Keerti (Fame), Shanti (Peace), Tushti (Pleasure) and Pushti (Strength). Each one of these forces is called a Lakshmi and all the eight forces are called the Ashta Lakshmis or the eight Lakshmis by Hindus. As health, wealth and prosperity depend upon the rhythmic play of these forces, the worship of Lakshmi is said to be to obtain these three. Hence this festival is celebrated and Vrata is observed for invoking the blessings of Sri Vara Lakshmi mostly by ladies for the welfare of their marital bliss (Sowbhagyam), children (Santana) and to have all the desired boons fulfilled (Sakala Ishta Kamya Phala Siddhi). 

But an essential fact is that Both Sri Maha Vishnu and Maha Lakshmi are Divine forces that are inseparable from each other. Just like the eyes are two but the vision is one, they have to be prayed together always to seek the Blessings. Hence it is very much important to pray to Lord Vishnu before seeking the Blessings of the Goddess. Therefore Goddess Lakshmi and Vishnu are prayed together for prosperity, and spiritual prosperity. To remove obstacles that prevent us from starting a spiritual path or success in business, Prosperity. Please contact us for the Special Lakshmi Narayan Pooja performed most authentically either at your residence .


The lady of the house should wake up early and after ablutions, bathe, wear new dress, dress up and proceed for the Pooja. It is best if she can fast, but if unable to fast due to any reason, then she may have some fruits. Lord Ganesh should be prayed first, to clear all obstacles from the way. Kalasha (A copper/silver pot filled with sanctified water, the brim is covered with mango leaves and a coconut is placed on top). This is known as Kalasha and it has to be placed in a flat plate (or a new cloth) covered with white rice. Kalasha Pooja has to be performed then.  One method of making kalasam exists where only gold jewellery is placed within the kalasam and is partially filled with holy water from any river. This method is gaining ground among the society as this also adds to the families riches in the form of jewellery. After the holy kalasam is filled, it is topped with mango leaves and a coconut smeared all over with turmeric powder. To this coconut, face mould of Mahalakshmi Ammavaru is fixed. The kalasam, now symbolically representing Goddess Lakshmi is further decorated with gold ornaments old and new, silk and fresh flowers. After karpoora harathi, kalasam is carried from the front door to the pooja room, placed inside the Mandapam and Devi is invoked in the kalasam. From now on Kalasam is called as Devi.  

It is essential to have a picture or a small statue of Goddess Lakshmi. This is to be placed on the main alter in the center position. Then she is to be invoked with ‘Sankalapa’, Placed (Sthapana) and prayed with all the Shodasha Upacharas (16 Upacharas – 16 essential forms of services). Then, Sri Lakshmi Sahastra Nama along with Sri Vishnu Sahastranama is recited. It is very important to note here that praying to Goddess Sri Lakshmi without praying to Lord Sriman Narayana (Who is Her Dear Husband and most beloved thing for Her) will not please her and She will not accept any such prayers offered to her. They are Divine couple and must be always prayed together.Vrata is then followed by the reciting or telling the below given story to the other family members and friends attending the Pooja.


Like many festivals in hinduism,this festival too has few  tales related to it’s origin.One of them goes as follows.In the kingdom of Magadha of yore, there lived a Brahmin woman called Charumathi in a town named Kundinpura. The prosperous town was the home of Charumathi and her husband. She devotedly served her husband and her parents-in-law. Impressed by her sincerity and piety, Goddess Mahalakshmi appeared in her dream, blessed her and asked her to worship Vara Lakshmi (literally means, boon granting form of the Goddess of Wealth & Prosperity) and seek to fulfill her wishes. Varalakshmi is yet another form of Lord Vishnu’s consort, Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. Thus was prescribed the Friday of Sravana month, proceeding the full moon day for the worship.

When Charumathi explained her dream to her family, she found them encouraging her to perform the Pooja. Many other women of the town also joined her in performing the Pooja in a traditional way and offered many sweet dishes to the Goddess Varalakshmi. They prayed with deep devotion:

“Padmaasane Padmakare sarva lokaika poojithe

Narayana priyadevi supreethaa bhava sarvada”

Meaning: One who is sitting in the lotus, holding lotuses, one who is prayed by the entire universe, One Who is very dear to Lord Narayana, Please always be benevolent to me.

The well dressed women made  offerings of a variety delicious ,sweet dishes with utmost devotion. As they went round the deity in prayer, dazzling jewelry is said to have appeared as ornaments on the bodies of these worshippers and their houses filled with riches. They rewarded the priest who assisted them in performing the Pooja and they all partook in the feast. The women expressed their gratitude to Charumathi who shared her dream and helped them become prosperous. This Pooja came to be practiced year after year by women. Done with devotion, it is said that boons would be granted and thus many wishes would be realized.

Nivedana (Naivedya or Offerings)

The Pooja is followed with the offerings. Devotees offer all the freshly cooked food, primarily ‘Kshirannam’ (Rice cooked with milk & sugar, as this is Goddess Lakshmi’s favorite dish), many other sweets, fruits, new dresses, ornaments are offered to Goddess first and are accepted by all as her Prasad later.

Offerings are generally followed by singing various songs in the praise of Goddess Varalakshmi, Lakshmi Stotras and Bhajans. Various devotees sing, even some times tell many stories from Vedas and Puranas to remember Universal Mother Divine’s glory once again. This is done as per one’s interest, time availability, strength (Yetha shakti) as is possible.

Mangal Aarti

The Pooja concludes with Mangal Aarti for the Goddess Varalakshmi Devi and the offered prasad is accepted with much respect and humility by all.

Let us all in this propitious day, welcome Goddess Mahalakshmi, the abode of all auspiciousness and prosperity into our lives.

Good morning! Today is about Ruts, Change, and Energetic pressure
Tarot of the Day: Eight of Wands

This card signals you are approaching an end of delays and being stuck by indecision – yours as well as from others. Be patient a little longer; you’ve done all you can do now let others do what they need to do to ensure the end you were hoping for and working toward. 
Things are about to get very busy. Any projects you begin will move quickly, with few if any, delays and the conclusion is likely to be successful.

This Eight signifies movement of energy where there previously was none so look for that cosmic *sigh* as the energy that was building but getting you nowhere, is released and begins to draw you forward. Great news, great hope, speeding toward an end that promises happiness. This can also represent the arrows of love.

Travel may be a key focus in your relationship - either the mate you seek will be found in travel or, the relationship you have will require a willingness to travel. Either way, go with the flow, don’t force things to remain the same. Find and then focus on the benefits

At work, you are likely waiting for others to make decisions and it feels as though you are running and not getting anywhere. 
Consider the adage that no news is good news; relax, don’t push, and you will likely be happier with the outcome.

However your day begins today, know that it will soon speed toward rewards with hope and momentum. Happy trails, Lovelies!

Peace out…

  • Wolverine: I don't understand how this parallel universe thing works.
  • Rachel Summers: I've prepared a little song to help illustrate my point.
  • Rachel Summers: ♫If you travel through dimensions, going clockwise makes it easy. Going counter-clockwise would take eight million gigawatts of energy, overloading the local power grid!♫
  • Wolverine:
  • Rachel Summers: I know. It needs a chorus.

GLITCHED - Battle System Development Update

Welcome to our biggest development update yet. If you are a Kickstarter backer or want to view the update in full, view in on our Kickstarter. 

RPG worlds have different systems of depicting battles between characters. In GLITCHED, F.R.O.G. Inc. has taken control of these conflicts. They have implemented a card-based conflict resolution method known as the game of FATE. Whenever a conflict between characters cannot be resolved verbally, they are thrust into a game of FATE. The terms of the conflict are set, and the game of FATE begins!

This battle system and its accompanying mechanics were something we couldn’t quite put together in our old engine. Now we are free to create the world of GLITCHED exactly how we see fit. These mechanics reflect that vision while keeping and expanding upon the spirit of our first demo.

Let’s begin!

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Valentine’s Day

Pairings: NicoHarem

Word Count: 17500~

Summary: It’s Valentine’s Day, and Nico is caught between eight girlfriends all vying for her love and attention as they fling each other under the bus and find ways to trap her alone with them. Yet despite with all the affection they throw at her, even the most beloved idol of μ’s succumbs to a little loneliness sometimes.

Notes: Fic for @blaerofvalenwood​ because it’s her birthday today! Here’s to one of the writers who inspired me to write in the first place, and one of the role models I look up to!

Everyone who hasn’t should go wish Blaer a very happy birthday (here!)!

(This is the ‘lighthearted fluff’ I’d promised to write and have been planning for since mid-July. It’s definitely not angsty-angst, but I’m not sure how ‘lighthearted’ it is, tbh.)

Inspirations/Credits: Dragon Age, Mass Effect (I hid a little Dragon Age 2 reference and maybe stole a line from Mass Effect to put in here… You might need to peel your eyes a lil’ to find them. Hint: Isabella-Varric and Kaidan-Ashley banter.)

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@sophiabush: Your heart radiates energy EIGHT FEET from your body. It literally touches other people. And it does so far more than your brain. Your life force, your love center, your pulse, touches. other. people!! People you don’t even know can feel your heart. People you pass on the street. People in line with you at the grocery store. Someone you smile at walking through the airport. That’s so powerful. We are intermingling all the time. You give energy to other people simply by being. Your heart matters. YOU matter. Start the week knowing how powerful you are. Put your hand on your neck, feel your heart beat/beat/beat and know that your purpose is larger than life. Now don’t you forget it.

me: god why do i always look so tired

me: *stays up late into the early morning scrolling through social media and then forces myself to run on an hour of sleep*

me: *forgets to eat more often than not; general intake includes nutritious breakfast of four cups of coffee, for lunch half a granola bar, and cold, half-eaten Mexican carry out from three days ago for dinner*

me: *has crippling anxiety about Heckin Everything, including grades, friends, crushes, tests i haven’t studied for, tests i HAVE studied for, whether or not i told my dog i loved her before i left the house this morning, the nuclear apocalypse*

me: *goes days without drinking water and instead opts for a whole pot of coffee/eight juice boxes/Monster energy everyday for at least a week*

me: *is dissociating/unable to properly function at least 50% of the time and tends to forget trivial things thus causing more of The Stress as i don’t remember if i did anything important/significant all day*

me: *sips coffee* i just don’t know why

Eight of Swords

The Eight of Swords symbolize many things to me and has much special meaning every time I pull this card. It shows us a woman bound; also in life we feel bound all the time. Mentally, we feel stuck in situations that can seem like it’ll never be over or that we’re always going against rough waters. While in this state of mind, we continue to harness energies that make everything seem to only get worse, and we wait for a breaking point in whether we “fight or flight”. Meanwhile, we need to tap into our intuition and look into ourselves to understand the nature of the situation that’s happening, and be able to analyze self to know who we are in the situation, and our options in moving forward that benefits us. In this card, there are birds flying in the background. The woman may not notice it, but they are birds from a search party on the way to rescue her from being swallowed by the depths of the ocean. These birds are a symbol of hope in letting us know that not all situations are permanent, and if we really look at everything around us, there is a way to get out and get back into the motion of our daily life. Not every situation is permanent; while some hard times may come through and we feel as if it can’t get better, look deep inside yourself and remember that with hope and knowing thyself, anything manifests in your favor.

Greetings late night wanderers.
I haven’t done a tarot reading on myself in a very long time. Self reflection though necessary for a balanced mind, can also be quite scary. Starting with being open, honest and authentic to the self is the only way to push past those boundaries of self doubt. Remember a tarot reading has no rights or wrongs, only mirrors for reflection.
(Here is a summery of my reading tonight in my own words)
Past: Eight of pentacles
Just as a spider weaves its web with craft and skill, the eight of Pentacles is gifted with a craft of their own. Focus on developing the talent you are given.
Present: The moon
The shadow realm. Be careful not to lose yourself in the darkness that lingers here. Use positive energy (light) as a guide to void getting trapped in the shadows of your own fears.
Future: Three of swords
Emotional entanglement and confusion. Be careful who and what you spend your time on. Your presence is a gift. Surround yourself with those who appreciate it.


Mars (the planet of anger, passion, drive) has recently moved into Scorpio (the sign of transformation, power, and sex), where it is at home and will stay for nearly eight months. Expect heightened energy, more aggression, more ambition, and more drive. You might see people lashing out more often, but don’t let yourself be triggered by other people’s anger.

Important dates
•January 5th: Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn.
You start planning ahead. As with all Mercury retrogrades, there is bound to be some problems with communication. Don’t sign any contracts, avoid past lovers, leave early for everything, and be careful! Stay clear of people with a temper, and stay calm yourself.

•Throughout April: Mars nearly meets Saturn
Mars moves into Sagittarius from Scorpio and almost meets Saturn in Sagittarius. This means that you might almost have something, whether it is a pay raise, a job, or a relationship- then the opportunity will leave. Don’t worry or stress about it and let it go. It will come back later.

•April 18th: Mars goes retrograde (backwards)
This turns your drive, ambition, and passion inwards for reflection. Don’t start any fights at this time, whether it is legal or simply aggression. This is an excellent time to let go of old grudges, addictions, and bad habits. Let go of people who are no longer significant in your life.

•Late August: Mars meets Saturn again Mars almost met Saturn earlier this year, but now he makes a full conjunction (same sign, same degrees). This will bring the return of lost opportunities from April. The entire theme of Mars in Scorpio is transformation, financial success, sex, and power. Good luck everyone!
A Minor Dispute About Rain (RMJ3)

Rating: K
Word Count: 1,141 words
Summary: Inexorable AU. From a prompt from @ariam-jan - A scene of the Ackerman family in fall. Takes place about 7 years after the main story.

In, out, lungfuls of crisp autumn air, not yet stinging and freezing Levi’s lungs but still unpleasant to breathe. On the exhale a hint of vapor, not quite visible. Red-gold leaves overhead, bright against the darkening gray sky, the occasional flash of brown fluttering downward to be crunched beneath Hana’s sneakers. She’s run off ahead, trailed by Mikasa (mainly to keep her from veering into the path of oncoming cyclists, which she’s done twice already), giggling as she stomps around.

Levi follows — tries to at least — hampered by Anya, who sulks and goes limp, refusing to move her legs down the paved trail. He considers dragging her by the arm, does so for a couple of feet, but the scandalized glares from mothers jogging behind their double-wide strollers make him stop. Fatherhood has suited him well, for the most part; the children laugh at his gruff and serious nature, but end up doing what he says more often than not. His remaining weakness, the one thing he cannot seem to grasp, is when he has to deal with other parents and their fads of the moment, the race to see who has can buy safest SUV or get their precious snowflake to learn Mandarin while they’re still in diapers, the constant judgment. He swallows his annoyance — it’s his kid, goddammit, as he’s said to Mikasa too many times to count, and he knows how to deal with her best — and hoists Anya up, seating her on his shoulders and steadying her little legs with his arms.

Anya leans forward, resting her body against the top of her father’s head, and lets out a long whine: “I wanna go hoooooome, Daddy!”

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Three’s Company - JCSAT-14 Falcon 9 arrives at LC-39A.

Eight days after lofting the JCSAT-14 satellite to orbit, Falcon 9 #024 arrived at the Horizontal Integration Facility at LC-39A late Saturday afternoon (May 14).

In the photos above released by SpaceX, the three recovered rocket stages can be seen in the HIF where they have been undergoing disassembly, thorough inspection, and testing. F9-024 - JCSAT-14 - is in the middle, flanked by F9-021 (Orbcomm OG2) on left and F9-023 (CRS-8) on right.

The second picture shows the aft end of each rocket, with Orbcomm on the left, JCSAT-14 center, and CRS-8 on right. It’s interesting to compare the level of disassembly of the prior two recovered stages. Falcon 9′s nine Merlin 1D engines have been entirely removed from F9-023, while the same five engines from F9-021 first seen missing in April are still removed. It is believed that the engines from both Orbcomm and CRS-8 will be tested at the company’s McGregor facility before returning to the cape for reintegration and, in the case of F9-023, reflight.

Also note that both previously recovered rockets are missing the aerodynamic grid fins, which help direct the rocket as it falls through the atmosphere towards a precision landing on the droneship.

Initial inspection of F9-024 - JCSAT-14  - once it arrived in the HIF showed that the stage experienced what Elon Musk called “maximum damage.” Since Falcon 9 delivered JCSAT-14 to Geostationary Transfer orbit, the rocket landed at twice the speed and with eight times the energy of a normal landing.

Musk’s tweet implies that the rocket was damaged as much as possible without actually breaking, and won’t actually be flown again. He goes on to state that it will be used as a benchmark for future GTO-recovered stages, comparing their damages with that of F9-024. This will help determine if they can be reused again.

thehouseofivo  asked:

A message arrives for a certain explorer. It seems to be from Julian. It contains a map of his Mobius... or at least a map of the OLD Mobius. 'Recent scanners have detected eight energy spikes at these locations marked on this map. I hope that when you begin exploring with Nettheit and Nacht that you will go there and investigate for me.' Signed, Dr. Julian Ivo Robotnik.

Now, this WAS interesting and very helpful!  She now knew precisely where to investigate instead of going in blind, and maybe contain those energy spikes for that Zone.  She sent a reply:

Thank you so much; this will be super helpful for the expidiotion.  I have my supplies and equipment ready, so please let me know if there’s any new or additional information I may need to know.

Before I forget, is there any way I can get someone to deliver cake to you before Nacht, Nettheit, and I set off?

                                                               Regards, Belinda Almere       


JCSAT-14 Falcon 9 first stage on droneship.

Coming in at twice the normal speed, four times the energy and eight times the heat, the first stage of the JCSAT-14 Falcon 9 landed on Of Course I Still Love You at 1:29am EDT May 6.

Against all expectations, the rocket safely landed after propelling JCSAT-14 and the rocket’s second stage on an orbital trajectory. 

Due to the orbital requirements of the satellite, a successful ship landing was not expected. Falcon 9 burns more fuel and travels faster for GTO missions, forcing the booster to forgo a reentry burn. Three Merlin 1D engines were used for the landing burn instead of one in order to further decelerate the vehicle.

SpaceX teams are now securing the rocket to the deck of OCISLY in preparation for a return to Port Canaveral, expected sometime between Sunday and Monday evening.

While booster recovery is almost guaranteed with low-velocity, Low Earth Orbit missions, the chances of successful recovery following GTO missions is much lower. However, JCSAT-14 proves that it is indeed possible to perform high-velocity, high-risk landings, paving the way for even more booster reuse in the future.

P/c: SpaceX.