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"I swear, this is NOT what it looks like..." Tony to Peter?

Well i wanted something adorable and sappy. So here we go :D This is also for the anon and @hazelestelle, who wished for this prompt too.


“The meeting tomorrow already starts at ten. You know that right?” Pepper asks, when they leave the car and wave Happy good-bye.

Tony doesn’t answer. He just takes his handbag and looks at the hotel in front of him. It doesn’t look bad, but not exactly cozy either. Tony shudders. He wants to go home.

“Are you even listening?” Pepper asks and she chuckles a bit, when Tony looks at her. Tony wasn’t listening in the meeting either and he is pretty sure, that Pepper already knows that. But she hadn’t said anything.

“Sure.” Tony tries anyway and he looks a bit sheepishly at her. Pepper just shakes her head and bumps her shoulder into his. Tony laughs a bit, well she isn’t his best friend for no reason.

“You are missing him, are you?” She asks and this time she sounds a bit worried, too. They are in Japan for this week and Tony loves this country. He is always happy here, but this time…

“Nope.” Tony answers easily, maybe too easily and enters the Hotel. It’s quiet modern and everything looks new. But it doesn’t help his mood.

“Yeah just tell yourself that.” Pepper grins at him and she gets their hotel cards. Tony just waits and checks his phone. No messages. Well maybe he is training or doing other important stuff.

Ten minutes later he is alone in his room. Pepper is just a few doors away and he knows Happy isn’t far away either but… he feels lonely. Tony shakes his head over himself.

“Jarvis?” Tony asks and he sets his phone onto the nighstand. The phone changes his appearance and a moment later the whole wall is full with schedules, sketches and other schemes.

Tony feels better at the sight and smiles a bit. He won’t work tonight, he feels too tired for that, especially after his pretty bad jet lag, but he needs that to feel like home. And he can only sleep with that.

“Good evening, Sir.” Jarvis answers and Tony smiles softly at his phone, even though he knows Jarvis isn’t in the phone. Well he is, but not like that.

“Any news from New York?” Tony asks and he hopes Jarvis has something for him. Maybe someone send him a message or wants something from him.

“The Avenger and Guardians…how would you say it: declared armistice.” Jarvis says and Tony nods at that. Well that’s better than nothing, right?

“Great. I’m gonna go shower.” Tony says then and Jarvis approves of that. Rude. Tony is fast in the bathroom, because he really wants to sleep. He would shave his goatee in the morning anyway, so he just showers and brushes his teeth.

“Is my suitcase already here?” Tony asks and looks around. He had only taken the handbag and an employee from the Hotel said he would bring his suitcase up to him.

“Indeed. To your left, sir.” Jarvis answers and now Tony sees it behind his bed. With still wet hair and nothing on but he shirt, he kneels down and opens the suitcase.


Tony looks up at that. What the hell was that sound? He looks around but can’t see anything. He frowns and turns to his phone.

“J, you there?” Tony asks and the phone glows, as if nothing had happened.

“Yes, sir? Do you need my assistance?” Jarvis asks back and Tony frowns a bit. Seems like he really imagined the sound.

“Did you hear that? Is somebody here? Scan the whole room and the floor.” Tony says and he can see how Jarvis scans everything. The monitor on the wall shows him that nothing dangerous is around him.

Tony shrugs and then throws his towel away. This time he hears a sound again, but ignores it. Maybe he is so tired, that he imagines something he wants to hear. Tony searches in his suitcase and puts his red briefs on first.

“Where is it?” He mumbles, when he can’t find the shirt, he wants to sleep in. It’s his favorite one and he always takes it with him, when he is away for the night.

“Ha!” He cheers, when he finds the dark shirt and puts it on. It’s really soft and he likes how it feels. Yeah it is a bit big on him, but he doesn’t care. He takes the fabric between his fingers and rubs them. He shudders.

“It’s 12 p.m.” Jarvis says and Tony nods at that. He should really go to bed. He yawns and the crawls under his blankets. They are soft, but not as nice as his blankets at home.

He misses home. He misses…. nope. Not going there.

“Night, J.” Tony whispers and rubs his eyes. He yawns again and cuddles his pillow.

“Goodnight, Sir.” Jarvis replies and then it’s quiet in the hotel room. It takes Tony ten minutes to get frustrated. He is so tired, but he can’t sleep. He pouts at nothing and opens his eyes again.

He nearly gets a heart attack, when he looks at the wall with Jarvis’ schematics and sees Peter instead. Peter who smiles softly at him and waves.

“Peter!” Tony squeaks and he coughs slightly after that. He hadn’t known his voice could go this high. Peter just laughs a bit and then he looks so lovingly at Tony again.

“Starlight.” Peter’s voice is a bit rough but so warm, Tony smiles back at him and sits up. He even kicks the blanket a bit away. Peter’s eyes get comically wide and Tony wants to say something sneaky, but then he remembers.

“I swear, this is NOT what it looks like…” Tony tries but he knows he can’t hide that secret anymore. Peter already saw and he knows.

“You stole my favorite shirt, what the fuck?” Peter says and Tony takes the blankets back and hides a bit under them, so Peter can just see his eyes and nose.

“No.” Tony says and Peter just raises his eyebrows at that. Tony sighs deeply. Peter is right. Tony stole his favorite shirt. He can’t deny that.

“Why are you wearing my shirt?” Peter asks and he still sounds a bit curious, but not angry. Tony still doesn’t want to answer that. It’s embarrassing.

Tony mumbles something in his blanket and Peter frowns a bit at that. Tony shrugs at the end and then smiles at Peter, who can’t see that.

“What was that?” Peter asks and Tony takes the blanket away from his mouth. He knows he is already blushing, he can feel the heat in his cheeks.

“B-because i always… miss you when i’m away and… it helps.” Tony whispers and he looks down at his own hands. The arc reactor shines a bit through the shirt and Tony focuses on that, so he misses Peter’s soft smile.

“Oh.” Peter says and when Tony finally finds his courage to look up again, he can see how wet Peter’s eyes are now. He wants to say something to Peter. Apologize maybe or trying to make a joke, but he is speechless. He made Peter cry!

“I love you.” Peter says and wipes his eyes a bit. His voice sounds so happy, that Tony chokes on his own spit. That's… that's… Peter is… he loves him!

“Me too. That is. I…love you too.” Tony rambles and Peter laughs at his stutters. It’s true. He knew that from the start, when they had their first date four months ago. He was already in love with Peter back then.

“I know, it’s alright Starlight.” Peter chuckles and he is also blushing, but smiling so wide, that Tony smiles happily back at him. They said their first “i love you’s” so many miles apart from each other, but it doesn’t matter.

“So…i can keep the shirt?” Tony asks and he smiles shyly back at Peter.

“Only if i can keep you forever.” Peter says easily and Tony giggles. God he knows why he loves that dork so much.

“You can.” Tony whispers and he knows Peter heard him. They stare at each other a little longer and then Jarvis dims the light a bit again.

“Sleep now, Starlight. I’ll be here tomorrow. And you will come home in three days.” Peter whispers and Tony lays down again. He snuggles into the blanket, but still looks sleepily at Peter.

“Since when are you online?” Tony asks and rubs his eyes again. Peter laughs at.

“Since you left the bathroom in just a towel.” Peter even winks at him and Tony chuckles at that. So that was what he heard.

“You will be here tomorrow?” Tony whispers, when he closes his eyes. He rubs  at the fabric of the shirt.

“Sure. Jarvis will alert me when you wake up and i will call you.” Peter promises and Tony nods at that. That’s good. Peter starts talking randomly about his day, so Tony will fall asleep.

With the shirt and Peter’s voice in his ear, he could pretend that Peter is right here with him. And that's… that’s a good thought. Tony falls asleep like that and Peter can see that Tony is smiling even in his sleep.

“Goodnight, my Starlight.” Peter whispers in the dark, listening to Tonys breathing.