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Do you have any fic recs where there's still dom cas but there's a plot? Like not just pwp but multiple chapters? Sorry if this is confusing!!

Indeed I do! Here’s six to get you started.

  • I Wanna Get Outside (Of Me) by emwebb17:  Dean is a novice in the dom/sub world asked by his employer as a desperate last resort to be a sub for his recluse of a brother, Castiel. Castiel is a diagnosed OCD suffering from PTSD and agoraphobia, mysophobia, and dystychiphobia. Needless to say—he’s a mess who hasn’t stepped out of his home in literally seven years. The only times Gabriel can see traces of the way his brother used to be is when he feels in control—specifically when he has control over a sub. However, due to his idiosyncrasies and paranoia, keeping a sub around has been impossible. Enter Dean, who’s not a very traditional submissive, to try his hand at subbing for the hermit.
    • I have not read this yet, but sub!dean has flailed at me over text message and email and tumblr pm about it. I trust her taste implicitly, and I’m going to recommend it highly because I have read other works by this author, and she is excellent.
  • Standing There by betty days:  After the tragic death of his father, twenty year old Dean Winchester needs to prove to social services that he’s fit to become his brother Sam’s legal guardian. He’s willing to do whatever it takes, even if it means becoming employed by a feisty Peruvian dominatrix, who introduces him to his first client, the mysterious Castiel.
    • This is a personal favorite, and not just because it’s written by one of my very favorite people (and dom!cas), @bettydays. Her Dean is spot on–if young canon!Dean had been dropped into this universe in this situation, I entirely believe this is how he would have reacted. The angst is real, the sex is hot, and it’s sex-worker positive, which is a refreshing change from how prostitute!Dean is presented in the vast majority of fanfic.
  • make it on your own by SailorChibi: When Gabriel left heaven, he took Castiel along with him. That’s why when, centuries later, Dean Winchester goes hunting a trickster while his brother is at Stanford, he meets Castiel instead. And no matter how much Gabriel warns him off, Castiel wants this beautiful little hunter as his own, even if it’s only for a few nights. Now, Dean is devastated by Sam’s death at the hands of Jake Talley. On his way to sell his soul to revive Sam, Dean prays for the first time in years. His prayer is answered by someone he hasn’t seen in over three years: someone who turns out to be an angel, someone who vows to care for him, someone who wants Dean as a mate. The angel Castiel.
    • This is a great alt-canon Dom!Cas piece by @tsuki-chibi. Dean has a hot, intense, sexual self-awakening with a one-night stand while on a hunt prior to the events of season one. Three years later, he is saved from making the demon deal to resurrect Sam in season two by his mysterious stranger, Castiel, who has watched over Dean much to the dismay of his brother Gabriel. If you like angel mates fic, you’ll love this one.
  • Dream of Now by Sass_MasterCastiel’s been compiling an ever-growing list of the things that Dean likes, and the things that he likes himself.
    • This is a canon-divergent slow burn to D/s series by @sass-master-stina currently consisting of seven fics. It. Is. Phenomenal. The first piece I read is actually the seventh fic, Like the Summer Sunshine, and it’s one of the sweetest gentle Dom!Cas fics I have ever had the pleasure of reading. I’ve literally lost count of the number of times I have read both it and the series in its entirety. Watching Dean’s acceptance of his buried sexuality is beautiful. A must read.
  • Green Collar by avyssoseleison:  Dean’s initiation into the BDSM scene was of the worst possible kind: with way too many abusive and selfish Doms who took advantage of the then young man. He left the scene for his own good and vowed to himself to never return, and kept to it. But many years later, when he starts at Sandover as a personal assistant for Castiel Novak, who is demanding and kind and carries himself with a natural dominance, he finds himself drawn to his boss and to being a sub once again.
    • This is essentially the fic that made me a mod here. I threw it at sub!dean unprovoked, just arm-flailing over text and email all, “EHRMAGERD HAS YOU SEEN THIS I HAS SEEN THIS WHAT DO WITH THIS SEND HALP I AM INJURED PLEASE TO SHARE THE THING”. Seriously. It’s that good. I was already a huge fan of @avyssoseleison‘s work here on tumblr, which is where this fic began posting. Her Castiel is a patient, gentle, giving Dom who never pushes Dean–who, step by step, helps Dean learn not only to trust a Dom again, but to have faith in himself and his desires. This is a work-in-progress, but it is worth the investment. Fall to your knees and wait for instruction.
  • Keep Looking For Water by @thetrollingchaos: I could give you a summary, or I could let you read sub!dean’s emotionally-charged tribute, “i kept looking for water, & water found me; or, a long post about kink & a piece of fanfic that just won’t leave me alone”. I choose to do the latter because it is exquisite.
    • Welcome to the fic that destroyed all three mods. KLFW was one of the very first Destiel fics I ever read, and it set the bar impossibly high. This is the Dom!Cas fic. Period. No substitutions allowed. Each of us read it and had a small breakdown. It’s a religious experience. You will not find a deity, but you will find Dom. It’s author was unknown for a while, as it was originally posted on the spnkink-meme over at LiveJournal, where prompt fills are anonymous. We may or may not have had a three-person meltdown over Twitter when we found out that yes, Virginia, there was an actual fucking author who did actually exist. Our love for this fic is probably more creepy than endearing, but frankly, Scarlett, none of us give a damn. If you read nothing else on this list, please, please, please–read this.

There! That should satisfy you for a bit. I hope you find what you’re looking for and, if not, that you enjoy your kinky, wordy journey just the same.

<3 switch!mish