“Bromance–It’s all about the friendship!”

–Janalyn Robnett

sono arrivata al punto in cui mi crea fastidio anche sentirmi dire “come sei dimagrita!”, ma che ve ne importa a voi? ma perché mi guardate? mi guardate quando ingrasso, mi guardate quando dimagrisco. ma guardatevi un po’ voi. perché di solito - voi che mi dite “sei dimagrita, stai bene così, adesso basta! che vuoi diventare pelle e ossa?” - siete anche quelli che prima - credendo di non essere ascoltati - dicevano “hai visto quanto è ingrassata?”. io sto a sentire solo quelli che mi dicono “come sei bella” quando bella mi ci sento anche io, chiatta, magra, chi se ne frega! vaffanculo!

Anyone else fallen victim to the Steam Sale?

I assume I’m not the only one :D I literally just bought all the Bioshock Games (since I can’t seem to find my versions and they are JUST THAT CHEAP), Don’t Starve, TWD seasons 1 and 2, The Wolf Among Us and Civilization V (that I’d been playing illegally up until now). I’M SO HAPPYYYY!

anonymous asked:

Alan tried to cheer himself up by doing some impersonations of you. It was adorable. What's your best impersonation of him?

“Uh… well…” John grins and clears his throat, forcing his voice a whole octave higher and quirking an eyebrow. “I’m Alan.” John whines, “I hate doing my lessons when John is too busy to listen to me talk about them because he’s a nerd, and my Thunderbird is the fastest and I might be tiny but I am the coolest and my brother John thinks I need to stop blowing things up, but I think it’s fun even though someone is probably going to get hurt… That’s how he sounds, right?” John laughs, then does his best to blow a raspberry like his littlest brother does, with his tongue between his teeth.

“Poor Alan, I’ve done him a bit of an injustice really. I hope his was more accurate?”

neonxmechanic asked:

7. “There is nothing you can do to stop me.”

“Souda-kun~” he grinned, walking up to the boy. He had a knife in his hand, and a rifle in another, this was going to be great!

“I’m gonna kill everyone in the Academy!” he exclaimed, grin getting wider by those words. It was despair inducing, it felt so nice and pretty and

He wanted more!

“And there’s nothing you can do to stop me~! Or do you wanna join me, mhmm?”