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Let’s give Arkhamverse Riddler some love shall we? Something of a simple tribute to the games that made us collect trophies for days on end. Hope you guys like it. aha.

p.s Those question marks were a pain in the butt to animate, so pls forgive my lack of further detail work. Anyway, have a good day!

Summer Commissions Sale!
$70/Full Colour/Full-Body

  • I have no major conventions or projects for the month of July so I’m discounting my regular priced commissions. ♡
  • $70 includes a full-colour, full-body character with either a solid black/colour background or a *very* simple background. 
  • Prices are in USD. 
  • Only 5 slots available.  FULL! Thank you so much! ;-;
  • Note: I can only work on these on the weekend, so please allow extra time for me to finish them. ;-; I’ll be aiming for the end of July but definitely no later than the end of August! ♡

Please e-mail me if you’re interested! 
Thank you! ♡

anonymous asked:

Pst, hey, TC *boops on the "nose"* Boops! *run away and scream like a little girl* I am so sorry, little TC, but I must do it...

aNON….he don’t like the nose boops! Or…stoma boops, in his case?? Ew.

Only Raoul is allowed to hassle TC like that and not get screamed at…ok maybe a little screamed at lets be real this is TC we talking’ about…

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Hey, weird request, could you draw two trans little kids? Like a young age, but them being them at the same time, sorry it’s so weird!

Not weird at all, anon :)

Disclaimer: the experiences depicted here are purely from assumptions and probably does not capture what it’s like to be a trans kid (although Theodore’s experiences are based on the stuff I did as a child), and if this unintentionally offends anyone, I apologize in advance

Sorry if this isn’t what you wanted

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How would the turtles react to their girlfriend telling them their parents want to meet them or else she cant come to the lair anymore


“Ehehe..” shit


“Yeah, sure, whatever you wanna do.” This is going to hell in a hand basket 


“But my holographic disguiser isn’t ready yet!” FFFFFFFFFFFUUU-


“HELL YEAH BABY!” They’re SO gonna like me.


All done! \( ; ▽ ; )/ I tried drawing all of them in different styles. (Don’t get me started with the poses; idek what any of them are doing, besides Judge and Valerie.) I had to edit some of the colours because they didn’t fit too well together, like they were so closely alike and just bleh. (The 2nd one was a mess to fix.) ¡Espero que les guste!

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