SF Giants M.A.S.H., requested by seasley44 (and thank you for being so patient)! I’m now taking requests for MLB teams in addition to NHL teams, so feel free to message them to me!

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For those of you who don't know, here is the unofficial updated Giants Roster.

They won’t be adding anymore players because they’ve hit their budget limit. So here’s the roster, in alphabetical order (going by surnames). Newbies have * next to them and they all have their positions listed next to them too. I did this because I’m bored and I miss baseball D=

78. Adrianza, Ehire (SS)

41. Affeldt, Jeremy (P)

9. Belt, Brandon (FB)

40. Bumgarner, Madison (P)

2. Burriss, Emmanuel (SB)

?? Cabrera, Melky* (CF)

18. Cain, Matt (P)

46. Casilla, Santiago (P)

51. Christian, Justin (LF)

?? Correa, Hector* (P)

35. Crawford, Brandon (SS)

?? Culberson, Charlie* (SB)

65. Edlefsen, Steve (P)

14. Fontenot, Mike (SS)

50. Gillaspie, Conor (TB)

?? Graham, Tyler* (LF)

17. Huff, Aubrey (FB)

8. Keppinger, Jeff (SB)

?? Kieschnick, Roger* (RF)

55. Lincecum, Tim (P)

49. Lopez, Javier (P)

?? Otero, Danny* (P)

?? Pagan, Angel* (CF)

62. Peguero, Francisco (CF)

6. Pill, Brett (FB)

28. Posey, Buster ©

54. Romo, Sergio (P)

45. Runzler, Dan (P)

29. Sanchez, Hector ©

21. Sanchez, Freddy (SB)

48. Sandoval, Pablo (TB)

12. Schierholtz, Nate (RF)

37. Stewart, Chris ©

47. Surkamp, Eric (P)

?? Villalona, Angel* (FB)

32. Vogelsong, Ryan (P)

22. Whiteside, Eli ©

38. Wilson, Brian (P)

75. Zito, Barry (P)

You’ll notice that Carlos Beltran and Orlando Cabrera are no longer on the list. And neither are Cody Ross, Andres Torres, and Ramon Ramirez =( I know that Torres is for sure on the Mets now. Not positive about Ramirez. I think he is on the Mets too. And I haven’t heard anything about Cody deciding where he will go now. It’s supposedly between the Rockies, Dodgers, Braves, Red Sox, and Reds. Let’s just hope he doesn’t join the Dodgers!

And the official roster will be posted on Monday. Supposedly, the Giants will offer Keppinger or Fontenot a contract, but not to both of them. The one who doesn’t get the offer will become a free-agent.

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