eiffel necklace

fic: driving circles around me.

she waits in the coffee shop that was always theirs in hopes fate might make an exception and bring her back.

clexa modern au. rated o for #ouch. 2.5k. read on ao3.

Maybe it’s routine that keeps her coming to the same coffee shop.

Maybe it’s naïve hopefulness.

(No, that can’t be it. She hasn’t been hopeful about anything in years.)

An Eiffel tower necklace hangs from her neck in the same spot that it’s been since she was sixteen.

It’s a locket – it opens but she hasn’t had the courage to pry it apart since just after graduation. She knows what kind of demons lurk inside the closed, gold walls of it and she’s not eager to let them out any time soon. Not again.

Long, lithe fingers rise up and drag across the ridges of the locket. It’s been years and it still aches every time she touches it. Maybe that’s why she’s never gotten the courage to take it off. It might weigh heavy against her chest but it’s a weight she’s willing to bear because she doesn’t know what it’s like to be without it. To exist without the constant ache in her chest, the constant feeling that she’s missing something. Not anymore.

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anonymous asked:

If you are still taking prompts, could you do one where all the girls are coming home from their 1st year of college for christmas. Ali and Emily have been together since they found out who A is. All the girls are meeting at Spencer's and emily is the last one to show up and Ali gets really excited and cute when she walks through the door because they haven't seen each other in months

Five months, that’s how long it had been since Alison had seen her girlfriend’s beautiful face, and it was just pure torture. The last time Ali had seen Emily in person was in August when the swimmer left with Hanna to begin their new life in New York where they would both be attending college. Many times Alison had thought about buying a plane ticket and flying to New York just to see Emily, but she knew that if she wanted to graduate and get into NYU with Emily she would have to focus on school.

The entire night before she didn’t get a second of sleep because she knew that in just a few short hours Emily would be back in Rosewood and more importantly, back in her arms. Which is probably why she had arrived at Spencer’s nearly an hour earlier than the time they had all agreed upon.

As soon as she rung the doorbell, the youngest Hastings’ opened the door. “You look terrible.” She said as soon as she saw Alison, opening the door wider to let the blonde in. “Aren’t you a little early?”

Rolling her eyes, Alison stepped into the house. “Gee, thanks, Spence. That’s really the first thing I wanted to hear from you after not seeing you for months.” She lifted a bag slightly. “I may be early, but I come bearing gifts.”

Ruffling the blonde’s hair slightly, Spencer took a seat on her couch. “I know why you’re here so early… You couldn’t wait to see Emily.” She teased Ali with a smile.

Immediately Alison’s hands flew up to her hair to try and fix it because not a single hair could be out of place when Emily got there. “You know what?” Ali asked as she was fixing her hair. “I’m not even going to deny it. It’s been five months since I’ve seen her, sue me if I’m excited.”

“I don’t think excited is a strong enough word to describe what you are right now.” Spencer quipped back with a laugh.

The blonde girl huffed and went to sit across from Spencer. “Enough about moi. Let’s talk about you. How’s Harvard?” she questioned curiously.

Sighing happily, Spencer leaned back into the couch. “It’s great. The school is perfect, the students are perfect, the teachers are perfect… I feel like it’s where I was always meant to end up.” The valedictorian answered truthfully.

Just as Alison was about to congratulate her friend, the sound of the doorbell chiming prevented her, Spencer going to answer it. A small scream came a second later and Alison worriedly rushed over only to find Spencer tightly hugging Aria who looked like she couldn’t breathe. Alison just laughed. “Spence, I don’t think she can breathe.” Alison stated.

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