ehhh they are so cute and beautiful at the same time :')


Requested: Ace Jugheadxreader fic where the gang all think they’re a thing because they’re so cutsie.

Pairings: Jugheadxreader

Warning: Will offend people who think asexuality isn’t real, you can clear right off now thanks, yours sincerely- someone who isn’t real apparently.

A/N: Aww she a cute fic. This is not how all aces are together (obvi). Jugheadxreader in this are not sex repulsed aces. Educate yourselves huns


“Juggy if you don’t stop tickling me we’re going to have serious issues” you laughed at the big raven haired goof alongside you.

“Aww come on ynn-ie you’re so much fun to tease” he continued to attempt to tickle you

“Would you two just get a room already oh my god!” Veronica rolled her eyes and archie added, “Yeah we’re trying to eat here and ye’re basically having sex on the diner table”

The both of you looked at each other and then burst into laughter. Pops was mostly empty, just a few stragglers and your small group of friends.

Jughead kept a hand on your thigh and you leaned on him, happy as ever and blind to what your friends were seeing, you two continued to mess around.

The gang exchanged looks all the way through dinner as Jug and you shared chips((or fries…but its chips…end of discussion)) totally oblivious to your surroundings.

“WOULD YOU TWO JUST TELL US YOU’RE TOGETHER ALREADY!!!” archie finally snapped and practically came over the table to you two giving you both a fright. The group all looked on bewildered at Archie.

“What? We were all thinking it and saying it to each other…i just finally had the guts to say it to them”

“So now it’s out there, yeah what is going on between you two” Ronnie  grinned

Jughead and you exchanged looks before simultaneously laughing out “Nothing”

“Are you kidding? You two are always cuddly and YN wears your hoodies all the time Jug and you two are always off together, so someone better start talking” Archie was over beating around the bush.

“Yeah we’re friends Archie…friends do those things”

“You literally have one hand in hers and the other on her thigh!” jughead glanced down and then back at you. “Huh, didn’t even notice “ he laughed moving his hand from your thigh to reach his drink, his other still intertwined in yours.

“Hahaha neither did I” you grabbed a chip ((fry…but they’re chips))

“You got rings for each other for fuck sake!” Ronnies tone mimicked the increasing frustration of the entire group.

“You mean this one” you pulled a chain from around your neck, the black ring dangling.

“Oh yeah that ring” Jughead raised his left hand, middle finger decorated with the beautiful hermite.

“Yeah see! You’re even wearing them now! You two are totally a couple!”

“Couple of Aces” you grinned and all but Jughead looked confused, he, well he looked smug.

“Ehhh what…” Veronicas face twisted in confusion.

“Ace…it’s the umbrella term…we’re asexual”

“Oh like plants” betty’s innocent smile prevented Jughead and you from snapping at this response ((seriously guys, don’t say that to Aces, we don’t like it, its not funny and it’s in no way original, trust me we all had a meeting, be more creative because no thanks petals))

“No, not like plants” you tried your best not to sound annoyed, jugheads hand returning to your leg, squeezing it.

“So you two..aren’t sleeping together…or dating or dating anyone…ever”

“ No we’re not together, never were.” Jughead politely answered Ronnies slightly rude question.

“We just like being around each other..why does that seem weird to you guys, you all like being around each other, thats not weird. If i was doing the same thing with Ronnie or Kevin you wouldnt even question if we were together” you smiled but your tone was still pointed.

“Im so sad, you guys were my OTP, you two were endgame” you both laughed at Betty.

“Sorry Bets”

Kevin came running in the door with gossip from school and the conversation moved on from your relationship status, both thankful for it.

When it was time for you to leave Jughead offered to walk you home, you happily obliging. When ye had left the table hand in hand the group gathered their thoughts on your situation.

“Wait ynn and jughead?” Kevin was laughing hard after the group caught him up “they’re ace” he continued laughing.

“KEVIN YOU KNEW AND DIDN’T TELL US!” Ronnie hit Kevin into the chest.

“Okay firstly, OWWW, secondly, it’s not my job, responsibility or right to tell you other people’s sexuality, it’s not our business and it doesn’t even matter” they all sat back and nodded, taking in the wisdom.

“Oh Hetros, you are such  special little strawberries now aren’t ye?” kevin laughed.


Much love Xx

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83. “I saw the most beautiful girl in my bed this morning.” [Dean Winchester]

A/N: Ehhh this one is okay I think. I have a lot of homework that I was supposed to do this weekend but I did none of it so yay I’m going to be up late tonight working on it!
Anyways, enjoy this story! And these aren’t my prompts, but they’re my stories!

Word count: 477


“Good morning,” she hums tiredly as she sits down at the table. “What’s for breakfast?”

“Eggs and toast,” Sam tells her as she lays her head down onto the cool surface of the table.

“Morning, Sweetheart,” Dean states from in front of her, and she mumbles back a response.

“Why aren’t you cooking?” she looks up to Dean for a moment, squinting at the brightness from the room.

“He offered,” Dean shrugs, and she looks back to Sam curiously.

“So what’s the reason?” she asks, watching as he carried a plate toward her.

“I can’t cook breakfast?” Sam asks defensively, and she watches him skeptically.

“This is a prank, isn’t it? You put hot sauce in it or something,” she pushes her plate away and narrows her eyes between the two boys.

“It’s not a prank,” Sam responds, taking a bite of his food. Dean does the same, and she decides that maybe it’s safe. “It’s a preliminary for a request I have.”

“So you made me food to bribe me?” she asks through a mouthful of toast.

“I’m just going to come right out and say it,” Sam finally sighs, and she looks from him to Dean.

Dean shrugs, and her gaze catches Sam’s once again.

“Can you two please just… Keep it down with the morning sex?” Sam finally lays it out, and she has to stifle a giggle. “I’m so tired of hearing it all the time. Can you just keep it down?”

“It’s his fault,” she points her fork at Dean.

“I’m sorry, I just saw the most beautiful girl in my bed this morning,” her cheeks flush pink at his words. “I couldn’t help myself.”

“Gross,” Sam mutters, shaking his head. “I know it’s gonna happen but if you two could just quiet down a little, I would greatly appreciate it.”

“I’ll try,” she tells the younger Winchester as she finishes the last of her food. “I’m gonna go get a shower.”

She takes her empty plate to the sink and then travels down the hall to the bathroom.

She’s already under the flow of warm water when Dean comes in, and soon enough he joins her in her shower.

His hands fall to her hips as his lips guide to her neck.

“You know, first that beautiful girl was in my bed, and now she’s in my shower,” he murmurs against her skin.

She shudders slightly into him, arching her back to his chest.

“Watch this,” she giggles, lightly nipping at his jaw before releasing a filthy moan into the air. “Oh God, Dean.”

She bites her bottom lip and looks back to Dean as she hears Sam’s groan of frustration from the hallway.

His eyes twinkle with amusement at her antics, and his grip tightens around her.

“Now, back to the beautiful girl that was in my bed this morning.”

alphapokemontrainer  asked:

SDR2 girls on their first date with fem S/O please c:

Okie dokie you got it >_~

SDR2 Girls on their first date with Fem!S/O

Chiaki Nanami:

- Literally spent a the week before playing dating sims 

- You’ve got this Chiaki. It’s exactly the same except the options don’t pop up behind her

- You agreed to meet at the park but it looks like you aren’t there yet

- So of course, Nanami gets out her console and begins gaming

- After a while, she feels someone gently shaking her

- “Hello Nanami - san!”

- She gives you a good look and she must admit, you look a lot better than all the characters in games

- Okay. Here I go

- She exhales quickly before blurting out a

- “Do you want to get married at a space station?”

- “Huh?!”

- Nailed it

- You just kind of spend the rest of the date talking about your latest gaming achievements and leaning on her shoulder as she plays GalaOmega

- “Hey, S/O - san”

- “What is it?”

- “I’m very bad at dating sims so… I don’t really know if this is what you do but”

- She turns her head and gives you a quick kiss on the cheek before returning to gaming

- Omg why is she such a cutie?!

Peko Pekoyama:

- She had no idea what to do

- Does she have to take you somewhere nice? Expensive? 

- This is so stressful

- She called you several times beforehand asking for your opinion but you’d simply giggle in response

- “As long as we both have fun, I don’t mind Pekoyama - san!”

- In the end, she just invites you to her house

- “I hope you don’t mind… I couldn’t think of anything bet-”

- “I love it! I brought some movies and popcorn!”

- You grin as you shake a plastic bag

- She smiles as she takes it off of you and shows you to the living room

- You begin figuring out what all the remotes do as she excuses herself into the kitchen

- By the time you set up the movie, she returns with a massive bowl of popcorn and some drinks

- You start off by sitting on each end of the sofa, the tray between you

- But as the movie advances, you sneakily move your hand closer to hers

- And closer

- Until eventually you place your hand over hers and give her a little squeeze

- You can see a faint blush on her cheeks for the rest of the movie

Mahiru Koizumi:

- She was actually really excited

- She even recommended a nice place where you could meet!

- “F/n - chan! Look over here!”

- You turn your head and then hear a click sound

- Koizumi is just smiling at you, camera in hand

- She laughs quietly before walking over to you

- “Sorry that it was so sudden! You just looked so happy and cute and I just couldn’t help it”

- She shows you the picture and you’re instantly complimenting her

- “Wow! You’re so good at photography Koizumi - san! Let’s go find more pretty places!”

- You end up taking turns as you pass some interesting places

- Although you insist on having one picture with her 

- So you end up taking a selfie, your arm around her and your hand showing a peace sign while she’s just laughing at the camera

Mikan Tsumiki:

- She’s really nervous!

- But she rehearsed what to say like 50 times

- So she feels… Ready

- “Hey hey Tsumiki - san!”

- “O-Oh! S/O - san… How is the weather!”

- Wait that’s not what she was meant to say

- The poor girl has tears in her eyes now 

- “Um, I think it’s really good today haha”

- You open your arms and offer her a smile

- “Are you s-sure?”

- You give her a nod and she awkwardly shuffles close to you

- “Don’t be nervous Tsumiki - san, it’s only me after all haha”

- “Um… Okay. I will do my best!”

- You smile and take her hand

- The conversation is just simple small talk at first but after a while she begins to open up more and tell you about herself

- “I’m not r-rambling too much right?! Please stop me i-if I do!”

- You giggle as you shake your head

- “No no! I think all of this is super interesting! Please do continue”

- She then gives you the most beautiful smile you have ever seen

Ibuki Mioda:

- She was a literal ball of energy

- You asked her what she wanted to do and she simply replied with

- “Ibuki wants to do something she hasn’t done before!”

- So, you decided minigolf would do the trick

- You weren’t the best at it but you weren’t absolutely terrible

- So you managed to get a par and birdies

- Mioda on the other hand…

- “Hahaha! Look F/n - chan! Ibuki swung so hard the ball landed in Hole 18!”

- “… We’re at Hole 2″

- “Ehhh? Ibuki thought the point was to get it as far as possible!”

- Needless to say, you won

- But you never laughed so much in your life

- “Kyaaaa! F/n - chan is so cuteeeee!”

- She literally jumps at you and gives you a tight hug before you part ways

Sonia Nevermind:

- You thought a cafe would be a nice place for a first date

- But then again, would a princess really want to go to a cafe?

- “Oh wow! Is it one of those with the girls dressed like maids?! Yes yes let us go there!”

- You meet her right outside the door and she’s jumping with excitement

- “S/O - san!”

- She gives you a smile and extends her hand

- You’re not too sure what she was going for here but you just kinda take it and give it a small kiss

- She giggles at that before looking right in your eyes

- “S/O - san, no need to treat me like a princess all the time, I’m your girlfriend afterall”

- “R-Right, sorry, force of habit.. I guess?”

- She giggles again before taking your hand and pulling you inside

- She gasps at pretty much everything

- “Wow! S/O - san! They drew a cat on my coffee!”

- :’) Sonia - san, why are you so pure

Hiyoko Saionji:

- You suggested going to a theme park seeing as a new one opened recently

- “Yayyyy! I’m going to go on all the rides!”

- Are you even tall enough for them?

- You smile and nod as she tugs you along

- “Hey Big Sis S/O we have to go to one of those stands!”

- She points to one with the biggest teddy bear you have seen

- “Hm? Do you want to win me something Saionji - san?”

- “Of course not silly!”

- Ouch.

- “You’re the one who’s going to win something for me!”

- You roll your eyes but you can’t help a laugh escaping your lips

- “Alright alright, I’ll try my best”

- She smiles before jumping on your back and wrapping her arms around you

- “Let’s go let’s go let’s go!”

- It takes you 5 tries

- But you finally win

- The bear is literally as big as her but you’ve never seen such a big smile before

- “Bis Sis S/O is the best! Let’s go on another date soon okay?!”

Akane Owari:

- You took her to a place with an all you cat eat buffet

- It wasn’t exactly… Romantic but you knew she’d love it

- “Woah! Look at how much food they have here!”

- “Mm, and it’s an all you can eat too so… Have fun”

- She throws and arm around you and ruffles your hair

- “You spoil me too much you know. I know! When we get back you can use my boobs as a pillow!”

- That’s… One way to repay someone I guess

- You just nod before letting her go to the buffet

- It doesn’t take long for her to devour about ¾ of it

- “S/O try this one, it’s good”

- You open your mouth to ask her what that is but she instantly shoves the food in your mouth instead

- “Good right?”

- You give her a nod as you chew

- She flashes you a smile before returning to her food

SasuSaku Month 2016
Day 30- The Defining Decade
: It’s Time to Go
Summary: It’s almost time for their lives to turn upside down, and at the same time he’s happy about it, Uchiha Sasuke is also really apprehensive. How will they deal with their remaining time?
A/N: Ahh!! I didn’t like this theme at all!! I mean… 10 years is a lot, and yet it’s not enough to be defining! There are two important decades in their lives, and due to the amount of time I have and the fact that this is a one-shot, I ended up forcing myself to write something really really short! For I’m still going to write a long pic about their journey, I’ve done my best to hold back the details of how I think it happened and all… The next theme will be better, I promise! I hope you like it, and please, leave me a Review!
It was not until early March that his anxiety started to kick in.

His heart would beat faster, consequently raising his blood pressure, as his levels of stress had never been higher. The lack of sleep made itself evident due to the deep, dark circles around his eyes, and a sudden fear of the world was taking over his senses, making the oh-so-powerful Uchiha Sasuke keep an eye open to whatever could crawl from under a leaf.

He was paranoid, to say the least. And it was all because of her.

It was all because of that one, pink haired woman, who had been traveling with him for over a year and who had been annoying him ever since. With those viridian eyes, and that round, round belly of hers, Uchiha Sakura was driving him crazy. She has always been reckless and irresponsible, and now that she had the company of a baby in her womb, the pinkette didn’t really see a reason why not to continue acting that way.

Pregnant or not, she was still the same Sakura she used to be, but with a different last name. She would punch the ground, jump around trees, heal people, and consequently, she would leave him on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

That pregnant woman would be the death of him, he knew.

But as he watched her surrounded by all those 5 kids, as one of her bright smiles decorated her face, Sasuke knew he couldn’t be any happier than at that very moment.

His wife really is annoying, he thought, with a smirk decorating his face.

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Kuroko no Basuke S2 Vol.6 Drama CD

Momoi, Aomine and Kise go shopping for Momoi's future 'date' with Kuroko. Hilarity, drama and cheese ensue.

FULL translation under ‘read more’. A big thanks to gintocki (translator) for letting this happen. ♥

Please notify me if you plan to share the translation outside of Tumblr!

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Made with SoundCloud

So… I couldn’t stop thinking about @fallan-angel‘s headcanon (where Sapphire was a tsundere naturally before the personality switch) and it gave my head a lot of ideas. Let’s say I have written something. Well, I did, technically speaking, but it was all thanks to Fallan for giving me the courage to share my stuff. (Have I told you guys how awesome my friend and sister is? Well she is! Fallan is awesome and I am so blessed to have met such a kind, smart and amazing person. ^w^)

I’ve already published it on my FFN and AO3 accounts, but to those who didn’t have one, here it is. I… hope you like it.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the story. The headcanon belongs to Fallan.

Have I mentioned I dedicated a sort of franticshipping fanfiction to Fallan? Well, here it is too if you wanna, hehe. (FFN, AO3)

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[Clandestine] - PKMN

Words: 2158

Disclaimer: I don’t own Pokemon

“What is this?”

Laying on the table was a CD held within a plastic case. The label was blank; it almost looked unused. Next to it was a pink portable CD player, set with a pair of earphones. 

Plopping herself down on the other side of the table across from her junior, Blue gave a sly smirk as she gestured towards the objects on the table. “See for yourself.”

Gold eyed at the disk warily, tawny orbs darting back and forth between the CD and its owner. Rarely did Blue ever grace anyone with her presence what with her constant traveling to whatever world wonder that caught her interest at the moment, nor would she choose to visit Gold of all people when she did decide to come back on the radar. Her mischievous expression further unnerved him.

“That’s not gonna explode or anything, right?”

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I need your usual long ramble for the joint younow please! You always combine all the best moments into one place and I am always grateful <3

Aww thank you! I apologize for it being a bit late as always.

But to start, I’ll just quote my quick summary from the other day:

“Very happy old married couple bickering and completing each other’s sentences. You know how they say couples who have been together for a long time start morphing into one another and become really in sync with their behaviors and speech? That’s them. That’s Dan and Phil. This live show somehow just made that even more obvious than it already was. Incredible.”

Incredible, indeed. They are the epitome of old married couple going on their 60th year together. Grandparents got nothing on them. I apologize, I know the ‘married’ thing is a tired explanation by now but I truly don’t know how to describe it anyway else. They are more married than anyone I’ve ever known and they are not even married. That deserves a special award I think. And we only see not even 1/10th of their everyday lives. God only knows the level the domesticity reaches when no one is watching. I fear I may not be able to physically and mentally process that extreme so it is probably for the best that we are not exposed to it.

And as I mentioned before about the synchronized thing, I felt like there were several moments when quoting the Spice Girls and singing the line “when twooooo become oneeee” loudly would have felt alarmingly appropriate. Because they have definitely melded into a singular conjoined unit. They are one entity now. It’s slightly scary. But more so beautiful. Scarily beautiful if you will.

Favorite moments below:

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160610 - 11 Super Camp Osaka: Moments to remember~

>> 160610 Super Camp in Osaka - Day 1 <<

Telepathy Game

They need to guess and wear an animal mask for answer. At first session, both Yesung and Ryeowook wore the same Bulldog mask. They hugged each other and Ryeowook attempt to gave Yesung a kiss. Everyone screaming!!

Cooking Game 

During cooking time at first everyone looks good at cooking but some member failed in making Takoyaki. Since Leeteuk make a Takoyaki before his dish looked so good. Ryeowook get some idea on Leeteuk and Ryeowook. Takoyaki was made perfect too. Kyuhyun didn’t put an oil on his Takoyaki pan so his Takoyaki was so messed :) Heechul concentrate on putting ingredients and forgot the Tako so when he asked why he has no Tako, Yesung gave him 1 pc and he was grateful. At the end, Leeteuk taste his own Tako but suddenly his expression was bad. He shouted hot and share it to all members!! 

Members have 10 min to cook Takoyaki. Ryeowook and Leeteuk seemed to be the most stable. Leeteuk had a weird way of preparing cause he put the octopus and vegetables into the frying tray first before adding batter but still managed to make them into ball shapes in the end. He also helped Wook turn some of his Takoyaki. Kyuhyun was struggling. He hesitated to pour the batter. While cooking, he also kept laughing at himself xD He wasn’t really making octopus balls, more like stir frying the octopus, batter and vegetables together xD Last 10 seconds, members were trying to finish cooking but Kyu just totally gave up and just stood there helplessly xD His finally product really looked like.. stir fried dish. Heechul added the octopus last so when he looked for it. There were only 2 pieces left :) 

Leeteuk ate his Takoyaki and stared fidgeting cause it was still too hot. Kyuhyun stood there judging him :) Teuk fed Kyu one and Kyu also started fidgeting and looked like he wanted to puke it out as it was hot. Teuk then fed Heechul and Wook who gave the same reactions. Teuk then wanted to feed Yesung but he refused by saying “Diet! I’m on diet man!” He ate it in the end though :)

Find the Missing Dancer Game

During the 2nd half of the game, they asked to find the 8 hidden dancer among audience. They went down on stage and went around the wenue. Yesung found 5 dancers among 8. Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Heechul found one dancer. Leeteuk haven’t found any. 

SJ: Wow, Yesung you really work on playing game!! It’s good!!

When Yesung came to our place to find the hidden dancer, he was so serious looking on every row, he even met every fans eyes ^^

* Instead of looking for the missing dancer, Kyu & Teuk were busy giving fanservice to us!!

Pocky Penalty Game

During penalty game everyone will do a pocky game except Yesung. The pocky will start from Kyuhyun mouth then he pass to Heechul then Hee will pass to Leeteuk. When Ryeowook turn to get thepocky on Leeteuk’s mouth, there’s only a tiny bit left on Teuk’s lips so his second option was to lick the pocky on Leeteuk’s mouth. Fans all scream but he didn’t lick it. Ryeowook successfully get it but their lios touched!

Paper Kiss Punishment

After both games, Ryeowook was the final winner. The other 4 members had punishment which was paper kiss. They played scissors paper stone. Heechul won and got to decide their standing order. The order was Heechul, Leeteuk, Yesung, Kyuhyun. Heechul was sucking on to the paper while Leeteuk opened his mouth really wide. When it was Yesung-Kyuhyun turn, Yesung put his hand on back of Kyuhyun’s head. Kyuhyun looked so disgusted :) It was supposed to end but Leeteuk went to “kiss” Kyuhyun and got the paper instead. Kyuhyun squatted at the side looking sad xD Leeteuk tried to “kiss” Ryeowook but Wook refused to get the paper. The paper was so dirty. From the screen, showed their make up on the paper yucks.

Heechul the Ramen Monster :)

★ Evening Fanmeet is better than 1st one.. Their excitement was too high!!Heechul jokes a lot this time!! He said he will go & eat ramen after. 

★ During Intro Heechul called himself as Mr. ramen… He had his perm hair today!!


Ryeowook was reading Elf’s question: *he hesitated to read it* If you have a limited time on earth what food you want to eat?
Heechul: Ramen!!
Ryeowook: Sorry but i can’t answer it!! I want to prefer to see my mom rather than eating foods ^^

★ Because Heechul energy during afternoon show wasn’t that high. He asked the member why. Yesung answered “Because you haven’t eat ramen.”


They asked Heechul who he loves to the most?“Meeting ELF or eating ramen?”
He can’t answer and he thought for a while…
ELF: Ehhh..??
Heechul: Sugeiiii.. *imitating Kyuhyun* 

★ Heechul: Do you know that I’m not in a good condition now? You know why? Because I haven’t eaten ramen. Su~gooooooo~~~~iii (i’m sorry)

Leeteuk: We can just meet ELF Japan and then eat ramen together.
Heechul: …I can’t lie like you.
Yesung: Do you prefer eating ramen or meeting elf japan?
Heechul: ………sugoooooooooii elf japan, sugooooooiiiii …..sumimasen (i’m sorry)  

* They kept saying “Suu~gooooo~~ii” and “Uttatte~!” today. All thanks to the master of Japanese, Cho Kyuhyun XD

Q: if u’ll be given a long vacation how will you spend it?
Ryeowook: I want to do a tour.
Yesung: Vacation in Hokkaido.
Heechul: I will eat ramen and get chubby like Ryeowook.  

Ryeowook: I’m everyone’s boyfriend Ryeowook.
Yesung: I’m the most younger-looking one Yesung.
Heechul: I’m suju’s ramen.
Kyuhyun: I’ve never eaten Heechul.
Heechul: Eat eat.  

Kyuhyun being a kid ^^

★ When it was time to answer fans’ questions, Leeteuk came out first as the MC. He wanted to introduce the members to come out. Before he could, Kyuhyun was already trying to pry the entrance open so we could see a bit of his face :) Then staff opened the entrance and Yesung pushed Kyuhyun out xD 

★ When Kyuhyun sat down, he kicked his feet. When hyungs were answering questions, he took the box with fans’ questions and started shaking and spinning it xD

Kyuhyun: Since hotel accommodation is expensive, i’d like to go on a vacation where i can visit elf’s houses for temporary lodging. 

Leeteuk: Playboy!

★ Everyone got punishment except Ryeowook but Heechul & Leeteuk was soo happy to their Paper Kiss punishment!! 

★ Kyu teasing yesung abt his hand size :) [for video]

★ Yesung proudly annouced his Solo Japan tour!!! He kept on leaning on Ryeowook then RW just raising his clothes at the back!!


Q: What will Yesung do when proposing?
Yesung: Eumm..
Kyuhyun: Singing~~
Heechul: Sing~~ing~~
Yesung: (Thinking)
Kyuhyun: Dancing~~  

★ Members keep on teasing Ryeowook & called him “PamPam” (Chubby) and he said he will go on diet.. Lol

★ When Ryeowook imitating Yesung voice & sang Here i am, he told wook to stop teasing him then he pouted soo cutely!!

★ Heechul also arrived on fan’s side but he didn’t hightouch fan coz his hands was hurting, he apologized for that. His bandaid was Hello Kitty.

★ Kyuhyun recording his voice!! Kyuhyun: kyutan sing!! (Singing celebration) then suddenly “Sugoi”!!

★ When Ryeowook recording his voice on the bear, Yesung interrupted and his voice recorder together!

★ During “Alright” while Kyu was singing, he was hugging Wook but Yesung interrupted and joined them together. In the end, Kyu hugged both of them with his hands on their shoulders and continue singing ^^

★ Ryeowook said on behalf of other member, He came.. So he was soo happy that he can still join the other member!! ^^

Ryeowook: How’s my hair?
ELF: You look so cool~ cute~~~
Ryeowook: It looks nice right~
Yesung: Elf, pls stop lying.

★ Hyukjae’s message: “You’re spending a good time with the members now, right? I’m jealous… Have a good time and stay healthy.”  

★ From tame to wild paper kiss xD poor Kyu :) [for video]

>> 160611 Super Camp in Osaka - Day 2 <<

Heechul keeping his promise to Donghae 

Heechul: Not too long ago, I visited Donghae and saw him. Donghae said if we go to Japan, please convey this message. And there is something he said to me. “Make sure you protect this space” is what he said to me. “Please protect Super Junior’s spot.” So I asked this favour of the members and also told Donghae to not be worried. And I said another thing to Donghae. “Don’t worry, in order to protect and show you an unchanging appearance of myself by the time you come back, until you get back, I won’t cut my hair.” is what I told him. Seriously. So that’s why, even if you hate to just see my hair, please endure it for a while. 


Q: Teuk’s favorite thing is?
Leeteuk: You ~ (pertaining to ELF)
Heechul: me?? 

* then HC did the flower petal pose in front of Leeteuk lol 


Q: If ‘Super Junior’ wasn’t the group name, what would you like it to be?
Heechul: Super Senior!
Leeteuk: Hyuk and I had sugguested a group name to the SM before.
Heechul: Oh! I know!
Leeteuk: It is PRINCE! and the fanclub’s name is PRINCESS!
SJ: We are PRINCE~ (urineun prinseseuseyo!)
Leeteuk: I like Super Junior and ELF the most! 

Meet Diva Heechul :)

But what’s happening there? hehe

★ Leeteuk went to the farthest corner he could go to shake hands with the audience. Warmest leader!!

Shy Wookie~ ^^ 

Q: What you feel like doing the most now and what you feel like doing together with ELF?
Ryeowook: I want to hold a hug event, and hug everyone one by one.
Kyuhyun: During the hug event can people hug you and touch your body at the same time?
Ryeowook: No… What i want to do together with ELF is bbobbo 

*covers his face in a shy manner twice*

★ Kyu recording his voice on toy bear. He’s so cute [for video]

★ Kyu’s voice recording on teddy bear. Must listen! His voice just so beautiful ;; [for the record]  

“Why haven’t you slept yet? I’ll sing for you”  *sings Celebration* 

★ Heechul pushed Yekyu heads during pepero game and Kyu showed a disgusted/hateful face after that so YS asked "I can’t even kiss the dongsaeng that I love?!” then Kyu looked so shocked and kept wiping his lips :)

★ During Stars Appear perfermonce, Heechul continued singing the last part even tho the music had already stopped.

★ Teuk said Heechul is wearing a pink leopard printed boxer today :)

Heechul: Why i always get the difficult question..ㅠㅠ i’ll go out for a while… i’ll be back once the fanmeeting ends 


Leeteuk: My alarm tone is “Leeteuk-ssi!!!! Leeteuk-ssi!!!!”
Kyuhyun: That wasn’t the alarm, that was the manager! 

★ Heechul sang a bit of SMAP’s Sekai Ni hitotsu dake no hana. It was recorded in a doll and was given to a lucky fan~ 

★ Kyuhyun have tried so hard on playing game in order to not do the punishment. He got 100 points on the 1st round. And he kept mumbling “No game punishment.” But then he got negative 100 points on the finding dancers round. Then he just sat on the floor. Leeteuk squated next to him saying “ You are the same as me, with or without trying, zero points.” xD 

Q: portray Heechul by doing a pose?
Ryeowook: (nikkonikkoni)
Yesung: (fierce eye look)
Heechul: (eating ramen pose)
Kyuhyun: (dontonbori pose)
Leeteuk: (pc gaming) 

Q: Which SJ’s songs will you recommend to a non-SJ fans?
Kyuhyun: Your Eyes, One Spring Day, You&I, I listen to it (U&I) a lot.  

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Dark Fate Kou Heaven 01 Translation

Heaven 01     Heaven 02     Heaven 03

[Note: Heaven Scenarios are just extra situations not necessarily tied to the plot. They can be found in the “special” section on the main menu. You unlock them by choosing the correct word choices at the end monologues during Chapters 06-10 of each arc] 

-Scene: Mukami Bathroom-

*Water Splashes*

Yui: Ahhh… …it’s soothing to take a bath after a long day.

*Kou Barges In*

Kou: Ah, there you are! M Neko-chan  ♪

*Yui Panics; Water Splashes*

Yui: Kyaa… …! Ko, Kou-kun!?

Kou: Pardon the intrusion~

*Kou Closes The Door*

Yui: Eh.. …!? W-Wait a sec!

Kou: Hmm? What’s wrong? You’re so panicky.

Yui: (Anyone would be panicky if someone just barges in… …!)

Kou:Ah, I know. You’re imagining dirty things, aren’t you? M Neko-chan’s so lewd~

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[English Translation: Top Yell November Issue] Imaizumi Yui x Ishimori Nijika: we asked the members with the good voices their thoughts on singing

– As you two are both among Keyakiza’s best vocalists, you probably feel strongly about singing. What first triggered you to fall in love with singing?

Ishimori Nijika: I’ve loved Morning Musume ever since I was little, and when I’d watch them on TV I’d often imitate them. And my mother was also the kind of person who would sing a lot. I was raised in an environment where my mother and I would walk while holding hands and singing together anywhere we’d go.

Imaizumi Yui: My older brothers used to want to be singers. I’d go to watch my fourth brother’s live shows, and seeing him on stage singing made me also fall in love with singing.

– What kind of songs did he perform?

Imaizumi Yui: EXILE kind of R&B style songs. But, I mean, all of my four brothers actually had ambitions to be singers.

– Really?! Your brothers probably encouraged you then.

Imaizumi Yui: They do push me. One of my brothers actually came to my handshake event the other day (laughs).

Ishimori Nijika: I was in the same lane and when they told me “he’s Imaizumi’s brother” I was really surprised (laughs).

– Your aim is to be a singer then, right Imaizumi?

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“This Girl Is Something Else

Fairytail Fanfic


“This Girl Is Something Else”

 “Why didn’t you ask Droy or Jet to go with you?” Gajeel groans.

He and Levy are off to Magnolia’s bookstore to find new novels and spell books for her to read. Levy had asked Gajeel to help her out in carrying all her purchases.

“Because,silly those two are always bickering, and if I bring them along they’ll probably argue on which book I should buy.” Levy giggles. “And besides, don’t you want to spend time with me?” She looks up at him with a cute grin.

Gajeel looks away hoping levy wouldn’t see him blush.

“Yeah whatever…” He grumbles

*Cough* so ummm why do you like to read? Isn’t it just a bunch of old mumbo jumbo that just rambles on?” Gajeel asks hoping he can change the subject.

“It’s not old ‘mumbo jumbo’ it’s actually great!” Levy protests. “I for one love reading because it just…takes me to another place.” She pauses, “I feel like I’m right there with the characters as they ride into battle or save the entire town from destruction.”

Gajeel just stares at Levy as she rambles on about her passion for reading.

“Wow, I’ve never thought I’d meet someone with a strong passion. I mean there’s Juvia’s obsession with Gray, but this…this is something else.” Gajeel thought to himself.

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Signs In A Group Chat (personal experience)
  • *at 3 AM*
  • Gemini: Yo fam guess what?!?!
  • Pisces: Gemini, this better not be something stupid
  • Leo: Why would you wake me up from my beauty sleep? *crying emoji*
  • Gemini: It's not stupid I swear
  • Scorpio: It's 3 in the morning! You better have a good reason for waking me up
  • Aries: I'm with Scorpio on this one
  • Cancer: *sends picture of a cat* does this make you guys feel better?
  • Scorpio: it does not
  • Pisces: Aww look at the kitty it's so cute *ton of emojis*
  • Cancer: Fuck you Scorpio
  • Taurus: haha get rekt!
  • Sagittarius: I was about to say the same thing bruh
  • Taurus: Nice bruh
  • Virgo: Can't we just be normal people for one night??
  • Libra: Aqua can you stop with the Fall Out Boy references? It's way too early for this shit
  • Aries: Stfu
  • Taurus: okay so where's Gemini with the big news? This anime isn't gonna watch itself
  • Pisces: What if they fell asleep?
  • Cancer: I was awake anyway, so it doesn't bother me
  • Leo: Oh well good for you Cancer!
  • Virgo: Leo can you stop being a dick for like 5 minutes?
  • Aries: Well you are what you eat i guess...
  • Leo: I'm gonna kill all of where is Gemini?
  • Scorpio: Maybe they died??
  • Capricorn: You would be happy about that
  • Scorpio: ehhh maybe
  • Aquarius: Gemini's gonna die if they don't start talking here in the next few minutes
  • Sagittarius: I'll kill Gemini if no one else is gonna volunteer *devil emoji*
  • *Gemini's in bed sleeping*


Hey guys, I haven’t been writting for so long but now I’m back - I have to be back after the end of the season. :D

So here I collected a group of gifs from the most interesting interviews with last words about the jumping in Planica and the whole season. I also included the funny stuff like Piotr Żyła as a reporter or Schlieri as it, too! :D 

I’m sure you know I’m not satisfied with the World Cup result. I’m not gonna write a thing about that.

So enjoy the funny, cute and serious stuff! It’s not all of that, I picked up the most interesting answers.

- after the team competition in Planica (x)
Interviewer: A biggest surprise for us are the notes here…
Kamil: Let’s don’t talk about that. I’m not gonna say a word. I don’t wanna talk about that.
Interviewer: But what can be the cause? End of the season and everybody relaxes?
Kamil: No, no, I really don’t want to talk about that because I don’t have any influence on that, nobody does. I’m wondering if the judges do have any influence on the notes they give.
- summing up the whole season (x)
Interviewer: Were you excited about the fight for World Cup between Severin Freund and Peter Prevc?
Kamil: Sure I was. (laugh) I don’t know, at first I thought they were ex aequo and that would be fair, very fair, but on the other hand, they had the whole season to play out the battle between themselves in the World Cup, and then it turned out Severin won more comps and he was the better one. (NOT TRUE, KAMIL)
Interviewer: If you had to point at the hardest and the most beautiful moment of the season for you, what would it be?
Kamil: The hardest one - World Championships. It was very hard for me to get myself together. I don’t know for sure what was the cause. The most beautiful - when we’ve got the bronze as a team. 
Interviewer: Everybody wanted you to sum up the whole season… How would you describe it - now, in peace?
Kamil: It wasn’t maybe the best one when it comes to the result because last three years were my one big progess, I was better and better, year by year, but this season one was a big, good lesson for me. I was experienced very hard. The result wasn’t dramatically bad. Although I didn’t take part in almost half of the competitions, I ended up on the ninth place and I’ve got one medal from WCh, and - which is very important for me - I won the comp in Zakopane. 

ALEKSANDER ZNISZCZOŁ (I couldn’t stop myself, hihihi):
- after the first jumps in Planica (he was a trial jumper) (x)
Interviewer: Olek, you’re coming back to the World Cup but as a trial jumper. How do you find flying on the new Letalnica?
Olek: Very well. My first jump was made in the great conditions because the inrun was right. I jumped about over the 210 m, I didn’t asked how long exactly. Very pleasing hill. A one can jump far but I doubt the Vikersund record is going to be beat. It can be hard.
Interviewer: How do you find jumping in Coc? Do you think it was a big shock after the World Cup and World Championships?
Olek: Ehhh, not a shock… I found the jumping there fine, my jumps were solid. Level? The top 10 in CoC make the competitors from WC so the level is quite high.
- after the Saturday’s competitions (x)
Interviewer: Olek, tell us, what was the cause of this bad jump in the first round?
Olek: Umm, hard to say because the jump was technically ok, there wasn’t any mistake on the table, it was as same jump as in the trial round. A strong wind over the knoll stopped me, there was such an emptiness, it wasn’t anything to help with flying away, no speed. I was trying to fight ‘till the end and pull what was possible out of it, the longest distance I could. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it and now I’m mad on myself because I wanted to change my personal best and be happy with the jumping and jump like that doesn’t make you happy. 
Interviewer: It’s the ending. How do you find the season - for you?
Olek: I find it very positive. I see the pluses and also the minuses, and there are things I need to work on, focus on them more. I also see much of reserve in me and I can pull out much more of that. 

- Piotr as a reporter. And interview with Roman Koudelka (I didn’t understand much of Roman’s parts) (x)
Piotr: Roman, how’s, how’s going?
Roman: The conditions are surely good, but… (he makes a moves that shows the wind is strong - at least I guess he meant that XD)
Piotr: Is the sun good?
Roman: The sun is super, shining. Perfect. (not understandable)
Piotr: That’s good, so we’re going jumping!
Roman: Yeah, we’re going jumping (not understandable) surely very much. Super.
Piotr: Is he prepared good?
The guy: He’s prepared good. (laugh)
Piotr: It’s, uh, good but is he going to hold the whole season?
The guy: (I don’t know if I understood it good but:) He’s been working very hard during the whole season and now he’s prepared good. Very good.
Piotr: It’s kraaasne, kraaasne (beautiful, beautiful). So… good luck, good luck today!
The guy: Good luck, and he was gonna… (not understandable).
Piotr: Good, good. (laugh)
- summing up the whole season (0:32, coach Kruczek is doing something weird with his arms XD) (x)
Interviewer: Piotrek, are you satisfied with the last competition?
Piotr: Yeah, I think it was a good summary of the whole season. The season was long and hard, not all my jumps were as good as I’d like them to be but I’m also satisfied with the whole season. I’ve been jumping good, from the begining ‘till the end with little blunders that’s been happening to me in the stressful moments. But now I have something to work on - the main cause of my problems. Actually, I work on it all the time but I think I’ll finally work it out. (laugh)
Interviewer: Were you surprised by the result of the World Cup - that Freund and Prevc were ex aequo in points but the Crystal Globe went to Severin? Who was your favourite?
Piotr: I was betting on Prevc (YAY) because Severin’s jumps weren’t good - on Friday his jumps weren’t as good as so far, so I was betting on Peter. But that’s the sport, they were ex aequo eventually, Freund won by the number of his vitories. So they were both winners, just Freund’s got the Crystal Globe.
Interviewer: Piotr, just one last question. You and Kamil were the Polish record-holders in the longest flight so far. Will you be trying to set this record for the jumper from Beskidy, not Podhale?
Piotr: Yeah… yeah, sure, I will be trying to beat my new personal best, not the Kamil’s jump. But, uh, that’s the sport, good thing Kamil made the national record longer. It’s an another little step in Poland and we’ll be fighting for a new one - if not for our personal bests, then for the national longest jump. My personal best is a little old so I’ll be trying to beat it in the new season. It’s three years old so we’ll see. New hills, new possibilities. We’ll be fighting for sure.

- I don’t need to translate anything. :D My favourite lines? (x)
Schlieri: So you really enjoy your life? To do nothing? Because you trained much in your life, in your career? And now you just enjoy you time? Is this right?
Morgi: This is right. I do the same as you - travelling all the time around the world, going out for like, 2 or 3 hours and then going back the a hotel room and relaxing for the whole day. So that’s my life as well right now. So nothing has changed. 
Schlieri: We wish you all the best for a future. A lot of children. And be healthy. And it was a pleasure that you are here.

And an interesting fact for the end: did you know that morgernstern means a morning star in German? (at least I think it does).

And tomorrow - Polish National Championships starts! Will you be watching? I will but only the individual comp will be trasmitted. :( Who do you bet on?