eid al-fitr

EID AL-FITR 2013 version 2.0

Model: Me (theameerah) Photo and edit by: Me (theameerah)

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Illuminati minion wishes you all Eid Mubarak! He got sick of working for Dajjal, and he was following my page for a while to see how Muslims think, then he ended up accepting Islam. :) This is our big HOLYday, so lets all celebrate making it another year, another Ramadan. For those of us who missed any days fasting, lets make sure we make it up in the coming year. I know I’m going to start fasting more often, maybe like once a week. I really felt the benefits this year more than ever before. I will miss you Ramadan! I hope to see you again! So everyone put on your nicest clothes and go to the masjid, relax and take a well deserved breath of relief… It’s a jubilant day for Muslims all over the dunya… Smile and be happy. InshaAllah the coming year is better than the last, inshaAllah we all stay higher in iman and good deeds. Now since Ramadans over (almost for some), our iman might fall a bit, but that’s normal. Don’t let it fall too much! Let do all we can to keep it high! And stay coming to the masjid at LEAST once a week, the more the better. If we all are always going then every day will be like Ramadan! Don’t wait till next Ramadan to become religious again! Keep it going! May Allah forgive us our sins, grant us our dua (He knows what’s best), and grant us Jannah, AMEEN!

♡♡ ابتهجوا و املأوا الدنيا فرحاً .. إنه العيد ، هدية الله لكم

♡ =) كل عام و أنتم بخير و سعادة و سلام و من الله أقرب

الله أكبر .. الله أكبر .. الله أكبر لا إله إلا الله ، الله أكبر الله أكبر و لله الحمد