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lol. i swear mangapanda's translation are really messed up. even without checking the raws or anything you can actually tell that it's wrong or doesn't make sense. for other series as well tho.

Mangapanda has some serious and frequent translation problems… I’ve talked about this before in a couple posts here. This chapter was full of panels and dialogue that made no sense whatsoever

Feel the pain of Sabo and Issho’s victory

Let’s continue to spread chaos across the country

These are Marines talking. The guy in the first panel is supposed to be talking about how their fight was a draw. The 2nd guy should be staying they should STOP the chaos. They’re basically saying the exact opposite of what they should be saying for it to make any sense. And in the third panel here, absolutely nothing is coherent—it’s just people shouting things that don’t fit together at all. Also he’s VICE Admiral Maynard–not Admiral Maynard.

I only read Mangapanda’s translations when there’s nothing else out and I can’t wait for better scans to come out. Powermanga is still the best group for OP, but they’re weeks behind and Mangastream is still significantly better than Panda. They sometimes mess up the meaning of things too, but at least their translations make sense in English.

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i didn't even think replacing a watermark is even possible. it's bad enough that the reposters like to put all those gifs together as their own. that person is shameless i tell you. tsk.

They should just spend a little more time to edit their own gif into something more perfect instead of right click and save. Yeah totally no mercy.