“On the third day of Eid, I saw some children playing on a ferris wheel set up near my house and I heard them singing and shouting as it was rotating; I rushed to join them. When I was up in the air I saw my destroyed house which was hit by an airstrike. Some of the children were asking whose house that was. I did not say it was mine; I just kept playing and enjoying my time. My Eideyah (Eid allowance) was 15 NIS (3 USD) this year; I spent 4 on the swing and with the rest I am going to buy a little doll so I can put her between my arms when I go to sleep every night.” Nora, 10, from Gaza.

UNICEF Palestine is sharing daily portraits of children in Gaza for 51 days to mark a year since the 51-day conflict of 2014.

I know Eid is a time of celebration, but I ask you to pray for the 200+ innocent Iraqis killed by Isis bombings on Eid and the dozens more that were wounded. As usual they targeted Shi'a majority areas. I don’t really care if you’re still in denial when it comes to Shi'a genocide and targeted killing, but I ask you to pray for their souls as human beings and for my entire country because everyone is suffering.

In a month it’s that time of the year again.. Eid al-Adha! It is a time of gathering with friends and family again to have a great feast again. Yet, thousands of reverts are depressed on that day because they have nobody to celebrate with. I know how it feels, as I’m a revert myself. Every time when Eid comes around, I feel sad and depressed when I see all those fancy outfits and meals on tumblr. 

This Eid, I want to make a change for as much as I can. If you’re a revert, based in Belgium (or near countries to it) and you’re celebrating alone once again, please message me. I have some ideas I want to work out to help those reverts who want company on those blessed days. 

I’m not quite sure yet what I’ll do, but I have some ideas. If you have an idea of what we could do, please message me. Or if you’re a Muslim, blessed on Eid to be surrounded by family and friends but still want to help, message me as well. We can make a huge difference by helping each other out. 

Please, only for girls.

Reblog this, as you might help a sister to reach out to me.