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are there any couples in the punch out highschool au? (btw that au is great)

Ehhh, well. The way I’m building it it’s sort of like a timeline of events taking place over two years, so there’s a lot of potential for breakups and getting together and whatnot. For the most part though I’m more interested in like. Who’s friends with who and why/how these guys know each other

The only thing I’m adamant about is Aran Ryan/Disco Kid, not even for any particular reason other than that I feel like they would have a really volatile chemistry in a situation where. Disco Kid is this super young guy who not only makes his way onto the varsity cheer squad in his freshman year of high school, but becomes head cheerleader because he’s so dedicated and talented…meanwhile Aran Ryan is a sub-par running back, pretty much a nobody, a throwaway spends-a-lot-of-time-benched football player who acts out for attention. These guys are supposed to be colleagues…footballers and cheerleaders are supposed to play off of each other and work in unison to generate school spirit. But Aran gets jealous of Kid’s talent and he gets mean, messing with Kid all year, culminating in him ruining his own junior prom by starting a fire/setting the sprinklers off in the venue because Kid is there with the rest of the cheer squad having a good time and making dateless Aran angry

They’re at each other’s throats for almost two years before something probably triggers an actual physical fight and Aran admits that he’s always really wanted to be close with Kid because he was—and still is—the coolest guy in school, like Aran wishes he was. Then they make up and slowly get closer and Kid invites Aran to senior prom? good. good times


Let’s jump ahead to the moment of epiphany, in gold light, as the camera pans to where the action is, lakeside and backlit, and it all falls into frame, close enough to see the blue rings of my eyes as I say something ugly. I never liked that ending either. More love streaming out the wrong way, and I don’t want to be the kind that says the wrong way. But it doesn’t work, these erasures, this constant refolding of the pleats. There were some nice parts, sure, all lemondrop and mellonball, laughing in silk pajamas and the grains of sugar on the toast, love love or whatever, take a number. I’m sorry it’s such a lousy story. Dear Forgiveness, you know that recently we have had our difficulties and there are many things I want to ask you.


This right here is when you can see their relationship change from “haha you’re a pain in the ass” to something a lot more tender and caring. 

Pretty much every EreMika shipper knows how frustrating the early portrayals of this ship is. Eren moving away from Mikasa slowly, Mikasa feeling like she’s slipping away from Eren, Eren being hostile/stressed towards Mikasa, Mikasa (being the great girl she is) not really taking his attitude… but it does create a rift in their relationship. 

Before, Eren would have once again said: “I’m not your little brother or your kid.”

Here is something completely different. 

Here is Eren accepting Mikasa’s care. 

To say there isn’t subtle development in the EreMika relationship is a tad ridiculous. Even when Mikasa defended Eren later, saying he was just trying his best, Eren did not protest. 

Chapter 50 led them into the right direction. It pushed them to something a lot more mutual emotionally, stabilizing their relationship quite a bit. They do help each other. They do care for each other. They have an amazing bond.

This is one of my favorite panels because it did take me back a bit. They’re both growing up, they’re accepting the care they have for each other, and yeah it’s a bit “look at this LITTLE MINOR DETAIL” but it’s an important detail that shows that Eren did really mean his words in Chapter 50.

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shipping challenge:  fitz & olivia

↳ emotional moments; “We’re not ever going to be over.”


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