It’s a really sad realization that someone’s probably died due to headphone strangulation.
But Bhavna I have those like gel suctiony/cushion headphones so it takes a lot for them to just fall out.

@mehreen i was just like why do you collect diaper coupons and she was straight up like i buy them for my gf we have a baby and mommy and fetish and i was like


our other friends knew before me i was p. naive back then dude i learned a lot of shit during my time there


I’m a cis girl, transethnic (white to japanese)…but the other beings that share my headspace are a genderqueer asexual dragon-fox otherkin named Sam as well as Fluttershy.

this just comes across as a fake account

how does fluttershy and a genderqueer asexual dragon-fox otherkin named sam


if it isn’t fake it’s incredibly racist and then also trivializes the LGBTQ* community