ehehe this was a fun role

From: Sildrae! Here~

To: Folly / Tabi at ~

Message: As soon as I read that Nicorinpana was one of your favourite units and you wanted some teen fun (or antics, forthatcase) I knew I was going to go for them ;w;~. Nico probably dragged them to decorate the place but for once, Rin and Pana rebel to  the bad role model!Three people on a ladder is really not a great idea! ,,,,,It’s probably a bit late, though.

I hope you like it!! And happy st. valentines exchange for everyone ehehe, everyone’s art is great~~

anonymous asked:

I'm not sure if you've heard this from other people that are fond of your SU au, but legit I can imagine Dave being one of the cool kids and having a role similar to Buck Dewey-

eheh yeahh that would be fun ;v;

Anon:what if Dirk could make copies of himself to spar with like Pearl does?

ahh some others suggested that too! and then somebody would jump in the way to prevent John from getting accidentally stabbed rip gdi guys don’t make me want to draw thinGS

Anon: would Roxy be from kindergarten in your su au?

I’m not sure :o somebody else said Roxy, someone said Jake so idk which one that should be?

Anon:So, in your Gemstuck AU, would characters like Erisolsprite, Fefetasprite, and Tavrisprite be considered fusions? Or would they be more like the forced fusion gems like in the newer episodes?

depends but yeah I guess they’d look sorta like that but more “fusion-y” if that makes sense lmao

Anon:Sunny, those Gem Girls were GORGEOUS! I was wondering if Eudyalite would crack at some point and die just like Aradia? And maybe come alive magically or something

I’m not sure but I think Aradia wants to stay alive for a long time B)

Anon:Is it okay if my friends and I cosplay your sustuck to a con? ((I may have already made Jake’s gem XD))

go ahead bruhs!