hi! i’m sure you’re sick of hearing this right now, but i love love love your writing. could you write a fic about how moriarty and Q are siblings? Q gets kidnapped and moriarty somehow hears about it. he goes all how-dare-you-hurt-my-brother-only-i-could-hurt-my-brother on the kidnappers. bonus if Q’s mad that moriarty came before james did. – anon

I had SO MUCH FUN with this. Jen.

“Boys, boys, boys.”

Q couldn’t help a small smirk. Help had finally deigned to show up – albeit not as he had expected – in the form of his rather frightening and ruthlessly efficient elder brother.

Jim was two years Q’s senior, and honestly, Q did adore him. He was the single most terrifying person Q knew in the entire world,  had absolutely no morality and precious little perspective, but he had a possessive streak – if not a loving one – which meant that Q was safe from most of the evils of the world without any questions being asked.

As it was, Jim was currently getting Seb to very literally disembowel Q’s captors, because they’d beaten Q up a little while trying to extract information. “Never touch family, tut tut,” Moriarty murmured, voice bouncing with lyricism, before twisting towards Q himself. “Now, baby brother, would you like to tell me how you could be this stupid?”

The last was a languid drawl, the strange Irish accent Jim had picked up in university lingering, his calling-card. “Standard abduction. I’m not quite sure where my bloody errant boyfriend is, it has to be said.”

One of Q’s abductors let out a frantic, sobbing scream that both boys ignored; Jim even seemed to visibly calm at the sound of it, letting out a small sigh of satisfaction, grin all teeth and all predatory. “I’ll be having words.”

“You will not,” Q contradicted sharply, lips twitching into a grimace at the eloquent snap of bone and the consequent atonal scream; some dying men somehow had the ability to sound almost melodic in pain, while these words – brutes that they were – seemed intent on making rather nasty screeching noises.

“Your cleanup,” Jim pointed out.

Q glanced at the devastation, and groaned. “Please, pretty please Jim, don’t land me with the cleanup for this one,” he pleaded. “Seb’s made a complete bloody mess, and I’ll have to explain all of it. I’ll owe you one.”

“Two,” Jim corrected with mock-sternness. “I didn’t have to come to the rescue.”

Q wrinkled his nose slightly, mildly disgusted at the concept. “Sometimes,” he muttered, ”you are ridiculously unfair. You’d have never let them keep me, anyway.”


Moriarty wheeled around, his head moving in a circular convulsion before settling on the figure who had finally deigned to enter. “Took your time,” Q snapped at him. “For god’s sake, they were beginning to escalate.”

“What happened?!” Bond asked, with transparent disbelief; Seb looked up from his rather neat arrangement of the various corpses, nad gave Bond a companionable and fairly friendly nod.

Jim grinned, extended a hand. “Jim Moriarty,” he purred.

Do not take his hand,” Q stated urgently; Bond withdrew his, before Moriarty had the chance to dispatch him with an easily dispersed palm-concealed venom. “Jim, behave. Bond, I’ll be having words.”

“I’m confused.”

Moriarty’s grin turned lethal. “Doesn’t take much,” he sung with slow, almost hypnotic unkindness.

He was terrifying.

Q took Bond’s arm, and led him away, before anything escalated.

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Peri being cute? Although, that would be all the time :D

WOOOO!!!!! 🎆🎇✨🎉🎉🎉 I’m ready to start a fresh year filled with more arts!!

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Thank you kind anons!! This is honestly my only motivation to draw right now SO I’M GLAD SOMEONE ENJOYS MY DOODLES AT LEAST SOBS

To be fair I did try to draw the request but I hated how the shirshu turned out so I scrapped it…and doodled something else instead :)

Along with Chapter 5 now out! EHEHEHEE GIGGLES AWAY

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Your A/B/O AU is a gift. Soldier Game x Nico is my OT4 and I'm really into werewolves, so it hits a lot of chords with me. Thank you for writing it.

“Does everyone have everything in the lock box?” 

“Ah! Wait! I forgot to take off my watch!” Honoka trotted up to Umi, carefree smile on her face. 

Umi sighed, “And why didn’t you remember that the last three times I asked you?”

“Ehehehee…I just started wearing it! Anju-chan got it for me!”

The pack sighed as a whole. Their leader was something else.

“C’mon, hurry it up!” Nico was bouncing from one foot to the other. The moon was high in the sky, full and shining over their bare skin. 

Eli chuckled and looped her arm around Nico, grinning widely when she skipped out of her grasp and danced around behind Maki. “Hey! Come back, you tease!”

Maki jumped away from them both, grimacing when she stepped on a twig. “Cut it out, we haven’t shifted yet.”

“Umi-chan, hurry up, nya!” Rin had her arms wrapped around Nozomi, hands protectively covering her stomach.

“Rin-chan, relax.” Nozomi kissed her cheek. “The baby decides when I shift, there’s no rush.”

Kotori and Hanayo looked at each other, confused. “You’re that far along already?” Kotori voiced their mutual question.

Nozomi nodded, “I’m due in three months.”

Nico whistled, “Wow, time flies.”

“Alright, all done.” Umi finished tying up the lock box full of their clothes and joined the group. “Remember not to spread out too much, and keep an ear out in case someone needs help.” 

“I’ll run with Nozomi-chan and Rin-chan,” Honoka pouted, “Since A-Rise is still on tour…”

“That’s fine, just don’t get over excited.”Umi tried to stealthily move to where Nico was standing, only to have the woman dart closer to the edge of the clearing. 

Nico grinned, looking over her shoulder at her lovers. “Ready to start then?” She watched as they tensed, ready to start the chase. “Go!”

Nico launched forward, letting the burn under her skin take over and change her appearance. Fangs and claws grew as fur covered her. She landed paws first, digging into the dirt to launch herself forward. Kotori and Hanayo veered off to play their own game, but three wolves she knew very well followed her.

Two broke off the flank her on either side, Umi and Eli. They had better stamina then Maki. Nico chuffed, they weren’t as fast as she was though. She ducked and weaved through the trees, making use of her smaller size. They were dogging her closely, but she stayed just out of reach. This game had to last the night after all.

Cedric and Baileywick for charming Doofapus~

AWW, thank you so much for helping Verdi and Tiptoes! And I had LOTS of fun with these two, they are adorable XD

The request was to draw Cedric looking sneaky and trying to keep Baileywick’s pocketwatch away from him (with the chain still attached to the butler) and Baileywick annoyed and trying to get it back, and ehehehee, I guess I got carried away a bit, I hope you like it! XDD

Thank you so much, Doofapus! X)))

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You should really write a thing where Hook's heart is being frozen or such and Emma's begging him not to leave her like "I just found you etc." and he's telling her "I love you so much, you gave me so much, you're so strong the strongest woman I've ever met you'll be fine without me etc" and he succumbs and then she does the thing where she's all "no I love you" and TLK! Yeah! I have a very specific idea in my head but I'm not in the habit of writing any more and I feel like you'd do it swell

He’s fading fast. The ice is stealing up his body in a glassy, lethal armor, curling silver through his hair, hoarfrost varnishing his hook, as he sways on the spot and falls just as Emma, panicking, catches him, shaking him, slapping at his face, voice breaking in terror. “No no no no no no. Hook. Hook! Killian! Look at me! Look at me!”

His eyes, bluer than ever, blue as the deepest heart of a glacier, struggle to focus on her, his lips turning up in the hint of a smile. “Swan,” he croaks. “Emma… don’t… it’s all right, love.”

“No,” she weeps. “No, it’s not. Don’t you dare. Don’t you dare leave me too. I just found you. You promised!” She hits at the shoulder of his leather jacket with a crackle of breaking ice, as he shudders. Her hot tears are falling freely. “You can’t leave me, Killian! You can’t!”

His hand trembles, turning pale and white, as he tries to summon up enough strength to touch her cheek. “I’ll never leave you, love. Not really. You need… you must…”

His voice stills in his throat, his head falling back, gaze turning clear and faraway, as he stiffens in her arms. The ice closes over him gently, painlessly almost, quick and easy as falling asleep, and there’s nothing in her arms but a sculpted statue, bedecked by drifting snowflakes, so that the silence of the tempest and the hole in her heart scream in place of the howling wind of the blizzard. Everything is eerie and white and desolate, the buried rooftops of Storybrooke, the iced-over harbor, the depths and darkness of winter. She can’t see, can’t imagine, it ever ending. Not now. Not like this.

"Killian,” she whimpers, too gutted and shocked and shattered to cry. A little girl’s voice, left alone in the dark. Her hand cups his glistening ice cheek, petting, pleading. “Killian, come back to me.”

Last time, she saved him but she didn’t believe, she cursed herself, she didn’t trust. This time, there’s no room for hesitancy and debate. She can feel the well of white magic burning up inside her — and even stronger, a thousand times, forever, until the stars burn out, love, not fear, not pain, not darkness. Love for him, for them, for herself, for what they’ve become together, for what they can still be.

And in that moment, there is no more dread. Only certainty.

She leans down, presses her warm lips to his frozen ones, and closes her eyes. She can’t stand to watch if it doesn’t work.

For an eternal instant longer, silence. She counts the beats of her own heart, and then she has to look, and she thinks she can see a faint rose color rushing into the ice around his mouth. Then farther, like the flush of a spring sunrise, faster and faster, as a ring of magic explodes out with the reverberations of a shockwave, and the ice breaks and his eyes open and his lungs melt and he heaves a deep, disbelieving breath and whispers, “Swan?”

“Killian!” she gasps, crying and laughing at the same time, clutching him to her chest, holding him as he turns back to flesh, his hand touching her cheek with gentle, tender adoration, as she rocks him and can’t breathe through her tears. “Killian!”

He grins crookedly, and coughs. “Aye, lass. I’m here.”

“I love you,” she blurts out, before she can stop herself. Before she can fear that she’ll never get the chance to tell him. “I love you. I love you.”

The look in his eyes then isn’t merely warmth, but a blaze, the fire of a thousand suns, heat to end any winter, to melt any walls. His hand comes up around her head, and pulls her close, and he breathes into her parted lips in the instant before they kiss again, “I know.”


I think it’s time for the song of our people to make its way around tumblr again