eid ghadir

Man Kunto Maula

“For whoever I am Maula, Ali is his Maula,”
Were the words Muhammad proclaimed,
For Muhammad and Ali realise each level of this claim:
Indeed like Muhammad, Ali too was but a slave of his Lord (72:19);
And like the Prophet, the Imam was named Wali by his Lord (5:55);
And like the Messenger, the Guide was an Intimate of the Word (13:7; 56:79);
Indeed like Muhammad, Ali too is Master of the creations of the worlds.


The Holy Shrine of Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [a.s] is decorated with flowers during the celebration of Eid e Ghadir.
(via imamali.net)

Join us at the Islamic Center of America on Friday, October 10th 2014 for the Eid Al-Ghadeer celebration. Speakers and reciters include: Br. Jalal Moughania, Br. Muntathar Al-Abadi, Sayed Hassan Qazwini, Br. Ali Fadhil, Br. Abathar Tajaldeen, Sister Fatima Najdi, Br. Mohamed Bazzi, and myself.