ehehehehe this show


Finally we can show you “the trailer”. We worked hard on it, aaah it was a while since my last time using sony vegas omg- we’re pretty satisfied, hope you enjoy it ~

anonymous asked:

what exactly is "christmas drunk"

short answer: it means that i put peppermint vodka into my hot chocolate and used a candy cane as a STIR STICK because IT’S CHRISTMAS

longer answer: THESE PEOPLE STRESS ME OUT enough during the regular year but something about the HOLIDAYS makes them the worst™. to avoid answering questions about why i dont have a boyfriend or what happened to vinnie or what i plan on doing with my life or WHY DID I CUT ALL MY HAIR OFF, i keep refilling my glass. after a few hours, all of the sudden i LOVE answering these questions with a “just lucky i guess” or “he hid in a bush to avoid talking to me last time i saw him so i think we’re as good as done” or “i want to find a person i like marry them and ride off into the socially awkward sunset wtih them” or “my sister told me it would look bad so OF COURSE i cut it off”. And now that i’m all drunk and snarky and watching christmas movies, i’m CHRISTMAS DRUNK ALEX. MERRY CHRISTMAS HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND I HOPE EVERYONE IS SPENDING THE HOLIDAYS WITH SOMEONE WHO LOVES THEM AS MUCH AS I LOVE MYSELF