Eid Mubarak and much love to the Muslims in Nigeria, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone who are currently battling this tragic surge of Ebola and have had their plight minimized to represenible jokes and or outright dismissal in comparison to hyberpolized fear by Westerners.

To the Somalis who have had their nation’s autonomy vandalized by Israeli manufactured, US purchased and Ethiopian hosted drone strikes as well as genocidal foreign military presence from other African nations and imperial powers.

To Black Muslims in America who have to wish their family members a joyous holiday over collect calls, if at all because the prison industrial complex has rendered Black bodies disposable and implicitly recreated a system of labor exploitation. Who deal with alienation at masjids and have to continously bite their tongues in religious gatherings at racist comments because they’ll be ostracized and labeled divisive.

To the Muslims in Central Africa Republic and Ethiopia who are faced with imminent threat from Christian supremacist militias and government approved Islamophobia, respectively.

To Muslims of the entire diaspora whose political turmoil and strife are regularly perpetuated by global antiblackness, regional Islamophobia and ignored/stifled out of issues in relation to “ummah”.

May the Almighty grant you the strength and patience to persevere through all odds.


Here are some pictures of my finished tattoo and blushing work on my friend’s Iplehouse EID Lawrence :)!  (And old tattoo/blushing work I did on my Stella last year.)

It was the first time the both of us have taken outside pictures, like on grass, with our dolls in these pictures. Stacia, my friend, was kind enough to provide some shade for me while I took the pictures. And yes, she did flare her jacket out. ;)

He was giving free ride to children to parks and restaurants.
Upon asking why is he doing so? He replied:

“Eid ka matlab kya hota hai bhala? khushi hota hai na? To bas mein ney socha mein bhi aaj khushiyan baant lu.”