ehehehe i posted it on the wrong blog

I'm such a shameless shameless girl >/////>

I’m *so* sorry, I just couldn’t resist after someone sent the “Handplates” question to the wrong ask blog,I just found it so hilarious ehehehe ^//////^;

(Please forgive me if you saw this already! o////////o

…ordon'tcareforit >///////>)

((Hanako! Thank you so much for this gift! Sorry it took me so long to get around to replying. Such a fun idea, this really made me smile haha! You nailed DS Gaster’s expressiveness too!

Also, I noticed in your submission that the original image wasn’t included! I hope you don’t mind I edited it by adding the picture. 

The link to the original post is here. c:

Thanks again! And Happy Holidays. :D <33))