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Me, through tears: Fuck, dude, you sure are…

Hi my name’s amanda and I’m real messed up about Davenport. Catch me in your local broom closet crying about this gnome. You’re welcome to join me.

the jojo parts as spongebob quotes

part 1: “What do you call a vampire at a blood bank? A cab!”

part 2: “Did you reunite our heroes?” “No, but I got married.”

part 3: “ The International Justice League of Super Acquaintances! (A subsidiary of Viacom.)”

part 4: “It’s BIG, SCARY, and PINK!”

part 5: “Uh, sorry, I don’t speak Italian.”

part 6: “Just the thought of her alone and afraid in jail makes me think about her being alone and afraid in jail.”


part 8: “All bubble-blowing babies will be beaten senseless by every able-bodied patron in the bar.”

myrroronthewall  asked:

Any headcannons of what dating Masrur would include? Thank you! And I hope you stay awesome!

Awe thanks sweet!! You too xx

Dating Masrur would include

☛ Being picked up at the most random of moments; Masrur has this instinct, or need if you will. To make sure his s/o is in the most relaxed state they could possibly be in. This means that the s/o may find themselves being carried like a sack of potatoes, or, maybe even like a bride? How about Masrur just grabs one leg and kind of dangles you a few centimeters from the floor? No? Piggyback ride then? Whatever the preferred way of being held Masrur will do it. Sometimes it’s not even for his s/o’s own sake, its for his. Masrur likes the reassurance of knowing that his s/o is there beside him. He likes to know if he ever needs someone to lean on, their there for him.

☛ Running around like a lunatic to find him; It’s no secret that the Fanalis male likes both sleep and training. Sometimes he’ll let his s/o tag along, other times, he wont even think to ask if they want to come. His s/o will usually find him somewhere deep within the forest. They just need to follow the sounds of trees falling and try to jump out of the way before they find themselves being squished like a bug! However if s/o dosent find him first he’ll find them. He/ll probably catch a whiff of them and see them caught in some vine thing and have to help them free which is pretty damn easy with his strength. Masrur is a beast. Don’t mess with him. If s/o finds him sleeping then the situation is ten times better. For one they don’t have to dodge trees, and second off he’ll hold them like a teddy bear whilst he drifts off.

☛ Having a protector at your side whenever you need it; Masrur has this motherly nature where he can sense any negative energy radiating around his s/o. Someone like Sinbad or Sharrkan may need a few more minuets to study their s/o, but after so many years of barley speaking Masrur has studied people enough to know the ins and outs of pretty much everything. Masrur will take his s/o to the side and give them a look he rarely gives, placing a large hand over their cheek before asking if its just them fretting over something or if he needs to be threatening someone. If the s/o says their fretting, he’ll do what ever it is in his power to help them. However, if its someone threatening them, then he’ll do whatever it is in his power to make sure they’ll need help. Medical help…

☛ Bath time all the time; Masrur isn’t the most sexually active man alive. Now, now. That’s not saying he isn’t sexual. No. He’s just lazy. Most times, Masrur will use up his energy and magoi with training which he does mostly every day for a couple of hours, Leaving him exhausted, even if he dosent want to show it. This has more perks for the s/o than one might think. It means that after working out so much, Masrur just wants to relax with them because he knows his s/o will give him some pampering. He wouldn’t settle for anything less. Since he’s pretty smelly and icky after all that working out he runs himself a bath and gets his s/o to join him. Being a general he gets a pretty large bath with plenty of room for some light swimming if they so desire. If the s/o uses their power of ‘seduction’ correctly. They may just give Masrur an extra work out.

☛ Constant teasing from the other generals; Because Masrur is quite it makes his relationship with you the perfect outlet for teasing. Such comments made to you by generals + King Sinbad include:

Pisti & Spartos: “S/o! S/o! Me and Spartos were just wondering, can you chew on Masrurs muscles like their some big old candy apples?” Standing their rather dumbfounded whilst looking at Pisti. Spartos could be heard in the background. “I was not wondering that!”

Sharrkan: “I remember when Masrur use to be so small. It was funny when we were younger we use to tease him for it but, he was a child so i guess it was expected. Not like he could be huge when he was that young. Say s/o. Has he grown since then?” S/o scoffed. “Sharrkan of course he has! Have you seen how tall that man is?” Sharkan ‘tsked’ shaking his head. “Oh no your mistaken I should have been more specific…Has uh…it grown.” Sharrkan winked causing s/o to yell loudly at him whilst he laughed obnoxiously.

Hinahoho & Drakon: “So um…” Drakon began. “Masrur have never been one to talk much. How does you initiate most conversations with him?” Finally, someone willing to ask a sensible quest- “They just flash some thigh and Masrur comes running!” Hinahoho hollered with an obnoxious laugh. If s/o was even half of his height. He’d be dead.

Ja’far & Yamuraiha: “Aw no its so cute he carries you around like his own pet~” Ja’far sighs. “I wouldn’t say being refereed to your significant others pet it considered to be cute Yamuraiha.” Rolling her eyes Yamuraiha poked Ja’fars side causing his eye to twitch. Suddenly, he let out a sigh. “Though i must admit.” He slyly smirked. “It’s cute when the two of you kiss without thinking anyone’s watching.” Even Yam found that one a little creepy…

Sinbad: “So whats the sex like? To rough for you hm?” Whack

☛ Wearing his shirts as pajamas; Being the god he is, Masrur is broad, tall and muscular meaning practically everyone can fit into his clothing with the exclusion of Hinahoho who wouldn’t be able to fit into anyone elses but his own. Sometimes s/o can even get away with wrapping a belt around it and wearing it for everyday activities making it loo like a tunic/dress. It’s very practical. Masrur dosent mind really either. He likes the fact that his s/o feels comfortable in his scent.

☛ Having the quilt stolen every single night; Masrur likes to be warm okay? He’ll start off by using his s/o as his warmth. He’ll snuggle them to his body, gently kiss their forehead and all around make sure they come before himself. However, as time goes on and the night deepens, so will Masrurs sleep. He’ll forget his s/o is their and just turn away, his heavy body yanking the sheets away from his s/o to. Most times, his s/o will end up on the floor as a result unless they hang tight enough onto him so they are taken along with the sheets.

☛ Being spoilt rotten and having everything you even glance at on your doorstep the next day; Working for the king means Marur gets good income from his job and he can afford to buy most things his s/o likes the look of in the market weather that be a sword they find or a necklace. If he cant afford it he’ll work extra hard for Sinbad, to the point Sinbad has nothing left to do himself. ( Not that he even does it himself ) Masrur will gratefully give Masrur the extra money he needs to buy his s/o everything they desire. Masrur even goes out of his way to buy his s/o matching armor so they wont hurt themselves as easily. He wants them to be safe and happy because he loves them, and wouldn’t want it any other way.

☛ Requests are open : Room for one more request

non-spoilery Beauty & the Beast review

- Plumette (the feather duster)’s transformation was everything I could ever hope for. It was magical and beautiful *__*

- Ewan McGregor as Lumiere did not disappoint. Ewan! Singing! =D! Lumière/Plumette yasss. Also Ian McKellen as Cogsworth and Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts whatttt

- You know you’ll like Kevin Kline as Maurice (Belle’s dad) because Kevin Kline has his moustache on for this movie

P.S. Don’t worry about LeFou. D o N o t W o r r y.