Be Mine|| Kei & Risa


Kei to say the least was determined to make this day special. He practically had everything planned out. He was going to make sure Risa was wooed. This wasn’t the first Valentine’s Day he had spent with a loved one but it didn’t make it any less special. He liked Risa a lot more than he ever planned to. He knew that she was someone special and he wanted her to know just how special she is to him. So he had sent a simple text that morning that read: 

“Last night was fun and I know you may be tired from the ball but please be ready in a few minutes. Meet me outside your dorm in twenty. Wear something comfortable. See you then~ T.K.

Okay but now, imagine, if Marinette and Adrien started dating, and then next time Ladybug and Chat are together Chat doesn’t flirt as much as usual (or something) bc he’s thinking about Marinette. And Ladybug says something about it, and Chat says “Sorry my lady, I’m a spoken for kitty now”. And she’s like ‘what???’ And a lil spike of jealousy pops up so she makes sure to say “Oh really? Me too, actually.” And then Chat’s like ‘what?? she’s dating someone??’ And they both leave kinda grumbly

So they’re kinda jealous of THEMSELVES that would be fantastic XD this is hilarious to me okay

right---meow asked:

Just a reminder of your beautiful headcanon that Kenma won't eat sandwiches that still have the crust on them, so everyday at lunch, Kuroo seeks out Kenma so that he can carefully tear the crust off his sandwiches and make sure Kenma actually eats something so that he can keep up his energy for the rest of the school day/volleyball practice X3 💖💖👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

YES AND THAT KENMA’S MOM sometimes gets frustrated by Kenma’s lack of appetite (because he’s such a picky eater) so she asks Kuroo what she should make Kenma for lunch because she knows Kuroo knows Kenma more than anyone else.

As many Sherlock and Tom fans, I’m dying to see him play the other Holmes brother. Just because. Ngh. The simple act of creating this gif gave me chills. It would be perfect.

Like, he would be named after a shakespearian hero. Hamlet. His name would be Hamlet.

And he would play tennis like a pro. His mind palace would be a tennis stadium.

And because a box of cats is not enough, he’d have a box of jaguars.

But he wouldn’t need to throw his enemies in it, cause the sole hearing of his marvelous voice would make them swoon.

And he would be so nice and outgoing, nobody would believe he’s a Holmes.

Until something or someone unleashes his dark side, and then- Rawr.

Soyunarak eylem yapılmalı mı? Hayır. Ben bunun güzel bir eylem şekli,protesto şekli olduğunu düşünmüyorum.
Okan'ı bu programdaki hareketi yüzünden tebrik sder miyim? Hayır. Kızın tek kelime etmesine dahi izin vermedi.
Kız bu hareketi düşünerek mi yaptı? Bence hayır. Çünkü sonrasında çok heyecanlanıp herkesten özür diledi. Bence düşünmeden yaptı.
Herşeyi bir kenara bırakıyorum.
Böyle saçma sapan yorum yapan arkadaşları"sütyenin altında bir şey yok “ gibi.buz baltasıyla öldürmek istiyorum.
Bütün kadınların memeleri 90 beden olmak zorunda değil.
Meme kadınların bebeklerini emzirmesi için gerekli olan bir organdır ve bunun boyuyla ilgisi yoktur.
Bir köşesinde oturup KADININ MEMESİ YOK EHEHEHEHEH diye saçma sapan tepkiler veren gerizekalı insanların yaşamalarındansa ölmesini tercih ediyorum.
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"One of the spirits within the Shadow Realm demanded I do this. Don't think it'll happen often, Pharaoh." Sneers a disgruntled Bakura as he reached forward, grabbing the front of Atem's shirt and pulled him forward into a brief kiss on the lips. Despite this, it was rough, and the spirit pulled away merely seconds later to growl in irritation.

Surprise hit him full force as Bakura yanked him forward, their lips connecting. Atem’s eyes never even closed and he simply stared as Bakura kissed him. When he pulled back Atem continued to stare rather dumbfounded at the thief. “I….didn’t think that would ever happened a all.”