aka I was making another fill but then I went “…welll I did a second sketch about Daud and Martin which I didn’t finish, and it would be a shame to let it rot in the wip folder forever…..” 

and then here we are because I’m completely and utterly biased, and feel absolutely no sorry about it whatsoever 

anonymous asked:

How would you deal with pseudo-intellectuals? Maybe you'll answer that you wouldn't, but if they tried to humiliate you, then how would you?

I think the first problem here is deciding who’s a pseudo-intellectual and who’s a ‘real’ intellectual. What are the criteria? Degrees? Number of books you’ve read? Papers you’ve published? I think deciding whose intellectual activity is valid and who’s faking is a dangerous game to play. Just because you’re educated and somebody disagrees with you doesn’t automatically mean they’re wrong. This is an iffy term to use and smacks a little bit of elitism (ironically). However, if you do feel that someone really is baiting you just to bait you, you have two good options. The first is to just not take the bait. Just say, “That’s an interesting perspective,” and move on. You don’t have to agree with them but you don’t have to engage and fight about it either, and that’s the best way to derail their plan of humiliating you. Chances are if they really don’t know what they’re talking about, that will be apparent without you enumerating their wrongness (and that just makes you look like a jerk, too). The second option is to (calmly and respectfully) explain your own opinion, and if they persist in fighting about it, revert to option one. Just say, “I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree” and move on. It’s not worth the energy. Take the high road and let it go.

I feel bad for any girl who believes the lies in ‘guys my age’ by hello violet. Young girls and young woman men of all ages are more than capable of treating you poorly. The idea that older men will be better is literally made up so that young girls think they’re being wiser by dating older men who are likely manipulating them if the girl believes the bs he’s inherently better.

hey ya so it’s ace awareness week & i kno there’s a lot of negativity surrounding asexuality, so i wanna make sure my followers know that i am asexual (and also aromantic) & have identified as ace/aro for the past three years, and if ur ace, or think ur ace, and u need to talk to someone, u can talk to me. this is an ace positive place :) im here to talk and listen and answer questions if necessary & i love u & ur perfectly valid & u most definitely arent broken. have a good week xo


Shitty Wip

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