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BOi i am back omg i love every scenario u make like no joke,, ur great,, we love you,, hope ur healthy,, buT yeah can i rq a scenario with Aomine, Haizaki, Hanamiya, Kagami and Nebuya where their s/o wakes up a bit later than them and when they come downstairs they're in nothing but their partner's shirt and they're all sleepy and snuggly and clingy to them and they boys find it cute how they're so inimate and pure 🌝

OH god i forgot one person in my ask if yA dont mind can you add Kiyoshi? ThAnk

Of course I can sweetie! And thanks for requesting from me once more! I really enjoy seeing what you guys come up with, so it’s never a dull moment with some of these requests!

Aomine: Usually Aomine was the late sleeper between the two of you.. But upon seeing you still sleeping, hair splayed across the sheets, he didn’t try to disturb you, heading downstairs to make food. 

Again, he was at a loss, since you did all the cooking and preparations for the morning.. But he tried to make sense of things, searching through cookbooks to find a decent enough recipe.

At least until your arms wrapped around him. 

He paused, eyes wide as he turned to look at you, clad in his shirt and hair still in disarray.. There was a soft frown, as if you were upset he’d left you alone, and oh god.. He’s never seen you this.. adorable in his life..

“Dai-chan…” you mumbled, snuggling in the fabric covering his chest, “Come back to bed.. I’m cold…”

He didn’t hesitate, dropping everything and carrying you back to bed, where he was sure to make you so warm, you were forced to strip from his clothing.

Haizaki: He really didn’t want to leave the bed, but his stomach and the cries from his mom urged him to get up, though he was cranky and irritated. He left you under the blanket, unaware you’d woken up after he left, and he went to check around, eyebrows furrowed deeply…

Tch.. he was having a pleasant dream until he was interrupted..

He didn’t hear soft steps, but he almost jumped when you came to hug him, a tiny whine leaving your throat.

“Shogo-kun!! C..Come back to bed..” you paused, noticing the irritation on his face, “….Please…?”

God… he was completely finished.. As much as he hated being asked to do anything, seeing you like this, begging for him to come back to bed.. He really couldn’t deny you… His needs overstepped his wants, and he didn’t bother to say anything, just nodding slowly and let you guide him.

He was determined to erase that innocence from your face.

Hanamiya: Mornings were never his forte… In fact, Hanamiya hated them as much as he hated teams who worked together.. 

But this morning.. It was somehow… different.

He didn’t realize how innocent you were until you’d came to him, in only his shirt, and hugged him from behind with sleep in your eyes. He’d really thought he erased all your innocence away..

This expression, however, was much more… child-like..

As annoyed as he was with mornings, this one didn’t seem as bad when you looked at him, like that . However, those thoughts only lasted for a few minutes, before he clicked his tongue, carrying you back to bed roughly.

You may be cute, but he could be cuter.

Kagami: He’d never get used to seeing you right when he wakes up. That’s why Kagami had to immediately vacate his room, before he’d chose to listen to his inner voice, telling him to stay with you and re-enact last night’s events.

His cheeks burned just thinking about it, so he shook his head, focusing on the breakfast he was intending on making for the two of you. However, he wasn’t prepared for you to come in, adorning HIS shirt, one eye open as you yawned and hugged him carefully.

“W…Why didn’t you wake me… Tai-chan…?”

He swallowed, looking down at you, which was a mistake, as he’d seen part of your breast, and the marks he’d left on you before. He made a noise, turning around immediately and tried to think of what to say.. Y..yes.. why didn’t he wake you..?

Oh right.. He would’ve fainted and had a nose bleed..

“I.. I thought you could use s…some more… s…sleep!!”

He froze when you hummed, rubbing your nose against his back as you sighed, squeezing him tighter.

“You’re such a good boy, Taiga.. T..Thank you..”

There was a sudden crash, followed by a giant mess in the kitchen.. How you managed to make him destroy his house, Kagami will never know..

Kiyoshi: “___-____-chan…? W…Why aren’t you..?”

Kiyoshi really thought you would’ve still been sleeping, but he was utterly surprised when you followed after him, clinging to him like a child. His shirt didn’t help the matter, being way too big on you, and he found it in him to chuckle, though it sounded a little forced..

“Ah.. I see.. ____-chan wanted to be with me, hm?”

At your flustered cheeks, he knew he hit the mark, and he was quick to turn around, picking you up and holding you against his chest. He lightly kissed your forehead, smiling when you buried your face in his neck, and he massaged your legs.

“Alright then, just give me a few minutes to finish our breakfast and then we can go back to cuddling.. Okay?”

He could never erase that adorable look from your face, especially when you still wore his shirt.

Nebuya: He could tell from the previous night just how exhausted you were. For starters, you didn’t rebel to his suggestion of staying over. You let him put HIS clothing on you, and quite frankly, you’d crashed while studying for an upcoming test. Even when he woke up before you, Nebuya was shocked at how peaceful you were. 

So he’d decided to make breakfast for the two of you. Luckily it was a sunday, meaning there was no practice or classes.. Just a day in.. He heard pattering down the hallway, and as he turned to call your name, his voice stopped, and suddenly, he wasn’t so loud anymore..

You were ridiculously… adorable..

He was blushing when his shirt hung over your body, showing some of your bare legs, and you’d rubbed your eyes softly, yawning before walking towards him, wrapping your arms around his waist.

But what sealed the deal was how you’d lightly whined, cheeks a bit red as you mumbled,

“Ei-chan… Come back to bed…”

He tried not to make a sound, instead wrapped you in his arms and didn’t let go.

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Alpha Kirishima showing affection to his Female Omega. She returns the affection without hesitation. Someone tells to get room. Scenario

This is really short but, god Alpha!Kirishima with his Omega s/o has me so weak. I love it so much. Sweet, fumbling and blushy Alpha tries his hardest. ;) 

Anyway, Kiri is my fav, so don’t hesitate to request him!!

Warning: Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

“Ei.. Stop it..” You giggled, Kirishima’s hair tickling you as he kissed your neck, knee nudged between your legs as he trailed his sharp teeth lightly against your skin, his hot breath fanning over the juncture of your neck. Shivers dance up your spine as the scent of your Alpha showing his affection fills your nose.

His hands had yours pinned (gently) against the wall, humming into your hair as he scented you. God, you always smelled so good.

“Who’s your Alpha, (Y/N)?” He whispered softly against your ear, eyes lidded as he asked, mostly for reassuring himself that you are his. He wasn’t gonna let you go to some other Alpha.

“You are, Eijiro-kun.” You whispered breathlessly, head tilting back as his knee rose lightly, rutting against you. Kirishima wanted to keep up his dominant façade, but he couldn’t help but flush at your words. You are his and he is yours. It made his stomach flutter.

“And you’re my Omega, and I love you dearly, (Y/N)-chan.” He pulled back, looking you in the eyes. He shifted so both of your wrists were in one of his hands (gently, once again. You could escape if you truly wanted to.), the fingers of his free hand trailing along your jaw. You were beautiful.

Kirishima couldn’t help the small smile fall on his lips, as he admired you. What did he do to deserve you? He swore to himself he would protect you with everything he had- no. He would swear it to your face. But as he opened his mouth to say what he wanted to say, you had already lunged forward to steal a kiss from his lips.

He blinked in surprise, before he flushed again, stuttering.

“W-What was that for?”

“Because I love you too, Ei-chan.”

Your cuteness was going to kill him.

Before he could return the kiss however, he could hear three particular boys snickering from the corner of the hallway.

“Kirishima! Get a room you filthy dog! I can smell you from here!” His head snapped over to see Kaminari, Sero laughing like middle-schoolers and a Bakugo, grumbling something like ‘fucking gross’, before they all carried on down the hallway.

Kirishima let go of your hands to cover the dark blush on his face with his forearm, while you giggled in the background.

“Sh-Shut up you guys!”

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Quote 4 and theme 14 for Chan please??(:

Here’s Coffee Shop Chan with the phrase “it’s always been you.” We don’t have many requests for him, so I made this one a little longer. Sorry about the wildly fluctuating length in all the ask game drabbles!


You only found the coffee shop by chance one day, tucked away out of sight. At the time, you went in for a quick drink, not planning on returning. But as soon as you entered you knew you would frequent the spot. It was very cute, the whole inside filled with plants, with amazing art on the walls. 

None of the baristas were in sight, the counter empty, so you let yourself look around, seeing a couple of other patrons tucked away in corners, typing on laptops. And then loud voices drifted through from the kitchen.

“Just because we’re the maknaes,” someone was complaining. “Does not mean we should get the shift no one else wants. I really wanted to go to the food festival.”

“Trust me, Chan, I wanted to go as well,” another voice assures him. “You know I did. But come on, it’s not so bad. Right? Hansol? You let Cheol hyung put you on this shift even though your parents own the place.”

“Cheol hyung is the manager, so I didn’t have much choice, no matter who my parents are,” the one named Hansol answers. “But yeah, I don’t mind. Besides, the food festival happens every month, Chan. We’ll get to see it later.”

“Now come on,” the second voice encourages. “We need to get back out there.”

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lol get rekt maki-chan

based on an experience of mine with my relative’s son. he was playing around with my old toys when he asked for a hug and as i let him go i didn’t notice my whole body was practically wrapped with a jumping rope.

kids are scary


local nerd gets beaten by three kids how humiliating

i always imagined the little kids liking maki a lot because nico smiles more when she’s around and she’s aaaaalways fun to mess with (they have the same mischievousness as their older sister)

ps: i finally drew them kissing it’s so shameful nico had to stand by her tiptoes to gib her a kiss

[Misawa AU] Synchronous Flowering Chapter 1

fandom: Daiya no A
Characters: Sawamura Eijun/Miyuki Kazuya

words: 3k+

summary: Sometimes a twist in destiny can mean a closer bond from an early stage, and dragging Kazuya off to a small sleepy town in Nagano was probably one of the best things Rei could’ve ever done for him

Notes: I started this AU when I finished Sleep is for the Weak back in December, but the story escalated to the point where it would be 200k before it finished. Still I’d written 40k before I gave up and I’ve promised some people I’d share it. This is a slightly different take on canon where Miyuki and Rei are half siblings, where Wakana decided to enroll in a Tokyo school to play girls’ baseball, where Chris didn’t get injured and many other small things, that were sort of self-indulgent changes forcing Miyuki and Eijun to become closer friends at a much earlier stage. (Oh, and btw, if you didn’t pick up on the tiny mention of it in the manga, Rei is the daughter of the owner of Seidou high school. Just thought I’d mention it for the sake of context)
There will be 8 chapters in total.

Sometimes blessings appear in the strangest disguises.

Kazuya has never seen a team quite like the Akagi middle school one.

Saying they’re struggling would be an understatement. The score is 2-8 by the time they’ve reached the third inning, and it’s obviously going to be a called game.

But they’re still smiling and working hard under the harsh sun, as if the score doesn’t bother them, as if they’re actually having fun. And it’s all because of the pitcher on the mound.

Sawamura Eijun, as Rei informs Kazuya he’s called, is a scrawny brat with good control—for a middle schooler—and a catcher who can’t catch his pitches to save his life.

And Kazuya, even from a distance, is starting to pick up on something peculiar about the trajectory of the pitch.

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Daiya no Ace Act II Chapter 83: Bloom of Youth

So here it comes, another practice match, Seidou (Tokyou) vs Naruta Tech (Chiba). 

The opening page though, it’s such a familiar scene. You can guess who’s the other figure running separate from the others. How the roles have changed.

Y’know the moment I read where Seidou’s opponent for the practice match is from. I was like, wait, Chiba? Isn’t that where Kuramochi comes from? 


IT IS!! (my memory doesn’t fail me, yay!)

Looking at them, I’ve got the impression that Kuramochi will fit in just fine. They all look like delinquents, even the head coach. Is it something in the water? XDDD

The lineup for this practice match is worth noting. The first to sixth batter is the same from Hakuryuu’s lineup. So it’s safe to say that the players and the positions they hold are locked down, leaving heated competition for those seeking starting Left Fielder and Third Baseman positions with the contenders Asou, Yuuki and Furuya; and Higasa, Kanemaru and Takatsu for each. It’s not just Ace position which competition is fierce.

It looks like this chapter’s analysis is gonna be long and spoilery so…

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