Inktober #1: Father Gascoigne

Since I’m drawing so much with ink recently, I thought about joining this years Inktober. (most of my drawings are probably going to be Soulsborne themed with maybe some Fallout, Overwatch and other stuff ) I most likely won’t make it to the end without skipping a few days, but well… let’s see how it’s going to turn out.
I challenged myself to spent as little time as possible on this one. I made a lot of mistakes because of that, but I managed to cover most of them up ehehehe.
Time taken: ~ 1,5 hours

It’s the first time I scanned one of my drawings instead of taking photos with my phone. It looks so clean and sharp holy shit, I need to get a scanner myself.

my boyfriend/fiancée soon to be hubby got a house and he’s so stressed over the amount of shit he has to do and as a lovely girlfriend/fiancée soon to be wife i like to tease him w a shit ton of love saying ‘remember when i was stressed over our wedding and you were like omg cmon honey really’ 😍😂 real love right there, dudes 😍

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Residorm da kalıyorum hani kırıkkale ehehehe

geçen sene orda kalıyordum bu sene ayrıldım, aç bırakıyolar adamı orda sdfgdjfkdjfkdh