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I can just imagine

All the Diamonds gathered in their meeting room in HomeWorld with White in her huge chair because she’s the first diamond, Yellow and Blue in chairs of the same size, and Pink in her smallest chair because she’s like Amethyst. The Pearls stand beside the Diamonds or are sitting in the chairs with them (depends on if they were nicer then) and White is like:
W: A new suitable planet has been found for gem growing. It’s called, Earth. Who wants it?
Pink: Oh, pick me, pick me. Just think, my first planet?
W: None of you, really?
Yellow and Blue: Snicker
Pink*whining*: White
W: Oh I’m just teasing. But I really don’t know if you’re ready for this.
B: It couldn’t hurt. Besides, it’s about time she has something of her own.
P: *nods enthusiastically*
Y: It would be nice to see what she can really do.
P: *star eyed* My own planet
Y: *frowns* Maybe we should send someone with her, just in case.
B: *audible smile in her voice* Didn’t think I would hear that from you.
Y: Shut up
W: So we’re agreed then? Pearl.
*Her two Pearls look at her, attentive *
P: Yes, my Diamond?
W: *points at our Pearl* You will accompany Pink to Earth and be an advisor for her. You are my oldest Pearl so I expect well from you.
Pearl: *nods* Of course My Diamond
Pink Pearl: *pouts* (she does not say it, but she believes she could have helped her Diamond herself).

“And what is wrong with you?” Oikawa sobbed against him, voice going distraught and offended, “Telling me you love me during a meteor shower?”


okay hear me out:

Nesta is actually a Witch (as in, of the Manon Blackbeak variety) in some cross-dimensional Cauldron-giving way.

My evidence? The one mention of witches in ACOWAR and my own blind belief that this would be D O P E

I mean, if she can’t be Illyrian, make her this, amirite?

Hello, lovely friends. I just reach 6000 followers and that’s totally amazing and unbelievable! 

During my whole life I never felt part of anything, but that changed when I became a twenty one pilots fan. I found the Clique and this band and they are my home since then. I know it can sound pretty silly, but I don’t care because it’s the truth. The Clique means a lot to me and each one of you too. I love you all and I don’t know what I would have done without you.

You guys are always here helping and being so kind and friendly. Everytime that you guys feel alone remember that you are not. We are here for each other and I’ll be always here to you. Thank you for everything you guys do for me and for this amazing fandom and band. You guys are amazing.

So here you will find SOME of my favorite blogs (the ones in bold are SOME of my mutuals). Sorry if I forget you! I love you too, but it’s a lot of people!

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  • hunk: (goes in for a hug)
  • keith, backing up: uh, sorry. my doctor says i should avoid physically exerting myself
  • hunk: you drove us off a cliff five minutes after we first met you? (to lance) does that not count as exertion? i'm pretty sure that counts as exertion...
  • lance, in the background: since WHEN do you have a DOCTOR
starry eyed | zitao & eros

continued from… | @mperosx

Zitao held his breath as his head was tilted back, his composure relaxed but his mind was racing. He should’ve known, really. These were gods that they were dealing with. But who would’ve thought that a wistful thought would’ve been known as a prayer. Who’d have thought his life would’ve turned out this way at all.

He felt out of his body as he allowed the other to part his lips, feeling like he couldn’t really do much of anything without his permission. Breathe, speak, move. He was completely at the whims of the other and it was a mildly terrifying thought. Shuddering at the voice of the other, he swallowed the thick liquid easily, feeling like he could feel it’s journey through his whole body but maybe it was the effect that Eros’ hand on his body had, he wasn’t sure at this point.

“Is it…is this…?” The question died on his lips as he let his eyes drift over the winged god again from where he could see him.