Divergent AU
  • Abnegation:Marina, Crayton, Conrad, Three's cepan
  • Erudite:Sandor, Malcolm, Sam, Two, Lexa
  • Dauntless:One, John, Six, Eight, Nine, Mark, Devektra, Adam
  • Amity:Three, Ella, Sarah, Adelina, Reynolds
  • Candor:Henri, Katarina, Hector, Hessu, Rey
  • Factionless:Five, Ethan, Ra (and the rest of the mogs. instead of erudite it's the factualness trying to take over)

I have a lot of things I’m legitimately working on for realsies, like anon asks and other things I’ve promised, but in the mean time here is a sketchdump literally no one asked for

Today is release day for the NA version of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD!  I never thought we’d get this far back when I played the game on the PSP…  I’m so happy everyone can see what a great game it is now!!!  /wipes tear

If you have a PS4 or are planning to get one, please pick it up!!!!  Class Zero is a class full of darling babies, but Eight and Jack are two of my favs.  ;A;