for emily and jordan!

i only managed to take a picture or two, but when i plugged in the camera into my computer, i saw that my dad was on top of things and’d been taking pictures since, like, forever. xD

the crappy one where they’re in the cage is the one i took. i swear, someday i’m going to get a fantastic shot of the new one nibbling on my nose~

anyway, so:

  • the first one is persephone, the rambunctious, flighty, timid little baby that flew away (she and juniper really bonded and juniper spent a good two days thoroughly depressed after she left)
  • then you’ve got juniper and the new one trying to sleep in their cage; tno (the new one) is pretty me, but juniper’s just like, “WATER YOU DOING I’M TRYING TO SLEEP”
  • the big picture has the new bird (blue) and juniper (green) socializing/cuddling/whatever budgies like to do
  • and that’s juniper and persephone sitting on the fan…they really liked the fan, especially persephone
  • and that’s juniper, looking very thin. usually he’s got his feathers ruffled up a bit more and looks like a fuzzy ball

ok this is sort of heartbreaking ‘cause there’s more pictures of persephone (the one that flew away) than there are the newest bird and it’s even more sad 'cause persephone was really just a baby :(

ehmehlee replied to your link: Books Are Wonderful S, I AM SO GLAD THAT I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE TO HAVE READ “I’VE GOT YOUR NUMBER" BY SOPHIE KINSELLA. Definitely following! :)

Anyone who hasn’t read it, needs to. I love all of her books, that one is my fav but I also like ‘Can you keep a secret’ 'Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic series’ and 'The Undomestic Goddess' 

I love her soooo much. Sophie Kinsella rocks my socks. 


so here is my updated list of favorite people! these are all the people that i’ve gotten to know on tumblr and these are the people that make my tumblr experience worth something. they are absolutely fantastic and seriously, following them will be worth it. 

people you should get to know:

emily | vik | ali | nox | dj | siggy | abi | darby | luna | nadiyah | quentin | jordan | nena | m | anna | elizabeth | pika | loretta | kat | andy | hannah | saniya | bruce 

favorite figs:

kaden | azzy | lili | steph | k | aea | emilia | quinn | catcher | pie | dara

thank you so much to all you lovelies that let me list you! <3

I updated my lovelies page! Now all of my favorite people are on there. :3

people you should get to know:

emilyvik | ali | siggy | dj | abi | nox | m | darby | anna | elizabeth | luna | pika | loretta

favorite figs:

kaden | azzy | k | aea | steph | emilia | quinn | catcher | pie | dara