“so dogs do have breakfast.” -cas probably

(inspired by cas taking crowley’s words relating to a dog’s breakfast quite literally like the precious cinnamon bun that he is)


DS9 AU where Keevan miraculously survives and travels all the way to where Weyoun is to whine all about his ordeal with the Ferengi. Dukat is here just because??(or further AU Ziyal didn’t dIE EITHER)

(I have this headcanon that Keevan and Weyoun don’t get along at all lmao)

What would your headline be?

with all the Suns factual ( yeah right EHEHEHEHEHE) reports on Toms love life, I just wondered if you bumped into Tom and got photoed what would your headline be?

Mine would be.

Tom was seen today in a London street with Mystery older Redhead

(photo of me withheld due to not wanting to upset small children.)  

and as his rode one angry old bird maybe he’s riding this  new one.

The Sun and other papers are obviously out of good ideas for headlines, facts and truthful journalism so lets give them hand.

picture not mine.

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Do you like odottemita?

Indeed I do! As a matter of fact, I do dance covers myself! I’m a Gen 5 member of the dance cover group @dansutopantsu, my most recent cover with them was Calc.! Take a look if you’d like UvU

My favorite dancers are Tei-In, Melochin, ririri, ARSMagna, and many more!!

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"Little Bee..." A pair of skinny arms loop tentatively around her shoulders and John's ginger head buries his face against one of them. "I have a headache."

                          « ♥ »  —— While a couple of months back, she may have been startled at something like this, now she merely rests her head gingerly against John’s own. “Oh?” She asks quietly, reaching her right hand up to curl through his hair. “Have you had some ibuprofen?” She turns her head slightly, gazing at him out of the corner of her eye. “And some water? Or have you been working all day again?”

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YFIP: Nysse Denarr-Kallig

-murdered her wife’s surrogate parents (lolwhoops. to be fair, they tried to murder her FIRST)

-listened to approximately no one when told her sugar mama was gonna try to kill her (curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal, Zash!)

-is nice to people just piss off Khem 

-and well Sith in general

-is motivated entirely by spite

-makes the most ridiculously over the top expensive (but tasteful) purchases with her Dark Council stipend 

-makes a point of not wearing armor to Council meetings, actually. may have once showed up in her pajamas just out of spite. doesn’t wear a mask, either

-brings up her past at every possible opportunity, just to rub it in Sith’s faces that a former slave is on the Dark Council

-shocks Zash!Khem just for the hell of it when she’s agitated bc she is a petty, petty person

-murders Zash, like twice I guess?

-is very much an angry ex (totally has every right to be though. zASH HOW COULD YOU)