Cosplay help

Ok guys!

I will be attending Youmacon 2017 in Detroit, MI next November (I’m just guessing the month) and I need some help answering some questions.

I have most of my line up finished for next year :)


🌙Hinata Shouyo

🌙Kenma Kozume

These two will most definitely be done ✅ I’ve been wanting to cosplay these two for awhile now.

🚀Sugawara Koushi – A possibility if I finish the above two first!

So now for my questions. (If you guys could possibly link tutorials if you know any good ones!)


I will be cosplaying as Crow King/Prince! Hinata

I’m having trouble choosing a fabric for his cape. Any suggestions? I don’t want any super stretchy fabric..(I forgot what I used for Corrupt Jane Crocker, but that fabric was so difficult to work with and frayed EVERYWHERE)

Wigs (for all three cosplays) I prefer cutting my own wigs (I’m not a pro but I’ve cut some other wigs before). Any ideas where I can get decent/good quality wigs?? And a tutorial on Kenma’s wig! If there is any, I’ve looked and I couldn’t find one.

Jerseys! Any tutorials or websites that are good quality?

If anyone is planning on cosplaying anyone from Haikyuu!! and going to Youmacon next year, hit me up!! I’d love to meet new people that have the same interests (*・ω・)ノ

I’m still debating on my other cosplays, I have at least three that I have to choose from for the other days :/


Thanks everyone for your help!!