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Once the Time Lords exiled me
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Once the Time Lords exiled me

to be honest I have a little nagging doubt that Eight would’ve gone along with Eleven’s plan to save Gallifrey as easily as the War Doctor did in his position and it’s all thanks to this scene

obviously he would have eventually because there’s plenty of people who never did anything wrong (outsiders, shobogans, children, his family, you name it), but it would have been angsty as fuck and i’m glad he didn’t have to

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AU where everyone lives and James and Lily have a daughter and the boys (Especially James) are all so overprotective pretty please?

  • he cries and cries and cries when they have her bc she’s so perfect but also oh shit how do i handle a girl??? and lily just looks at him and is like dude she’s no different from harry, we raise her the same
  • and like harry she grows up with muggle and wizard bed time stories and morals and marauder tales
  • when she goes to hogwarts the write to her and harry every week
  • but james sends extra letters to harry to tell him to make sure she’s all okay
  • and harry writes back saying “good to see you care so much about me too dad”
  • and james sends him a howler in response telling him that “you don’t sass the sass master you twit. i love you - oh, mum sends her love too. no it’s not a howler… fine okay it’s a howler harry i’m sorry about this, mum thinks it’s daft, but you’re a twit.”
  • they come back for he holidays and she tells them she wants to be on the quidditch team and so james helps her to train and she makes the team second year
  • on hosgmeade weekends they all apparate over there to see her and harry but sirius transforms into padfoot and follows her around a bit to see who she’s talking to
  • he sees her talking to a boy and suddenly james and harry and remus are there all like “hey hey mini potter, who’s this?”
  • she’s got her mum’s hair and her dad’s eyes
  • when she tells them she has a boyfriend they’re all like “no no no no no no no no” and james and lily are shitting themselves bc they don’t know how to handle harry having a girlfriend so how will they handle this
  • and in the end they decide they’ll do what they do with harry and ginny; tease both of them a lot
  • so she brings him home and they just interrogate him and she introduces him to uncle sirius and uncle remus who just spend most of dinner glaring at him
  • james joins them in this task when dessert is served and he can’t think of anymore questions
  • one day they get a letter from madame pomfrey telling them she’s in the hospital wing and they apparate immediately over bc their daughter is hurt and this is not allowed
  • except she only has a cold and they feel a bit embarrassed
  • but they’re allowed to stay for dinner and they sit with their children at the gryffindor table and everyone’s like “holy shit you guys look exactly the same”
  • and all the boys are giving lily the eye and all the girls are giving james the eye and the mini potters are just rolling their eyes
  • james liked to all them his mini potters
  • when she says she’s broken up with that boy bc he cheated on her, lily has to physically restrain james and sirius from going to hogwarts to fight him
  • they get a letter from mcgonagall telling them that the boy is in the hospital wing due to a broken noise and sprained wrist and lily and james celebrate
  • (they’re meant to be annoyed bc their daughter has been given two weeks detention but they don’t care and instead they write her a letter of congratulations)
  • on her wedding day they’re all in tears and james almost breaks the groom’s hand when they shake hands
  • and lily pulls the groom aside to have very stern words and when they’re seen again the groom looks very nervous
  • james walks her down the aisle and he’s so proud and he tells her “you look as happy as your mum did on our wedding day”
  • and later lily tells her “he was smiling as big as james did when you walked down the aisle”
  • and when their daughter finds out that james and lily might have followed them to the airport they’re both sent home with heads hung in shame bc their daughter has a sharp tongue

send me au headcanons/scenarios uwu

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