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Middle Assyrian Chalcedony Cylinder Seal with a Lion-Dragon, 1300-1200 BC

This has the image of Ashur*, chief god of Assyria, on a winged solar disc facing a scorpion-tailed lion-dragon**. Above the lion-dragon is a recumbent crescent moon, a symbol of Sin, the moon god and alongside it is an eight-pointed star which represents the goddess Ishtar. Next are seven dots representing the Sebittu, seven benevolent gods whose power could be harnessed against evil by means of magic incantation. Astrologically these dots were identified with the Pleiades. There were temples dedicated to the Sebbitu at the Assyrian cities of Kalhu (Nimrud), Dur-Sharrukin (Khorsabad) and Nineveh.

*The god in the winged sun disc could also be Shamash, the sun god. Scholars are not all in agreement over which god is being represented within the winged sun disc in Assyrian art. Ashur is an indistinct deity with no clear iconography of his own. When he is represented in art his attributes tend to be borrowed from another god (in this case Shamash), which makes it difficult to definitively identify him.

**The lion-dragon is a beast which could be a reference to either the chief Assyrian god Ashur, the moon god Sin or the storm god Adad.

The new AMG GLC63 S “The Performance SUV”.
For the first time, a mid-size SUV is now also available with the powerful eight-cylinder biturbo in two output variants. The basis for this is provided by the M177 AMG 4.0‑litre V8 engine with 350kW (476hp) or 375kW (510hp) in the GLC63 S and GLC63 S Coupé variants. Acceleration from 0‑100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds also impressively demonstrates: the new SUVs hold a special position in their market segment. The Performance SUVs also feature air spring suspension with adaptive adjustable damping, AMG Performance 4MATIC+ all-wheel drive with fully variable torque distribution, a rear-axle limited-slip differential and a high-performance braking system. As a visual indication of their links with Mercedes-AMG sports cars, the new models sport the AMG Panamericana grille, which was previously reserved for the AMG GT family. In addition, the new models offer all the advantages of a Mercedes-SUV: ample room for passengers and luggage, comprehensive array of safety equipment and superior traction, also in the wet or in wintry road conditions.
Mercedes-AMG One man, one engine Handcrafted by Michael Kübler @f1mike28 in Germany Affalterbach.
Driving Performance is my Passion! Mercedes-AMG the Performance and Sports Car Brand from Mercedes-Benz and Exclusive Partner for Pagani Automobili.
Mercedes-AMG Handcrafted by Racers.


Colt 2nd Model Ring Lever rifle

Manufactured in Paterson, NJ by Colt c.1838-41 at about 500 units
.40-42 eight-round cylinder, cap and ball with side-mounted ramrod, internal hammer with cocking ring lever.

Note that before the Dragoon revolvers, Colt’s gun where not named after the scene engraved on their cylinder. Probably because naming guns “a centaur sexually harassing a deer” or “kindergarten drawing of a stagecoach robbery” would be fucking stupid.
The second model of this rifle, also made by Colt and numerous gunsmiths with loose tolerances, saw the addition of the loading lever which greatly facilitated the reloading process.


—— 1953 Cunningham Type C-5R ——–

—- 1953 Cunningham C-5R - Chrysler eight-cylinder, hemi-head vee engine, four Zenith downdraft carburetors 331.1 cubic inches,310 hp at 5200 rpm. —



The late night silence was broken by an Oldsmobile Rocket 88 eight cylinder engine as a large black 1968 Toronado blazed across the rail yard. It was the first time in a long time that John and Tiny went out together, as the latter was homebound due to anxiety.

John, a hitman, thought taking her to the train station late at night would calm her down because of the lack of people.


The Colt Ring Lever revolving rifle,

Shortly after the success of the Colt Paterson, Samuel Colt decided to take his revolver design and and enter the rifle market.  The Colt Ring Lever rifle was an early revolving rifle produced in limited numbers by Colt’s Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company out of Paterson, New Jersey.  An oddity of firearms designs, the Ring Lever was kinda sort of a lever action revolver.  Rotating the cylinder was done by pulling back on a ring located at the front of the trigger.  This also cocked an internal hammer for the next shot.  Using an eight shot cylinder, they were chambered in .34, .36, .38, and, .40, and.44 calibers.

The Colt Ring Lever rifle was produced in two models.  Being a cap and ball revolver, the Ring Lever was loaded by hand with black powder, a bullet, and a percussion cap.  In order to load the First Model, which utilized a top strap and lacked an indentation from which to place percussion caps, the barrel had to be completely removed.  The Second Model improved upon the design by using an open top design so that the cylinder could be removed if needed, featured an indentation so that nipples could be easily capped, and featured a loading lever (something common with all future Colt cap and ball designs).  Finally, the Second Model was available in .44 caliber only.

200 of the First Model were produced and 300 of the Second Model were produced between 1837 and 1841.  Colt sold 100 to the US Army at the whopping price of $125 per rifle.  Most were issued to soldiers in the Seminole Wars, were the design was found to be prone to malfunction and was too fragile.  Regardless most soldiers found having the rifle to be an advantage over single shot muzzleloaders.  Another 100 were sold to the Texas Navy, and another 300 sold to the government in order to arm settlers of the Florida Territory. 

The wait is finally over! Today’s sales release marks the first time a mid-size SUV is available in two adrenaline pumping variants of the powerful 4.0-liter eight-cylinder biturbo! 💪

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Jeep Hurricane Concept, 2005. A twin-engined prototype with 4-wheel steering and 37inch tyre for extreme off-road situations. One feature of the Hurricane’s engine system is the ability to use different sets of cylinders for different driving conditions. Each engine contains eight cylinders, but the multi-displacement system can use all, half, or none of the cylinders of each engine. For example, all sixteen cylinders can be utilized for rough terrain, twelve can be used for charging along off-road trails, eight can be used for city driving, and four can be used for highway conditions. This feature can be manipulated manually or done automatically 


—— Porsche CART Motor - 1988

Engine: Eight-cylinder, with turbocharging, water cooled, four valves per cylinder, four camshafts

Displacement: 2,649 cc

Power: 750 hp

Maximum speed: 360 km/h

Porsche’s participation in the American CART-Series - Championship Auto Racing Teams - began with the racing season in 1988. CART is one of the most popular racing events of North America and consists of the typical 15 races per season. The annual season finale is the “Indianapolis 500”. In addition to the first place title in the race “Mid - Ohio” Theo Fabi, the race car driver for Porsche in 1989, received two second place- and four sixth place-titles. ———


The Enouy 48 shot revolver,

Patented by Joseph Enouy of Middlesex, England in 1855, the Enouy revolver is truly an oddity to behold.  The central piece of this monstrosity is a bar hammer percussion transition revolver, which was a transition between older pepperbox models and more modern revolver designs.  In an attempt to increase the firepower of the revolver, Enouy set up a wheel of eight cylinders, which were rotated into place.  Of course, the Enouy revolver was not practical in any sense.  It was large and heavy, way to big to carry and very uncomfortable to hold and fire.  In addition, since it was a cap and ball revolver, each chamber would have been loaded individually with loose powder and a bullet.  With 8 cylinders, each having 6 chambers, the Enouy revolver held 48 shots, each of which would have been loaded individually by hand.  Loading this beast must have been very time consuming.

When Henry Ford decided to produce his famous V-8 motor, he chose to build an engine with the entire eight cylinders cast in one block, and instructed his engineers to produce a design for the engine. The design was placed on paper, but the engineers agreed, to a man, that it was simply impossible to cast an eight-cylinder engine-block in one piece.

Ford replied, “Produce it anyway.”

~ Henry Ford


—– Porsche 904/8 GTS - 1964

Motor: Eight cylinder boxer engine.

Displacement: 1,982 cc

Power: 240 hp

Maximum speed: 275 km/h

With the 904 GTS, Porsche led the field in cutting-edge car body design. The design was based on a box-section space frame and for the first time the body was fabricated entirely from GRP. The resulting structure was light and extremely stable. The 904 GTS was originally powered by the 4 cylinder “Furhmann” engine. Later, some of the cars were fitted with the 6 cylinder engine from the 911 model. This 904 GTS is the only example built with the Porsche 8 cylinder engine, based on F1 technology. —–


1939 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B, powered with a supercharged eight cylinder engine that can hit 110 miles per hour.
Only 12 were made.

Photos by Darin Schnabel


Chrysler Voyager III, 1990. A concept for two vehicles in one, with the rear module attached the six-wheel car can carry up to eight people. Both ends are powered, at the front a 1.6L propane-fuelled four cylinder engine, at the rear a 2.2L petrol four, with both electronically linked it has the equivalent of a 3.8L eight cylinder, four-wheel-drive power chain. When the extra space isn’t required the front can be driven independently by lowering the centre axle

The Annely Flintlock Revolver,

Invented by a gunmaker named J. Annely in the early 18th century, the Annely revolver was among the first revolver designs in history.  The revolver featured an eight shot cylinder, with each chamber featuring its own flash pan and pan cover.  The Annely revolver was not a true flintlock, the steel and flashpan were two separate entities while a flintlock has both in one (a frizzen), rather it was a snaplock, an early forerunner of the flintlock.  Each flashpan had to be opened before each shot.  Amazingly, the pistol was single action, so the cylinder would revolve when the hammer was cocked.    The Annely pistol had some flaws.  First and foremost stray sparks could cause multiple cylinders to discharge at the same time. Misfires and malfunctions were also common.  Thus the Annely pistol was never massed produced, and few exist today.

New Merc C63 AMG to get 510bhp

It’s official: the new Mercedes-Benz 63 AMG will get the engine from the AMG GT supercar, and develop 510bhp. Woohoo!

In a statement confirming what many of us kind of expected, AMG boss Tobias Moers said the new car would again use a V8, and it’s all thanks to AMG’s hardcore base.

“It goes without saying that the successor to the current C63 AMG will again be powered by an eight-cylinder engine,” Moers said. “We owe that to our loyal fans, plain and simple.” Good.

So, it’s a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 unit, developing that headline 510bhp and a whopping 516lb ft of torque, based on the same engine used in the upcoming AMG GT S supercar. Which means it’ll use the same turbo arrangement, where the turbochargers are placed inside the ‘V’ of the cylinders rather than outside. Unsurprisingly, AMG calls it ‘hot inside V’. [x]

Stand in for Stanford


Ricardo was working out as normal before his first class of the day. The young man started the treadmill setting it at a reasonable pace before jumping on. As the machine warmed up the distinctive sound of an eight cylinder engine could be heard. As the sound made it to his ears the mane eyes erupted in blue flames before many figurines around the house exploded. “ a vision at this time of the morning.” The witch said before looking around and seeing the destruction which came as a result of his surprise. With a wave of his hand the glass melted and reformed into its origional stat while the man began to run.

The vision was of an impala driving into town as a dark haired man listening to classic rock was behind the wheel. The witch smiled seeing the man was refreshing and even he needed the he occasional piece of eye candy. Unfortunately he saw the man pull up to the police station opening his gl ok very compartment revealing countless badges and other forms of identification. “ why are the cure ones so damn troublesome. ” Ricardo tried to continue however his treadmill exploded from his anger forcing him to run the old fashioned way.