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Ladies and gents, I am DELIGHTED to announce that Jen and Lex of Consulting Writers ARE ENGAGED!!!!

We’re IMPOSSIBLY excited. Thank you for all your support and your love - we’ve been quieter writing-wise due to busy Real Life things around this time of year, and now topped off with this! Forgive us, normal service will resume imminently.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful Christmas!!

Jen & Lex.

anonymous asked:

Oh my gosh can you tell me a little bit more about the Greek Gods AU? It sounds so cool!

EHEHEHEHE I’m excited for it! I’m still in the middle of figuring out half of the details and I don’t want to reveal too much. As I’ve mentioned it is (very?) loosely based on the Hades/Persephone story. Adrien is the son of Hades (Gabriel), prince of the Underworld and god of bad luck and accidents. Mari is the daughter of Persephone (Sabine) and goddess of good luck and creativity. By some twist of fate, they fall in love with each other as humans (their human disguise is kinda important so no spoiler ;D) and along they way they have a better understanding of their role/existence as a god/goddess/deity.

There’s also the love square dynamic and a reveal so look forward to that. Hawkmoth exists but he is not Gabriel/Hades in this AU and will have a different name, too. There are some elements of Greek mythology I will change to suit my story, just saying that in advance. I have a pretty good idea for an ending, so it’s just planning the story that’ll take some time (I’m about half-way there). Honestly, I’m having as much fun with this as i am with my Cinderella AU. xD