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non-spoilery Beauty & the Beast review

- Plumette (the feather duster)’s transformation was everything I could ever hope for. It was magical and beautiful *__*

- Ewan McGregor as Lumiere did not disappoint. Ewan! Singing! =D! Lumière/Plumette yasss. Also Ian McKellen as Cogsworth and Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts whatttt

- You know you’ll like Kevin Kline as Maurice (Belle’s dad) because Kevin Kline has his moustache on for this movie

P.S. Don’t worry about LeFou. D o N o t W o r r y.

the jojo parts as spongebob quotes

part 1: “What do you call a vampire at a blood bank? A cab!”

part 2: “Did you reunite our heroes?” “No, but I got married.”

part 3: “ The International Justice League of Super Acquaintances! (A subsidiary of Viacom.)”

part 4: “It’s BIG, SCARY, and PINK!”

part 5: “Uh, sorry, I don’t speak Italian.”

part 6: “Just the thought of her alone and afraid in jail makes me think about her being alone and afraid in jail.”


part 8: “All bubble-blowing babies will be beaten senseless by every able-bodied patron in the bar.”

Never stop drawing Eight companions. Have I done anything else this week? Not really. But I’m getting 6 done per day, so it’ll only take me through the weekend. Unless I go crazy and do villains and single-story companions too. My list would double.

However, it would be very problematic to draw characters like Kro'ka or Selta, who are blobby creatures with no proper description. (Kro'ka’s a little blobby weasel with no neck? Selta’s a giant jellyfish with tentacles or something? Well, that’s helpful.)

Anyway, this is Sam, dark!Sam and Kode. For the record, once I actually finish these things, I’ll actually include blurbs about who the hell these people are.


… the Victim of the Week in this Sailor Moon episode was the Eighth Doctor.

This episode actually does take place during his trapped-alone-on-Earth-with-amnesia period, so it’s totally conceivable that it could be him.  Randomly giving a violin recital in early 90s Tokyo is a perfectly believable thing for him to do.

Sindria Week 3/3: The Eight Generals

Two of Sindria’s Eight Generals, Jafar and Masrur, have the peculiar distinction of being characters from the 1001 Nights who are actually real historical people.  So to close out Sindria Week, let’s talk about these two and the some of the other companions, of Caliph Harun al-Rashid (785 – 809 AD).

Jafar al-Barmaki: The third generation of the Barmaks to serve as vizer, Jafar was Harun’s closest advisor and favorite drinking companion.  He was celebrated in his own time as an accomplished orator, judge, writer, and patron of the arts.  According to legend, he was also scary efficient, making in one night over a thousand legal decisions, all of which the caliph approved.

[Note: A full biography is here, but there are several pieces of information on the other side which I personally think will be relevant in MAGI. So, fair warning.]

Abu Hashim Masrur: Not exactly a courtier, Masrur was an African eunuch slave who served as the Caliph’s bodyguard and executioner, hence why MAGI’s Masrur was originally intended to be black.  It may also be why Sharrkan’s go-to insult is ‘no balls’.

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River Song Appreciation Week

Day 5 - Favourite Quote: River fights Timelord “The Eleven”

↳  River: Oh, you want a fight? You’ve just got one! [Sucker punches the Eleven]

The Eleven: [Enraged] What are you? You’re not a Timelord… What are you? What! Fascinating, some kind of aberration. [Fervently sniffs River] A hybrid! A freak of nature. [Captivated] We have so much in common.

 River: I really do [Throws him down] hope not.