So yesterday my boyfriend and I were walking around just talking and he tells me the cutest most interesting story. I don’t know where he got it from but i love it. 
Somebody left a baby at an orphanage. There was a note saying, “I just can’t do this”. The girl grows up and wondered her whole life why nobody wanted her. She vowed that when she grew up and had a child she would never let such a thing happen. When she got older she met a man. They fell in love and got married. She soon found that she was pregnant. The day after she gave birth her baby was gone and her husband had disappeared. Afterwards she was so depressed. She wished that she wasn’t a woman so that she never would’ve given birth. She decided to have a sex change. Even as a man she was still very depressed. He went to a bar and started talking to the bar tender. The bar tender told him he could take him back in time so he could make everything right. The man went back in time. He soon met a girl he fell in love with. They got married and she was going to have a child. But as soon as she gave birth, the bartender said he had to come back to his own time now. The man felt terrible and didn’t want to leave his wife with this burden so he took the baby and left it at an orphanage. He returned to his own time and became a bartender as he got older.

Rainbows and smiles and Leslie and good things in the world I think her and David aren’t getting back together oh she let me drive her car! Her friend introduced her to her friend and their talking but get this, he’s black I don’t know what to do she’s never talked to a black guy and its her first time talking to a black guy so that’s why I was like yeah they’re not getting back together but he’s 31 and she’s only 21 and um um but she says he has a six pack but you don’t find 6 packs attractive as long as its firm and not a fucking gut but he already has kids too and he’s a teacher at a middle school and his names Melvin XDDDDD

  • myself:its terrible and then i'm having these mood swings i came home laughing at everything
  • him:mood swings
  • myself:yes, and then my mom asked me something and i started yelling at her to go away and i freaked out im just contentbut im hungryand i need padsand chocolatehot chocolateand sleepingwith a movie on and lots of food....
  • him:You poor thing
  • lolololol i love craig ^^