Imagine Six, Marina, and Eight being in a relationship. Marina and Eight are dating. Marina and Six are QPPs. Six and Eight are best friends.

Eight is totally fine with Six kissing Marina on the cheek (and sometimes, but not often, on the lips) and holding hands, and Marina no longer gets jealous when Six and Eight joke around with each other because she knows it’s all platonic.

When going out together, Marina walks in the middle so she can hold hands with both Eight and Six.

Marina and Eight sleep together, but sometimes Six joins them when she’s feeling lonely.

Six is a cuddler, and she always sits in between Eight and Marina so she can cuddle both of them at the same time. But, Eight, being Eight, sometimes starts a tickle fight when she does, and it ends up becoming a tickle war. Marina is torn between helping Six (who claims it’s not fair because she was the one who was attacked, and Eight, who’s saying she needs to side with him because he’s her boyfriend). So, she ends up alternating every tickle fight, and it’s either romantic partners versus Six, or girls versus boy.

When they have tickle fights (and when Marina sides with Six), Eight shape shifts so he has ten arms. Six complains that he’s cheating, but he retaliates that it’s unfair that it’s two against one. Marina now sides with Six the majority of times because she’s such a disadvantage.

Both Eight and Six can’t cook for their lives. Marina tries to teach them, but Six doesn’t really care and Eight is too clumsy. The kitchen ends up a mess, and Marina makes them clean it up.

Six plays pranks on Eight all of the time, and she uses her invisibility to her advantage. Eight always gets her back, and the next thing they know, they’re caught up in a prank war. Marina tries to stay out of it when she can, and she tries to keep a neutral position. But, when it’s every Loric for themselves, she can be brutal.

Marina makes Six and Eight pose when she needs something to draw. They always protest, so she’s started making them do weirder and weirder poses. They both thank the elders every time they manage to get through a painting session without anyone else walking in.

Today is release day for the NA version of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD!  I never thought we’d get this far back when I played the game on the PSP…  I’m so happy everyone can see what a great game it is now!!!  /wipes tear

If you have a PS4 or are planning to get one, please pick it up!!!!  Class Zero is a class full of darling babies, but Eight and Jack are two of my favs.  ;A;

Eight new planets found in 'Goldilocks' zone

Boston MA (SPX) Jan 07, 2015
Astronomers have announced that they have found eight new planets in the “Goldilocks” zone of their stars, orbiting at a distance where liquid water can exist on the planet’s surface. This doubles the number of small planets (less than twice the diameter of Earth) believed to be in the habitable zone of their parent stars. Among these eight, the team identified two that are the most similar to E
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