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I was tagged by @nightingaletrash to post some selfies - thank you! :) I decided to pick four photos taken in 2016 a.k.a. the Year When I Finally Cut My Hair

I tag @the-secret-ginger, @iracher, @needlesslycryptic, @avinox  and anyone else who wants to share their pics ♥

Listen I’m not saying that I’ve been crying imagining Louis sending Harry a video of Freddie waving and making baby noises while Louis encourages him and insists the noises mean “Happy Birthday” and then ends the video with “Happy birthday, man. Ehhh, hope you’re well… we’ll see yeh soon. Cheers” and then waves Freddie’s chubby hand at the camera

But that’s exactly what I’ve been imagining for like ten minutes

   It was nearing dark, and today was one of those few lucky days where no cases were in process. The case before had used up a lot of their energy, and this night, they were ready to take on a peaceful sleep. Holly had gone home, George stayed in the kitchen writing on the Thinking Cloth with his pajamas on, Lucy had already disappeared upstairs, and Lockwood, he stayed with George until he got tired of all the rambling and theories he suggested. 

  “But you see, that part doesn’t particularly make sense, so this theory is a work in progress…” George went on and on.
   “Now I must say George, that is a very interesting theory, but I think I’m going to head to sleep now.” Lockwood said. “Don’t stay up all night, George. Good night.” And Lockwood left, long legs swinging in his pjs to his room.

   He laid down in his bed, darkness, with an occasional glimmer from the ghost lamps outside. Hours and hours passed, and he could no longer hear George’s feet moving in the kitchen. He stayed awake for some reason, unable to shut his eyes. Unable to sleep, Lockwood stood up and decided to get a drink of water, perhaps it would calm him down. He walked down the dull hall, and at the turn, he saw a faint light, glowing at his departed sisters room. 
   Curious and cautiously, Lockwood went over to the room and turned opened the door. The smell of lavender and memories flooded his senses. It was bright, glaring bright in the room. But his eyes adjusted and he could see a figure. It stood at the bed stand and stared. On that very bed stand was a picture of Lockwood and Jessica, smiling, with lavender flowers in their hair. 

   “Here, try this on!” A familiar voice resounded.
   A child’s laughter responded, filled with glee and innocence. “This one’s the best so far! Try on mine!” 
   Laughs and giggles went on and on, without seeing anything, you could still tell they were smiling.

  Lockwood closed the door. Little did he ever do this, but for the first time he could not keep his feelings concealed. He tried to stiffen his face but failed, tears dripped down his pale face. 

   “…Lockwood? Are you ok? It’s 3 in the morning… I came to get a drink of water…” It was Lucy. She had come down from the attic, with her ruffled hair and raspy voice. She soon realized Lockwood was crying by the reflecting glints of light off his face. “Lockwood…?”

  “Lucy… Can you promise me something…” Lockwood whispered. His voice was faulty, it shook as he spoke. “Don’t ever leave me. You… You mean too much for me to ever let you go….” And with those words, he pulled her in and kept her locked in a tight hug.
   With no questions, Lucy wrapped her hands around him and closed her eyes.     

   “I promise.”

  • Kageyama: Okay listen guys, I and Hinata have something to tell you.
  • [Kageyama and Hinata kiss]
  • Nishinoya: Hey does this mean that we can tell too, Asahi?
  • Everyone: Tell what?
  • Asahi: Ehhh... w-well we're kinda dating too...
  • Sugawara: Really? But it's amazing! Good for you!
  • Tanaka: Noya, you didn't-
  • Daichi: Guys, me and Suga are dating, also. [kisses Sugawara]
  • Hinata: AWESOME!!!
  • Asahi: Congratulations!
  • Tanaka: WOW I DIDN'T KNOW-
  • Yamaguchi: Me and Tsukki too!
  • Tsukishima: (embarrassed) s-shut up...
  • Everyone: ehh... wow... amazing you two!
  • Tanaka: ...
  • Tanaka: OKAY THEN. Me and Kiyoko-
  • Kiyoko: NO. [holds hands with Yachi-san]

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        We’re far too caught up on follower counts, and I could talk about this forever, honestly, but here are a few, but not quite all, of my main gripes :

  • how many followers you have does not define how good or bad of a roleplayer you are ( whatever that means in itself )
  • even then, how many followers someone has and the speed in which they may amass them is highly subject to numerous variables ( time spent in a community, graphics ( and while this is a separate skill entirely from writing, there seems still to be some conflation between the two in practice ), the character, networks and fandoms involved in, adherence to trends, activity, et cetera ) ; there are far too many variables to isolate it as a metric of you as a writer
  • your followers aren’t simply a number ; they’re individual blogs who have hit that follow button and are actual people behind those blogs ; they aren’t something to collect
  • sometimes this seems to stress people out more than it should, honestly?  in terms of gaining, losing, milestones, what have you?
  • I feel like there’s some passive-aggressiveness sometimes with them and like they almost become a competition ——  which isn’t healthy at all for individuals and the community

apparently kissanime has dsod sub up but its really bad subs like they just pasted the 4kids dialogue on it n im debating watching it n ignoring the bad subs to rely on my own knowledge of japanese or wait the expected couple of days when the good subs will come out,,,,,,,