eight days of arrow


a black smoak winter au

“come on, felicity, it’s christmas!” laurel pouts and tugs gently at felicity’s hand. felicity rolls her eyes, fond smile tugging at her features.

“you know i’m jewish.”

laurel flashes a wicked grin before tugging with a sudden enough force to pull felicity back into the plush mountain of covers. “exactly. eight days of staying in bed.”

Dancing Publicly (4th in the Dancing Series)

Another part of this was requested! Thanks for the love I’ve been getting!

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It was your dad’s idea as always. He had invited literally every rich person he knew and loads of famous celebrities and country leaders. It had became an annual thing, and it had happened for the past six years.

Although it was your sixth time of these parties, all of the avengers had been for at least three years now. Apart from Wanda and Pietro.

Wanda was laid back about it, planning on just sticking with Maria or Natasha for the whole night, knowing that you would be hanging out with her brother for the whole time, since he was a nervous wreck about meeting lots of rich people at once.

He was very self conscious that you would suddenly be embarrassed of him and his scruffy appearance despite everyone’s attempts to explain you would never do that.

It was busier than other years, you noticed. Since saving the world again from Ultron, it had taken time for everyone to accept Tony but the world had overcame it and this had only made the Avengers much more popular. Tony had even made JARVIS again, deciding that Vision wasn’t JARVIS at all.

JARVIS was back for good, and you and Pietro liked that because it meant one thing – your song was played to annoy Tony whenever JARVIS was feeling a bit sneaky.

It was one of those nights, and boy had Tony annoyed Clint recently.

After accidently standing on one of Clint’s brand new arrows, the archer had been in a mood with Tony for almost eight days now. Despite Tony’s attempts to buy Clint new arrows, the ex-SHIELD agent was not feeling it at all. He had been purposely getting JARVIS to do his dirty work and Tony knew it.

Clint had decided the ultimate embarrassment for Tony would be to cause a scene at the party. So he did just that, using Pietro and you as pawns in his revenge scheme.

As the tower was all laughing and everyone was dressed in their finest suits, Pietro and you were exchanging words with Wanda and Natasha. You and Pietro instantly looked at each other as the familiar song started to play. There were cheers as people started dancing to the upbeat song, and the rest of the team had all turned slowly to look at you and Pietro, knowing what was coming.

The two of you grinned at each other, moving over to the dance floor and started singing awfully at the top of your voices. When the song had started to play, Tony’s face had dropped as he was talking to the President and he muttered a dear god before slowly turning around his eyes narrowed at you and Pietro.

You had burst into an awful dance routine and screeching act as Tony turned back to look at the president who was looking confused at it.

“Sorry, that’s my daughter and our new teammate, Pietro,” he trailed off as there was a smash as you had knocked over someone’s champagne flute.

Tony noticed a familiar archer sitting beside Natasha, howling at Tony’s anger. It was in that moment Tony decided you were never going to hear this song again.