hc: kit can’t sleep

-kit fucking loves to sleep.he loves sleep more than like 95% of daily activities. It’s his talent. 

-the thing is, lately he’s been having trouble falling asleep. he twists and turns in his bed all night long but he just can’t seem to manage. and he’s really fucking tired too, but he just can’t. fall. asleep. and it’s so aggravating because he’s always exhausted by the time morning comes around.

-ty’s confused, because though kit isn’t exactly the happiest, most preppy person in the world, he’s just been so damn dead lately. his eyes are closing mid-conversation, he can’t focus during lessons, he’s not passionate at all during pratice. and ty’s just like?? wyd?? why is his best friend so dead??

-ty becomes concerned because ohgodmaybekitissickandtiredofhimandhedoesn’twanttotalktohimanymorebecausehe’sboringandohgodOhgOd. 

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anonymous asked:

Reimu probably gets a ton of votes just for being seen as the untouchable lesbian of paradise who is ehtereal. however, people like kasen who personally her would agree, she got some bad habits.

I’m just imagining Reimu being the one to host the beauty contest as a way to make money