ehrich weiss

fluffsprout  asked:

why is houdini one of your heroes? (p.s. I used to have a hermit crab named after him)

Harry Houdini/Ehrich Weiss was a super interesting guy and a man after my own heart. I adore escapology and early circus/sideshow artistry, and he more than deserved his reputation as a genius performer. However, he was *also* very interested in Weird Shit, and spent much of his later life working as a paranormal detective and debunking many famous hoaxes, fraudulent mediums, and scam artists. Because he was so talented and experienced with stage magic, he was able to solve mysteries that had confounded other scientists and skeptics. 

He was good friends with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of ‘Sherlock Holmes’, but Doyle became a fervent believer in Spiritualism as he grew old and found Houdini’s efforts to reveal the truth irritating at first, and later became convinced that Houdini was actually a powerful evil wizard who was stealing the powers of other psychics. It was a huge drama and they became enemies.