The year is ending and I thought I’d do a follow forever! Among the mess that was 2016, I /personally/ had a good year. I got to see many of my favorite artists live: B.A.P, Dean, Beyonce and I.O.I (sob, I can’t accept their disbandment yet), I got to go to South Korea this summer, I figured out some stuff for my future, and I met a lot of great people in general and here and on twitter so I’m really thankful for that.

I realize for people who followed me from last year and even earlier this year when I was still a bigbang/bts/kpop blog (mainly bigbang), my change to a kdrama blog with some kpop is not what you signed up for, but I created this blog for kdramas and it feels nice to go back to that instead of relegating it to a sideblog. I still love kpop, and of course I still love and adore bigbang so for the people who still follow me, thank you!!

I’d like to thank all of my followers for following me even though there are times when I’m not too active here. I also want to thank the people I follow for filling my dash with great things. And for all the friends and people I’ve talked to, even if it was just a few exchanges, I really enjoy talking with you *~* I hope you all have a great new year!

*a few of the blogs here might be mutuals with me on my sideblog @hyejintv!

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I’m pretty sure I forgot a few people, but I still love you all ❤️

Hello guys~ It’s yo girl Inna (aka. doyoung). Last night I reached 1k, and I’m extremely thankful for that. I am not only thankful for following me and putting up with me but also for making my dash a happy place, and my tumblr experience beautiful in general. I’ve met some wonderful people on here who I love to talk to even if its not on a daily basis, and I also want to say to the people who follow me but I am not following back that I know who you are, and seeing you liked/reblogged my posts is what keeps me going.   。◕ ‿ ◕。

btw i promise to make a better header next time

(*) - mutuals

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Well, well, well I’ve officially reached 5k followers how?! Why?! You’re all crazy to follow me, but i am too so i don’t judge you u.u Anyway thank you guys T.T really really!! When my bestie show me tumblr almost 3 years ago, the shy and asocial little sh*t that i am thought ‘why would i have a blog it’s useless’… Now i just can’t live without tumblr, it’s scary. Mostly because i found awesome people here, friends ;-; and a family, VIPs… This is my happy place and i’m glad to share it with you guys 💕 Now please look at all those awesome bingu, they’ll make your dash even more beautiful -and funny ;)

areyouwantmore / atenais / ayoozilla / bigbangmyheaven / blossom-sparkchakhansaram / choikoichoi-shell-hyun / daegilsass / daehyun-hyung / daesngdaesungstrash / doom-detat / eccentricgreen / fortheheart-eater / gdae-hyong / gdeekgdraesung / geedeeholic / giyongchic / goldandiamonds / hell-ogoodbye / jiclass / jiyongshi / kkwonn / koreanghetto / kwonzz / moonlilacsnamtae / nashmeea / no-8 / nyongtorys / orange-unnie /  petitlovestory / royalseunghyun / seunggrii / seugnri / seungrice / seungripls / swaexy / tabi-dreamer / tabiisprecious / tabijinkibum / theriotboxtopismyseoulmate / toprighthere / topshouldstop / ttabis / unfbigbang / utzumi / yeongwonji / yib0y / yghigh / waesosirious / welike2bang    

I take the opportunity to say thank you for my winner sideblog binguwinner as well, more than 3.5k already. I’m so happy to see that there is more and more incles out there everyday even when there was not so much Winner updates sometimes. Let’s cheer together and wait for our boys to come back :D Here are some awesome incles blogger that you should look at ♥ : 251013 / blueciiel / jinwco jjnwoo / king-mino / lion-lee / mino-sonqnamtaeism   / rninsong / taehnuy / ta-ehyun / tahynwinner-13 / wildandyoon  

Thank you guys <3