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hi! i’m sure you’re sick of hearing this right now, but i love love love your writing. could you write a fic about how moriarty and Q are siblings? Q gets kidnapped and moriarty somehow hears about it. he goes all how-dare-you-hurt-my-brother-only-i-could-hurt-my-brother on the kidnappers. bonus if Q’s mad that moriarty came before james did. – anon

I had SO MUCH FUN with this. Jen.

“Boys, boys, boys.”

Q couldn’t help a small smirk. Help had finally deigned to show up – albeit not as he had expected – in the form of his rather frightening and ruthlessly efficient elder brother.

Jim was two years Q’s senior, and honestly, Q did adore him. He was the single most terrifying person Q knew in the entire world,  had absolutely no morality and precious little perspective, but he had a possessive streak – if not a loving one – which meant that Q was safe from most of the evils of the world without any questions being asked.

As it was, Jim was currently getting Seb to very literally disembowel Q’s captors, because they’d beaten Q up a little while trying to extract information. “Never touch family, tut tut,” Moriarty murmured, voice bouncing with lyricism, before twisting towards Q himself. “Now, baby brother, would you like to tell me how you could be this stupid?”

The last was a languid drawl, the strange Irish accent Jim had picked up in university lingering, his calling-card. “Standard abduction. I’m not quite sure where my bloody errant boyfriend is, it has to be said.”

One of Q’s abductors let out a frantic, sobbing scream that both boys ignored; Jim even seemed to visibly calm at the sound of it, letting out a small sigh of satisfaction, grin all teeth and all predatory. “I’ll be having words.”

“You will not,” Q contradicted sharply, lips twitching into a grimace at the eloquent snap of bone and the consequent atonal scream; some dying men somehow had the ability to sound almost melodic in pain, while these words – brutes that they were – seemed intent on making rather nasty screeching noises.

“Your cleanup,” Jim pointed out.

Q glanced at the devastation, and groaned. “Please, pretty please Jim, don’t land me with the cleanup for this one,” he pleaded. “Seb’s made a complete bloody mess, and I’ll have to explain all of it. I’ll owe you one.”

“Two,” Jim corrected with mock-sternness. “I didn’t have to come to the rescue.”

Q wrinkled his nose slightly, mildly disgusted at the concept. “Sometimes,” he muttered, ”you are ridiculously unfair. You’d have never let them keep me, anyway.”


Moriarty wheeled around, his head moving in a circular convulsion before settling on the figure who had finally deigned to enter. “Took your time,” Q snapped at him. “For god’s sake, they were beginning to escalate.”

“What happened?!” Bond asked, with transparent disbelief; Seb looked up from his rather neat arrangement of the various corpses, nad gave Bond a companionable and fairly friendly nod.

Jim grinned, extended a hand. “Jim Moriarty,” he purred.

Do not take his hand,” Q stated urgently; Bond withdrew his, before Moriarty had the chance to dispatch him with an easily dispersed palm-concealed venom. “Jim, behave. Bond, I’ll be having words.”

“I’m confused.”

Moriarty’s grin turned lethal. “Doesn’t take much,” he sung with slow, almost hypnotic unkindness.

He was terrifying.

Q took Bond’s arm, and led him away, before anything escalated.

Cedric and Baileywick for charming Doofapus~

AWW, thank you so much for helping Verdi and Tiptoes! And I had LOTS of fun with these two, they are adorable XD

The request was to draw Cedric looking sneaky and trying to keep Baileywick’s pocketwatch away from him (with the chain still attached to the butler) and Baileywick annoyed and trying to get it back, and ehehehee, I guess I got carried away a bit, I hope you like it! XDD

Thank you so much, Doofapus! X)))

Bittersweet but turning sour (Open Rp)

Darrek sat quietly in a large room now quite empty of life besides the one in the middle. He giggled to himself, the pale room splattered with dark blood, gritty with sugar. He chewed upon an arm of a quite mangled elsen. He paused, hearing something coming down the hall nearby. He tilted his head, the twisted grin still plastered upon his lips “Ehehehee! Who’s there?” He said in a sing songy voice.

voidaanko me nyt vittu vieköön lopettaa tälläsen “kumppani näkee mun kaikki viestit ja kuuntelee mun puheluita etten petä mut se on okei koska annoin luvan ehehehee~” meiningin esittäminen jotenkin terveenä parisuhteena? Jos toinen on pettänyt niin vaihtoehtoina on ero tai sitten sovitaan ja jatketaan elämää tavalliseen tapaan. Jos ei voi luottaa toiseen aikuiseen ihmiseen senkään vertaa että antais sen pitää omat asiat ittellään nii sillon se ero on varmaan parempi vaihtoehto

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The vibe I'm getting from you is that Ravi is absolutely, positively, %100 your bias

i think……. *nervous laughter* i got a blank message, eheheheeヽ ( ꒪д꒪ )ノ

tell me what vibe you give off based on my blog