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Poe Dameron x Reader

Title: On Falling and Flying / AO3
Length: 7k
Rating: T for language
Summary: Pilot Reader has been transferred to D'Qar with high praise from General Organa for her flight skills. And Poe is eager to get her to prove it. But she tries her best to ignore his teasing, certain that he’s only jealous. She has no interest in taking away his precious title as best pilot in the Resistance. But when Reader crashes and almost gets herself killed, she glimpses a side of Poe she hasn’t seen before and she realizes she was wrong about him all along.
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When BB goes to the military 5

Military: well that was a failure. Now onto Taeyang, T.O.P, and Seungri. To prevent fatality, lets go one by one.
YB: can I go nude?
Military: no
YB: lol then no
T.O.P: can i insta my trip?
Military: of course not.
T.O.P: then bye
Seungri: can i have a coke?
Military: uhhh… I think we only carry pepsi
Seungri: can GD hold me?
Military: physically no.
Seungri: then no
Military: god.
GD: i got it.
GD: if you don’t run the course, I won’t write another song for eight years.
BB: yeah but that’s normal
GD: I’ll make us perform Fantastic Baby at the MAMA’s. Again.
BB: shit
YB: *runs course fully clothed with a scarf*
T.O.P: *leaves phone on ground*
Seungri: *holds self*
Seungri: I’d love a pepsi
Military: how?
GD: control ‘em with fear


Congratulations to The Affair on the three Golden Globe nominations!

The Affair is the only first year series to have a lead actor, lead actress and drama series nomination. The Affair is also the only first year series to break into the drama series category.