“On the third day of Eid, I saw some children playing on a ferris wheel set up near my house and I heard them singing and shouting as it was rotating; I rushed to join them. When I was up in the air I saw my destroyed house which was hit by an airstrike. Some of the children were asking whose house that was. I did not say it was mine; I just kept playing and enjoying my time. My Eideyah (Eid allowance) was 15 NIS (3 USD) this year; I spent 4 on the swing and with the rest I am going to buy a little doll so I can put her between my arms when I go to sleep every night.” Nora, 10, from Gaza.

UNICEF Palestine is sharing daily portraits of children in Gaza for 51 days to mark a year since the 51-day conflict of 2014.