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@dwsecretsanta gift for @timeladyelpia, who wanted to see a Greek Mythology AU, with Eight as Aion, the Greek God of Time and Eternity, and Rose as Aeternitas, the Roman Goddess of Time and Eternity, falling in love despite their respective pantheons’ differences.  Nice prompt - I enjoyed this one!

Hope you’re having a good festive season!  \o/

(With a massive thanks to Brownbug for effects!)

antimana  asked:

I can see the Doctor sending the Master the following: "Roses are red, the TARDIS is blue, I have two hearts, and they're both for you."

P.S. Be a good chap and stop trying to take over the universe, thank you

Like I know this is a point nobody who follows me will understand… but has anyone mapped out The Eleven’s personalities? Like we know about The Eleven, The Six (Chaotic Evil), The Eight (Repentant Nice Guy) and The Nine (Whiny Kleptomaniac), but what about his other ones? I kinda lost track of the them whilst listening… like, how many have shown up in audio, and what personality traits match them?

  • Eighth Doctor: Liv, what are you doing here?
  • Liv Chenka: Helping you.
  • Eighth Doctor: Yes, but when you leave someone in fifteenth century Prague, they tend to stay there. Unless -
  • River Song: Unless someone like me comes along. My, my, causality be damned, this one's a keeper!
  • Eighth Doctor: And you are?
  • River Song: A nun! With a gun.