shiny precious dragon babbu ♥

So glad to be done this abububu QuQ it was a lot of fun but such a challenge, and I have even /more/ respect for the staff artists now. I hate to admit but this tiny thing took like…a good 5-6 hours ORL

Now I need a new volunteer 8D


An SCC concept I had sketched up all nice back in 2012 FFS, and wanted to actually do something with it, so I lined it up and made a couple variants with palettes from colourlovers. Designing colour schemes and such is my huuuugest weakness, so I want to use my template of these guys to play around with that.

Icon comm for Revie on Aywas!
Did it at 500x500 instead of 400x400 and it doesn’t resize as crisply imop, but I’d like to do icons a bit bigger so I’ll figure it out.

Want an icon like this? Send me a message, you can get one for $12 and use it on any site you’d like!

Did I mention before that it’s a GLACIER mahar? 

omgfdlskjfklsdfjl all their details ಥ‿ಥ nearly done with the lines though yaaaay

I keep comparing it to the site art and harlgbalr at the everything I don’t-

BTW if you see anything that looks weird or wrong to you, please tell me!




I’ve been working on this on and off for SO LONG now im cry Q^Q need to refine/correct lines, organize the layers and group…and then I can think about colouring it. 


this is © Ryou btw 

Lots happened in December :/ I up and decided to quit by job of over 4 years and now I will be moving many hours away to live with/where my parents are and start fresh. Haven’t been online much and Tumblr was a scary place; I’ve done a mass unwatch though for purely post amount reasons and while I feel a bit like a jerk it makes looking at stuff here a lot more manageable ;n;

When I opened SAI to make a doodle it was gonna be an OC of mine but then I liked the idea of drawing Sharkieboos’ OC Adrian more who is gorgeous and everything about her art is gorgeous and I find it really inspiring so you should go cry over it like I do QoQ

This was very much sparked by an image she did of Adrian crying and a snippet of lyrics from Box of Stones by Benjamin Francis Leftwich -

You said I am young and I’m yours
I am free, but I am flawed
I’m here in your heart
I was here from the start 


…JPG turfed the shit out of these lmao ugh gonna edit.

I’ve wanted to make my own avatars clothing/ect. on Aywas for ages because I…legit can’t find clothing except randomly?? And of course in user threads. It’s so unlike Subeta which has clothes EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME no matter where you go.

I was just gonna make Mikal’s hair b-but then…eyes, and now clothes and hnngng I can’t stop it’s fun @3@

Mikal and design ess mine.


So someone on Aywas wants a bird overlay/SCC maybe but I think the last time I drew a bird was in grade 8 art class?? which was…14 years ago SOB WHY AM I SO OLDlkjsldjsa derails entirely and flings self into ocean OTL

ANYWAY I was like ‘i will sketch sum burd?’ so they can see if I am up to par so I did these sketches and OH HEY I REALLY LIKE THEM?? BIRDS ARE AWESOME?? I think I will draw them more often.