Multi Chapter Fics:

After Hours
Rated: E
Arrow AU: There was a time when IT specialist Felicity Smoak’s life wasn’t complicated. She had a decent paying job at Queen Consolidated and a small apartment in Starling City that she loved. But the crushing debts of her student loans from MIT had put her in some rather compromising positions outside the office, earning money doing things only a girl from Vegas would dare to do. A chance encounter with none other than Queen Consolidated’s new CEO quickly changes her life and turns it upside down.Oliver Queen is charming, suave, and downright gorgeous, a dangerous combination that Felicity has seen many times over in her short life. But there’s something about him that draws her into his world. They both share a dark secret, a secret Oliver already knows before she even walks into his office that fateful day. Only one question remains: Will she take him up on his offer to erase her debts in exchange for what she can offer him after hours?

Stand Alone Fics:

Safe Harbor
Rated: E

Life or death situations always have repercussions. Sometimes a little love and reassurance is needed to restore the balance. A Smoaking Flarrow smut fic.

Technical Difficulties
Rated: E

“You busy?” Felicity asked. Oliver grunted in response. Leaning over, she nibbled on his ear and whispered, “Wanna take a sex break?”

“Now you wanna talk to me?” he sourly asked, turning his head to peer at her from beneath those long, dark lashes. He wasn’t happy. His tone said it all.Feeling guilty, Felicity wrapped her arms around him in a light hug, pressed a kiss to his lips, and pulled away. 

“You’re right. I’ve been a bitch and I’m sorry. I’ll let you get back to work.” She got to her feet and headed back to her computers. Crap, now what? she thought.

Model Behavior
Rated: E

Olicity College AU. This sculpting class is the bane of my existence and for the final project (where i’m supposed to use a non-clay medium) i’m going to troll my teacher and make a bunch of silicone dildos. will you donate your dick to my cause?

Rated: E

Trust. It’s the most important aspect of a relationship. Easily given and easily destroyed. When two people trust each other implicitly, the things they can do skyrocket. Tonight is an exercise in trust, one that brings great pain and great pleasure.

We Lost It Somehow (Let’s Get It Found)
Rated: E
It had been a long night for both of them, one chock full of sadness and strife, but nothing beat the relief they both felt that this was finally over and that they could breathe again. Only, they lost each other in the fight and all he wanted was to be where they were before Thea and Laurel walked back into their lives that fateful night nine months ago. Oliver wanted to return to that happy place, wanted to see Felicity happy as well, not the exhausted husk of the woman she’d become.

The Lockdown
Rated: T
It wasn’t exactly Halloween, but Felicity sure loved her paranormal TV shows. Ghost Adventures had always been her favorite, a Saturday night tradition that Oliver would get to experience for the first time that night, with a little incentive.

Series Fics:

What’s Your Fantasy
Rated: E

  • The Wounds On My Heart (Are Only Mended By You)
    “Don’t go.” His voice was thick with emotions making it hard to hear, but she understood. Oliver tugged her down until they were laying side by side then wrapped his arms around her waist, pressing into her body until his head came to rest beneath her chin.

    For several moments Felicity sat still, her breaths shallow, her body trembling slightly. It had been months since Oliver had touched her like this. She missed it more than she ever thought possible: his arms around her waist, his head burrowed in the crook of her neck, his nose nuzzling her skin as he inhaled the warm lavender scent of her shampoo. It wasn’t until he buried his fingers in the long, golden strands of her hair that she finally relaxed into him.

    She couldn’t help herself. Felicity missed him, and now that Oliver was in her arms again, she was reluctant to let go.

  • We Are Not Unthinkable
    “Oliver,” she whispered, running her hand over his cheek.He turned his head slightly, his lips pressing to her palm.

    “We are not unthinkable,” he whispered back, remembering what she’d said on the island before they left. “I love you, Felicity.”

    Tears glistened in her eyes as a smile finally curled onto her lips. “I love you, too,” Felicity said.

Dribbles & Drabbles
Rated: G-E

  • Kung Po Ow
    Rated: G

    Pain. Nausea inducing, stomach churning, please-just-let-me-die pain. Oliver had been through his fair share of pain. Eight years of it, to be exact, but this pain was unfathomable. His stomach felt like it would turn itself inside out if he moved even slightly. Bile rose in the back of his throat, but vomiting wasn’t an option because it would probably lead to a slew of other unsavory things. So he lay there, clutching the sheets, willing the pain to go away. What the hell had he done to deserve this?
  • Home
    Rated: G

    He was exhausted, and so was she, but they were finally together, finally home.
  • Inappropriate Times Call For Inappropriate Measures
    Rated: T

    “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” Or, that time Oliver Queen woke up in a stranger’s bed only to realize said stranger ends up being the love of his life.
  • Of Sex And Engagement Rings
    Rated: T

    Prompt: How and when did Thea find out Oliver wants to propose to Felicity?
  • Perfect Moments
    Rated: G

    “Are you saying you’re waiting for the perfect moment?” Donna retorted. “Because if you are, let me tell you something, hon. In life, perfect moments don’t just come along. You have to make them yourself. So stop waiting for the perfect time to ask her and just do it when you feel it’s right!”
  • Drink A Beer
    Rated: G

    So I’m gonna sit right here/On the edge of this pier/Watch the sunset disappear/And drink a beer… My take on what might have happened between 4x09 and 4x10. A conversation between Oliver and Thea.

Ordinary Is Never Perfect
Rated: M

  • Charlie Horse
    Prompt: Someone getting a leg cramp, partner thinks they’re hurting them, the mood is gone.
  • Some Nights
    Prompt: Cuddling that goes on forever, without long and intimate discussions.
  • Stupid Belt Buckle
    Prompt: Bra or Belt being impossible to unfasten with one hand in the dark. Having to get the other person to do it.
  • The Hair Disaster
    Prompt: Having to violently sneeze because someone’s hair just went up their nose. Or making faces because said hair went in their mouth.
  • Bumps In The Night
    Prompt: Trying to dramatically throw oneself onto the bed, ending up cracking their head against the wall or bedpost on accident.

Dirty Minds Think Alike
Rated: E

  • Hot Showers And Late Nights
    Prompt: Olicity, after a long night of vigilante things.
  • Serving Two Masters
    Prompt: I’ve had this picture saved for a while but I haven’t been able to come up with anything to write for it so maybe you’ll have better luck. Smoaking Billionaires and whatever plot you want to go with it.
  • Platonic… Not So Much
    Olicity - preferably pre-relationship. In which Oliver gives Felicity a totally platonic massage that ends up not being so….platonic
  • That Dress Thought
    Olicity… I saw this ages ago and had it saved for the future but I think you’ll do a better job than I :)
  • Detour
    I’m sure you know I’d love Olicity. I attached two because I couldn’t decide between ‘whoa, hi there, naughty’ and more 'it’s naughty, but it’s suggestive naughty’.
  • Strawberry Syrup
    Prompt: “Aw, shit, Felicity. That’s never coming out of the carpet!” “Yes, that’s why I told you we should take this to the bedroom! Now would you please untie me?! I have strawberry syrup in the most uncomfortable places.”
  • Three Is Not A Crowd
    Prompt: I’m on mobile so I can’t send you a gif but really anything smoaking flarrow would make my life
  • Trying Something New
    olicity + first time anal
  • I Don’t Dance
    The only way Oliver dances
  • The Ties That Bind
    I imagine Felicity has Oliver in a chair, arms tied behind his back, and she’s teasing the crap out of him until he begs for it.
  • Distractions
    Felicity is extremely horny and trying to get Oliver’s attention. He’s distracted by work so she decides to start stripping and handle it herself.

10 Fics In 10 Days
Rated: G-E

  • On The Cusp Of Fear
    Rated: G

    Prompt: Oliver tries to help Felicity get over her fear of loud noises after the accident
  • Coffee And Red Bull Slammer
    Rated: G

    Prompt: how about a fic where oliver and felicity are in a 7 am class together in college and one of them sees the other pour an energy drink into coffeee and say “im gonna die” then drink it all. Ive seen this fic idea on tumblr before but i havent seen it done for them.
  • Wedding Day Blues
    Rated: G

    Prompt: Oliver and Donna wedding planning
  • Trust Me With Secrets (Don’t Fill Me With Lies)
    Rated: G

    Prompt- Felicity tells Oliver she needs space after finding out about William
  • Lights Will Guide You Home
    Rated: G

    Prompt: Oliver sneaking the menorah into felicity’s hospital room so he and Donna can continue lighting the candles for the rest of the holiday. In hopes that the lights will guide her back to them.
    Prompt: “you’re in the hospital for the holidays so i came in while you were sleeping to decorate your room i love you merry christmas”
  • Dates And Red Velvet Cakes
    Rated: G

    Prompt: “hi we’re neighbours and omg are you alright i could smell cooking burning - whoaaa now that’s just embarrassing? step aside i’ll handle this”
  • Desperate Measures
    Rated: E

    Prompt: there’s this dude i slept with once a couple of months ago and sometimes he still sends me dick pics when i ask him to at 3 in the morning cause seriously dude’s got a good dick AU
    Prompt: Have you considering doing gif smut fics? It’s basically normal fic with a lot of gifs added. I WOULD LOVE THAT FROM YOU!
  • Not Just Another Slow Dance
    Rated: G

    Prompt: Based on the movie Emily was in “Brooklyn”. Not sure if you’ve seen it but in one scene Emily shows up at a Church dance and becomes the prettiest girl there but she seems unimpressed with the guys although she does dance when she keeps getting asked. In that scene I kept thinking it would have been awesome if Oliver/SA showed up and BAMN!
  • Firsts
    Rated: E

    Prompt: Felicity is a virgin and somehow ends up in a hotel room with Oliver Queen, multi billionaire playboy. She’s nervous but trying not to show it, and she expects him to go fast and not care about how she feels. She’s surprised when he’s very gentle and asks if she’s okay all the way through. She’s even more surprised when he stays in bed the next morning, and officially asks her out.
  • His Cinderella
    Rated: E

    Prompt: How about something with, like, a masquerade ball?
  • Love At Midnight
    Rated: G

    Prompt: Felicity wakes up in the hospital just in time for a New Year’s Eve kiss with Oliver.
    Prompt: Felicity and Oliver spending a quiet New Years eve together in the hospital while she recuperates. Can you make it fluffy while Oliver dotes on Felicity and she gets annoyed and is like will you please just sit here with me?!
Tatsuki drunk texts

As requested by anon. :)

[Want to see some more Bleach drunk texts?]

1. To Mizuiro and Keigo

guyz when are we going to soul society

2. To Mizuiro and Keigo

Do you guys wnat to go right now? i feel like we shuld go right now

3. To Mizuiro and Keigo

 prob ichigo needs our help by now!!!!!!

4. To Keigo

too late? it’s the land of the dead man i don’t think they have closing hours

5. To Keigo

well get OUT of your pajamas

6. To Keigo and Mizuiro

never mind mizuiro doesn’t want to go either so whatever

just sit at home then

waiting to prob be invaded by aizen again

7. To Mizuiro

um how do you know aizen is in a bondage chair and also what the duck is a baondage chair???

8. To Mizuiro

dude level with me how to you know so much about soul society

9. To Mizuiro

are you a shinigami too

10. To Mizuiro

do you have soul society bugged

11. To Mizuiro

fine be mysterious i’ll prob figure it out i’m good at figuring out when my friends are hiding shit from me

12. To Ichigo

hey hows the afterlife

13. To Ichigo

ichigo i remember when we were reawlly close i miss those days now it feels like i mostly just wait for u and everybody to come home

14. To Ichigo

btw remember how i used to beat you up in karate?

15. To Ichigo

when i come to soul society i might ssay something about taht in the presence of som ehot shinigami ass so just be ready for that as a thing

16. To Ichigo

btw do you know a really beautiful blond shinigami woman because i saw her once and she was super hot and you never told me you have super hot shiigami firneds is she single

17. To Don Kanonji

no i don’t want to join your team again

how did you get this number??

18. To Chad

bro i heard youre helping orihime seduce ichigo’s clueless ass

a high five is yours when i get there man

19. To Orihime

hey are you good

20. To Orihime

don’t forget you promised to come home and that promise is still in effect until i say otherwise

21. To Orihime

so coming home is super nongegotiable

22. To Orihime

u know smetimes i wish that i had gotten poweers like you and that i could go with you guys does that mke me selfish like i feel jealous i am jealous of you

23. To Orihime

i don’t want ot  be jealous

24. To Orihime

saying the right thing

that’s another one of your powers you know

thank you

25. To Orihime

see u soon ok