Listen okay listen. MY uncle hired these two dudes to move furniture in our house right? Right??? AND he calls me and is like “you’ll be home right? Will you just stay in the room with them?”

Yeah, so my uncle left out the part that THEY AR EHOT AS FUCKING SHIT OH MY GOD OKAY SO LET ME DESCRIBE TO YOU. 

Both are easily over 6 foot. First one comes walking in, one of those tight muscle shirts IN LIKE THAT WHITE CREME COLOR, showing all the muscles, red beanie, and HIS FACIAL HAIR IS TO DIE FOR, NICE BEARD, NICE AND THICK AND LOVELY. and he does this lil side smirk and I was watching some really stupid video so I’m like laughing as he comes in and holy S HIT 

Anyways, the second comes in. AND HE’S GOT THIS LIL ACCENT AND Lfjk;sdghj; He’s wearing like a black long sleeve shirt and a brown beanie and HE’S GOT NICE FACIAL HAIR TOo, just not as much as red beanie dude, like scruffy and

Anyways, I’m in love with these two strange men and I want them to lift my ass next, whoops.