안녕하세요 진인데여 저희방이 이렇습니다..에효

Hi this is Jin Our chatting room is like this.. ehyo*

KKT Messages:

Jin: Wah
Jin: Amazing
Jin: Are (all of) you sleeping
Jin: I’m asking if you’re all sleeping
Jin: Please reply
Jin: Please

*에효 is a sighing sound


Boys Next Door

Genre: fluff (brief implications of smut. idk theres this one line…)

Word Count: 1419

Warnings: age gap implied?? no larger than the one irl

Summary: Teenage Dan is handing out leaflets and Phil opens the door in nothing but a towel.

Spoilers: “His striking blue eyes interrupting the contrast between his black hair and pale skin were the first thing you noticed about him, or at least they would have been, had he not have been fucking shirtless.”

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