From Big Finish Doctor Who Doom Coalition 3: The Crucible of Souls

Eight:  Come on!  Come on!
River:  Something the matter?
Eight:  I’m trying to put it on manual.  All the systems are automated.  I don’t feel comfortable flying the TARDIS if I’m not actually…flying it!
River:  Now you know how your companions feel.
Eight:  I’m a pilot, not a passenger.
River:  It does look all terribly state of the art.  Far more advanced than yours.
Eight:  That’s just cosmetic.  I’m sure I can just download the upgrades, if I wanted to.
River:  So why don’t you?
Eight:  Because I don’t want to.  My TARDIS is like a fine wine, a vintage car.                She may be old but she’s got character.
River:  I’ll tell her you said that.
Eight:  I’m perfectly happy with the standard operating systems. Ugh…there we go.  
River:  I take it that you’re driving now?
Eight:  Not quite yet but I am now.  Oh she’s a feisty one.
River:  Oh you have no idea around feisty.  Maybe if I helped.
Eight:  I doubt that would do any good.  Flying a TARDIS isn’t easy.
River:  Not when you do it.  No.
Eight:  You can’t just pick it up.
River:  You were saying?
Eight:  Beginners luck.
River:  What can I tell you?  I’m very intuitive.  I feel may way in, play around,   see how the system responds then adjust accordingly.
Eight:  Oh so you’re good with your hands.
River:  Spoilers.
Eight:  Sorry, what did you say?
River:  Oh don’t worry about it.


“No More”

The Eighth and Eleventh Doctors and the last day of Gallifrey. Eight was destroyed by the Time War and forced to become a warrior; Eleven was finally absolved of that guilt.  

Mixed media: watercolor and digital. Doctor Who is copyright BBC. | Print Shop | My Doctor Who Art Tumblr

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