parents not believing their disabled child is actually disabled and forcing them to go beyond their limits is abuse.

parents calling their disabled kid a burden or a problem to them is abuse

parents using the disabled kids story to their advantage and making it more about themselves is abuse.

stop excusing abuse just because the victim is disabled.

used to be I hated my body cause I thought it looked ugly, now I hate my body cause it’s the functional equivalent of a 1998 Honda Civic with 200,000 miles, questionable brakes, temperamental AC/heating, and terrible gas mileage that’s liable to break down at any moment in the middle of the fucking road. and the seats aren’t even comfy  

Honestly a huge shoutout to everyone who had to stop doing what they love.

Shoutout to people who had to stop playing music and drawing because of arthritis.

Shoutout to people who loved to go hiking but can’t because of chronic fatigue.

Shoutout to everybody who’s ever had their health steal something they loved from them. Yall are so beautiful and worthwhile and I love you.

“You’re too young to be so sick!”

“You’re too young to be using a mobility aid!”

“Why do you rest so much? You’re so young!”

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[gif: Hades from Disney’s Hercules saying “I know! I know. I know. I got it. I get the concept” while his hair flares from blue to red]

I hate that post going round that’s like “haha you wouldn’t tell a disabled guy he’s using his crutch as a crutch” ecause that very thing literally happens to people that use mobility aids.

I can’t count how many time people (including physiotherapists who’re supposed to be understanding and help me) have said “you need to stop relying on your crutches” and the like.

I literally had a physiotherapist remove my crutches from under me without my consent and tell me to walk.

And it’s not even a rare thing.

Wheelchair users get told they need to stop relying on their wheelchairs, cane users get told they shouldn’t rely on their canes etc.

I’m just so bored with the depression-centric ableism rhetoric, erasing the ableism people with physical and visable disabilities experience

Stop using disabled people as inspiration porn when they succeed in life 2k17

On Doctors and Dates

I just broke up with my allergist, and the reception lady seemed really surprised. But I have the same rules for doctors as I do for dates which is that I need:

1. To feel respected 2. To feel like they are listening 3. For them to be polite

That’s my minimum of what I need in any sort of relationship, and this doctor was 0 for 3, so I dumped her.

I’m not all about telling people how to live life, but mine improved so much when I adopted these rules and I highly recommend them