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ehm sorry if this is rude but what happened with the pjo thing, did ya just stop doing it? could you just tell us what happened cause you were going to do it then nothing happens? did you drop out of the school or something or just couldn't finnish the assignment on time or at all? hope you can respond cause i know alot of people are wondering wth happened and are curios as to why u aren't even telling us why, would really just like honesty rn as some people were like voice acting and stuff :)

so here’s the truth

going into the project, i had impossibly high expectations for myself. that set me up for inevitable disappointment. when the time was up, i wasn’t content with my output because i know i could do better. i don’t talk about it here because it’s a sore subject for me and it makes me sad all over again.

i’m going to try and continue working on it after my job hunt but i won’t promise anything to you or to myself because i want to do it this time without pressure.

this is the last time i’m gonna talk about this because honestly i almost left tumblr because i kept receiving messages like this and they were making me extremely anxious. i hope you understand.

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damn deusn your art is amazing! love playertale so far already xD hope you have a wonderful day!

I humbly bow to your praise, thank you kindly. But…ehm…its a bit too soon, for you to actually love Playertale…after all, there are only a few pages right now. Please do not be hyped, nor over-happy, it might prove not good.

But thank you, please do also have a wonderfull day.

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Forse starò diventando pazza. Ma appena vedo "online " sulla chat con il mio ragazzo e vedo nella chat mia con la sua ex " online " penso che stiano messaggiando. ...

Ehm si, forse lo sei, ma giusto un pó xD
A parte gli scherzi non dovresti preoccuparti se sai che non è uno stronzo

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Potential hilarious skit for Penny's introduction into RWBY Chibi! Please make one up.

Ruby: ehm Pyrrha you have something on your back…
Pyrrha: What?
Ruby: Turn around!
Pyrrha: ok *pyrrha turns around and there is penny stiked on her back*
Penny: Salutations Ruby friend!
Ruby: PENNY!!! *hugs penny hugging Pyrrha too*
Ruby:how long have you been there?!!?
Penny: 3 days and 45 minutes!
Pyrrha: I’m sorry!