The Brain Scoop
Episode 17: PANGOLINS

I’ve been fascinated by pangolins (Order: Pholidota) ever since I first learned about them, and moreso after I realized they are basically real-life Pokémon.  I am asked frequently about my favorite specimen in the museum so when I opened up the option to decide between a few other animals - without any additional context - I was thrilled that the masses chose ‘pangolins’.  As a side note, if you’d like to get involved with crowd-inspired shows in the future be sure to stay tuned to my Twitter or our Facebook page

I love this picture of Emily Graslie & Michael Aranda of the Brain Scoop. It’s like they’re brilliant brains are scooping up more brilliant ideas while we all were just hanging out. I can’t imagine (and wait) what they have in store.

I took this picture when they were in Chicago and having their Saturday meetup outside the Field Museum.  So glad I was able to capture this candid moment.

P.S. All you shippers, back off.